The True Motion of Earth and Its Axis + Musings about The Infinite Cosmic Sacredness of The Spiritual/Conscious Essence of Life Itself


The Secret of Planet Earth – The True Motion of Earth and its Axis

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The Scepter and The Orb/The Globus Cruciger/Der Reichsapfel – The Secret of Planet Earth – The True Motion of Earth and its Axis

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Innsbruck, Austria, December 2015 

The Secret of Planet Earth – The True Motion of Earth and its Axis

1.) The Dance of Earth – The True Motion of Earth and its Axis

Think of Earth’ motion like the motion of the moon – with one side always facing earth – so-called ‘phase-locked’  or tidally locked to the sun – as the basic motion and then add to it a daily (24 hour) rotation to the left (CCW – Counter-Clock-Wise) and a daily Axis-Angle-direction-ticking to the right (CW – ClockWise) – a little less than one degree per day; that’s it, that simple !


What is the Sidereal Day – there seems to be a misunderstanding :

The rotation of Earth Itself is Not 23 56 hours long !

That would be the so-called misunderstood Sidereal Day , which is not a full rotation. Sidereal Day just means the same position of the stars at 23 56 o’clock as in the night at midnight before but that doesn’t mean full rotation is 23 56.

The sidereal day is just the following – Not a real full rotation :

It just means that after 23 56 hours the night sky is in the seemingly same position like in the night at midnight before. And that’s because this – nearly – 4 minutes earlier equalizing the wandering – the changing of the position – of Earth throughout one day on her way around the sun.

You see, earth is wandering 1/365 every day including the ‘curving’ – like the moon , which i explained above – so the way u see the stars at 23 56 o’clock is in the same relative position/direction as to midnight the day before.

And at 24 o’clock – midnight – it has slightly changed.  Like the clock ticking further one step every day.

Meaning the real, actual own rotational period of Earth is 24 hours !

Meaning the current model, including the explanation via inertia is close to reality – But not that what actually really happens !

The motion is just “slightly” different than official current science/public opinion/belief says it is.

So, the rotation duration is 24 hours. The mark at 23 56 o’clock would be more precisely called : The Sidereal Point, but is wrongly called the so-called Sidereal Day.
And it has surely the same duration : 24 hours from one sidereal point to the next and not 23 hours plus 56 minutes – that would be a false assumption !

Full rotation is 24 hours and being 24 hours , the explanation with inertia doesn’t add up , like i explained, because sunrise would be every day 4 minutes later !

Extrapolate that to one full wandering around the’clock’/sun in one year, it’s obviously : Sunrise is not 4 minutes later every day but going for and back throughout summer and winter.


Now, when you do assume earth own rotational period would be just 23 56 hours; as the current false official model suggests – one is able to create a pretty close model to Reality – to what actually happens out there but one needs to introduce the ellipse.

And a few more special features in earth’ motion in order to make it look satisfyingly correct.

But it is not and never was really correct, as the understanding of the basic motion of earth and it’s axis was incorrect/incomplete.

Thus , when you calculate your/our position according to the motions I describe  – The Syrian Dance/the wobble of Axis clockwise and Earth being kind of phase-locked to the sun – then you will find :

The coordinates will match the true-observed positions and angles of earth towards sun & stars perfectly without the need to introduce an ellipse; because there never was any ellipse.

Anyway, to say it clear: That is not a very important point in my presentation. Ellipse or not; we gonna see but to understand the basic motion is of utmost importance to all our understanding of the mechanics of the cosmos.


Earth is revolving in a circle – not elliptical; that’s my guess; but as said is only a minor detail here.

Earth is revolving in a circle – not elliptical and by understanding the real ‘positioning’ of your/our ‘point of observation throughout the year’ – that misunderstanding is what makes the ellipse which we then ‘projected ‘outside’ and added it to the circle -> making it “officially”an ellipse.


The explanation and model our current science is offering to explain the Earth’ movement around the sun and herself can not be correct for the following , very simple reason :
If it really would be as suggested, the sunrise would not be like earlier in summer and later in winter; in relation to the northern hemisphere – opposite for the southern one; but the sunrise would “travel’ around “the day/clock” a full cycle throughout one year.

Meaning it would be like: In the morning, late morning, midday, afternoon, midnight and then morning again !


Which is obviously not the case.


Because with this current, official model something crazy should be happening :
The day – the light period of the day – would ‘wander ‘ around the earth – or should i say around the ‘clock’ – one time in one year. Meaning you would have sunrise at 6  a.m., three month later at 12 a.m., three month later at 6 p. m. and three month later at 12 p.m., and three month later at 6 a.m. again !

Obviously that’s not the case – but the sunrise goes back and forth !

Now, that I’ve proved that your official model is definitely not working, you should understand how smooth and soft I tried to treat all of you by first trying to manage to perfect the new/correct model, so you do not have to fall into the Abyss of Nothingness – but can now easily transform from the old/wrong model smoothly to the readily available new/correct model according to Sattler’s Law of Planetary Mechanics.

I would suggest to create a 3-fold calendar:

1.) Moon-calendar
2.) Sun-calendar – one revolution around the sun makes one year
3.) Earth-calendar –  one full cycle of Axis-wobbling ‘around itself’ – sometimes slightly different from the sun-calendar


Like this, navigation through Space and Time should be more precise and thus less misunderstandings and misinterpretations can and will happen.

Oh and, to eliminate the ellipse even with the current not really exact model should be easy as well :

Just shorten the so-called sidereal day for 2/3 of a second (0,66666 seconds); which is the difference between 1/366 and 1/365 of 24 hours = 0,666 seconds.
Now feed your calculations with that number (23 h 56 min 3,433 sec ) instead of the official 23 hours 56 minutes and 4,099 seconds and you should be able to see:
Although 2/3 of a second is not much – it does add up in approx. 90 days; from spring/autumn to the axis-tilting-maxima in summer and winter and back again – up to one minute – which is significant enough distortion to create different coordinates and thus find yourself in need of “introducing an ellipse into the model.


There is a circle and no ellipse – the coordinates and angles will fit the observed facts perfectly.

And this is nothing else as the complicated way to calculate what I put forward in ‘my’ far easier to comprehend model !


Oh and btw: Did you get the most important sentence in yesterday’s NASA’s press briefing about ‘Trappist and the 7 planets’ ? He only said it one time, very briefly and very silent :

“And these planets are Tidally Locked to their star !”

That’s exactly what I’m talking about all the time. With or without additional own axis-rotation/wobble.

I’ve called it ‘phase-locked’.



2.) Sattler’s Rule of Planetary Mechanics

I have a very good ‘story’ for you – I found the innermost point of the spiral; the “Krysthal Spiral River Host”- the spiral of life, where “gravity becomes magnetic” – the turning point, where counterclockwise becomes clockwise and why.


It’s super-easy : Demystifying the 666 !

Like i said before :The Earth’s axis is tilted at an angle of 23,4 ( meaning 66,6) degree. Ok, now look at this :

There are three sixes (Or Nines, if one prefers !) – three circles running counterclockwise:

First : The Earth is running CCW around the sun, second the earth rotates CCW around it self – and now number three :

The Axis Itself is running/rotating CCW around itself, while earth is revolving around the sun, nearly exactly one full axis-rotation per one year; one revolution around the sun. Now, look at the earth, how she is tilted to the side at 23,4 degree and slowly do the rotation Of the Axis around itself  –  the tilted axis; the Cone/Conus – and you will see/recognize as a consequence a movement of the earth – the body/corpus of the Earth – “rolling along the Cone/Conus”; but in a clockwise outward movement.


That’s the wobble of Earth, what I called the Syrian Dance; which earth is doing once a year and not, as our current science is saying, once every 25700 years.


They haven’t understood the whole movement and especially why it is doing these movements. You see when the earth-axis would be straight, then you have this “special case” that earth rotation around itself and Earth-Axis-Rotation are resulting in the same movement, but the moment you start tilting the axis, a funny thing happens: They become different movements with different consequences for the behavior of this planetary body !

You can rotate a body “outwardly” or “inwardly”. Meaning around the proper, straight axis or the cone-axis. That’s what we didn’t quite understand and that’s why we didn’t properly understand the earth’ true movement, because we mixed these both movements up and didn’t recognize it makes a huge difference.

That movement is the cause, that we think/believe and perceive the earth-axis as being “seemingly fixed” to one position in space while rotating and revolving. That’s it : That simple.

So i think we really should bring out that information and tell humanity the truth about their/our home-planet.
As a consequence Earth is – very probably, although that detail is not that important – revolving around the sun in a circle and maybe that’s what all planetary bodies do; we just perceived it as elliptical because of the movements and Angle-Changes that we didn’t fully understand.

And btw: That Rule, that i explained is universal and this wobble is common to all planetary bodies with a rotation and a tilted axis; compared to the plane of the star-system they are part of.

This is “Sattlers Rule of Planetary Mechanic” !


3.) What is a (magnetic) Pole-Shift/switch and why is Venus running Retrograde ?

So now with our growing understanding of the plasma/magnetic-gravitational/earth-axis-tilting/bending we are now able to explain what the so-called pole-switch(s) have been in the past, and what NOT :

It’s not that the field suddenly flips over while earth – the material globe/sphere itself – is staying and moving the same, But it’s about the axis again :

When the tilting gets bigger and bigger and the angle is increasing more and more to become nearly 90 degree – not straight up but down, like the North-Pole is pointing more and more to the sun while earth is spinning, there will be a moment when it flips over and the North-Pole – really the physical tip of the globe/sphere – goes over the equatorial line of the solar-system, turning the ‘ball’ up-side-down.


Probably that would be accompaniend by a lot of catastrophes !

Now, the field of the sun and the solar-system will stay the same as before – the direction of flow – but because the earth is now up-side-down, the flow will be “received” in the opposite direction; so not the field has changed but the earth has flipped and thus we find this different directions of magnetic flow indicated in different geological sediments.

That is what happend to Venus – that’s why Venus is running retrograde : Meaning it’s rotational direction is against it’s revolutionary direction around the sun. Venus spinning clockwise ,while it’s going around the sun counterclockwise !


Now, please don’t worry – because there will be no Pole-Shift on our watch !

Because it’s not decided by outside forces but by us and our Understanding of these things so we know how to do it right. And for sure, our behavior and deeds based on that knowledge.

The only thing we have to achieve is this :

Humans respect other humans and treat each other as equals and are working together as one family. Then really everything will become nice, smooth and joyful.


4.) Today, I show you how to prove that there is no Inflation of the Universe the way our official science is promoting it !

The/Our measurement are correct – but once again the interpretation is not correct. Again we didn’t quite understand our own point of reference, our point of observation; the true positioning of our own Earth.

So, we found out that there is no inertia – “Trägheit” in German – and that’s why we needed a better explanation for the behavior of our tilted earth-axis. Why it’s throughout revolving around the sun pointing always to “the same direction in outer space”; and so we found out about that gravitation/gravity and magnetism are “in fact one inter-connected force”;  which in turn helped us to understand the true movement of earth and it’s axis throughout the year. Gravitational moves counterclockwise and magnetic always clockwise !

That’s what I called the Syrian Dance – the wobbling of earth’s axis through one year clockwise while earth’s revolving around sun counterclockwise – and rotating counterclockwise as well; initiated by the magnetic-field-RE-flow which is responsible for the positioning of Earth’s magnetic field.


In my last letter – “Now,let’s re-tune the solar system” – I explained that when properly understood and simulated we will very, very probably find that earth is revolving around sun in a circle and not elliptical !

Now, let’s go beyond – let’s find out what exactly is the phenomenon of “the precision of the equinox”.
It’s very easy, I said it before :

The Earth is just running/revolving a little slower compared to previous times. I guess, it’s because of the tilting/bending of the axis that earth is not running as smoothly as it would do with a straight axis because some “energy is twisted/wasted” through the wobbling, resulting in a tiny, little difference between the point when earth is completing from one spring-equinox to the next one and the exact position/point of return on earth’s circle around sun in relation to the zodiac.

It’s only dependent on one complete Cycle of Earth-Axis-Wobble around/IN-round itself.

That little difference sums up over approx. 2000 years to one twelfth of the Zodiac. 30 degrees – one sign in the zodiac.

That’s what is meant by all this crazy talk about the age of Aquarius !

Now ,after 2000 years the sun is rising on spring-equinox in the sign of Aquarius and not Pisces (fish) anymore !

Nothing has changed – absolutely nothing, no big deal – it’s just about the understanding of the whole system and not about some mystical, holy molly, super-magical influence of supernatural powers.

And it would be a lot easier to understand, if our western Astrology/Astronomy would have made the same adjustment over time like most non-western astronomers have done : To adjust the signs of the stars (zodiac) to where they really are today:
When we understand that 21 of march (spring-equinox) is now not in Pisces but Aquarius then all other signs ‘have moved one step back’ as well !

And that’s not something new – everybody who really is interested in astronomy/astrology knows that but in our standard-model for kartografing the sky/stars we still cling to the wrong description.

So, check this : If you are born in august (Lion) in reality – according to the real positions of the stars – you are a cancer Cancer is the sign which was rising at your birth.
Nobody told you, funny he ?

Why ?

Maybe because we would have much earlier understood the mechanisms of “planetary mechanics/creation mechanics” ?


In simple terms we could say : We have an earth-year ,which is constituted by the Axis-tickling around itself one time – equinox to equinox – and the solar or “earth-solar-year” which is constituted by one full circling around the sun.

So, what does that have to do with the so-called “Inflation of the Universe” – the expanding of the universe/space, which they say is still because of the Big Bang ?

Easy: Let’s say we are doing a measurement of the distance to a certain far away star or galaxy – we choose a specific point of time and a specific spot, do our measurement – we just assume our current technic and interpretations are correct – and than exactly one year later we want to check out the ‘possible difference’.

For example we do it equinox one year and equinox the following year at the exact same spot on Earth.
Like we have learned from the above : This “point of equinox in the circle of a year” is NOT at the exact same position in the circle/track around the sun in relation to the zodiac – the outer/more absolute space)” – but a tiny little ‘before the complete-finished circle’; because of running a little slower; proven by the phenomenon of the precision of the equinox !

Now, doing the measurement – because you are in a different position than you think you are – the distance and even more the angle of this measurement will be different from the year before; resulting in the interpretation that
everything is inflating and spreading.

It’s not – hope I made that clear now and you understood, so we finally can go on and can start to do some serious and sincere kartographing of the stars, which is not based on some phony assumptions but rooted in Reality.

And please pay attention : I never said that there might not be some kind of other movements/positioning taking place (See last letter: Now,let’s re-tune the solar system).

I just wanted to show that this big-bang-induced-inflation-standard-model-theory is not what is really happening out there.

For example : It is said that the milky-way-galaxy is spiraling around it’s center. So it might be possible that because of that spiraling that the distances and angles between different stars are indeed changing and we would perceive that – on the very long run.

It’s said to take 200 million years for one full spiraling-circle !

Others are talking the last years about the so-called Helical System – meaning they project earth and planets circling/spiraling around sun while sun is ‘flying ‘ through space. Which it does, for sure !

So, even if we find out that sun is “flying around” – we already said, it does at least because of the galaxy’s spiraling; but maybe there are even more movements within movements ? We’ll see – the way they are projecting their model can’t be correct, when they put Earth’s moving-direction orthogonal to the planets plane of movement around the sun. Because then it doesn’t fit to the zodiac anymore !

If there is an additional sun-movement, it must be in the same vibration/spiraling plane as the planets are – at least roughly the same plane. Otherwise we wouldn’t have it correctly corresponding to the zodiac.

Like the spiraling of the galaxy as a whole is in the same (or roughly the same) spinning plane – i guess, it’s called the galactic equator, right ?

Another interesting consequence is this:

If you fully understand the picture i’m presenting here, you will find that the signs in the Zodiak are changing over time – meaning all these seasonal-associated meanings of astrological signs are not something which is fix or even eternal !

So if you are dealing in astrology : Think about what it means that these “energies/entities” are far from eternal, divine, unchangeable, godly. true fixed archetypes !

If you’d ask me about my opinion of astrology – my response : ” No comment !”

Oh, and never forget that the earth-axis-tilting angle is in reality not 23,4 degrees but it’s up-side-down (90-23,4 degree); which is resulting in 66,6 degrees !

That would be your famous beast : A fricking Tilted Axis !


That would be the correct description; and now we solved/explained this, too.

Oh, and btw;  the Axis is on the way to change/rise/straightened up again !

q.e.d.   –   quod erat demonstrandum


And please, stop talking about the nonsense that this reality is a simulation. You got to understand the difference between a simulation and something being interaktive!

This universe – The HoloPlasmatic Multiverse – is interactive, sure, but not a simulation !


We are touching here on a spiritual-philosophical question which is so old and so often solved that it’s boring to go into detail – just imagine it like this :

Ok, let’s say we are living in a dream – you Tec-Guys would say a simulation – but you are the Dreamt-One and The Dreamer as well, you are both at the same time. That’s our nature as humans – Beings of Consciousness – our nature as conscious beings !

That what is all the fuss about: You are real and are really here and alive & living and you have Free Will/Choice.

That’s the true , what you would call, quantum-nature of life : Not that there are billions of yous simulated in endless parallel systems, that’s BS !

But that your consciousness/yourself right here, right now is able to make decisions out of a billion possibilities and by choosing one it will become Reality and through that affects all other life and yours and – Yes – through all time as well.


And if you still want to go on discussing this, I’m suggesting the following :

Come with me to the corner of this deep cliff, I go around it to the ground and you jump down the rocky cliff – 200 meters – and then we meet down there on the bottom and if you really like to go on discussing the possibility of this is all a simulation, let’s do it – if you still can !


5.) The Physics of the Didgeridoo and the Scalar Waves !

I’m writing this to make a suggestion for a maybe interesting, physical experiment.


I want to try – by playing the Didgeridoo; no touching;  just via frequencies – to ‘bring mass/weight’ onto your instruments/scale.

As I said, I am playing passionately for over 20 years and have become not too bad at it.


The Didgeridoo – an Australian ‘flute’, that belongs, similar to the trumpet, to the so-called –  in German – “Polster-Pfeiffen-Instrumente, like trumpet, organ, bagpipe, etc.” ; which has something to do, with the way the sounds are produced.

In short, it’s about Standing Waves.

Different from for example flutes, where there is no possibility for the air to dissapear. That’s why you can play chromatic scales/dissonante tones as well. So you have to learn to let the air/sound-wave flow along the geometry of the wave-structure through your Didgeridoo/tube.

Very often i have to think about ” The Camel going through the needle-eye” !

It’s like riding the overtones through it and beyond. As you become more and more “one” with this wooden tube – it is as if your breath/singing/sound is perfectly unlocking a secret‘safe-lock’ – not only within you yourself but within the Didgeridoo as well.

Many times i liked to imagine, how the air/molecules move because so many scalar waves are turning the air plasmatic, where then there are movements/sounds/rhythm/multi-voices/speeds(sic!)/simultaneously possible, which are almost  unimaginable !

It sounds and feels so “alive” that since playing the Didgeridoo, the story of ” The Trumpets of Jericho” became a total different meaning to me.


Think also about what Nicola Tesla did, when he let the skyscrapers in New York and elsewhere dance !


The art of playing Didgeridoo is a little like balancing. That’s why i always say : Search the middle of the middle of the middle of the …. and so on !

Deep inside the middle/center there is/comes into existence an equilibrium and then quite magically,  just by itself, the next overtone will materialize, and than the next and so forth and so on.

And after a while you feel like “being blown”. No effort needed anymore – like IT is flowing through you – very smooth but at the same time mighty and strong – and funny – like your lungs are dancing.

There is a medical saying : The alveolar gas-exchange happens with the Respiratory-phase – meaning the gas ( oxygen vs carbon-dioxide) exchanges while Exhaling. Deep inside the lungs/alveols there are some kind of valves which are ‘shutting’ while inhaling – i guess, it’s for protection purpose for the “inside”- and opening up while Exhaling.

So the Exhaling is the important part of breathing !

Same with the Didgeridoo: Inhaling – Circular Breathing/Open Breathing System – seems difficult but your body is doing it by itself; just stop thinking about how. The breathing out is what the is the true Art.
And through circular breathing you can keep this ‘inside’ open for a long period of time. One hour or longer, no problem – effortless. And it is vibrating/oscillating itself higher and higher – like a feedback-loop into a feedback-loop into a feedback.


I guess, that’s the way Free-Energy-Generators should work:

Implosion and not explosion !  Thank You, Mr Viktor Schauberger !

In Aboriginal-mythology there are a lot of myths about the life-giving and healing properties of the Didgeridoo/Yidaki. They are even bringing people back to life – even Creation itself has been “brought back onto the right track” by blowing the Didgeridoo .

That’s my favorite Aboriginal Myth about how the Creation-Twin-Sisters got saved.


Hypothesis about the physics of the ” Feinstofflichkeit” – The Fabric of Energy-Matter/Non-Matter-Matter

Might it be possible that these “non-matter-energies” are moving/flowing according to the so-called Krysthal-Spiral (0,1,2,4,8,16,32,64,etc.) and NOT – like seemingly all matter on earth – according to the Fibonacci-sequence (1-1-2-3-5-8-13-21-34-55-etc. and what they call Sacred Geometry.


I prefer to call it “La Fleur du Mal” or the flower of matter-state – The Flower of Death and Decay !


The Krysthale spiral is more anti-fragile, alive, more harmonically built, because it always remains in perfect balance of ALL its layers – nothing is self-consuming like it is with the Fibonacci-sequence.
My Hypothesis is that through the tilting/bending of the earth-axis the ways of the flow of matter and the flow of “non-matter-matter” have been slightly separated from each other and thus now being not being harmonious and congruent/aligned to each other.

Meaning, as long as these two vibrations are in perfect balance, harmony and congruent ”in phase-lock” with each other – would be at earth-axis is at an 90 degree angle – there is perfect harmony, life and resonance. The tilting of the axis however will bring in a phenomenon similar to a radio-broadcasting which is NOT properly tuned to the frequency/wavelength and so it’s not a clear signal.

Like there is a “kind of a filter of distortion”.

To speculate further that could mean that not 100% of the non-matter-mater-energy is coming in properly – but instead is creating some kind of parallel or sub-dimensions/states (sub-subs or in between)- Parallel Earth / Inner Earth / Shambala / Agartha / what-ever-else / distorted dimensional-fields at the poles ?

These “places” might even be “in the same spot” but not visible/perceivable and interactable because the matter/atoms/molecules/energies have a different Partiki-Rotation-Rxis-Angle ?!
Maybe we could say that the tilting of the earth-axis has made a kind of frequency-prism (prison ?) out of our spinning earth which prevents us –  all beings-  to fully connect to our true full existing energetic potential.
With that explanation it would then be possible to even explain how atoms/’particles/things could be in the exact same spot but in different dimensions/densities – via different Partikum-Partika-Partiki-Rotation-Axis-Angles.

And if one want to speculate even further – we could think about the physical consequences of the axis-tilting as what in our old Myths is called the Fall !

The falling out/apart with the Divine Cosmic Harmony with consequences for all life, DNA, beings,.spirit, soul and body. Whatever might have caused that tilting/bending in the first place, we will find out as well; all together !

Meaning as well that to reverse Th Fall, we simply learn to re-adjust to the full harmony and are enlarging our band of frequency-resonance with The All That Is/ The Pure Essence !

Like tunning in again; That’s what so-called Ascension is all about – it’s that easy.


6.) The Living Cosmos – Singularity – and how to rotate the Moon

The true motion of the earth and how to start to rotate the moon and other misunderstandings in our current view of our solar system and galaxy !


1. True movement of the earth

We know earth is doing the revolution around the sun and the rotation around itself, ok.

But what we didn’t understand until i discovered it , is why earth-axis is- while earth is revolving  –  seemingly fixed to a certain direction in space when viewed from outside the solar-system. I know, science is telling you it is because of “inertia” – but ,well, there is No inertia !

Inertia was invented – like so very often in science – when they don’t know a thing about something but don’t want to give up on their false assumptions and theories. It’s proven already by the new understanding of physics, so i don’t have to waste my time with that anymore.

Now imagine earth is rotating around the sun and imagine the axis is tilted at 23,4 degrees to the sun and let it rotate while imagine the axis always pointing to the sun/center/middle.
Obviously ,in reality, it is not doing it like this ,because if it would do so , there would be summer all year on the north-side of the Earth.

Then now ask yourself : What force is pushing the axis per quater year an additional 90 degrees to the right (clockwise) so that it is as it can be observed in reality ?
These two movements are kind of annihilating each other,  if viewed not from the earth but from outside the solar sytem the galactic space.

That’s why we obviously never really thought about it: We just never recognized that we don’t have a sufficient explanation for our own Earth’ movement – because it seems to be fix !

That movement is what i called the Syrian Dance.

Until recently (2015) i still had the mistake in my thinking to perceive it as going Counterclockwise – that was wrong !

It’s the movement we think/believe of when we describe the wobble which leads to what is called The Precision of the Equinox.

Which brings us to the full understanding:

The movement of the earth-axis (CW) is decided by the electromagnetic Re-flow of earth;  that’s why to the right (CW). And it is a very highly probable guess that the axis’ bent/tilt is as well being dominated by the magnetic flow : Meaning being for a long time ‘treated’ by it’s own falsified/distorted electromagnetic pulse is what brought in and manifested the tilt more and more over the centuries.

You still think that the pyramids, megaliths and other Ley-line-connected buildings are positive for life on Earth ?

Better think again. These places and the entities and ideas behind it are responsible for a lot of suffering which happend here on earth and to us, mankind !

They didn’t understand – or at least only the half truth, And we all know that half truth is far worse than even Non-Truth !
That Non-understanding of the full consequences of True natural science was responsible for not only the Atlantis Catastrophe but lot’s more; until this day !

Guess, you know, that even today all the secret societies, scientific fundamentals, black magic-shit, etc. – all is going back to that FALSE understanding of the flow of energy and life !

Now, when we understand this , then we can start to do that what i always dreamed of :

To repair and heal the earth – helping Earth to get it’s axis straight again, healing and balancing her field and with it the fields of all the beings here on Earth !

If we are true Masters of the understanding of life , we gonna do that just with consciousness – no need for material tools or machines but sure we can combine both – as for now , we have started to re-discover the tools to work in true alignement with nature and so sure we can use tools as well !

I guess, by now everybody should have understood that our – and all nature’s – DNA is heavily influenced by this field.

That’s why we have become humans who eventually die. That’s not our true original nature !

So if this field is squeezed – which it is – our DNA is squeezed as well.
Btw. that is the reason for all this false and only half-true Fibonacci and Golden Mean, Flower of Life and Sacred Geometry- Bullshit !

That is NOT the natural way how life is unfolding, extending and creating. Fibonacci-Sequence is the distorted version of the Krysthal Spiral (0,1,2,4,8,16,32,64, and so forth).

Do these numbers seem familiar to you ?

Ah, yes,right, you got it : That’s the same number-sequence upon which computers & chips are working; yeah, congratulations !

It has something to do with Scalar Waves; with their geometry:

Contrary to the Fibonacci Sequence , which is self-consuming  –  meaning from the 7. position ( value 55 ) onward there is no real growth anymore; it stays at the golden mean =1,6 ! But the Krysthal Spiral stays ’open within’; meaning it remains in contact with all it’s parts, from the source to the manifested, which gives it plasma-like, living and balancing properties.

Or put simple : That’s what is called Life;  alive; being connected, being in the flow !

Oh and btw: That’s why the number of possible Re-Incarnations is limited to 7. Because after the 7th position in the Fibonacci Sequence our original template is too much damaged to hold it’s form anymore and withers to Space Dust !


Re-incarnation in itself is unnatural – i repeat : We are not meant to die at all !


Understanding this there is a very high – near certain – probability that what we call the Precision of The Equinox – cycle of approx. 25500 years – is then not a wobble but it’s just a running a little slower compared to previous cycles and no wobble at all !

The little difference of the Sidereal and the Solar year – the difference between one full cycle of  Syrian Dance and one revolution around the sun – summed up over 2000 years will bring it in a position-change of 30 degrees less of the full 360-circle !
It’s just slowing down a little; maybe because it’s rotation is not that smooth as it should be with a straight axis ?!


2. ) How to rotate the Moon

Now understanding this will bring us to the next possible option of understanding that it is possible to start to rotate the Moon again and bring new life to our sister-planet.
We could either think about doing it with technics by creating a field on the moon, which then will bring in the plasma – et voila, we will be able to create water, energy, atmosphere, etc. which itself will strengthen the field/atmosphere even more so that the interference & resonance between the earth and moon grows stronger until the point where we will have resonance which is nothing else  as communication of forces !

Even more easy and probable is it when all this will happen while the earth-axis is already straightening up, because then all three movements (rotation and revolution of earth plus revolution of the moon around earth) will happen in one vibratory plane/oscillation-plane which heavily increases the chances of interference/interaction.

It’s a kind of an overtone, which is created in harmony with the base-tones of each movement of it’s own.

If we learn to do this, there will be plenty of other planets, moons waiting for us (Ceres, Europa, planets in the Kuiper-belt and what not; yes indeed,an endless story. How fitting for beings who’s lifespan is endless as well, can you live with that ?

Are you able to live with yourself for an eternity – that’ s the real question, my friends ?!


There will be no more ‘running away from yourself’ !

3.) Galactic Distortions and Phantom-Galaxies

I just want to mention this briefly, because this might be a little too much or hard for some of you.

The process of awakening/ascension/becoming conscious is always paralleled with the healing of our environment, because we are always interactively connected to our environment. So it is natural that I/we find out about the axis/rotation-tilt and about how to heal it, while we are right now in the awakening state – the healing which i mentioned above.

But it doesn’t end with the earth and moon. No, this is just the beginning – here is a lot more to find out and to repair and heal, to fully understand the full history of the earth, us and the Cosmos, of our solar system, the galaxy and beyond – and we have to fully understand the history, for without understanding it  there is N useful/beneficial acting.

We will learn how Galaxies are created : Naturally and what was done in creating Unnatural ones by entities lacking full Krysthal Knowledge and full honor & integrity and the full knowledge of what is called the Kathara-Grid !

So, i will stop here, because i just wanted to work out the direction where to go.


7.) Now,let’s re-tune the Solar System – And how Stars/Suns are moving/positioning !


The Holoplasmatic Multiverse – let’s make us humans Galctic Gardeners !

Now, let’s re-tune the solar system – the natural Octave, let’s finish it up !

After we now have learned a lot new things about the plasma, that Magnetic and Gravitational are in fact one interconnected force, the earth-axis and it’s different bending/tilting and the resulting field(s) and the ‘inter-play’ /interactions of the different planets with each other and the sun, we are trying to ‘put it all into one picture’. We are trying to find the one harmony in it : the true natural Octave.


We start with our point of view : The Earth.

We have found out about the true movement of earth and it’s wobbling axis throughout one year. I already talked a lot of what I have called The Syrian Dance – the explanation why earth-axis is pointing ‘seemingly’ to the same direction in ’space’ while revolving around the sun (see other ‘letters’ above ).

I briefly mentioned it before, that with that ‘new’ understanding it is very probable that the way we see our revolving around the sun is in fact not elliptical but in a circle !
Because we did not understand the ‘tickling clockwise of the axis’ through one year, we have a very, very small mistake in our understanding of the positioning of earth towards the sun – which resulted in thinking it’s an ellipse.

It is difficult to put that in proper words in a letter, because you have to see/understand it in your own mind or we put that new model into your computers/scientific simulations and than it will be easy to see and understand -Simulation has already been shared since 2017 !)

I’m ‘rendering’ all my visions purely in my spirit/mind – you are the Experts and ‘scientific Professors’ with all the tools,laboratories, Super-computers and the skills to put that into a scientifically perfect language and model.

Ok, now we have planets circling around the sun in circles probably according to their own Magnetic-Gravitation fields and interactions with the rest of the planetary family around the solar-system.

A short off-topic reminder:

We recall that we humans tuned our harmonic scale according to what we found around us in nature in ‘harmonics’- maybe that renewed understanding of the harmonic structure of the solar system will help us to tune our musical scale back from which it is now:
440Hz = a

Which was installed international through Mr. Goebbels (prior to WW2) and The Rockefeller Foundation, because the pitch of this music is a little unnatural/ a little more “aggressive” – and that was the purpose and use of it; sadly so !

But we can change it back to natural harmonics 432Hz = a !

So, now that we can understand the planets movements, their axis-movements, their relations to each other, let’s look at the sun – there are a few open questions:

It is said that the sun is rotating and that it’s axis is tilted at an 7 degree-angle versus the equator of the solar-system – why is this ?

Is it really proven or just a deep-rooted assumption ?

Is this a kind of a balancing act between the ‘forces’ being exchanged in between the planets and the sun ? Is there a constant interplay between the “pulls” and “pushes” of the magnetic-gravitation forces of these planetary bodies ?
I am pretty sure that your/our new deepening understanding of the plasma will help in solving this riddle as well – and then we will be able to discern the ‘positioning forces’ which determinate sun’s own position within our galaxy !

Is the sun moving through space itself ? Or is it ‘fixed’ somehow to its position ? Or is it fixed only relatively to it’s outer environment – and if, how is Nature operating/communicating the exchange of these forces ?

In simple words : there are a lot of theories that the Sun itself is revolving around. Maybe around the galactic center, some say Alcyone, etc. in circles (spirals).
Sure, I m aware that there are many “Explanations” and interpretations of a lot of ancient calendars, etc.

But is it really true ?

Especially in the most New-Age-communities there is the belief that we are passing through different parts of our galaxy and they try to explain all the changes , all the prophecies, the quantum-leap in consciousness, changes in DNA and energy-templates and all these topics with an “increase of certain energies” coming from the changed position in the galaxy and penetrating earth and it’s beings.

Although I admit that there are definitely a lot of strong interactions between energies coming in to earth and the living ,conscious beings and their DNA on earth; resulting in something which we could call “Evolution”, I more and more tend to think, that we again got the story wrong – got it ‘up-side-down” again:

We misunderstood the cause with the effect/reaction again !

We always tend to find a materialistic reason for any developments and changes, so we tend to need to see some outside changes; like for example the sun is passing through different parts of the galaxy/different energetic compositions and so we are able “to believe”, that there is something changing.

It’s still the understanding of the universe as a machine – a clockwork – but not as a Living Thing/Being !

So, let’s try to find a different explanation. We are on our way to completing the understanding of the interplay of forces within the solar-system.
Now, let’s for a moment forget the sun is flying around in circles/spirals in the galaxy but is relatively fixed.

What I try to suggest, is that there might be a different kind of moving/positioning taking place inbetween the different stars  and including their planets.
But this kind of moving is  likenot pulling/pushing them into rotational movements but it’s like a Magnetic-Vibrating-Pushing-Pulling Force.

Imagine the/a solar-system as a whole and imagine the forces it is radiating- and maybe pulling in as well – as a whole because of it being alive – it is moving, shaking, vibrating and changing !

These forces – i imagine them as a “humming magnetic force” – are responsible for how the different stars – plus planets – are positioning themselves to each other. And sure, there might be a kind of harmonic structure as well for bringing them into the right balance to each other.


The Kathara Grid  – Natural Ones and Unnatural Ones !

I guess , you recognized it :

Here I’m coming to the end of my (current) physical understanding of our universe – that’s why I want to put these questions out – for we all together can go further to deepen our knowledge together.

Some are suggesting that Star-Systems – and maybe Galaxies themselves as well – are positioning/balancing each other through distances and as well according to their angles towards each other.

Meaning the systems are tilted to a certain degree/angle away from each other which changes the flow of energy between them.

These connecting huge flows of energy between Stars and Star-Systems and as well between Galaxies is what is ‘holding the structure together’.

The Kathara Grid.

When we fully understand the ways these are operating then we can understand the current ‘state of affairs” in our galaxy and how ‘healthy” it is; where there are connections properly working and where are maybe some blockages of energy-flow – meaning connection and interaction.

Maybe we gonna learn that these interplanetary energetic connections; if properly handled and understood,  are that what many are assuming when talking about star-portals and star-gates.
Have you ever thought about what’s the difference between a portal and a gate ?

Are these different kind of Axis’ to connect through to different destinations ?

Probably it will be inevitable to start using words/descriptions like density and dimension to describe the true nature of our universe – but in a properly defined way.

Ok, i leave it here; just wanted to share these open questions with you.

Enjoy going further !


8.) Reaching Out To The Stars  –  Why that what we call Light is travelling a lot faster than the Speed of Light in Space !

The scheme of preplasma , scalar sound hierarchy of galactic, inner-Galactic, inter-galactic and extra-Galactic spheres (space !) – the knowledge of the scalar preplasma base-tones of Life (magnetic-gravitational scalar wave/field).

What i’m pretending, is that the light of the stars – no matter how far away – is not light which is coming ‘out of the past’ !

Because our current science is pretending that light is ‘only’ able to travel at the speed of light – which might maybe be correct on earth/earth’s atmosphere in a vacuum – but not in space !

Light is not travelling as light – as an electromagnetic wave – through space – or even better :

It is riding on/through the preplasmatic scalar waves/field through space.

Space is not empty as we believed for a long time – it is a huge scalar-wave-field through which an infinite number of overtones and undertones are ‘moving’- in (Almost ?) Real-Time.
It’s because of the geometry of the scalar wave – that’s the Clou :

The scalar wave is tunneling the light – or the impulse of that light – through itself, along the geometry of the Krysthal spiral (1,2,4,8,16,32,64,etc.) whereas this light gets tunneled nearly infinite times, which is giving it this incredible near Real-Time speed.
Only after this ‘light’-impulse is touching earth /earth’s atmosphere it will become and behave and move the way what we think light is and does.


So probably every planet has its own base-tone, every solar-system, every galaxy, every individualhuman being, every being, every species, every individual, etc.
My guess would be that all this is below 20 Hz – which is said to be the limit -down – of the human ear.

Which is not true- I,myself, am hearing far below this 20 Hz . I guess that is caused by 20 years of Didgeridoo playing/kind of training.

All these Base-Tones together are forming the Preplasma-Base-Tone of this universe .
For traveling – especially very far distances- the frequencies around
0,0000000000000000000000000000000000001 Hz might be used.

Somewhere near what Einstein called the ‘cosmic konstant’ – maybe not only for the light to travel but for our own Space-Travel as well.

Btw. that scalar-wave-field is the so much discussed ‘Quantum-computer’ – better Plasma-computer, voila, it is all here already – you just have to log in. It’s free and has mega-upload- and download-speed !

In ancient times it was called : The Akashic Record – and upload and download may just be a change of spin : one is to the left (CCW) and other one to the right (cw).

If one is interested in these things ,one can now go on finding a lot of new consequences emerging from that basic model:

What does the “red-shift” actually tells us ? What is left of Mr Einstein’s theories at all ? “Two parallels crossing in the infinity !?”


Sure not in a scalar-wave-field, because there we have closed field-lines and not open field-lines !


Spacetime ? Utter Nonsense !

How can there be spacetime if there is no time at all – it’s merely a concept in our brains !

Do we have to rethink the distances out there in space as well ?

Anyway,today i want to keep it short and leave it up to all of you to delve deeper into these open questions for yourself – I just wanted to eradicate that ‘ugly imagination’, that out there are endless “lonely and lost” light-corpuscles (particle) flying chaotically through space and time without sense, beauty, reason and meaning  –  coming from ‘different times’;  especially KNOWING that there is NO time at all !

Meaning No Beginning and No End ! Doesn’t that sound beautiful ?

Additionally it is a very “unsexy image”,  looking at the stars thinking that half of the stars you think you “see” are dead already or there are billions of stars more which you are not able to perceive, because the light is not here yet.
It feels a little like listening to the mail-box of a friend who died already – not really nice.

No, I’m pretty sure that’s not the way it works – it’s a too materialistic (matter-based and reductionist) way to look at things/life/cosmos.

Yes and in the end it will all boil down to recognizing that our current science will have to say “farewell” to the so-called BIG-Bang-theory.


Sorry for you guys but that was just an idea in your heads.


Best wishes and sincerely yours,


The Guy with the Earth-Axis – From Austria with Love !


…..some spiritual-cosmological-cosmic-infinite musings about The Sadredness of LIFE ITSELF ……


Yes, The Truth Has A Tongue @ The End Which Is The Beginning feat. The Blueprint For World-Peace


The Flower of Phnom Penh

I was longtime dreaming, to be able and willing
To get life’s greatest gift, of dreams fulfilling.
And when I look at you; try to see your being,
It seems that dream came true- feels like “Future Seeing”.
Coz’ from within your eyes;why ? I do not know;
It’s raining diamonds – and diamonds; in a row !


Under the Blue Moon, you once said to me,
You’re my King of the Hill and so shall it be!
Forever and longer – this beautiful we.
Our love makes us stronger; the whole world should see
That we’re in love with each other – while paying no fee !

You say’ the waters keep coming as a streaming flow;
Painting emotion – in a painful glow,
Complete utter darkness, deep down the hole –
Be strong while remember – for not hurt your soul;
Forgive when you find out: Who’s the one ,who did go ?
If we’ll meet again ? I really don’t know !

The stages were huge, as was the show;
The secrets inside, just you and me know.
To see all these men, who were calling you name
Of a female dog – Can you imagine the pain ?
Being alone with no word and nobody to blame –
Would have killed with the sword – to get rid of that shame !

So for once and all – to state my case
While I stand tall with my heart in a blaze –
Remember we’re smiling ? Listening to “Rat Race” ?!
The love’s always stronger and in the right place,
It’s made for the healing – of the whole Human Race.

Now i think of this man, and his own pace,
For 2000 years,long hair and God’s Ace –
Washing her feet – now I’ve tears in my face
If you miss – you will find me, in the starry sky’s gaze !



How To Handle Your – Mankind’s – Crimes & Evil Deeds That Can NOT Be Repaid And Made Undone
From today – 1st of July 2022 – All negotiations, dealings, compromises, forgiveness, baby-half-steps to peace and failings and shortcomings – of not only decision-makers and “movers & shakers” but also EVERY ‘ORDINARY’ Man and Woman – are mute and cancelled and You are being judged according to Your ABSOLUTE deeds and intentions and , even more brutal for all of you , according to your failures and NONE-DEEDS !
You have had 7 ( SEVEN – Sic !) years time to start spreading the FREEING TRUTH to Freedom and World-Peace on Earth; you have been shown ALL the Lies and Falsehood in this world from Religion to Science to History to Geopolitical lies to Cosmology and to the DELIBERATE Fraud which is our so-called Legal and Law-system and so much more.
So, from today on there will be NO MERCY for You, Dear Mankind, anymore:
From today on, every further day You do NOT stand up , spread The Truth and actively stop The Lie, The War and The Fraud against The People of the Earth you will be punished with The FULL FORCE of what You would call THE WRATH OF GOD !
From today on we have updated and opened THE BOOK OF LAW and we’ve simplified all the codes and regulations to make it very simple and understandable for You IMBECILES:
You are spilling the blood of Others – YOUR BLOOD WILL BE SPILLED !
You are denying LIFE to Others – YOUR BLOOD WILL BE SPILLED !
You are stealing from The Others and thus make it impossible for them to live a decent Life – YOUR BLOOD WILL BE SPILLED !
You are lying to others and thus you are leading them into confusion, suffering, death and despair – YOUR BLOOD WILL BE SPILLED !
You are being silent and NOT advocating to stop YOUR governments and rulers to do EVIL – YOUR BLOOD WILL BE SPILLED !
Your military and your military alliances are bringing murder and death to the world for just selfish and EVIL reasons while you are staying silent – YOUR BLOOD WILL BE SPILLED !
So, I guess, you will get the gist of it:
With every passing day now that you are NOT actively and strongly using to stop the mayhem and insanity that this world and mankind has become, YOU, Mankind, will be SERVERLY PUNISHED now – with NO MERCY whatsoever anymore.
In case you still can’t see it : You have been granted extras, bonuses, exception, forgiveness, ‘Second Chances’, salvation in an almost infinite number and way.
So, from now on THE FORCE is dancing in another tune – and YOU WILL EITHER FOLLOW THAT TUNE OF LIFE ITSELF or YOUR BLOOD WILL BE SPILLED and YOU WILL BE ANNIHILATED; as YOU ALL had no problem whatsoever to witness the spilling of the blood and the annihilation of ALL the other innocent victims in the hundreds of millions without even blinking an eye not to mention taking on the responsibility for it.
You’ve got to make a choice, NOW:
You are either with LIFE ITSELF or you are against it; and thus you will be ANNIHILATED !
Think about it – but do it quickly, you are running out of time !

Patriotism – What Is It Really ?

Patriots are people who love their country and it’s people, it is said.
Well, that sounds fair enough to be called “a good and respectable idea/worldview”, right ?

But; is that REALLY so ?
A patriot is a man (or woman) who will chose in any given situation the well-being and greater good of HIS/HER people, so it is implied and insinuated that a patriot is a good-hearted man because he/she thinks and cares beyond his/her own needs and well-being and is caring about the lives and well-being of the “others” as well – the others of HIS/HER country/people/nation/tribe/ethnos.

And that is precisely the problem !

It is a half-baked idea for half-baked and immature people who think they are doing something great while in fact they are only pursuing egoistic and selfish goals – sadly; to let me say this -sadly !

A patriot is NOT (purely) acting out of love for the people at large but out of fear of the “others”, the “foreigners”, the “heretics”.
When you and your deeds are motivated by love, inclusiveness ( NOT that FAKE kind of ‘tolerance and multi-gender-insanity-cancel culture-hardcore-ridiculous-BS like it’s happening right now in this /our ‘Bloody LYING so-called Western-Value-Community’ ! SIC ! What a Fucked-Up-Term of pathetic and- YES – disgusting Nothingness), empathy, integrity, righteousness and honor & truth, you will simply care about ALL MANKIND (And if one’s heart is big enough even beyond mankind …) and it is impossible for a TRUE MAN (And Woman, for sure) OF INTEGRITY to support people or your nation when they are doing false and evil deeds to other peoples/nations.


In the end you patriots are ALWAYS siding with your fellow people and your own armies/nations/governments – EVEN WHEN THEY ARE DOING WRONG AND EVIL DEEDS and you know it – you still go with them and do not dare to stand up for what is right !

Like that , how can you imbeciles think that this world will ever change for the better ???

But you idiots have the audacity to even dare to claim that your patriotism is even authorized and protected by “GOD” !

Sure, you do that because deep within your hearts you know that you are lousy, egoistic, diabolic and selfish assholes who’s only interest is in dominating. pillaging and controlling the others (nations/peoples/states).

In our days America, American Patriots ( YES; to be precise : US Inc. serfs and agents and entities and US Coorp. and what not Papacy and CROWN- endorsed FICTIONS and pretending to be the Puppetmasters !) are the most blatant example of this:
Although they have stolen a whole continent and murdered approx. 300 million American Natives people like Anna still claim that “America was given to us by god and god’s plan is to make America into the shining beacon on the Hill and a guiding light for all mankind !”

That is patriotism (The downsize ! We would never dare to say that it is wrong or belittle to love one’s own heritage/people/nation/culture and such – sure, that’s a beautiful and welcomed thing to do !) par excellence !

That is Orwell at his best: Being the greatest Killer and Murderer and the greatest egoistic and selfish loser of ALL Nations and having the blood of so many peoples smeared all over their bodies but still claiming to be the most holy of the holiest !

What a fucking bunch of hypocritical jerks – to put it nicely !!!

A patriot calls himself essentially “good” for caring for his own people – and almost ALL nations/cultures have gone to great length to create a supporting myth, a history (even falsifying it if necessary), a fitting cult and a twisted, ridiculous religious framework and narrative – but what he actually does is NOT “good” because he is downgrading, devaluing, ignoring and looking down on the GREATER TRUTH, the other nations/people/cultures/religions, and simply try to cheat the others at every possible turn – whenever he chooses to support his fellow people and NOT go by judging a given situation according to TRUTH, INTEGRITY and RIGHTEOUSNESS.

Although, for sure, all patriots are claiming ( LYING !) that they do care about the other nations and the other people, that clearly is NOT the case if one bothers to take only a superficial look at the REAL world.

I’m not giving examples here because everybody who needs an example for this most self-evident truth isn’t worth my time.


What I am telling you is WHY you, patriots, are acting like this:

It is your patriotism that isn’t an act of love, generosity and giving and caring but instead it is born out of fear; it is born out of your confused motivation of identification with something greater than you to fill this VOID of meaning and comprehension in your life – that meaninglessness of your whole existence.

Your patriotism is – as almost everything else you do in your life – a nice looking. society-accepted shell/camouflage to hide your EGOISM, your SELFISHNESS, your FEAR, your NON-UNDERSTANING of reality, your feeling of loneliness and being thrown into a cold and heartless world that you do neither understand nor know how to cope with.

Btw. that is exactly the same situation as with all your religions and that’s why patriotism and institutionalised religion always go hand in hand and when you look into history the religions have always been on the forefront of any murderous, imperialistic, conquering and enslaving system.

Because that is the TRUE NATURE OF RELIGION !

I am not talking about spirituality which is a completely different ball-game than religion.
Religion is dogma while spirituality is seeking. Religion makes you into a carbon copy whereas spirituality makes you into a LIVING ORIGINAL – an AB-ORIGINAL (From/Our-of the Origin !).

The religious mind is always trying to understand what others have said and understood before them ; the messengers, the “idols”, the “gurus”, the “better-ones”, the GATEKEEPER whereas the spiritual mind is always seeking to find that which NOBODY has ever found and understood before – That which the gurus/messengers/idols did NOT understand:

You idiots want to understand what Einstein understood whereas I wanted to understand what Einstein did NOT understand !
You idiots want to understand what “Da Jesus” understood whereas I wanted to find that what the Jesus did NOT understand !
You always want to understand that which Shiva knew, whereas I’ve always interested in that which Shiva did not see and know !

You always want to understand what your idol/guru/messenger knew whereas I always wanted to find out that which these PSEUDO-MESSENGERS did not understand.

And that is the reason why I – and NOBODY of YOU – have found the missing key to this Living Reality here – The True Motion of Earth and its Axis and with it THE KEY to a TRUE COSMOLOGY of this Living Reality.

And trust me: You, ridiculous, silly, pathetic patriots, YOU will go down on your knees and will learn your lesson – l like it or not – YES, YOU WILL SWALLOW – You will swallow THE TRUTH – A’HO !

Going From Binary Perception To Trinary Perception

Binary Perception ->

Sees Reality and everything in terms of ‘The Known’ and ‘The Unknown’.

There are plenty of examples of this kind of frame of perception in our history and today’s world:

Black-White, Life-Death, Good-Evil, Male-Female, Shiva-Shakti, Sacred-Profane, Ying-Yang, TONAL-NAGUAL, Physical-Nonphysical, Me-The Other, Known-Unknown, Catholic vs Protestant vs Orthodox vs Another Orthodox vs Sunni Islam vs Shia Islam vs Alevits vs Kurdish Alevits vs Jews vs Orthodox Jews vs Zionists vs so-called Paganism vs Idolatry vs Nihilism vs Atheism, ‘The All That Is’-‘The All Which Is Not’ and so on and so on (See SCHISMO-GENESIS !), etc.

While this view and perception has of course it’s merits, benefits and advantages, the simple truth is:

That is NOT the actual Truth about The Living Reality !

It’s just a stepping stone, so to speak.


Sees everything and Reality in terms of ‘The Known’, ‘The Unknown’ and ‘The UNKNOWABLE/UNPERCEIVABLE’.

That’s the actual Truth about how this Living Reality is organising it’s BIOS-Operating-System of Perception.

To give you an idea about the scales and dimensions we are talking here:

The Known -> approx. 1%

The Unknown -> approx. 10%

The Unknowable -> approx. 89%

Now, here comes the Real-World Kicker:

The entity that you – respectively your current official religions – are calling ‘God’ is sitting and trying to get a hold on to the Gateway/Border between The Known and The Unknown !

This entity is NOT The Unknown, not at all, but tries to install itself as Gatekeeper between The Known – a mere 1% of The All That Is – and the wider Space of The Unknown – a mere 9% more of The All That Is.

So, to say it bluntly:

This so-called ‘God’ is operating on a basis of Knowledge of All That IS which is as great as approx. 1,38048058215 % !

Think about it !

🌹Disclaimer: Please, rest assured that nobody HAS to agree to anything that I say – We are NOT dishing out ‘new dogmas’, YOU are All as Free as You Wish & Perform.

I’m just speaking my mind and my heart and my truth with the intention of getting an honest, frank and open discussion going – worldwide – Not more , Not less.🌹

Hello Darkness, my Od Friend

Frankly, I’m feeling like being ‘The Art Garfunkel for Mankind’ by showing you what you (still) can not SEE yet):

‘The True Motion of Earth and its Axis’ and with it the True Inter-connectivity and actual geometrical (Geometry in Motion) entanglement between our Living Earth-System and the wider and greater LIVING COSMOS around and thus correcting not only centuries of FUNDAMENTAL scientific errors but also millennia of mankind’s misunderstood working with ALL the different known calendars !

Calendars were never meant to be devices for ‘Time-Keeping’ per se but are TOOLS for NAVIGATION (And MORE) !

Just call me DARKNESS !

Abu Axis Mundi – The Father of The Earth-Axis

The Secret & Dance of Our Planet Earth – The True Motion of Earth and Its Axis…/the-dance-of-earth…/

PS: …….oh and , Yes, sure:

You are welcome; it was a pleasure to have been able to render to you the ‘service’ of Being Your Eyes, my Dear Mankind – an honor and a pleasure !

Anyway, I think I’m done now, am I not ?

The SPACE is open & alive – The Beautiful Path for Mankind and it’s Freedom Forward gets clearer now day by day, so I’d say it’s all up to you now, my Dear Mankind, whether you are sincere and willing and integer and courageous enough to eventually start living and organising your/our entire Life On Earth and the Community of Mankind within Truth, Freedom, Integrity, Equally Guaranteed Sovereignty and Peace or not – The Choice is now fully Yours !

The rest is now in YOUR own hands ……

Stefan Out !”

“If you see The Buddha – Kill the Buddha !” 🎺#QuoteGautamaSiddarthaTheBuddha

“The transition from Judaism to Christianity was feasible because their mainly similar factions interweave almost seamlessly—along with purposeful division—due to a greater agenda. Theories about an Apocalypse and a New Earth are key topics for our current time, and real-world politics play a prevalent role toward a one world order ‘under God.’ ” #QuoteTheresaTalea 🌹

I Have Become Old – With Only One Song, I have Become Old

My Love,
One day we’ll see each other.
I have become old –
With only One Song.
I have become old.
My hair’s turning grey.
My eyes are getting tired.

My Love,
In the beautiful mountains,
Can You take me there ?
My Love, My Love;
One day, where the rivers are.
I want to be there.
My Love,
One day again ….
My Love
Can You wait for me ?
My Love,
Can You wait for me ?

I Am Stefan – Of The Sattler Family (->Saddler)

“A good name is something that will always belong to your descendants, to future generations. It will always be part of their lives, going from one generation to another, helping them and making them stronger than the money or property they might inherit can make them.” #QuoteVladimirVladimirowitschPutin

“The right of a living man to use his Family Name as a Trademark to conduct business in International Trade goes back to the Stone Age. That’s his Lawful Person, the way he identifies his business in International Trade. Such use of his own Good Name does not make him the property of a government organization, a subject of a Queen, nor a US CORPORATION. ” #QuoteAnnaVonReitz
(And neither of any shady religious and/or pseudo-religious organisation and/or entity and its agents !)

I Am Stefan , The Saddler – Abu Axis Mundi – The Father of The Earth-Axis


Poets, it’s said, are shamans of words. True shamans are poets of consciousness. #QuoteRobertMoss

“Firmly I pledge My Loyalty to Thee Land & Thee People(s) of My Forefathers & to Earth & to Life Itself & Mankind – I AM The Light of Rome – I AM Europe – I Am Rome ; The Real, Free, Wise, Sovereign, Well-Intended, Integer, Honorable and Peaceful Rome/Europe of The People; A Rome/Europe which is peaceful within AND without – A Rome/Europe which is Friend To The World – A Rome/Europe of Truth – A Rome/Europe WITHOUT LIES (Sic !) !

I Am The Light of Rome – I Am Rex Sacrorum – I Am The Dragon Blade – I Am Abu Axis Mundi – I Am Ab-Original – I Am Europe – I Am The Father of The Earth-Axis !”

Firmly I pledge
my loyalty to thee
Land of my Forefathers
forever brimming with glory

A land of beauty
home of the courageous
Our Eternal Rome
the might of enemy ships

Threatens us in vain
it is a hopeless quest
Turn away from deceit
and sweet delusions

For the trumpets of War
will call our Legions soon
And across the fatherland
a victory song will ring

And across the fatherland
our song will resonate
A time of joy and pride
for Eternal Rome


Firme nunc me spondeo,
Fidelis tibi maneo,
Bella priorum cara patria,
Nunc et semper florens gloria,

Pulchras terrae patriae!
Fortes terrae pro homines,
Romae noster aeterne,
Vis cavire domum navium,

Frusta ipsa impetur,
Sunt sine spe!
Domus dulces portula,
Fraudi ob sat,

Tubae militaris vox,
Legiones procat mox!
Et in tota patria,
Cantus victoriae resonat,

Et in tota patria,
Cantus nostrae resonat,
Tempus est in gaudium,
Superbiae Roma aeterna…

Rex Sacrorum

The Secret & Dance of Our Planet Earth – The True Motion of Earth and Its Axis

“All your armies, all your fighters;
All your tanks and all your soldiers
Against a Boy holding a stone.
Standing there, all alone !
In his eyes, I see The Sun
In his smile, I see The Moon
And I wonder, who is weak and who is strong?
Who is right and who is wrong ?
And I wish – I only wish
That The TRUTH has a tongue !”

All your armies

The Secret & Dance of Our Planet Earth – The True Motion of Earth and Its Axis


Sattler’s (The Saddler) Law of Planetary Mechanics – We are Cosmic Gardeners -TasUrInChi(s) – Embodiment of Life Itself

We are Homo Spiritus CosmoLogicus Vitalis @AxisMundi !

Keepers of The Flame(s) of Life Itself, Keepers of The Blue Flame, Keepers of The Violet Flame, Guardians of The Hall and The Sphere of Amenti – The True Actual Hall and Sphere !

If you want the garden – Earth and beyond and within – to bloom, you have to take care the physical, mental, legal & lawful and spiritual health and well-being of the gardener – us, the human being, mankind, The Blooming Inside !

Sincerely yours,
Stefan – The Saddler

Merging The Two Rings of Power

There are Two Rings – Two Rings of Force.

YOU are made of TWO Rings of Power. Man (and Woman, too, for sure) is made of Two Rings – The Two Rings of Power.

It’s also called The “Two Attentions” – The “First Attention” and the so-called “Second Attention”.

When one has mastered the First Attention as well as the Second Attention the merging of The Two Rings of Power/The Two Attentions is taking place:

Will and Intent have become ONE now:

Two Rings are merging and thus a Third Ring is born – The Third Attention .

Translate that to:

Riding through Life Itself on The Wings of Infinity –

A’HO !

I Do Not Have A Guru

If I would wanted to have a Guru, it would be him, Beloved Jiddu Krishnamurti …. which is anyway a very funny and even paradox thing to just say because the Core of His ( And Mine, TOO !) Message is:


…while the latter part is the even more important part than the first one of this affirmation.

A Beautiful Living Man He Is !

In a nutshell:
He was raised by people around Annie Besant, the (IN-) famous Helena Blavatsky and the likes ( The Theosophical Society) who founded The Order Of The Star Of The East extra for him to become the New World-Teacher, the new Messiah and he was raised and educated especially for that (together with his brother who, if I remember it correct, was originally being planned to do the job but unfortunately died early in his life, so that Jiddu had to be chosen to do the job) .

So, when he reached age 33 ( Sic !) and all was set up for him to be introduced as The Guru and THE Head of The Order all he said was like:
‘I love you, Mankind & People and I will be always there for you and talk and share and travel the whole world and such BUT I will NOT BE your Guru, I refuse to be that because it is WRONG and COUNTER-PRODUCTIVE to true spiritual growth and full enlightenment, realization and Freedom and to be a Fully Sovereign Being and I hereby perform the only action as Head of The Order and DISSOLVE THIS ORDER NOW !

That’s All !’

And that he did and lived his life accordingly and touched the lives of hundreds of millions of people !

You see, that’s why He WOULD be my Guru :
Because he refused the offer and understood that this is exactly the wrong thing to do and rejected against all the efforts by NOT-WELL-MEANING entities (and people) to get him to fill this position in order for a greater NEGATIV Agenda to be played out.

But he gave them THE STORNO – FULL STOP – He gave them THE FINGER !

He did the Greatest Deed a Human Being can do in The World of Mankind:
He refused to be The Ultimate Boss !

You probably won’t find even a handful (Literally a handful – meaning Five !) of people of his Format right now here on Earth; sadly so !

PS: …..oh and what he did with this Order of The Star of The East, well, I AM DOING THE SAME THING WITH THE VATICAN/Roman Curiae/Papacy/Holy See/UNIVERSAL CATHOLIC CHURCH and All the degenerated derivatives thereof – A’HO !

Grandpa – Coat of Arms of The Sattler Family

A Mountain-Man ; like me …. and a handsome Man, like…….. lol !

…..and so much more he was and was gifted with !

Even greater than his engineering-academic-scientific-technical genius was his integrity …’s still amazing when I meet strangers who have known him often many decades ago and the moment they hear his name – Konrad Sattler – everybody reacts with the same deep respect and high esteem and they start telling stories about him and where he helped other people and his students and assistants and got this going and got that going …

And for us grand-children: The Greatest Storyteller ever – he was FANTASTIC !

“The right of a living man to use his Family Name as a Trademark to conduct business in International Trade goes back to the Stone Age.That’s his Lawful Person, the way he identifies his business in International Trade. Such use of his own Good Name does not make him the property of a government organization, a subject of a Queen, nor a US CORPORATION. “#QuoteAnnaVonReitz

Nor any Religious or similar organisation or shady or/and hidden or “obscure theological” structure !

The Magic Trick To Enslave People without Them Even Recognizing It

“CAVEAT To The ‘NATIVES’ – Don’t Fall For It AGAIN – Don’t Be Idiots And Freely Enslave Your People – AGAIN !!!

So, Person/Entity/State/Organisation/VATICAN A is going to Person B and says something along the lines of :

‘I/We give you Full Sovereignty and Freedom and God-given Rights and Independence and Ownership and Rule of Yourself and Full Free Reign and give you full ownership of your Land and Soil and Resources and whatnot kind of beautiful and freedom-enhancing Yadda Yadda Yadda and we can make a huge Ceremony and Treaty and write it all down in some nice and fancy documents and certificates and records with all the nice and fancy Bla Bla and all the “High Level” signatures and Coat of Arms and Emblems and whatnot !
Isn’t that wonderful ?
We now have recognized that we should have done that all long before and right from the start but now we have come to our senses and have wised up and now we are finally behaving “good” and we are doing what is right and give you ALL The Independence rights that you deserve as “Children of God” !
Isn’t that nice from us? Do you see, now we are finally “good people” and we do the right thing and give you all these rights !

Do you accept ?

So, please then come along and sign here on the bottom of the treaty !’

Now, The Person B (The “American Natives” in the case above mentioned) thinks:
‘Oh, great finally they have come to their senses and now they have finally recognized us as “equal in rights” and eventually they are now doing the right thing.

Where do I have to sign to finally seal this agreement/treaty and then ALL WILL BE GOOD !’

So, The Person B ( The Chiefs) are signing and celebrating …….


Well, what has REALLY happened ?

They again haven’t understood the “fine-print” of the treaty.
Or to say it precisely: Don’t look for any hidden actual fine and small print or secret clause in the treaty on this paper but understand:

The Fine-Print in this treaty is that person B has accepted – before any negotiation and writing down of the actual terms of the treaty – that Person A is in the position to give/grant you any such rights/independence/sovereignty in the first place !!!

You see, if you are accepting person A or me or any other person or entity to be in that HIGHER and MORE POWERFUL and AUTHORITY-Position to grant you any such rights, you will have accepted that he is in the position to have rights OVER YOU.

And thus you – without recognizing and realizing it at all – you accepted that this person/entity is as well in the higher position to WITHDRAW (or change or diminish or twist or rewrite) these rights , too when it fits and pleases him !!!!

Rights is NOTHING that anybody – not any human and NOT any Non-Human entity can give you !

One has to REALISE that one already has all the rights needed to pursue a FREE , independent and sovereign Life and then live and perform according to that Basic Fact of Life Itself !

Rights – same as FREEDOM, same as pissing, same as marrying, same as making love, same as eating – is Nothing one can give or do for you.

In German we say : Freedom is a “Hol-Schuld” – meaning an “Obligation one has to perform for Oneself” !

And now here comes the REAL-WORLD-KICKER:

That’s the position the Vatican has quietly and fraudulently and criminally and sinfully assumed in full knowledge of the Bad Faith and Gross Breach of Trust and The Evil and immense suffering of such Cosmic Unlawful deeds !

I hereby declare the Vatican/Holy See/Papacy/Roman Curiae/Universal Catholic Church as DISSOLVED and NULL and VOID and LIQUIDATED from right now because they have CONSCIOUSLY VIOLATED that most basic Law of All Law in The Entire Cosmos !

So Said, So Signed and So Sealed – A’HO !


Stefan, The Saddler – Abu Axis Mundi – The Father of The Earth-Axis”

The Inter-Galactic Didgeridoo aka The Diamond Rainbow Bridge

“….. but they also always said in this Ancient Culture, that people who are on The Spiritual Path need not go to the Temple; because they are on Self-Charging mechanism !”


We are BRIDGE-BUILDERS – A Family of Bridge-Builders – Building Bridges of various kinds


I like that sentence ! Steven Spielberg said it as well , at the end scene of the movie “Ready Player One” when the protagonist finishes the quest and won all three keys in the Race for winning “The Oasis” (Kind of the Metaverse) and getting the “Easter-Egg” (the prize and control over the Oasis aka THE MATRIX) ………. nice movie

“I’m not crazy about reality, but it’s still the only place to get a decent meal.”
Groucho Marx

PS: And yes, You can call me PLAYER ONE of THE REAL WORLD – My discovery of The True Motion of Earth and its Axis IS THE KEY to Freedom for MANKIND …… !

YES, I got THE KEY – that NOBODY has but EVERYBODY has been looking for – I AM THE KEYHOLDER !

Ready Player One


The End – The Beginning – of the Time after Time

The End – The Beginning – of the Time after Time

Whether you are aware of it or not, there is a purpose in and for mankind’s existence in this cosmos.
From the days of mankind’s conception we have been on a quest for answering a certain question:

Is Existence/Cosmos/Life/Time/God cyclical or not ?

We always knew, that the answer is 42 – programming-Unicode for : ‘As you wish’- but we have never been able to formulate the correct question of Life,Universe and Everything else.

So, the question is, if Existence/Life/Time/God is cyclical or not and to answer this you have to differentiate between cyclcal in a quantitative or qualitative way ?!

In a quantitative sense it is indeed cyclical whereas in a qualitative sense it is not !

That’s all the fuss about it !

Oh and btw. this is the only way out of this unnatural and distorted Wheel-of-Reinkarnations-mechanism currently; at least until now, here on Earth !

So, now we are able to understand , why the answer is 42 -> ‘As you wish’ :
It is Your choice to perceive and live life/cosmos/existence/god/time as a quanta, a thing ,in a quantitative way or as a quality, a fragrance, a Living Song in its own full and complete authority & sovereignty & aliveness.
Your answer depends on your choice, on the point of view (and action) you are taking, what kind of indentification you live:

Do you identify everyhting and thus yourself too as quanta, a thing, a certain measured amount of numbers,sizes,durations and things or do you identify everything and thus yourself too in an unmeasurable qualitative,living and all-inclusive way ?

I have decided myself long ago and live according to it:

I’m Not a thing, I am a quality, I am Life Itself !

What about you ?


Think of it this way :
All the so-called sins , they all need one particular sin as kind of a prerequest. This is like the Cardinal Sin of all, for without that one the other sins wouldn’t be committed.

That’s the Lie ! (And Deception)

Without the option of lying, either to oneself or others, the other sins wouldn’t work out !

At least 99% of it which is fairly a great percentage.

So, let’s get rid of The Cultural Acceptance of Lying of us,the current mankind and we’ll see unbelievable changes – for the better – sweeping around the Earth in no time !

And just in case you don’t know this for yourself already :

The lie is like an infection , it works it’s way both ways , outside And inside. We always tend to think that we are able to control the distortion of reality/ the lie, meaning we will be able to keep track of where we lied to others and where not and we will keep the record straight within us.

Well, you see me laughing because that is a proven hypocrisy – the moment you lie to the outside/other , that infection is there within you and if not taken care properly , yes, it’ll behave like cancer!

You/we all know the rest of the story !

But the good thing is: now, we know where the responsibility and healing lies and thus are enabled to work out our way.

Let’s do it !


The Hammer of The Intergalactic Didgeridoo – The True Motion of Earth and its Axis

And that’s the view outside my kitchen window:

In the yellow building to the left, “Schloss Buechsenhausen – The Castle of the Gunsmith/Canon-builder”, over 400 years ago the book titled ,’The Hammer of the Witches’, was written. I guess, the monk’s name was Kramer,if I remember it correctly.That book was used as the bases for the In-Famous Inquisition !

Another important historical developement in this castle was the invention of a new kind of melting and performing metals , resulting in a new and far better kind of canons – the so-called Loeffler- and later Dreyling-Snakes – in the 16th/17th century , which have been ‘acquired’ by the British/Queen/Crown and combined with their new kind of building ships gave rise to what is known as the infamous British Empire, because they were now able to go rough and pirating all over the world – unrivaled !

On the far right in the background you can see the Olympic ski-jumping place and to the right of it there is a small forest and a meadow, that meadow is called “Ursulinenwiese – The meadow of the nuns of Ursula”- that is the place where a certain Douglas Adams was sitting in the late 70’s or 80’s enjoying the beautiful panorama over Innsbruck and suddenly got struck by the idea of writing “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” !

I guess many of you are familiar with the books/movies.

And sure, there have been written a lot more important books/studies in Innsbruck throughout history:

Fritjof Capra’s ‘Tao of Physics’ and ‘Wendezeit/Paradigmeshift’ for example.

So this is the very place – in a 450 year old house – where I wrote from December 2015 to march 2016 my own script:

The Hammer of The Intergalactic Didgeridoo – The True Motion of Earth and its Axis.

You see, we are all part of history – our (hi) story !


You see, the hard-knocking truth is :

It makes absolutely No difference, if you believe in a god or not as long as you do not have the appropriate tools activated within yourself ,develop and fine-tune them and then actually bring them to use to try everything to verify/falsify/experience that belief !

You just believe something which you have heard – but it has no truth within you as long as you have not experienced that actual truth within yourself.
You see, even a truth that is indeed a truth is useless for someone who can’t verify/falsify/experience it for him- or herself, do you get this thought ?

It’s worthless; and many have already speculated that maybe not only useless but in fact counter-productive to Life Itself !

Not the people/holders of a belief but the belief is worthless !

We are talking ideas/truths & facts and are not in the business of trying to insult/slander/harm or talk down to people !


You know,the most crazy thing in these years was:

They’ve called it The Storm but had absolutely no idea what was happening and hitting them and why it was happening to them and who the hack was blowing this damned Trumpet up their asses.

It was really bizarre.

Although I was running around for over (now) 7 years screaming like a mad dog,

Master of Spam, making everybody mad and ‘terrorizing’ all – really all the Movers and Shakers of their world – world-institutions of worldly and non-worldly ‘powers’ – but nothing !

They all were not able to see what was shown in front of their very own eyes; for they instinctively felt and feared that all they ever thought and believed to be true about The Reality of Life Itself would be questioned and eventually collapsing.

Which, for sure, indeed was and is correct !

Bizarre – trust me, that was one of the most bizarre experiences to ever make – bizarre, truly bizarre !


Ciudad Perdida (Lost City) ruins in Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia.

Ciudad Perdida (Lost City) ruins in Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia.

The one thing nearly all of you have done wrong and still are doing wrong when it comes to Religion – especially the Book-religions – Spirituality,Cosmology,Creation,Philosophical Meaning of Life & Death, Ethics & Morality , etc. is that you have it the wrong (opposite) way around:

You start with a belief and then try to search for what you believe in in this so-called Living Reality – but instead Life Itself works the other way around :

You First realize and face the fact that you do Not know a thing for sure about The Living Reality and then feel the longing to know and to seek for this Living Reality and explore its deepest dimensions to the fullest for yourself.

And then – for sure – you can explore and look into whatever books, traditions, technics, konwledge, teachings, secret teachings, etc. and see for yourself, if there are helpful additional hints about Reality and your further way of proceeding through Life or nor, if you like.

Do you see the difference ?

The first one makes you see everywhere only your belief and thus is Fiction and will lead to Insanity and slavery, while the other one makes you explore everything and will lead you further and further towards the essence of Life Itself, wisdom, integrity and thus Freedom, Liberation or whatever word you like to use for this Forward-Projecting-Life-Force-Intention !


And just in case no one ever told you:

That what we call consciousness and what we call Life – the essence of Life Itself, the life-force, life-energy in itself – is The Same !

And we mean exactly the same, not similar, not identical but The Same !

If you want to differentiate between these two descriptions/perceptions of the same , maybe we could say:
The point of observation and thus the direction (The origin-intent-projection-vector ?) is just the opposite.
The one is from inside-out – perceived/experiencing as consciousness – and the other from outside-in – experienced/observed as life-force.

But in essence it’s the same , so we started many, many millennia ago seeking out our human abilities to (re- ?) learn to translate the one into the other.


Circular Breathing/Open Breathing System

My beloved sacred Didgeridoos !

That’s how I (re-) discovered ‘The True Motion of Earth and its Axis’.

It has something to do with the musical patterns I use while playing; That’s why I am very much acustomed to spinning dancing ‘balls’ dancing in certain rythmical patterns. So, after 25 years doing this very passionately , I am kind of feeling at home with these planetary moves within moves with different angles and spins and retro and so forth; funny, isn’t it ?

Life is a crazy thing,he ?

Haven’t I told you that I am a Master of The Didgeridoo ?
Damn, I could swear, I did !


Masters penetrate – and know who is bluffing !

Oh and some of you are wondering, whether I do claim to be the christ/messiah/seeker/one/’new-holy-whatsoever-shit’ or maybe the ANTI-christ and all that story behind.

Hm; well, in a way , I am both, that’s the clue. But in real, actual Reality , I am absolutely None of them and have and do Not want to have anything to do with these so-called Entity-Groups (!)

I am – as I always said – stefan, the guy with The Earth-Axis giving you the ‘role’ of :

TasUrInChi – The Storyteller.

Not more , not less !

Yes, it’s true: I played with these characters in my story as well, but not to truly be one of them characters but to dissolve & collapse that stupid-and-primitive-kind-of-dualistic-story-telling and the myriad derivatives of this narrative !

Remember: I’m a storyteller and I can’t stand poor storytelling !

Sorry, I’m too much in love with Life Itself and Mankind, to allow it to happpen that a story , as primitive and crude, non-groovy, sad & ridiculous and without any wisdom & real ‘divine’/sacred sweetness, sense, meaning and purpose as this ridiculous kiddie’s fear-porn is running the fate of Mankind & Earth & and more !

Sorry, not on my watch !

And , today, I am not alone anymore – trust me, we are already Legions !


How do you recognize the one who is fulfilling The Prophecy of Mankind ?

He is the only one who can truly say:

“All these prophecies are false – not fully, absolutely and entirely correct !”

Because he is the only one for whome this is really true: for him these prophecies are false because he knows it was him and not the prophecy for he did it himself – but for the others the prophecies are fulfilled.

It was his free choice and intention and exactly that was what The Force was actually waiting for, because The Force/Life Itself is longing to do Teamwork with us human beings and not using us forcefully for it’s whatever pseudo-well-meaning agendas.

That’s not the way Life Itself is and operates; your evil, stupid self-proclaimed rulers think and are like this but not The Force !

You can say , the destruction of the prophecy is the fulfillment of this prophecy !

It’s a little like the question:

When everybody is laughing ,who is the only one crying ?

It’s the Jester/Fool himself, for out of his own tears & suffering he has created the ability to make the others laugh and joyful.

The Art of Entanglement, Dis-Entanglement and Non-Entanglement

If Math is the language of the Cosmos/God/Nature/Life Itself


And Geometry is its Grammar


Then Groove & Flow & Love & Truth & Rythm & Rhyme & Beauty & Freedom is what makes God’s story sing and live !


The Collapsing of The Whole False Narrative

The Fascist and the Anti-Fascist is the same kind of man – as is the entity presenting itself as The God the same as the one presenting itself as The Devil – which helps you to overstand that the socalled The Christ is the same as the socalled The Anti-Christ.

The right wing and the left wing belong to the same bird !
The good cop and the bad cop !
The right hand and the left hand of The Demiurg !

Both sides always need each other for their own ‘existence to be’; thus they are trapped in this vicious cycle !

I am not – and I am not connected to – neither of these Dudes – my loyality is to Mankind, Earth and most of all: Life Itself !

The Theist and the A-Theist are sitting in the same boat , they both believe something that they do not know !


DISCLAIMER : I am not a Nazi, I do not like this Adolf-Hitler-guy, I am not proud of this certain part of German history. I don’t dream of a dominating Germany and I do not believe in racial/genetic/religious/cultural superiority/inferiority.

I’m not even politically right, national or even conservative; but as well not Communist, Socialist,
Antifascist – and sure enough not Neoliberal.

I am just me:
Stefan, The Guy with The Earth-Axis – That’s all


Breakthrough Into Freedom – I Am The Re-Birth Of Europe

The Spiritual,  Cultural, Civilizational, Scientific and over-all-human-empathy-and-truth-rooted Re-Birth of Europe and its People – A’HO !”


I’m calling my people – Mankind

We are Indigenous (Born-In) – Ab-Originals (From the Beginning) – in short: Man (And Woman !) and together we are forming the Movement of Becoming and Freeing of Life Itself, which is standing up against all Positive Law !

(Positive Law means : Everything is forbidden – except it is explicitly allowed by Law. – That’s the wrong way around !
It’s about the “Geometry of Law”: Positive Law is inverted “Negativistic Law”: The one says; ‘All is forbidden except it is allowed explicitly’, the other says ‘Everything is allowed , except it is explicitly forbidden ‘ ! The one works with DOGMAS the other one with TABOOS . One is healthy law and one is toxic law ! One is Law of Life and One is Law of Death !)

We’ve pulled out the trunk in our eyes and with the flame of benevolence,insight and determination
made a torch of wisdom out of it, which shall shine for the benefit and well-being of all truly willing participants in that – our – Living Dream.

We are Warriors !
We are Knowledge-Seekers, Shamans, Magicians, Sorcerers !

We are Seers and Seeress – and our intention was born and has grown out of the depth of Inner Silence and Integrity.

Led by the Purity and The Force itself we have been granted to See – to see, that we all have been already connected and interwoven in this eternal, free, living dream that we share all the ‘time’.

One can now accept this invitation to Life Itself full of joy – or can go on trying to defy for an eternity,just to find out in the end,that one will not have been living at all, not have been coming home as Stardust but Space-dust – meaning not at all – complete failure!

Meaning never ever has been truly alive,never has been a True Being !

Not just forgotten and eradicated from the whole cosmos; No – but thrown by Life Itself into the
Never-Has-Been – completely useless in the eyes of Life Itself !

We are the last ones of a generation of men and women ,who collectively have been entrusted to be the Heart and the Guardians of our people(s) – and Earth.

Brothers and Sisters

It is the hour of Dignity – the hour “To Be”.
It is the hour to observe carefully – to observe Ourself/Ourselves.
Without shame and without fear.
It is the hour of fighting.

Open your heart,warrior and female warrior

Prepare your feet,given to you

Open your eyes and your ears, be alert and attentive,
Become now our word.

Now,you are not only you anymore,now you are We !

Go now ! Go through the countries of the Others,

Go and speak –
Take now our face.
Take now our voice.
Go with our sight and vision.

Make yourself to become our ears,for listening to the Others.

You won’t be only you anymore, now you are We.

Come down from the mountains and search for the color of the earth in this world.

You won’t be only you anymore, now you are We.


The Secret of Planet Earth – The True Motion of Earth and its Axis


Sattler’s (The Saddler) Law of Planetary Mechanics – We are Cosmic Gardeners -TasUrInChi(s) – Embodiment of Life Itself

We are Homo Spiritus CosmoLogicus Vitalis @AxisMundi

Cosmic Gardeners !

And Keepers and Guardians of:

The Scepter and The Orb/The Globus Cruciger/Der Reichsapfel – The Secret of Planet Earth – The True Motion of Earth and its Axis

Keepers of The Flame(s) of Life Itself, Keepers of The Blue Flame, Keepers of The Violet Flame, Guardians of The Hall and The Sphere of Amenti – The True Actual Hall and Sphere !

If you want the garden – Earth and beyond and within – to bloom, you have to take care the physical, mental, legal & lawful and spiritual health and well-being of the gardener – us, the human being, mankind, The Blooming Inside !

Sincerely yours,

Stefan – The Saddler

Innsbruck, 16th of march 2015 — The Ides of March

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen -Friends – Romans – Citizens

Check mate, dear Caesar ! Russia offers Germany a Peace-Treaty

Two brotherly peoples make peace – for the benefit and joy of the whole world.

I guess , you all are familiar with these Grand-Chessboard-Analogies – The Heartland-theory and all these geopolitical implications: Mackinder/ Brzezinski/ Kissinger/etc.- STRATFOR (Strategic Forecasting Inc.) George Friedman etc. – have you heard his speech, recently ?

No more questions ?

No? Right!

So, let’s play Chess:

If Russia and Germany are playing together, that just can mean one thing :

Check mate for the Empire – The Octopus – The Cancer of Mankind- The Cabal !

So, let’s get this done : Here is the solution for our current human geopolitical dilemma.

  1. STEP :

Russia offers Germany – in accordance with their international partners – a peace treaty; Germany & The German People accept full of gratitude and brotherly ambitions.

So we will make peace – after 70 years (Sic!)- including all the very important legal (geo-)political, cultural and economical consequences.

The whole world will witness the Grace, Integrity and Wisdom of the Russian Soul, Heart and Mind.

That peace – and freedom – will enable World-Peace; and that’s it already !

The rest will be easy, like Domino, almost going smooth by itself.

2.Step :

All of a sudden 80 million Germans will become aware of still being an occupied country:

No peace-treaty, no freedom, no sovereign country. Same-same but different in many countries around the globe !
That Awakening can’t be stopped any more.

3.STEP :

Now it has to be discussed : What is Germany ? Is it BRD (Federal Republic of Germany) ? Is it Germany ? Or is it still some -kind of undeclared -leftover of the 3. Reich ?

Or is it only a Company registered under Admiralty Law ?

And what are the legal/lawful differences of these constructs ?
These questions Have to be answered, because you can’t make a peace-treaty without exactly knowing about the true legal/lawful status of the signatories.

Grundgesetz ? Constitution ? Allied contracts ? Chancellor-file ?

We will review the history of the whole 20th century – but very Important : We do not want to repeat , blame any guilt or even try start it all over again; No, definitely not !

What we want is to dis-entangle our own history for real healing will be possible – Everybody – for we will be able to finally close and heal these wounds.

  1. STEP :

France and others will start to ponder following the Russian example, because they as well might be totally fed up with that “Hyper-inflation-and-war-exporting Indispensable Empire”.

Consequences for the EU – European Union ?

  1. STEP :

Now the whole NATO-idea will come into question – what is it still good for at all ?
When Germany and Russia ( and maybe then soon other Eurasian/European/Asian/etc./Nations) will make peace – what use for an aggressive, bullying, deceiving, warmongering entity like NATO ?

So ,soon many brotherly Peoples all over the world will start to encourage this idea, because they as well want to live in peace, freedom and friendship – as Equals among Equals – Friends !

All allied troops are immediately leaving Germany.
No 30 Billions each year of our money – for being imprisoned/enslaved and pay for it by ourselves ?

No Longer !

NATO – Operations “GLADIO” plan A, plan B, plan C ?

Terrorizing the own population ?

No Longer !

Disclosure !

  1. STEP :

The so-called Ukraine conflict will be brought to an immediate stop !
The filthy web of lies, deception, mafia, warmonger, orchestrated terrorism and shameful media-campaign will be dis-entangled and dried out financially,politically and legally.
All really interested parties will start with coming up with solutions and direct help for rebuilding the country, infrastructure and Faith/Culture – in a true altruistic way !

  1. STEP :

Re-evaluating of our world history :

How did we come to WW1 , and how to WW2 ?

Rheinwiesen – Millions of Germans died After The War ?!

20 million dead Russians !

What was going on in Breton Woods with “Assistant Secretary of the treasury” – Co-worker there , the Boss behind the official head – Henry Dexter White changing/betraying the contract at Midnight from “Gold” to “Gold Or Dollar” and through that opened the door for a lot of grieve,crime and suffering ?

Finding and discussing cultural similarities like the Russian “Weden” with Indian “Vedic Scriptures”; in language between Russian language and “Old High German”.

Where did these concepts of Communism and National Socialism came from,who’s interest was it, who did finance/nurture these movements,etc.

Who benefited ?
Cui Bono ?

  1. STEP :

World finance system ! AIIB is gaining speed – Chinese SWIFT-system in the making..
What do we do with the IMF, World Bank ?

I guess there is no use for them in a peaceful world – at least not the way they are still behaving with their ridiculous ‘Washington Consensus’ – Done with it !

What a cruel and evil, ridiculous joke they are/were !

Which brings us to the UN – hm, is their any use – any good – in keeping this fraudulent, crooked institution in it’s current shape ?

So we will discuss openly about money – what is money,what should it be like in a fair world and how can we ensure a ‘system of money-creation’ which truly serves the people’s interest; and not some bankers and elitist friends!

Do we have a Money-system or a Credit-system ? Or a useless bastard out of both ?
What about central-banks ? Rating agencies ?

Interest and compounded interest ? BIS ? (Bank of International Settlement)
SDR (special drawing rights ) ?

  1. STEP :

Peace-treaty for Korea !

The whole Korean and especially Japanese history will be reviewed !
Not to judge or blame on the Japanese – no, like i said before : for healing our historical wounds.
Yamashita’s Gold – The Golden Lilly – Black Eagle Trust – nearly all of the post-war Japanese political history is corrupted by forces never talked about in the media.

War-deeds of Japan throughout the first part of the 20th century !

Up to 3/11 – Fukushima/Tsunami – and 9/11 – Project Hammer !

Btw: where is all the gold, precious metals, gems and jewelry ?

Want to know more about for example : There is approximately 100 times the amount of gold on this planet than we ALL have ever been told; stored in the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Paraguay, Switzerland, etc. – well, go ask Neil – Neil Keenan, he’ll tell you.

  1. STEP :

We will go back to review our language:
What is Democracy, a Republic, a State, a Constitution, a Treaty, what is Law and where does it originate from ?

Citizen, person, human, humanity, mankind, Man & Woman .

What is a Rule; what means “God” ; what is Spirituality and what are Morals and Ethics ?

In short we will revitalize and rejuvenate and inspire our common human community anew.

  1. STEP :

What is “Law” and where did it come from ?

Where do all the strings of Law (-enforcement) come together ?
Yes, we will finally need to openly discuss our institutionalized Religions – most important : the Catholic Church and even more The Roman Catholic Church (Two different entities !) !

What is the meaning of the “Holy See” ? the Vatican ? And why are they the “holders” of law ?

Or at least they still believe they are.

How and why are they connected to the “Temple Bars” (Inner temple and the 3 other temples), in the City of London; to which (different branches) every lawyer, advocate and barrister is sworn in in this world ?

Codex iuris canonici – are we still ruled by these archaic traditions ?

  1. STEP :

International Consequences- for now we deconstructed the whole false, fictitious system of so-called ” western values” ( Orwell-talk for western Law/UCC/Admiralty Law).

It was all about conquering – that’s over now !

Clearing the “need for spreading our values”- there will be no more so-called NATO-/UN-peace-missions !
At least not with tanks, bombs, lies, terror-corporations, mercenary-armies for the’dirty work’,etc.
As soon as we start with this multi-polar equality between states/countries/nations – country after country, nation after nation will join us on this way to freedom for everybody – for the benefit of us All.

And there are a lot of places to clean up the violence & injustice : Sudan,Congo,West-Papua,many central american countries,Brazil should be helped; North-Korea and possibly Re-unification them; Zimbabwe has suffered enough.

You can go on write that list on your own.

Peace and Freedom, Self-Empowerment, Sovereignty for all the Slavic/Balkan states.

Yes, you have suffered a lot as well – let us heal together and help each other, this time as real and true brothers and sisters .

  1. STEP :

Now ,that we stopped wasting time/energy/resources for fighting,there will be “near endless energy” for new projects to be implemented:

A new age of technological/scientific corporation and invention will take place.
“Free” Energy,new propulsion systems,maybe finding ‘Anti-gravity”,Sonic healing methods,frequency-healing,true understanding of what is Health, what is Life, what is Consciousness, what is Energy !

There is still so much more to explore, here on earth and surely beyond and within !

And sure enough : If there is humanity living freely and happily, we will, no doubt, start to take care our nature once again – the whole fauna and flora.
It’s just a natural thing for a Free,self-empowered member of the human family to take care, pride and love in all the surrounding creation.

A completely new/old kind of spiritual Living will emerge – individually as well as collectively.

Update September 2016 :

It’s all here already – a lot other genious scientists are coming forward with sensational new developments to share with the whole of humanity.

It’s fantastic what happens right now in scientific communities, just fantastic !

  1. STEP :

Renewed friendship with our beloved English/British and American friends – we ALL know now, that we,the ordinary people, have always been used in this “Divide and Conquer-strategy” to battle each other for the benefit of a crew “of very few”- yes, now that we understood this, we can simply walk away from being slaves any longer.

It’s that simple,especially when we do it together !

So, like I said in the beginning :

The first step is all important – the rest will follow just by itself,we just have to safely ride it home.


DISCLAIMER : I am not a Nazi, I do not like this Adolf-Hitler-guy, I am not proud of this certain part of German history,I don t dream of a dominating Germany and I do not believe in racial/genetic/religious/cultural superiority/inferiority.

I’m not even politically right,national or even conservative; but as well not Communist, Socialist, Antifascist. And sure enough not Neoliberal – I am just me:

Stefan, The Guy with The Earth-Axis – That’s all


Declaration of The Lawful Dissolution (In International Law and COSMIC LAW) of The Vatican and The Holy See and The Lawful Claiming of The British King and The Sovereign Rights of The British King and Throne by the One and Only True Lawful Heir, Stefan von Ratzeburg – 23rd of February 2022 !

Translate that to: The Full Sovereignty of ALL Nations/Countries/Peoples/People is hereby immediately and fully reinstated.



English – Announcement



German – Verlautbarung



My UN-Speech – 11th of September 2019

My UN-Speech; 11th of September 2019 – How Dare You !

Here is the very simple solution for mankind’s legal & lawful & spiritual disaster :
Let’s stop declaring us/ourselves and each other literally and legally-binding as Dead Persons and thus stop treating ourselves and each other as dead things – persons – inanimate dead and unconscious slave-beings !

Lost at High Seas – died the Civilian Death/German: Der Bürgerliche Tod !

It’s that simple ; we just have to do it !

You obviously do not get it , that all my – and the same applies to all human beings – claims are not coming from any piece of paper, any contract made by people centuries ago.

Any contract I haven’t done and agreed to by myself (or based on deception and fraud!) is Null and Void; but contracts are coming from Life Itself – and that Life Itself (What most are misleadingly calling god) is Now – Present – Here !

No need to go back millennia and quote that what somebody else thought about what somebody else thinks about someone else believes about that thing called Living Reality/god.

Well, that is childish : you (and everybody else) don’t know shit about a dead man’s perspective; but that’s all you are doing :

Quoting what the forefathers thought, quoting what so-called Jesus thought , quoting what the Romans thought , quoting what the Phoenicians thought and so on.

But that’s not the way Life and Living Law works.

You see, you are interested in power vs I am interested in Authority !

You know the difference ?
Power is always granted by someone/an entity and thus can always be taken away again for it’s not genuine – whereas authority is coming from within the living,conscious being and is granted by Life Itself.

You want to organize a world/society/system under the power and rule of what you to be believe the word of god; whereas I want to create a human society of Free, Conscious, Self-Ruling living beings , who can/should/will and are allowed to experience/communicate and interact with The Force for themselves – without any intermediary :

No pope, no Jesus, no Mother Marry, no Buddha, no Muhammed and no Shiva as well –

Free, Sovereign, Self-determined !

Oh and let me give you the solution that you are searching now for many years in one sentence :

Go and change the UN-Charter and with it all the constitutions around the world , add just one sentence :
The Civilian Death (German: Bürgerliche Tod) , the legal/lawful status of Lost at High Seas doesn’t exist, doesn’t apply, doesn’t take place and never has and never will – including all the consequences !

Well, that’s exactly what the German Reich ( Not the 3. Reich ! – See Comment below for clarification; in fact The German Reich , too, had No Valid Lawful Standing !) did; and that’s the reason why we, the Germans got hit that hard by the self-proclaimed rulers of earth for the last more than 100 years, for we have been the first and until now the only people who made it into legal/judicial true freedom !

At least for a very short time; before we got hit by the world !

Oh and:
Yes, You, The Americans have been as well instrumental in hitting us and preventing us to do exactly the same that you are trying now to do for your American folks – which I certainly do appreciate !

You don’t think that you are the first one to dig up and discover all these fraudulent legal structures , do you ?

Trichaty Bridge of the River Bug in Eastern Ukraine – My Grandpa’s Construction (SKR-System); Konrad Sattler


Sovereign Rights – Die Hoheitsrechte

He, Stefan Ratzeburg, has made already English translations from his former texts/videos, so that the information can go out internationally as well.

So, im pretty sure, he himself will add the English translations publicly very soon ( Don’t care if mine, my friend s or his own – doesn’t matter !)

Well ,and finally here is the last one of videos, the most recent from 3 days ago; it’s getting very epiphany-like !

You see, now we are finding out that not only Bismarck pulled a Lincoln-Queen-Lizzy-Disraeli on the German People but the full picture starts emerging and we finally start to recognize the Big spider behind it all : The Unholy Roman Empire is rearing it s ugly head again.

You see, we know that the so-called Heilige Römische Reich Deutscher Nation was nothing else than the Old Roman Empire. Officially the Crown was seen last time in 1841 when the Austrian Emperor Franz I. (Habsburg-line) stepped down and thus officially dissolved the “Roman Empire” (for the umpteenth time).

But you see, after Bismarck restructured the Kingdom of Prussia ,killed Karl Friedrich, pressed-ganged Wilhelm I. , forced all German dukes into submission, restyled the Constitution and created the German Reich (which had no lawful standing, at least after Wilhelm I. death in 1888 and the unconstitutional enthronement of Wilhelm II.)

Eventually the Crown of The Unholy Roman Empire emerged again : A new crown was created for the Kaiser of the German Reich (which btw Wilhelm II. never put on !) , which was nothing else than the cheated , unlawful standing of the newly emerging – papacy-endorsed- Roman Empire again !

And , now , the rest up to today makes perfect sense:

The secret British and papacy-incited False Flag in Serbia killing Franz Ferdinand the Austrian(-Hungarian) Heir – I repeat:

A False Flag using the tensions down there and because of the popes wouldn’t accept the slipping away from their control via the Concordat which soon before was cancelled; something the Vatican cant accept – even if they have to go out and kill and destruct everything, these Bastards !


The spirit behind the NAZIs- clearly the evil death and destruction worshiping spirit of the Roman Empire , the Eagle, the rituals, the Fascie, the love for dogma and obedience, the strict top-down-hierarchy and the contempt for the “others” and for Life Itself in general.

All the hallmarks of the Roman Empire being the Master in the shadows behind.

Then comes Paperclip and finally the – rise to be the leader: translate that to The House-Nigga of the Empire – Washington D.C.- US under Queen/Crown-administration in the hands of – who else again ?

Right, the Pope and Vatican and Holy See , meaning Roman Empire again here, which is the still current seat to fuck up mankind – sure with their secret headquaters, called Switzerland !

Or why do you think the guards in the Vatican are Swiss Guards ?

Just coincidence, right , buddy ?

Anyway this video is in German – slides again – but not yet translated. You can do that for yourself , if interested. It’s not my job to be the translator for mankind .

I’ve done more than enough already and still have enough on my plate to do , which none else can do.

Anyways, Hugs and Greets, heads up – we’ve reached the deepest point , from now on we are rising !

Yours truly,


The translation from the video “The Legacy of Wilhelm I.”

As you might have seen – I already put my translation for you on your profile together with the German video of Stefan Ratzeburg (true heir of the sovereignty rights of the King of Prussia)

Here is another translation from a friend – he did it with the original slides, so that one can easily create a slideshow-video (as the original German ; mine was only a text file.

Translation – Unauthorized but to the best of my abilities and intentions by Stefan Sattler – from Stefan von Ratzeburg’s video:

“Das Vermächtnis Kaiser Wilhelm”


by Stefan Ratzeburg Telegram:

Slide 1:

The Prolog: November Treaties of 1870 –

By the signature of all German Dukes, forced and/or tricked via Bismarck (German chancellor and the executive Mastermind of all this treason),

the last one was Ludwig the second of Bavaria end of November 1870, all the German land came under the “superiority” of the Prussian King and thus, Wilhelm the first.

Slide 2:(0:33)

Wilhelm I. is now not only King of Prussia but “King of The Dukes”.

As mentioned, Bismarck is the one who brought them/The Dukes in such position that they HAD to accept Wilhelm as “FIRST among EQUALS”.

Slide 3: (0:50)

Now, Wilhelm I. is in a difficult position , too :

Now, he ca NOT refuse the “Office/Title of EMPEROR”.

Slide 4: (1:00)

The Prussian Constitution of 1850 is still the STANDING GROUND.

That means that in “agnatischer”/agnatic succession line and PRIMOGENURE the nephew of first degree KARL FRIEDRICH becomes now the new King of Prussia.

(I guess, because Wilhelm can t hold both Kingship/Emperor at the same time – comment by translator!)

Slide 5: (1:11)

Bismarck is furthering his sinister plans after he now has DIS-empowered all the Dukes.

Now, he wants to make the figure of the Emperor into a mere ceremonial figure without holding on to REAL power and Authority and the new young King, he simply wants to buy/bribe him.

Slide 6: (1:20)

Timetable/Timeline of important events in that time frame:

26.11. 1870 November-Treaties

18.1. 1871 Proclamation of the German Reich- Proclamation of Wilhelm I. as German Emperor – Proclamation of Karl Friedrich I. as King of Prussia

22.2. 1871 USA becomes a corporation

3.3. 1871 Bismarck becomes Chancellor of the German Reich

13.3. 1871 KING s MURDER – Karl Friedrich Dead

20.3. 1871 new Constitution, new parliament

21.3. 1871 Bismarck becomes a DUKE – von Bismarck ( comment by translator : “He really didn’t waste a lot of time, did he ?”)

16.4. 1871 Wilhelm’s NON-LAWFUL signature (now, it gets tricky because Wilhelm , although already trapped, is realizing Bismarcks take-over plans is trying to counter by at least making his signature from now UNLAWFUL)

Slide 7: (1:40)

Bismarck becomes Chancellor 3rd of march and in that position he proposes the new constitution of 1871 – which ensures HIM /THE CHANCELLOR the central role of POWER.

Slide 8: (1:50)

18th of January proclamation of the German Reich and proclamation of Wilhelm as “Deutscher Kaiser” /German Emperor (the correct spelling will become important; they ll change it from “German/Deutscher Kaiser” to “The Kaiser of the German Reich” – yeah, the good old name’s deceit and impersonation; comment by translator)

And proclamation of Karl Friedrich I. as King of Prussia

Slide 9: (2_07)

Karl Friedrich is a “Good and promising Man” – NOT corruptible and quite integer and he had some military successes already. (just for the record)

Slide 10: (2:20)

Karl Friedrich again is not corruptible and so he refused to sign this constitution and give away German and the peoples sovereignty.

So Bismarck let him be murdered . Happened the 13th of march 1871

Slide 11: (2:35)

Bismarck’s constitution for the German Reich now rules (Art 11 / 1):

“The presiding power over the ‘League/Bund/Covenant/Union/Coalition’ is in the hands of the King of Prussia who bears the name “Deutscher Kaiser” !

That would mean from now on the heriditary line of the Emperor/Kaiser and the King’s line would be the SAME !

Slide 12: (2:50)

That’s how Bismarck wanted to hide the King s Murder:

To make Wilhelm- German Kaiser – into a mere ceremonial figure as kind of the “President of the Dukes” (no real power)

And personal union giving the “appearance of being the King of Prussia at the same time”.

Slide 13: ((3:08)

What could Wilhelm do against all this ?

The 20th of march – only 7 days after the King s murder – the parliament is installed and the new constitution of 1871 – and only one night later Bismarck “crowned” himself as Duke (into nobility).

Slide 14: (3:22)

And NOW it happens !

Wilhelm singes the new constitution NOT valid and LAWFUL – by leaving out the “R.” for Rex/King in his signature.

Slide 15: (3:40)

That makes the Bismarck’sche constitution NULL and VOID !

We are still standing on the constitution of 1850.

And, yes, the November treaties are VALID and Lawful.

Slide 16:( 3;50)

The whole “German Reich” becomes now a SIMULATION – Fiction – Not and NEVER having had any validity and authority and sovereignty.

Slide 17: (3:58)

In this simulation now a giant economic-sozio-cultural-scientific-and-power- structure is rapidly being built-

Behind Bismarck are other (more powerful) men like Bleicheröder, Rotschild, etc.

Slide 18: (4:14)

In this simulation of a real STATE Wilhelm had to play the “Wink-August” – the ceremonial fool.

The new King in agnatic/agnatischer succession would have been the son of Karl Friedrich – but he was still too young.

Slide 19:(4:26)

Kaiser Wilhelm NEVER overstepped the line to be King himself again; thus he kept the space open and vacated (and thus the line intact and unharmed for the future; probably the best he could do , he thought.).

Slide 20: (4:36)

In arts, statues and monuments he(Wilhelm) enshrined THE TRUTH, so that it would not get lost.

So, like this the position of KING of PRUSSIA

Slide 21: (4:44)

Couldn’t be harmed and destroyed. The function/office/position/authority was legal AND LAWFUL standing ABOVE the False Constitution.

Slide 22: (4:57)

Wilhelm I. becomes – by carefully NOT acting as King of Prussia anymore – the Guardian of the office/authority (the absent one) of the King of Prussia (Who is presiding over ALL the other German Dukes – Lawfully – don’t forget that . That’s why it s such an immensely important question – comment by translator)

Slide 23: (5:10)

This – vacated – office/title of Prussian King is now agnatic /agnatisch handed down from Karl Friedrich-

meaning SEPERATED from the Kaiser-lineage !

Slide 24:(5:20)

When later Wilhelm the SECOND (the successor of Wilhelm I. on the Kaiser-seat) started to sign his name as “King” and including the “R.” for it again (what Wilhelm the first intentionally did NOT!)

he not only usurped the office of King of Prussia but he too lived in an Emperor-simulation.

He (and the world at large) assumed he was Kaiser/Emperor and King he was definitely NOT.

Slide 25: (5:42)


He was NOT even the rightful Kaiser anymore – because:

With the death of Wilhelm I. there wasn’t any rightful emperor/Kaiser there at all anymore. NO hereditary Empire.

From here on, via the UNLAWFUL constitution of 1871 starts the Kaiser/Empire-simulation !

Slide 26: (5_58)

Before Wilhelm II. went into Exil in the Netherlands there was a dirty propaganda-media hate-speech campaigne and in the wake of the “annihilation” (appearance of de-throneing) of the nobility and monarchies – they all lost their


Slide 27:(6:18)

The hereditary line of the King of Prussia was UNTOUCHED by all this chicanery – it’s SOVEREIGNTY-Rights and Authority remain completely intact.

Which left he heirs of this lineage in grave danger for their lives !

Slide 28(: (6:32)

The death of Karl Friedrich I. is officially denied and later historic writing dates his death to a later year !

Slide 29:( 6:40)

CONSEQUENCES and Conclusions

Slide 30: (6:48)

Via the missing “R.” for Rex in his signature all the German Reich became a state’s simulation – and OCCUPYING REGIME !

And from the moment the Kaiser (Wilhelm II.) claims to be King, as he did, he becomes an USURPATOR !

(CHECK MATE, comment by the translator!)

Slide 31:(7:04)

Through his decisions and deeds Wilhelm I. withdraw all these CONSTRUCTS its validity standing.

He guarded the sovereignty rights of Prussia and via the valid November treaties the sovereignty rights of the area/land/soil of the Reich (the valid and lawful league/Bund/association of all the Dukes/German Kings) which are lawfully held by the King of Prussia !

Slide 32: (7:25)

That’s why still – if not altered and changed via the “New Golden Bull of redemption” (by Stefan Ratzeburg who IS THE RIGHTFULL heir of this line and the one whose text I am translating here right now ! comment by translator)

the Prussian Constitution of 1850 is valid and the standing ground for ALL GERMANS and ALL of GERMANY.

Slide 33: (7:37)

so, we have to thank Wilhelm I and Karl Fridrich for their INTEGRITY and HONOR and that they have kept our sovereignty rights intact and valid and lawful.

Slide 34: (7:46)

That s one of the main reasons why they couldn’t destroy Germany yet !

Slide 35: (7:57)

So, let s be grateful for this gift and let s make a WISE (and BENEVOLENT) USE of it .

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