Post Scriptum – Letters into Freedom feat. Memo for Mankind – “Yes, The Truth has a Tongue”

Dedicated to the Life and The Tongue of Giordano Bruno, which was cut off, so he couldn’t talk his truth anymore while they burned him at the stake in Rome in the year 1600.

“Yes-The Truth has a Tongue, my dear!” #quote answer-to-a-palastinian-little-girl*s-prayer:

“And I wish, I only wish; that The Truth has a Tongue!”

The Truth has a Tongue

The Hammer of The Intergalactic Didgeridoo – The True Motion of Earth and its Axis

And that’s the view outside my window:

In the yellow building to the left, “Schloss Buechsenhausen – The Castle of the Gunsmith/Canonbuilder”, over 400 years ago the book titled ,’The Hammer of the Witches’, was written. I guess, the monk’s name was Kramer,if I remember it correctly.That book was used as the bases for the IN-FAMOUS INQUISITION !

Another important historical developement in this castle was the invention of a new kind of melting and performing metals , resulting in a new and far better kind of CANONS  –  the socalled “Loeffler-” and later “DREYLING-snakes”  –  in the 16th/17th century , which have been ‘acquired’ by the British/Queen/Crown and combined with their new kind of building ships gave rise to what is known as the INFAMOUS British Empire, because they were now able to go rough and pirating all over the world – unrivaled !

On the far right in the background you can see the olympic ski-jumping place and to the right of it there is a small forest and a meadow, that meadow is called “Ursulinenwiese – The meadow of the nuns of Ursula”….that is the place where a certain Douglas Adams was sitting in the late 70’s or 80’s enjoying the beautiful panorama over Innsbruck and suddenly got struck by the idea of writing “The Hichhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” ! I guess many of you are familiar with the books/movies.

And sure, there have been written a lot more important books/studies in Innsbruck throughout history:

Fritjof Capra’s ‘Tao of Physics’ and ‘Wendezeit/Paradigmeshift’ for example.

So this is the very place – in a 450 year old house – where I wrote from december 2015 to march 2016 my own script:

‘The Hammer of The Intergalactic Didgeridoo – The True Motion of Earth and its Axis’.

You see, WE are all part of history  –  OUR (hi) story !

“You know what Giordano Bruno told them suckers when they burned him on the stake in Rome 1600 (The Year of the Jubilee and they – the Vatican/Pope/Inquisition/Roman Curiae set the process exactly like this , so his burning was the climax of the “celebrations” in Rome ! Sic !) :
‘You have more fear speaking my judgement than I have receiving it !’

You see, Galileo wasn’t the real thing !

One could argue that the “oh-so-famous-Galileo-process” was just the cover show for Brunos REALLY revolutionary discoveries – Galileo, socalled Galileo s discovery – are just half-true peanuts which he himself didn t originally came up with , that whole narrative is nonsense.

He wasn’t a threat to the catheistic catholic SLAVERY-Dogma ! Nope, not at all !

Not all; like Kopernikus wasn’t in contradiction to the church – it was only Giordano Bruno who went the whole way with that vision of a Living Cosmos, thinking the “radial field as the first one; at least in recorded western history” and lot s more which even today would be/is considered BEYOND currently established physical-cosmological dogma ; but more and more is already and will be more CONFIRMED.

And sure, he had to die because he went “the whole way” not only in cosmology and physics but as well consequently in religion and spirituality and he ended up finding out (like others before and after him) that christianity – the very core of it; namely to whorship “Jesus” – is

IDOLATRY at it’s “finest” !!!!!!!!!!

So, they had to burn – but…..

Giordano Bruno is very much ALIVE today ; A’HO !”

Giordano Bruno und das Christentum

Deutsch – 400. death of Giordano Bruno – Vortrag Jochen Kirchhoff

Jochen Kirchhoff , Guter Mann – WEITER , schöner lebendiger Geist ! Gilt als einer- wenn nicht der – Kenner Bruno s weltweit . Schoene Vorträge und Wissen auf angenehme , weise, abenteurliche aber nicht aufdringliche Art und Weise – Guter Mann, wie gesagt !

….here are some short english videos about Bruno ; I havn t seen them but it should do for a start, I guess . If interested, as always: Go on the journey of “fighting one’s own ignorance for yourself”.

The Life of Giordano Bruno

Philosophy and Magick of Giordano Bruno

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