Beautiful story of the Man who died and then met his beloved Dog again and what happened to them

There was this man who died .

He went through “the process” and then suddenly he realised he is still there and …. woaw, what a surprise;

There is his beloved dog, who died a few years before of old age and the dog was coming close and recognizing him; wagging his tail , jumping around and showing all signs of joy to be re-united with his friend, the man.

He too was joyful, cause he really loved his dog and they started to walk and play as they did before , as if nothing ever seperated them.

They were kind of absorbed by their joy of being together again , so that time flew by.

They didn’t really paid a lot attention to the surrounding terrain but as it got late and a little cold and our dog got thirsty as well, they started looking around and paying more attention .

So, eventually they came to a gate!

Seemingly out of nowhere, there was a huge wall and they were lucky to meet this wall right close to the only gate that led inside.

Curious, they approached and knocked the closed door a few times.

A Huge Gate – A Shiny Golden Bling-Bling-Showing-off-Dick-kind-of-Gate ! ( Secret Hint by the Narrator !)

After the deep sound of the Golden Gate’s knocking silenced the gate was opened by a well-dressed elderly white-bearded man who seems to be of perfect manners.

He welcomed the man – said something like they’ve already waited for him and opened the door far and wide to let him get a close look to the inside.

All gold and neat and clean and pretty and calm ; a fountain with flowers and gold and jewels and all dressed in white with smiling faces.

Now, the man asked what this place was and that he just died a day ago and then met his dog and they were wandering around and then they came here and now this …. what is this place?

The elderly man answered in a soft voice: ” This is Heaven , my dear , come in , you are invited in to stay here — we love you !”

“Oh, that’s great .

Thank you very much , it looks nice and frankly , I m really tired and a little bit hungry and , YES, my dog , he needs some water …he is so thirsty…we really would love to come in , thank you !”


Sorry, maybe I’ve made myself not clear enough : YOU are invited in – BUT your dog is NOT !

Dogs are not welcome in Heaven !”

Boom ! Now all the happiness and joy left the man and he sighed deeply:

Oh, I didn’t know this, sorry, but then , I will not enter either and I prefer to stay with my friend – the dog. I can not leave him alone outside here with no shelter and and nothing at all; sorry, but no . anyway, thanks for the offer, see Ya !”

So, they went on ; a little frustrated but never-the-less still very grateful to have each other.

Then , suddenly, they heard some very fine sweet melody of someone playing a flute.

They followed the melody and they came to a nice green forest and fields and a meadow and there was an old wrinckeled house with a wooden lose fence under a few fruit trees and a well sprinkeling and next to it an old Man with some ragged , old clothes, a hat – more holes than anything – and playing the flute.

When they approached and he stopped playing , he started smiling at them with the brightest grin the man had ever seen and he couldn’t make any sense of the situation at all.

“Hello, he said, I m “The Man with his re-united dog who is wandering around, I don t know where” and my dog is very thirsty and now, I m meeting you, who are you and could I get some water for my dog, please ?”

“Sure, you can get some water for your dog – “Mi Casa – Su Casa !” ; just feel at home and make yourself comfortable. There is water and there you see a bowl to get it for the dog – just , please do it yourself and excuse me, I m an old man.”

So the man got some water for his dog, dog was drinking, dog was happy ….only the man was a little confused and insecure what to make out of this place and the old man.

So he asked him again:

” Who are you and what is this place here ?”

The old man laughed: ” I m God and this is Heaven here, do you like it ?”

Now, the man was really confused, for has not the other man before at the shiny golden gate given the same answer to him ?

So, he opened up the old man :

” You see, that s funny. And rest assured, I m really grateful for the water and your warm welcome and I like you and your place , but isn t this strange:

Before I met you here, I came to a huge wall and a golden, shiny-shiny-bling-bling gate in it and knocked and a man opened and he said the same as you , namely that this place was Heaven and he asked me to enter but I refused cause I wasn t allowed to take my beloved dog with me !

And now, I come to you here and you are telling me the same, namely that your place is Heaven !

You see, that is confusing me a lot – although I like you and you welcomed my dog and all in all seems to be a very, nice, honorable, lovely and humble old man.

But that s confusing me !”

He smiled – the old man – and sighed with a mischievious smile.

“Yes, yes, yes….you nailed it, my dear new friend; let me explain.

This here is Heaven and I am god- no joking here. This place over there; well what can I say……….?


Don t know, if that s describing it accurately ….. or maby : LOSERS ? DECEIVERS ?

You see, that s the “other team”- yep, the Devil and over there is HELL !”

Now, the man started to understand ….and it made perfect sense that his dog wasn’t allowed in; but…..

“But why do you allow them to imposter you and Heaven and why do you seem not to be angry at them for faking heaven and trying to suck up people and souls to the Great Nothingness , I don t understand ? Why are you not doing anything against it ?”

Now, God bursted out into a Big Laughter , barely couldn’t hold his bladder anymore, so much he was laughing……

“Well, you’ve got to understand:

I m very grateful , that they are making sure to suck up and keep all the people who would LEAVE THEIR BELOVED DOGS BEHIND – so they are NOT coming here !


That’s whay I’m not doing anything against it – they are doing me a kind of a favour !”

End of the story !

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