“If you are interested in looking (and finding !) for The Actual Living “Most High”, what many, if not most of you, probably would call “god or the creator”, LIFE ITSELF, you can’t search for it as one would search a THING – you have to look for it like a fish would search for water !

When one understands and is experiencing this, it becomes absolutely clear and self-explanatory why talking much about “It” at all is completely ridiculous, nonsensical and even counter-productive to the effort itself and makes no reason whatsoever.

Truth is : It’s in fact more like a clear sign that someone has NOT much experienced of IT at all – what an irony, isn’t it ?

Why would you talk much Chatto-Chatto about something that is so obvious in our face and EVERYWHERE and in EVERYBODY and EVERYBODY knows it , deep inside ?

THAT’s THE TRUTH – Everybody knows it; we are just a bunch of 7.5 billion open-air-mental-home-inmates who still love to play that age-old game of PRETENDING that we forgot !

Such a childish, coward and boring game – a game for LOSERS !

Mankind still tries to pretend that they don’t know that the “Emperor is naked”, because each and every one would then have to face his/her part and responsibility of all of the mess.
And EVERYBODY has his/her part of it, trust me:
The story won’t end like ” …and they have all been nice and brave and sweet children and only the bad, bad , bad devil was responsible for EVERYTHING and the sweet little humans did everything correct and were soooooooooo innocent and nice …..”

NOPE – won’t happen; sorry, but the story will NOT end like this . For this kind of bittersweet, deceptive Bullshit please move on and return to your favorite Hollywood-Saga ……

BUT , please , leave THE BRIDGE, babies are sweet but of NO use here; especially in times like ours right now !” 🌹

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