The LEGACY of Wilhelm I. of Prussia (Germany) – Das Erbe Wilhelm’s I.

The LEGACY of Wilhelm I. of Prussia (Germany) – Now as English Video

Translation (Unauthorized but to the best of my abilities and intentions by stefan sattler) from STEFAN RATZEBURG’s video:

“Das Vermächtnis Kaiser Wilhelm”

The translation from the video “The Legacy of Wilhelm I.” …… as you might have seen – I already put my translation for you on your profile together with the german video of Stefan Ratzeburg (true heir of the souvereignity right sof the King of Prussia) here is another translation from a friend – he did it with the original slides, so that one can easily create a slideshow-video (as the original german ; mine was only a text file).

He, Stefan Ratzeburg, has made already english translations from his former texts/videos, so that the information can go out internationally as well. So, im pretty sure, he himself will add the english translations publicly very soon ( don’t care if mine, my friend’s – Henning Pappendorf, the one who ‘s made the english translation in the video at the bottom ! – or his own – doesn’t matter !).

Welll and finally here is the last one of videos, the most recent from 3 days ago …..its getting very EPIPHANY-like.

You see, now we are finding out that not only Bismarck pulled a Lincoln-Queen-Lizzy-Disraeli on the German People but the full picture starts emerging and we finally start to recognise the Big spider behind it all : THE UNHOLY ROMAN EMPIRE is rearing it s ugly head again.

You see, we know that the socalled “Heilige Römische Reich Deutscher Nation” was nothing else than the Old Roman Empire. Officially the Crown was seen last time in 1841 when the Austrian Emperor Franz I. stepped down and thus officially dissolved the “Roman Empire” (for the umpteenth time).

But you see, after Bismarck restructured the Kingdom of Prussia ,killed Karl Friedrich, pressed-ganged Wilhelm I., forced all german dukes into submision, restyled the Constitution and created the German Reich (which had NO LAWFUL standing, latest after WilhelmI. death in 1888 and the unconstitutional inthronisation of Wilhelm II.).

Eventually the CROWN of The UNHOLY Roman Empire emerged again : A new crown was created for the Kaiser of the German Reich , which was nothing else than the cheated , unlawful standing of the newly emerging – papacy-endorsed- Roman Empire !!!!!

And , now , the rest up to today makes perfect sense: the secret british and papacy-incited FALSE FLAG in Serbia killing Franz Ferdinand the Austrian Heir – I repeat: A FALSE FLAG using the tensions down there and because of the popes wouldn t accept the slipping away from their control via the CONCORDAT which soon before was cancelled; something the Vatican can NEVER accept – even if they have to go out and kill and destruct everything, these Bastards !

….again the spirit behind the NAZIs – clearly the evil death and destruction worshipping spirit of the Roman Empire , the Eagle, the rituals, the Fascies, the love for dogma nad obedience and the contempt for the “others” and for Life Itself in general …all the hallmarks of the Roman Empire being the Master in the shadows behind.

…than comes Paperclip and finally the Washington D.C.-Us under Queen/Crown-administration in the hands of – who again ?- right, the pope and Vatican and Holy See , meaning Roman Empire again here, which is the still current seat to fuck up mankind ( sure with their secret headquater, called SWITZERLAND !

Or why do you think the guards in the Vatican are ” Swiss Guards” ???

Just coincidence, right , buddy ?

Anyways, this video is in german – slides again ….but not yet translated … can do that for yourself , if interested ……. it’s NOT my job to be the trsanslator for mankind .

I’ve done more than enough already and still have enough on my plate to do , which NONE else can do !

Anyway, Hugs and greets, heads up – we’ve reached the deepest point , from now on we are rising !😘

“There is but one Integrity – And that is Truth. There is but one Crime – And that is the Lie !” #QuoteFriedrichSchiller


by Stefan Ratzeburg Telegram:

Slide 1:
The Prolog: November Treaties of 1870 –
By the signature of all german Dukes, forced and/or tricked via Bismarck (german chancellor and the executive Mastermind of all this treason),
the last one was Ludwig the second of Bavaria end of november 1870, all the german land came under the “superiority” of the Prussian King and thus, Wilhelm the first.
Slide 2:(0:33)
Wilhelm I. is now not only King of Prussia but “King of The Dukes”.
As mentioned, Bismarck is the one who brought them/The Dukes in such position that they HAD to accept Wilhelm as “FIRST among EQUALS”.
Slide 3: (0:50)
Now, Wilhelm I. is in a difficult position , too :
Now, he ca NOT refuse the “Office/Title of EMPEROR”.
Slide 4: (1:00)
The Prussian Constitution of 1850 is still the STANDING GROUNG.
That means that in “agnatischer”/agnatic sucsession line and PRIMOGENURE the nephew of first degree KARL FRIEDRICH becomes now the new King of Prussia.
(I guess, because Wilhelm can t hold both Kingships/emperorship at the same time – comment by translator!)
Slide 5: (1:11)
Bismarck is furthering his sinister plans after he now has DIS-empowered all the Dukes.
Now, he wants to make the figure of the Emperor into a mere ceremonial figure without holding on to REAL power and Authprity and the new young King, he simply wants to buy/bribe him.
Slide 6: (1:20)
Timetable/Timeline of important events in that time frame:
26.11. 1870 Novembertreaties
18.1. 1871 Proclamation of the Geraman Reich- Proclamation of Wilhelm I. as German Emperor – Proclamation of Karl Friedrich I. as King of Prussia
22.2. 1871 USA becomes a corporation (comment by translator: Anna von Reitz is perfect to explain all the details about that !!!)
3.3. 1871 Bismarck becomes Chancellor of the German Reich
13.3. 1871 KING s MURDER – Karl Friedrich Dead
20.3. 1871 new Constitution, new parliament
21.3. 1871 Bismarck becomes a DUKE – von Bismarck ( comment by translator : “He really didn t waste a lot of time, did he …lol ?”)
16.4. 1871 Wilhelm s NON-LAWFUL signature (now, it gets tricky because Wilhelm , although already trapped, is realising Bismarcks take-over plans is trying to counter by at least making his signature from now UNLAWFUL)
Slide 7: (1:40)
Bismarck becomes Chancellor 3rd of march and in that position he proposes the new constitution of 1871 – which ensures HIM /THE CHANCELLOR the central role of POWER.
Slide 8: (1:50)
18th of january proclamation of the German Reich and proclamation of wilhelm as “Deutscher Kaiser” /German Emperor (the correct spelling will become important; they ll change it from “Germ/Deutscher Kaiser” to “The Kaiser of the German Reich” – yeah, the good old name’s deceit and impersonation; comment by translator)
….and proclamation of Karl Friedrich I. as King of Prussia
Slide 9: (2_07)
Karl Friedrich is a “Good and promising Man” – NOT corruptable and quite integer and he had some military successes already…. (just for the record)
Slide 10: (2:20)
Karl Friedrich again is not corruptable and so he refused to sign this constitution and give away german and the peoples souvereignity.
So Bismarck let him be murdered . Happened the 13th of march 1871
Slide 11: (2:35)
Bismarck’s cnstitution for the German Reich now rules (Art 11 / 1):
“The presiding power over the ‘League/Bund/Covenant/Union/Coalition’ is in the hands of the King of Prussia who bears the name “Deutscher Kaiser” !!!!
That would mean from now on the heridatery line of the Emperor/Kaiser and the King’s line would be the SAME !
Slide 12: (2:50)
That s how Bismarck wanted to hide the King s Murder:
To make Wilhelm- German Kaiser – into a mere ceremonial figure as kind of the “president of the dukes” (no real power)
And personal union giving the “appearance of being the King of Prussia at the same time”.
Slide 13: ((3:08)
What could Wilhelm do against all this ?
The 20th of march – only 7 days after the King s murder – the parliament is installed and the new constitution of 1871 – and only one night later Bismarck “crowned” himself as Duke (into nobility).
Slide 14: (3:22)
And NOW it happens !!!!!
Wilhelm signes the new constitution NOT valid and LAWFUL – by leaving out the “R.” for Rex/King in his signature.
Slide 15: (3.40)
That makes all bismarck sche constitution NULL and VOID !
We are still standing on the constitution of 1850.
And, yes, the november treaties are VALID and Lawful.
Slide 16:( 3;50)
The whole “German Reich” becomes now a SIMULATION – Fiction – Not and NEVER having had any validity and authority and souvereignity.
Slide 17: (3:58)
In this simulation now a giant ecnomic-socio-cultural-scientific-and-power- structure is rapidly being built-
Behinf Bismarck are other (more powerful) men like Bleichröder, Rotschild, etc.
Slide 18: (4:14)
In this simulation of a reaL STATE Wilhelm had to play the “Winkaugust” – the ceremonial fool.
The new King in agnatic/agnatischer succession would have been the son of Karl Friedrich – but he was still too young.
Slide 19:(4:26)
Kaiser Wilhelm NEVER overstepped the line to be King himself again; thus he kept the space open and vacated (and thus the line intact and unharmed for the future; probably the best he could do , he thought.).
Slide 20: (4:36)
In arts, statues and monuments he(Wilhelm) enshrined THE TRUTH, so that it would not get lost.
So, like this the position of KING of PRUSSIA
Slide 21: (4:44)
….couldn t be harmed and destroyed. The function/office/position/authority was legal AND LAWFUL standing ABOVE the False Constitution.
Slide 22: (4:57)
Wilhelm I. becomes – by carefully NOT acting as King of Prussia anymore – the Guardian of the office/authority (the absent one) of the King of Prussia (Who is presiding over ALL the other german Dukes – Lawfully – don t forget that . That s why it s such an immensly important question …comment by translator)
Slide 23: (5:10)
This – vacated – office/title of Prussian King is now agnatically /agnatisch handed down from Karl Friedrich-
meaning SEPERATED from the Kaiser-lineage !!!!!!!!!!!
Slide 24:(5:20)
When later Wilhelm the SECOND (the successor of Wilhelm I. on the Kaiser-seat) started to sign his name as “King” and including the “R.” for it again (what Wilhelm the first intentionally did NOT!)
he not only ursurped the office of King of Prussia but he too lived in an Emperor-simulation.
He (and the world at large) assumed he was Kaiser/Emperorand King he was definetly NOT.
Slide 25: (5:42)
BUT !!!!
He was NOT even the rightful Kaiser anymore – because:
With the death of Wilhelm I. there wasn t any rightful emperor/Kaiser there at all anymore. NO heredatery Empire.
From here on, via the UNLAWFUL constitution of 1871 starts the Kasier/Empire-simulation !
Slide 26: (5_58)
Before Wilhelm II. went into Exil in the netherlands there was a dirty propaganda-media hatespeech campagne and in the wake of the “annihilation” (appearance of de-throning) of the nobility and monarchies – they all lost their
Slide 27:(6:18)
The heridatery line of the King of Prussia was UNTOUCHED by all this chicanery – it s SOUVEREIGNITY-Rights and Authority remain completely intact….
….which leftthe heirs of this lineage in grave danger for their lifes !!!!
Slide 28(: (6:32)
The death of Karl Friedrich I. is officially denied and later historic writing dates his death to a later year !
Slide 29:( 6:40)
CONSEQUENCES and Conclusions
Slide 30: (6:48)
Via the missing “R.” for Rex in his signature all the German Reich became a state’s simualtion – and OCCUPYING REGIME !!!
And from the moment the Kaiser (Wilhelm II.) claims to be King, as he did, he becomes an USURPATOR !!!!!!
(CHECK MATE, comment by the translator!)
Slide 31:(7:04)
Through his decisions and deeds Wilhelm I. withdraw all these CONSTRUCTS it s validity standing.
He guarded the souvereignity rights of Prussia and via the valid November treaties the souvereignity rights of the area/land/soil of the Reich (the valid and lawful league/Bund/association of all the Dukes/german Kings) …which are lawfully held by the King of Prussia !
Slide 32: (7:25)
That s why still – if not altered and changed via the “New Golden Bull of redemption” (by stefan ratzeburg who IS THE RIGHTFULL heir of this line and the one whos text I am translating here right now!!!! comment by translator)
the Prussian Constitution of 1850 is valid and the standing ground for ALL GERMANS and ALL of GERMANY.
Slide 33: (7:37)
so, we have to thank Wihelm I and Karl Fridrich for their INTEGRITY and HONOUR and that they have kept our souvereignity rights intact and valid and lawful.
Slide 34: (7:46)
That s one of the main reasons why they couldn destroy Germany yet !
Slide 35: (7:57)
So, let s be grateful for this gift and let s make a WISE (and BENEVOLENT) USE of it .

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