What Vax-Adept-Disciples and Book-Religion-Believers have in common and what it says about the Distrust in and Non-Effectiveness of their proclaimed “Magic”

“Isn’t it funny, that almost all believers of the socalled Book-Religions ( Islam, Christianity and Judaism) behave very similar to the people who are vaccinated, speak out for the Vaxs and/or are condeming the ones who refuse to get vaxed as “unsocial and bad and irresponsible people who need to be , at least , sidelined”?

What I mean ?

Well, the vax-freaks are claiming to know and have a SAVIOR-tool of highest divine healing qualiity ( aka Best scientifical medical standard – Lol SIC !) but are never-the-less ridiculously panicking about the HEALTHY and let me add: Mentally Healthy people and are almost ready to lock them away in concentration camps of various degrees and forms.

Same as the religious folks similarly claim to have THE Ultimate, Divine, super-sacred healing magic Savior connection but are nonstop 24/7 365 busy with painting a picture of a bad underdog – the devil under various aliases – running around as a scapegoat and fucking all and everything up and infecting them with his bad, bad, bad evil whatever “substance”.

Obviously BOTH – the vax and the savior – don’t have that great of the aclaimed “magical superpowers”, do they ?
It even more looks almost as if they NEED the opposite party for the justification of their own position !

What a miserable viscious circle and circuit of FAILURE and MISCONCEPTION and MIS-PERCEPTION !

You know what frankly, my friend, that ALMOST seems like this Logical SYNTAX ERROR – Contradictio in Adjectio – almost as if this IS THE INTENDED GOAL !

What I mean ?

What I mean is, that it is a well-known and used Hardcore interrogation-torture-mk-ultra-technic to bring someone to the breaking point within oneself, to the point where you force the “patient/inmate/target” to even abdict one’s own most inner reason-truth-sanity !

“Once you can make/force people to belief (and accept) absurdities you can force them to do WHATEVER cruelty and crime and insanity you want !”

…or as it was said in the Book/Movie “1984”:

” How many fingers, Wilson ?

Same old Same old …….. propaganda on steroids – Bernays on Chrysthal Meth – Goebbels after cracking a few DMT pipes- Dr Cameroon and Mr Mengele Starring at Goats…..

Well, I think you got the gist of it, so I m stopping here before I will once again hop over and start talking about Jim Morrisson s Father and The Early Years in Laurel Canyon in the 60’s, The Mountain Outlook Labratory and The Hell Angels with the LSD-distribution network featured by the CIA …..and, oh yeah , sure, my favorite:

What the fuck has happened with Ron Starck after he went underground in Italy – there are rumors he was involved with the NATO Gladio stay behind networks and the false flags in Italy and elsewhere – oh yeah and sure, the name Del Bosco comes up with again …..may he rest in peace this poor soul …….?

Questions above questions above questions………

Anyway, another story for another time, right ?”

Greets and Smiles, yours truly,

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