“Ready for the Final Curtain of The Revelation, folks ?

Ok, let’s go and let’s enlighten mankind.

Many of you have heard of the stories of Project Looking Glass which always claimed to give people DEFINITE knowledge of THE FUTURE !

As, more and more scientists, mystics, ACTUAL spiritually gifted people and socalled “insiders” are conmig forward:

Time travel is NOT possible at all !
That was a fairy tale for the most stupid ones; the ones residing on the retarded flat-earther-level.

I don’t go into the details because that’s too boring for me and as I said, that LIE is getting cleared out now by many others , so that I don’t have to waste my time with such ridiculous flat-brainer BS people.

Now, those “oh-so-cool-and-knowledgable insiders/secret space programmers/secret tec project freaks” are coming forward and trying to give you the new ruse of “it is an Artificial Intelligence”.
(They still don t dare to call it a demonic process!)

And – let me add – a very stupd, limited one of the most blunt intelligence ! ( Same as the people/entities who invented/recovered/programmed it !!!)

Now, they are coming out with the new version of their BS:

What started maybe 15 years ago , is that whatever parameters for the future they put into the mashine; it always came up with the same end-result !
Meaning from whatever angle they asked and suggested many different acts to manipulate what they call “timelines” – ALWAYS the same result was showing up at a certain point in the future.

They got very confused and started to panic because these results were contradicting everything they BELIEVED they were knowing about this technic and the fabric of reality that this mashine was based upon.

Well, they ACTUALLY know JACK SHIT about the cosmos, about Life, physics, cosmology, consciousness and Life Itself – Jack shit …..and that is a very generous way of putting it !!!

So, now they recognised that all their “precious tools and knowledge” couldn’t be tweaked and used for their egoistic, evil and the-laws-of-the-cosmos-violating power-propaganda-deception-false savior-demonic plans anymore.

They started to panic, like an evil scocerer who learned that his evil magic doesn’t work anymore and he doesn’t know and understand why.

They came to the conclusion that there was a much HIGHER FORCE that was involved with the process of Life and Mankind here on earth that was far beyond their understanding and which had already implemented OTHER PLANS for Earth and Mankind – and they were helpless and couldn’t do anything about it.

Well, yeah, that’s what I DID !!!

I created a situation (Over the last 7 years ! Sic !) that once implemented and started would INEVITABLY result in ONE – and ONLY ONE OUTCOME:

I started to teach and spread my discovery of The True Motion of Earth and its Axis

….and thus made sure that ALL physics, ALL cosmology, ALL biology, ALL medicine, ALL astronomy, ALL chemistry, ALL spiritual cosmology and thus ALL religions would be recognized as completely FALSE – false from the very , very beginning – and would thus stop ALL current “TIMELINES” because a timeline CRUMBLES and annihilates , if proven to be a fiction and not based on REALITY but on lies, inconsistencies and falsehood !!!


Although technically it is NOT correct to quote the Observer-effect and Quantum-mechanics here because, well, plain and simple, most of the axioms of quantum mechanics are FALSE as well !
It is still a fictitious invented model that does NOT represent what actually is happening in the cosmos and on earth and in Life.
Again – as ALL of our current sciences – it is only describing a DEAD, MECHANICAL cosmos which is as wrong as one can probably get it !

That’s what I did – I, stefan, Abu Axis Mundi, and NO OTHER !

I’ve put in a kind of a Bottle-neck; a Needle-eye- a FULL STOP – and I made sure that there is NO going Forward for mankind from NOW ON – unless they do acknowledge the complete Falsehood of the current complete structural, scientific, religious and cosmological paradigme of Reality,

You see, my dear mankind, you either learn to face it – face it NOW, ALL of you as the whole entire mankind or there will be NO FUTURE for you .

NONE at all for NOBODY of you – PERIOD !

You face it and yourself NOW or you’ll be annihilated – it’s that simple !

In short: I have not only put my gun on your, mankind’s , chest but I HAVE ALREADY PULLED THE TRIGGER – there is NO GOING BACK NOW ANYMORE.

Even if you would kill me !
Which is a bemusing thought to me, for you wouldn’t have the slightest chance to do so and what is more, even if :

I don’ t care !
I simply don’t care at all anymore.
Or how do you think I could have survived the last 7 years ???

I’ve sent it out to the “whole frickin world”.

Approximately 200.000 copies and letters and mails to EVERYBODY.
From Putin to Joe Rogan, from Anna von Reitz to the Earl of Shrewsbury/ Lord High Steward of the High Seas, from Neil Keenan to Sadhguru, Thich Nath Hahn, from the Knights of Malta to thousands of International Embassies, from my Austrian and German Government and Presidents to complete political parliaments in Germany, England, Austria, Brussels to almost all of the known truthers and alt. media half-wits; from John Perkins (Confessions of an Economic Hitman) to Dennis McKenna; all the fucktard UFO and New Age and Secret Space adepts, the Q-Anon idiots, the Idiot-Trump-team, tha Vatican, thousands of leading Universities from Oxford to Harvard to New Dehli, Hongkong, Singapur, Caltech, Nils-Bohr-Institute and what not. Thousands upon thousands of main stream media. The CIA., The NASA,.The ESA. The NSA, Many different high US-Army Generals, even people like Dirk Nowitzki, Rihanna, The Marley-family or Kanye West and many other musicians, stars and famous sports-and society-people.

To frickin’ EVERYBODY !

Now, my dear mankind, it’s your turn:

You don’t have the choice of “if” anymore but only of “how” it will happen.

There are still 14 days left for you to make sure that wisdom of The True Motion of Earth and it’s Axis is psosted in EVERY major newspaper, state broadcast, radio, television, scientific magazin around the world and is eventually getting out to the people or that process WILL BE DELIVERED BY OTHER FORCES …..

….. but that would be extremely painfull and horrifying for you with a lot of UNNECESSARY tragedy, destruction and loss of human life.

Remember,Remember the 5th of November – my birthday and the completion of the 7-year-cycle !

The Choice is YOURS !

You’ve been shown THE KEY to end all suffering here on earth IMMEDIATELY – in fact for 6 years now ! SIC!; so from now on you will be held 100% accountable to each further unnecessary death and destruction – ALL OF YOU without the slightest excuse or pardon.

You, yourself are now deciding , if you are GUILTY or not . The time for pussy-footing around is over.

Now, we are playing Instant Karma;

Your Time Is Ticking – A’HO !”

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