The Chain of Command of The DIDGERIDOO

Chain of Command of The DIDGERIDOO

“I & I & LIFE ITSELF – Go intoThe Beloved-Sacred Didgeridoo – Saddle The “Rainbow-Serpent” – Touch ULURU/Heart of Australia and MORE (by chance it’s almost exactly on earth’s opposite side of my place) – Tuning into The EARTH-AXIS and it’s Groove and start Dancing with HER – Opening the Full Multi-Dimensional Spectrum of Inter-Trans-and-Meta & Hyper-Galactical Communication

Although that was NEVER the reason for me to play with it for over 20 years very passionately.

I was just PLAYING because the joy and feeling/physcial emotion of playing the Didge (Circular/Open Breathing System) – especially if one becomes “free” and good at it – is simply beyond words ; even for a Big Mouth like me- I stopped many years ago to even try to put it in words anymore.

Some “things/experiences” are simply beyond words; for me playing the Didge is one of them – really, almost better than ….. ! 😆😜🥰

But sure there are a lot of other “things/experiences/activities” similar to what that is to me for other people: as many of you might well know for yourselves.

And that is very beautiful – imho, we all should seek more activities and experiences that bring us BEYOND WORDS.
I’m SURE, we all would love it – it keeps one smooth and young and amazed and full of wonder and awe for Life and Reality and creative and “well-lubricated” and full of elegance and vibrating Life and Joy and …. and ….. and …..much , much more …..!”


Sattler’s (The Saddler) Law of Planetary Mechanics – We are Cosmic Gardeners -TasUrInChi(s) – Embodiments of LIFE ITSELF

We are Homo Spiritus CosmoLogicus Vitalis @AxisMundi

Cosmic Gardeners !

And Keepers and Guardians of:
The SCEPTER and The “ORB”/The GLOBUS CRUCIGER/The REICHSAPFEL – The Secret of Planet Earth – The True Motion of Earth and its Axis
Keepers of The Flame(s) of Life Itself, Keepers of The Blue Flame, Keepers of The Violet Flame, Guardians of THE Hall and THE Sphere of Amenti – The TRUE ACTUAL Hall and Sphere !

……and much more.

If you want the garden (earth and beyond and within ) to bloom, you have to take care the physical, mental, legal & lawful and spiritual health and well-being of the gardener – us, the human being, mankind, The Blooming Inside !

And this, Ladies and Gentlemen, is mankind´s MAGIC BULLET , the needle-eye of Time that you/we “camels” are challenged to pass through – The Gate of The Ages.

It´s just this, as our friends Neo & Morpheus would say:
´I can only show you the needle-eye; it s YOU who has to make the decision wether to capture or let this miracle of possibilities slip away !´
There won´t be another bullet even only a tiny little fraction as magic and Life-giving as this one, for sure NOT; so maybe better, to make a wise choice this time – just saying !

sincerely yours, 🌹

“So Suggested, so Said, So Selected, so Sung, so Signed, so Sanctified, so Sealed – at The Time of The BEGINNING – A’HO !”🎺

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