RELIGIOUS/SPIRITUAL VANITY – The ugliest, deadliest, most evil and most worthless

RELIGIOUS/SPIRITUAL VANITY – The ugliest, deadliest, most evil and most worthless form a human being can give his life to.

“Religious Vanity – or what my friend Theresa Talea is calling “The Irony of the God-Complex” – is indeed the Root of ALL EVIL !

Read that again !!!


You see, once you have fully freed yourself from ALL cultural and religious imprints into your BEING (body, mind, emotion, identification, legal & lawful)/cultural/etc. and managed to strip yourself completely down to THE PURE ESSENCE of LIFE ITSELF that you are, it becomes strikingly obvious how ALL EVIL EVER started in this cosmos.

It did NOT start with some entity (man/fallen angel/ greedy god/ rough plasma-AI/etc.) who got the idea of “going against the Big Boss” and trying to cheat his way to the top and rule and control the entire cosmos, it’s beings and creation.

NOPE – that’s NOT what happened !

In fact , it was the exact opposite development that started the socalled “fall” and made sure that many things went rogue and south in this creation:

It was guys who came up with their RELIGIOUS VANITY claiming they know it all ; and know it better than everybody else and have special contact to the Big Boss; and they are the messengers and teachers and rulers by divine authority and ….bla bla bla …..yadda yadda yadda…….. you all know the rest of these sermons – we’ve had millions of idiots trying to pull that of – knowingly or even more often UNKNOWINGLY !!!!

Because they are BLINDED/demonicly possesed/working their childhood traumas/ compensating their inner inferior-complexes/got tricked and indoctrinated into different cults (religions/spiritual traditions/etc)/etc. …. and are not willing and capable to reflect on their own indoctriation and teaching – they are doing what we all know is the most deadly and dangerous thing:

The take what tiny little actual spiritual experience they might have (if any at all) and blow it up and exaggerate this tiny little minuscule part of the whole and SELL IT AS THE WHOLE !!!!!!!!!!!!

Not only to others but even to themselves – yes, they actually believe in their own spiritual superiority – but do NOT admit to it ; instead they ALL try to hide it behind the false curtain of pretended altruism.

I know, this sounds harsh and paradox to you – but it’s the truth.

We all know the saying that half-truth is far more dangerous than no truth at all, right ?

Well, that is the mechanism here and that is the reason why I deeply detest the Gandhis, Jesus’, Buddhas, etc. :

It’s an absolute UNIDIMENSIONAL approach to LIFE ITSELF and The All That IS.
It’s not exactly false what they are teaching – the FALSEHOOD and CHEATING and DECEPTION (again knowingly or UNKNOWINGLY – we are looking into this NOT for the purpose of judging but only to clear the situation!) is in that they are presenting their tiny little piece of wisdom as the ultimate, full, Alpha-Omega-picture and they are the official spokesperson for that force/entity/wisdom/secret/authority .

And you can observe the same vanity-infection with all the followers of such men: it s the phenomenon of people who have a slave-mentality and think the best way to have a little power for themselves without the need to overcome their slavedom is to be close to the Slave-MASTER-Boss aka the Guru/Messenger/idol/Hero/religious leader.

That s where I said: NO !
It’s YOU who is wrong and completely limited and ego-driven and praying and being guided by false, evil entities. And it s YOU who through this PSYCHOTIC behavior have started all this fuss about “evil, evil, evil, evil …where is the evil”.

In classical psychological terms , one could call it a special kind of a Double-Bind situation.
Example: “Mom says she loves you so much but shows with every word and deed that you, as her child, are only a burden and a problem and not-welccome and stupid and worthless and that she would be more happy if you’d die !
You, the child, will get broken by that kind of “evil spell” and your personality will be deeply hurt and damaged!”

That s what ALL these religions have done to you and your ancestors for millenia ( at least the book-religions):
They have told you how much they love you and all that exeggerated BS-lies while their other, hidden hand has been not only grabbing into your pockets and wallets but also grabbing your land , your land & soil souvereignity, your history, your heritage, your GENETICS (Sic!), your children and WOMEN ….and as if that would not be already enough this hidden hand is also FISTING you hard and is trying to even grab and devour your very “SOUL” !

Did you not recognize it:
That’s the reason for people like Sacha Stone (“Lazarus Initiative”/America Arise), Simon Parkes – the obvious British AGENT and his oh-soooo-spiritual Connecting Conscousness; the now-dead Robert David Steele, and simply EVERYBODY in the truther and disclosure and “awakening” community went completely nuts in terms of religious and spiritual talking and claims in the last 5 years !!!!!!
Recently, it looks to me like almost everybody seems to think of him or herself of a spiritual master and thinks he/she needs to give his/her BS to the world as absolutely necessary revelation!

What a farce !!!!
What an absolute, ridiculous farce !

Even , your friend, Paul Stramer – who undoubtly must be a good Man of integrity and honor- no question about that; I wouldn’t want to say anything against him on a personal level – he can’t help himself other than posting (yesterday once again like every sunday) his absolutely childish and DEMONIC confessions that deep in his heart he is wishing for an America under the rule of “The King of Kings (Jesus)”…..bal bla ….yadda yadda yadda ……..

How DARES he ??

Let me quote you, Anna von Reitz from two days ago:
“…We’ve been upfront since Day One. We are here to restore the lawful government to full function. No other agenda or plan. No radical rabble rousing. No anarchy. No communist-socialist-or-fascist agenda. No Republican. No Democrat. No Mexican. No Pink Unicorn Rainbow Agenda. ….No hidden agenda. No politics. No “New California”. No Mexican California. No Other California. …..”

…..AND NO RELIGIOUS AGENDA either – PERIOD !!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, how nice and sweet and holy and altruistic, isn’t it ?

You all know this saying:
‘The system didn’t fail – it is doing exactly what it was designed for!’

Welll, the same is true here:
‘The religions, churches (Vatican),teachings, MESSENGERS havn’t been corrupted, infiltrated and been taken over – NO; they are doing EXACTLY WHAT THEY WERE INVENTED FOR !’

THAT’s what I am trying to tell you and mankind for over 7 years now – that s the one thing you and I differ on our views of the Living Reality – THE ONLY THING THAT SEPERATES US.

But , as I said, it s NOT me who is initiating the divide – IT’S YOU ;
because it s NOT me who wants you to admit and bow down to anyone/anything but IT s YOU think you know better than me that in this reality I , as a human being, have to bow down to the Jesus and to your god ……but, well, again : it s ONLY in your head and in your fiction and YOU are the one who is pushing on me and is invading and violating my souvereignity by thinking that you – or anybody else for that matter , any priest, pope or other religiously blinded motherfucker – have the right to give me that kind of ULTIMATUM :
‘If you don t love and bow down to my god – I can not see you as equal!’

Well, here , YOU have JUDGED yourself and proclaimed YOURSELF GUILTY of having committed the greatest SIN and EVIL in the cosmos:
You see, all this shenenigan and deception and pretending has only succeeded untill someone – only ONE – said: NO !!!!!

I know, that shit that you are talking about a lot better than you, priest, pope, believer-cultist – I KNOW , because I SEE – because I AM A SEER – I SEE these things and living realities and I am NOT thinking about it and talk chatto-chatto-BS about what I believe might maybe happen somewhere in the mind ….NO, NOT ME – that s what YOU , religious believers, are all doing:
You think about it, because you never dared to go for it for yourself – all you have is stories – NOT even your own stories.

What an absolute, complete spiritual FAILURE – A’HO !”

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