Worldpeace, Freedom and Enlightenment is NOT the problem at all; that’s easy as shit! – YOU and YOUR lack of Sincerity, Keenness, Courage and Honesty is THE ONLY ACTUAL problem here on Earth, my dear friends and mankind – PERIOD !

Innsbruck, Austria, 18th of November 

Worldpeace, Freedom and Enlightenment is NOT the problem at all; that’s easy as shit! – YOU and YOUR lack of Sincerity, Keenness, Courage and Honesty is THE ONLY ACTUAL problem here on Earth, my dear friends and mankind – PERIOD !
Imagine, someone would come to you and give you THE solution for “all of your problems and additionally for all other problems in this wolrd and on this earth” and you could use it – it s FREE, it s YOURS – right from this moment on and with a little work put into this solution EVERYTHING would start to become IMMEDIATELY BETTER for you and ALL with the prospective of easily can become super-nice-and-sweet-and-ALIVE-and-free-and-beautiful.

Just imagine for a moment.

What do you think would happen and how do you think YOU would react ?

Do you think, you’d be happy and would joyfully implement this solution and then make a huge worldwide freedom and peace and cooperation party and clean up everything and make real paradise out of this world …………? 

……..or do you think, your EGO would be pissed off, your vanity would kick in, your jealousy, your fear and insecurity and confusion would take posession of you and your will and your only reaction would be total opposition to THIS GUY WHO SHOWED AND OFFERED YOU THE SOLUTION in the first place ?

Because the only thing for the solution to work that is REQUIERED from YOU , is to HONESTLY ADMIT, that it was NOT you who did it !!!

And that’s obviously too much to ask from all  of YOU!

…..and here we have THE REAL ACTUAL REASON for ALL problems on this EARTH :

It’s YOU – ALL of YOU !

And , trust me, I KNOW what I’m talking about , because I TRIED IT OUT – with YOU !

 I DID exactly that for over 6 YEARS with ALL of you and my more than 200.000 “Letters into Freedom”.

I DID this experiment and that’s why I KNOW !

I do NOT believe, or think or assume this – I KNOW IT !!!

 I wrote to YOU , how many times exactly ??
 Mr Putin ?
 How many times Austrian President ?
 How many times Neil Keenan ?
 Anna von Reitz ? A couple hundred letters, mails, posts,etc. ?
Ken Jebsen ? Hundreds of times …..
Merkel ?
German, Austrian and entire EU- parliament?
NASA? 50 times !
Daniele Ganser?
Vatican and Cardinal Mamberti?
High Lord Steward of The High Seas – Earl of Shrewsbury?
Trump-team , the Idiot?
Ken Wilber !
John Perkins ??? How many times ?
Nicholas Nassim Taleb- author of Black Swan from early 2012 on , how many times , Sir ????????
Willy Wimmer ?
Roland Dueringer, wie viele hundert mails genau noch mal , mein lieber, kleiner Wichtigtuer ?????
Nassim Haremin? How many times did i explain to you that your physics is WRONG ????
Ruediger Lenz ????    Vor wie vielen Jahren hab ich dir erzählt , was du jetzt versuchst, in deinen unfertigen Worten als “deines” wiederzugeben ????? Wie viele unzählige mails, mein freund ?
Dr Volkamer?
Klaus Turtur ?
Eugen Drewermann ????
Xavier Naidoo ?
Joe Rogan ?
Russell Brand?
 and thousands upon thousands of scientists, media and alt. media people, thousands of politicians and society and music and sport figures ….


YOU failed – YOU ALL FAILED , miserably !!!!!!!!!!!

Better go and re-read “The Book of Job – The Final Scene”, cause that’s where we are at right NOW – and that’s what has and IS happening here on earth right now.

Better go and re-read it, because that’s about YOU and now it’s YOU, ALL of YOU, who is in the very focus of Responsibility.

……..and, well, allow me to give you all one last advice:

LIFE ITSELF is not exactly in the “mood for kidding around with you right now” – it wants to have a SERIOUS CONVERSATION with YOU and that’s what it will do, like it or not – A’HO !”

anyway, I’m leaving, done with all  of that, 
yours truly,
 stefan out !

“I don’t and won’t do marketing or advertising ! – “Shiva” doesn’t do marketing !- YOU do marketing for him  …. or there won’t be any Great Celebration of Worldpeace and Freedom for Mankind – A’HO !”
….from my conversation with Neil (Keenan) today;

He asked me to post more……here ‘ my reply:
Kidding me ??

I can’t !

I am blocked for a week ! Why don t YOU post some HAMMER to knock them dowwn ?

Frankly, I feel a little bit lonely lately and honestly like all the world has abandondened me and is not giving me the appropriate support ……really, I don’t know what else you , mankind, need to step fully up and place the Warrant for the EVIL !
I showed you that your gods, gurus and messengers are full of lies and shit, your presidents are full of shit, your scientists are full of shir, your pseudo-truther-retards are full of shit and I even gave you the GALILEO-cherry-peak as a special lovely gift for the NEW-START!
……but I do NOT see any MAN stepping up and joining in and taking this SACRED SOLUTION and spread the word – all I got is 7,5 billion fluorid-starring gazes !!!!!!!!!
Let me make this clear – and here I quote Sadhguru : ” SHIVA is NOT doing MARKETING !” …. I AM NOT DOING MARKETING !!!

I did what NOBODY of YOU could offer and had the balls to do – I found the solution – I battled for the solution – I battled the DEMONS and DEMi-GODS & Gods that have been RULING YOU ALL for millenia and I SUCCEEDED and I got the CROWN, The Szepter and the Globus Cruciger…..and I offered and gifted this to YOU, all mankind , FREE and as a GIFT !


YOU, mankind, do marketing for me…….. or there will be NO FREEDOM; NO PEACE, NO new scientific revelation, no NEW physics and no nothing but only DREAD, THE DREAD, THE DREAD !

I – Abu Axis Mundi – DON T DO MARKETING ……….that would be too ashaming for me……….. Hugs and Kisses, my precious friend……hope you are fine and going to ROCK !
Oh and you’ve seen Putin yesterday and his announcement :


Their nnew unmaned super-fighter-jet .Good timing at which he threw in his “Checkmate” yesterday’s jet ! 😇

Oh and Neil , did you read Ben’s (Fulford, the intentional liear!) BULLSHIT from yesterday ???

Now , the Queen and the FIVE EYES are the good ones in his tale ……and they are fighting for mankind …..hahahahahahah ……, how anybody still take this sinister clown serious ?
Quote fulford :” A formal declaration of war by the Anglo Saxon five eyes group has now been made against the Khazarian mafia, otherwise known as the Nazi Fourth Reich. Here is the declaration of war as sent by Queen Elizabeth II: “We have been repeatedly contacted around the world about the public health emergencies. Some of the contacts have suggested very grave crimes against humanity up to and including genocide. When we were first alarmed we began to watch from afar. We found all of the counterintelligence to be true and that in fact, all of the world’s civilian governments were, under military law, in high treason. We cannot evade the real and actionable truth that mass murders have and are happening…We have to by military and martial law, issue this statement.”……….”
I guess, it’s time that someone is SHUTTING those FALSE PROPHETS up !

I talked often about these implanted pseudo-truthers like all these guys – they are TOXIC and are still infecting so many million people who are genuinly searching for the truth and they always get sucked up by these GATEKEEPERS – they MUST BE REMOVED and SILENCED NOW !

All the retards and paid Crown-shills and agnts of the TERRITORIAL and MUNICIPAL-DEEP-STATE-CRIMINAL-PIRATES that are still following the Q-Anon and Trump-and-Military-is-good-idiots like misguided puppies into the “Abyss of Ignorance, Self-delusion, Dread, Decay and Insanity” like the British Agents:

Simon Parks

Charly Ward

Sacha Stone

Doug Billings (We are “The Right Side”….says it all, doesn t it ?)

Benjamin Fulford

David Wilcock

Kim Ann Gorgoun (aka Belenoff, etc. )

Flynn, The Idiot who wouldn t grasp the meaning of the ACTUAL Constitution(S) , if you’d slap him with them in his constantly-bible-sermon-quoting face

Roussell J. Gould

… ….. and all the rest of that “We-are-Truthers-real-Patriots-and-love-Da-Jesus-and-Bible-and-We-are-the-Selected-Beacon-on-The-Hill-White-Hats-and-Blue-Alien-Secret-Space-Insider-Good-Guys-Military-is-Always-our-Best-Friend RETARDED, dangerously STUPID, lobotomised, brain-dead, sucking Morons !

You see, there a tens of millions of truthers who really believe that the US-occupying forces are coming any day to deliver freedom to Germany and do all the work of removing the EU-leaders, cabal, black nobility, Merkel, the pharma-lobby and all this !

It’s HILARIOUS (Mk-ultra-PROPAGANDA at it’s finest!) – it won’t happen that way because the military and the Generals are – as Anna (von Reitz) and many others have 100% sure PROVEN – a HUGE PART OF THE CABAL. the LIE, the DECEPTION and THE EVIL that happened not only to the world but to AMERICA and it’s people herself !

In short : more than 95% of all socalled Truthers, Patriots, awakened are NOT awakened and knowing what’s going on the leats bit !
They all would again chose the WRONG path like following Flynn, Military, Bibel, Jesus, Fulford, Sacha stone, Trump, America (western civilisation) is THE BEST and The Beacon on the hill ……yadd yadda yadda .
You see, in German , we have a saying :

” With such people you can t make a state !”

…..and that’s exactly what it is !

With such silly, superficial and easy to lead astray people you really can’t make a state.
We must change this – the false prophets must be stopped in their spreading poison or we will never achieve anything meaningful.

It’s like you can t use and fill a barrel or a bucket if there s a hole in it – no amount of putting water in will be sufucient to fill it, cause it s leaking out faster then you can re-fill ! One can NOT build something meaningful on sand !
That was my full post on Trump – kind of my farewell to him _ to me, he is DEAD now – doesn t exist anymore !!!
I know, you had and still might have a different take on him (maybe you really have more info that i don t have; sure, could easily be) but please do NOT try to tell me anymore that this ASSHOLE is an integer man – he is NOT – he is a Loser, a complex-ridden bastard and all in all he IS NOT of the future – not worth a further word – PERIOD !
My2cents and my truth and frankly, i do not see any possibility for him to ever change that JUDGEMENT on him anymore.
Sure, I WOULD be open to it ; i am ALWAYS open for someone making an effort to become a BETTER human being – always, no matter what kind of sinner one has been – but frankly , I don’t see ANY MOVE at all in the right direction by him .

(Deleted it , but if you determined , you will find it on the – The “Wayback-machine”….)

Innsbruck, Austria, 15. November 2021  

Liebe Freunde und Mitmenschen – Dear friends and fellow mankind,

IT’S HIGH TIMES – WE’VE GOT TO TALK !  We’ve entered The Heart of (the) Matter !
ES IST AN DER ZEIT – WIR MÜSSEN REDEN ! ….oder wie wir in Österreich sagen : “MANDA ‘SCH ZEIT !!!!!”

….und es gibt VIELE, ähnliche schwerwiegende und fundamentale – nennen wir es mal “Unausgewogenheiten”, um nicht das harte Wort “VERBRECHEN GEGEN DIE MENSCHLICHKEIT” sofort zu bemühen; in fast allen anderen Ländern unserer Erde/Welt.

Das hier ist z.B. ein grosser Teil des DEUTSCHEN Dilemmas. Stefan Ratzeburg…..

The LEGACY of Wilhelm I. of Prussia (Germany) – Das Erbe Wilhelm’s I.

….and there are many similar “schemes of CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY on the HIGHEST Level of our organised civilisation(s)” in almost all other countries worldwide. This if for example a huge part of the completely criminally distorted GERMAN situation.

anyway, Anna von Reitz/Riezinger;  Fiduciary – The United States of America and wife of the current, actual Head of State of America ( The Federation as it stands right now – let her explain the details HERSELF) is giving YOU ALL a quite compelling introduction-Memo and overview where We, mankind, stand and where the actual problems are.

enjoy reading, sincerely

PS:….Oh and , sure , this info has long been shared behind the scenes long before today !

Just, go and ask The LORD HIGH STEWARD (of The High Seas) EARL of SHREWSBURY (A very integer Man, as far as I can see it from “the distance”; I love that !) and the likes….. just, so, that YOU know !


Sunday, November 14, 2021
For the Entire World to Know and Remember — Especially the High Courts
 By Anna Von Reitz; Fiduciary – The United States of America

The Federation is not the Federal Republic, never said it was and never pretended to be. 
The Federation (1776) predates the Federal Republic (1787) by eleven years. 
Moreover, the Federation is a completely different kind of entity than the Federal Republic. 
The Federation is an unincorporated Holding Company formed by the States of the Union.  
The Federation holds the “mutual” combined “powers” of the States in international and global jurisdiction.  
Our unincorporated Federation of States does business as The United States of America.  
Our Federation of States has never been incorporated, and in fact, cannot be incorporated.  
Our Federation of States has never been bankrupted, either —-  it’s not eligible for bankruptcy protection.  
Our Federation’s members, the States of the Union, are all sovereign entities that are also unincorporated.  

So, now that you all finally have that much down and clearly stated in black and white and put in front of your noses, turn your consideration to what the Federal Republic is. 
The Federal Republic is an American Federal Subcontractor that is supposed to be run by the Confederation of States(1781) which was formed by the States of the Union doing business as the States of America. 
The States of the Union formed both the Federation (1776) –as described above, and the Confederation of States (1781).  
Get it?  Federation and Confederation, both owned by the States of the Union.  
The Federal Republic is a Federal Subcontractor that is supposed to be run by the Confederation of States formed under The Articles of Confederation in 1781. 
But the Confederation of States split apart and ceased operating in 1860 — yielding the Northern Confederation of States doing business as ‘the Union” and the Southern Confederation of States doing business as “The Confederate States of America”.  
When the Confederation split up and stopped doing business for lack of quorum, the Federal Republic it owned (and was supposed to operate) shut down, too.  
Neither the Confederation nor the Federal Republic have operated since the Civil War. 
Now that those facts have been clearly stated in black and white and placed under your noses, turn your consideration to what it would take for these businesses to be “Reconstructed” and also to the order in which they would have to be “Reconstructed”.  
The Confederation created, owned, and operated the Federal Republic, so the Confederation logically has to be reconstructed first.
So how could we reconstruct the Confederation of States? 
The same way that they were constructed in the first place.  
The States of the Union would have to be assembled, brought into Session, and each State would have to create its own Confederate State doing business as a State-of-State organization.  
Those new “reconstructed” American State-of-State business organizations would then have to join together to reconstruct and recreate the Confederation of States as a whole. 
And the Confederation of States would have to reconstruct and operate the Federal Republic. 
The Federal Republic would then be the American Federal Subcontractor owed the powers and the juicy federal service contracts originally conveyed by The Constitution for the united States of America (1787).  

Now that you have that situation in view, with the States of the Union being assembled first,, each State of the Union creating its own State of State organization, then bringing them together to recreate the Confederation of States, and the Confederation of States rebuilding the Federal Republic — you see how complex the required Reconstruction really is. 
There is only one shortcut possible, one way for this country to legitimately function while all this Reconstruction takes place— and that is for the States of the Union and the Federation of States to take direct control.  
Our country functioned in exactly this way for five years from 1776 to 1781, so there is past precedent for doing it this way.  
It must also be pointed out that all three Federal Constitutions are owed to the States of the Union and guaranteed by the Federation of States and its Members. 

By Operation of Law, all the Delegated Powers that were assigned to Federal Subcontractors by the Federation of States doing business as The United States of America have returned to the Delegator upon the Federal Subcontractor’s Failure to Perform.  
That is, the powers assigned to the Federal Republic returned to the Federation of States in 1860.  The powers assigned to the British Territorial United States returned to the Federation of States in 1907.  The powers assigned to the Municipal United States returned to the Federation of States in 1925.  
Everything that has gone on since then has gone on via a process of “legal presumption” and “assumption of contracts”.
The other Principals responsible for honoring the Federal Constitutions, the British Monarchs, the Holy See, and the Lord Mayor of London, have all acted in Gross Breach of Trust and under color of law have pillaged and plundered and misrepresented America and the American people ever since.  
In 1980, then-President Jimmy Carter, attempted to wash his hands of this situation by legally surrendering possession of all our state offices to the United Nations.  
The original Americans who were presumed to be “missing” and “lost at sea, presumed dead” because our American Government wasn’t visible and in Session, became Internationally Protected Persons and de facto Wards of the United Nations Organization — but the U.S. Congress had also held the United Nations harmless and unaccountable for this responsibility by passing the International Organizations Immunity Act.  
In 1998, just before another disastrous Bankruptcy Fraud Cycle completed in 1999-2000, a handful of surviving progeny of the Officers of the original Federation of States served Notice on the Holy See and the Queen of Great Britain, objecting to the fraud and Breach of Trust, and announcing that no, our American Government was still alive.  
We observed to them and to you, that a Government “of, for, and by” the People can never die. 
And we proceeded to locate a minimum of two (2) such People in every State of the Union to act as the lawful Assembly Inheritors.  All these men met the requirements to be State Citizens.  All these men were qualified Inheritors.  All of them have the lineage to be grandfathered-in to the original Constitutional contracts.  
The Federation of States was reborn and though it would take more research and a great deal more work, every State of the Union was reclaimed by Americans for Americans.  

The next step was to unravel the self-serving legal presumptions that were used to deliberately misidentify and disinherit the actual Americans.  
Next, we had to develop a sound legal process to restore Americans to their natural birthright political status.  
Next, we had to record their political status in the International Public Record. 
Next, we had to summon the States of the Union into Session and qualify and record the members of each State Assembly.  

The Federation of States and the General Assemblies of all Fifty American States of the Union have been in Session continuously for well over a year.  
No country or government on Earth has any justification to ignore or gainsay these facts.  
Our actual Government was never designed to be in continuous Session.  It was designed so that the people of this country could enjoy their lives and conduct their own business without an undue burden — or expense — being imposed by their Public Duty to Self-Govern. 
That Public Duty has been answered and fulfilled. Our Government is not in any interregnum. Our Post Office is not vacated.  

All right, title, and interest related to this country vests in its sons and daughters, the living people who are here and who have been here continuously for generations.  
There is no basis to claim the existence of a Federal Republic at this point. 
Our Federal Republic has been in mothballs since 1860 and there has been no time to take the necessary steps to complete the aforementioned steps to complete Reconstruction of the American States of States that would give rise to a new Confederation which would give rise to a new Federal Republic.  
There is no reason that the lawful Federation of States and their State Members, which are all States of the Union, cannot operate a new Federal Republic, but  those who are proposing to rebirth the Federal Republic are not acting lawfully or logically at this point. 
It appears to be yet another attempt by foreign interests to defraud the American Public and pretend that they are associated with us when in fact they are not — for the purpose of unjust enrichment, impersonation, and credit fraud.  

Our “good faith and credit’ applies to our own American Government and to our Constitutional obligations as stipulated; it does not apply to the British Territorial United States nor to the Municipal United States, both of which are supposed to submit their budgets to our Congress –not their Congress–  for approval and for payment via International Bills of Exchange drawn as credit provided by our gold and silver reserves.  
Instead, these Pikers have been cashiering our gold and silver as belonging to “unknown owners” and pretending in the case of the World Bank, that these assets, including 14,000 tons of gold confiscated illegally from Americans by the Administration of Franklin Delano Roosevelt and given to the World Bank/IBRD, are “abandoned”.  
We are here to tell you that our American Government is alive and well and not one scrap of American land, soil, credit, or any other asset is abandoned.  

We are also here to tell you that we are booting up to clean out the criminal corporate interests, interlocking trust directorates, and corrupt foreign courts which have plagued not only our country, but virtually all the members of the United Nations as well.  
If anyone has any questions I am here to tell you that our Federation is not the Federal Republic.  Our Federation is the only American Government with the standing and provenance to act for this country or operate any new Federal Republic Subcontractor. 
We have informed Mr. Trump and the U.S. Military to no avail.  Despite their obligation to take their orders from the civilian government — the American Government — and despite the fact that we are the only lawful and qualified and fully populated civilian government present, they have persisted with efforts to overturn our country and our heritage and our history by severing us from our roots and from the actual Declaration of independence upon which our lawful American Government rests.  
These misguided Persons acting as British Territorial U.S. Citizens have attempted to issue “new” Declarations of Independence, have failed to notify Americans in their employment regarding their political status choices, have evaded their Constitutional obligations owed to us, and have willfully continued a de facto military dictatorship in this country since March of 1863.  They have acted upon non-existent, never granted “Emergency Powers” and under the False Presumption that the demise of the Federal Republic heralded the demise of the Federation of States as well.  

In fact, the Federation of States and its Member States of the Union, were never involved in the so-called American Civil War, which was fought entirely as an illegal commercial mercenary conflict on our shores and then illegally and immorally and unlawfully continued by our erstwhile British Territorial and Municipal Subcontractors, despite their obligations to The Hague Conventions and The Geneva Conventions. 
Both of these European “Federal” Subcontractors have operated in Gross Breach of Trust and in Violation of their Commercial Contracts for generations.  The international community has turned a blind eye to the rape and pillaging of America by these foreign interests, to its own shame and detriment.  The international community has thus far gone along and pandered to these criminals and blamed America for their war-mongering and predation and racketeering against innocent people throughout the world.  
No more.  
Therefore we are invoking all Treaties owed to us by all Governments worldwide, and all contracts owed to us by all Governments worldwide, and we are providing Notice to the High Courts.  We are calling out to the loyal elements of our Armed Forces to do what must be done to rectify this situation, and to Mr. Trump in particular, to recognize the facts and circumstance set forth with specificity herein.  
We are the long-lost Principals, the Priority Creditors, and the only ones that can give the military the contracts and the lawful authority to act.  We are also the only ones with the standing, provenance, established claims, and assets to pay them for lawful service as soldiers instead of misusing them as cheap mercenaries without even securing their consent to this outrageous circumstance.
We, the living people of this country and every other country, are now under attack.  (SIC !!!!! )
Our private physicians have been coerced under color of law to register themselves as Medical Doctors, resulting in an undisclosed contractual obligation to act as Uniformed Officers subject to Title 37 of the British Territorial Government’s Federal Code.  This allows that same foreign Subcontractor to illegally press-gang and conscript our health professionals and misdirect them to knowingly and unknowingly murder people misidentified as “enemy combatants”.  

There are no enemy combatants here.  There are only crooks and criminals operating in self-interest and for profit. 

Our Assemblies have declared the end of the American Civil War, and all the States have accepted the Peace.  The Peace Treaty has been published.  The International Proclamation has been issued by our Head of State.  
The deployment of an illegal experimental bioweapon by the British Territorial United States Government using our physicians as Uniformed Officers is an Act of War by the Governments of Great Britain and Westminster, carried out under color of law.  
We call upon the Russian Government to honor the American-Russian Alliance and for all other countries and people to heed our warning.  The purpose of this is criminal unjust enrichment.  The perpetrators are not Americans, though they appear to be.  They are in fact British Territorial Subjects.  
The American Federation of States is committed to peace and always has been.  Our Government has officially been at peace since 1814.  
All people of goodwill and all people of common sense and moral conscience worldwide are called upon to look at this situation and take action, or be counted as accomplices to these crimes against humanity. 

                                 Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary                                                          
                                The United States of America

Innsbruck, Austria  5th of November

Liebe Freunde und Mitmenschen – Dear Friends and Fellow Men & Women,

Wenn ich Du/Sie wäre; würde ich es LESEN WOLLEN !
If I were you, I’d WANT TO READ it !

Doch geht es nicht etwa darum , das ich irgendwen von irgendetwas überzeugen will oder das irgendwer meinen durchaus vielen und auch pointierten Aussagen zustimmt. Das ist mir alles egal – NIEMAND muss,soll, ist aufgefordert irgendetwas zu “übernehmen” oder zuzustimmen.
worauf ich allerdings bestehe sind die FRAGEN , welche ich bearbeite:
Ja, darauf bestehe ich, das ich felsenfest behaupte: Diese Fragen MÜSSEN – öffentlich als gesamte Gesellschaft und längerfristig auch als Weltgemeinschaft – tiefgreifend und umfassend bearbeitet werden.
Ich wollte nie und will es auch jetzt nicht im Geringsten anstreben , mich in irgendeiner Weise über die Freiheit und Selbstbestimmtheit auch nur eines anderen Menschen zu erheben und der Menschheit versuchen , “ausschliesslich meine Sicht der Wirklichkeit” aufzudrängen – NEIN !!!
Nein – wollte ich nie, habe ich nie und werde ich nicht und will ich auch gar nicht !
Ich habe “meine” Fragen beigetragen …..und schon auch so einiges an “kleinen Juwelen an echter lebendiger Weisheit”.
Das wird Uns die Zeit schon noch deutlich allen zusammen vor Augen führen ……. das ist schon Alles “nicht so ganz dumm”, was ich da in meinen 55 Gesammelten Briefen in die Freiheit von mir gebe.
Ich will die Diskussion – UNAUFHALTSAM -in Gang bringen – nicht mehr und nicht weniger.

Danke für Ihre/Eure Aufmerksamkeit, in Freundschaft,


….anyways , it s NOT about that anyone “has to agree” to anything I say; NOPE !
I did and I still do offer QUESTIONS !
 ..and sure, I give a lot of statements, possible answers and how and what I see – and there is quite some intelligence and wisdom within my words, no question – BUT again :
 It s not about agreeing or disagreeing.
 I do NOT want to try to “force everybody under my vision of reality and things and the future” – NO, NO, NO !
I never did that , never wanted that and nver will do or aspire that.
But what I INSIST in doing is bringing up my QUESTIONS and insisting that these questions MUST be worked upon intensively and PUBLICLY and in good faith and – sooner or later – on a global scale as well. 
 Again, I do NOT claim to want to be anything near a position of forcing my views onto only a single other man – but I do insist that these Questions MUST be worked upon.
And, sure, the wisdom and ideas and facts and knowlege that I gave and tried to offer is for sure, not too bad as well …..but that s only my offer – we are , at least that s what is said – 7,5 billion men and women ; and they all have a saying in our – mankind’s – future course – A’HO !

Thanks for your attention , in friendship,


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The Evil,No support,just you & the Universe-Das Böse,Keine Unterstützungs nur Du & das Universum
Berolarus, The EX-Sirian – Berolarus, Der EX-Sirianer
Let´s talk about SHAME & Heroin & The Shadow – Reden wir über SCHAM & Heroin & Den Schatten
MERCURY-It’s ALWAYS Mercury – Quecksilber-Es ist Immer Quecksilber
Imagine there’s a war but nobody would go – Stellen Sie sich vor, es gibt Krieg – aber niemand würde hingehen
The Joke – A phenomenal ability of our Consciousness – Der Witz – Eine der grössten Geistesleistungen des Menschen
Tango de la muerte – L’Homme et l’Amour – Gott liebt auch Dich – Flug über den Wolken – Engel`s Obacht – Zyklus
Sailing under false flag or The Come-back – The Flower of Phnom Penh
El Sapo – The Frog – January 20th 2009 – A Tale of Two (In-) Augurations …. or The ACTUAL Deliverer of The 5th World
I AM CORONA – Decoding The Mystery about Santa Corona – Santa Stephana
Sunday´s Apocalypse Quiz
A Few Words About Death
The Final Curtain – APOCALYPTO; the last lesson, my dear fellow mankind, is to learn to recognise a FALSE PROPHET
Let me tell you why Space Force now
The Essence of ALL the Great Fraud – Grand Delusion – Great Awakening of mankind – Realisation
We – mankind – are a PEACE-PROJECT !
The Dharma – The Way – The Dao – The Essence of each and every Religion and Spiritual Process
The innocent and ecstatic laughter of Children
My UN-speech; 11th of september 2019 – “HOW DARE YOU !”
The Black Swan – The Grey Swan – The Rainbow (Meta-) Swan Anti-Mandelbrot-Swan
Aboriginal myth of the two creation sisters – Aboriginal-schoepfungsmythos der zwei Schoepfungs-zwillings-schwestern
Post Scriptum – Letters into Freedom feat. Memo for Mankind – “Yes, The Truth has a Tongue”
Epilog – Letters into Freedom – English & German
Nachwort  –  english & german
Homo Spiritus CosmoLogicus Vitalis @AxisMundi
In english & german language
The Jester’s Dance is The Jester’s Defence – Des Narren Tanz ist des Narren Verteidigung
Des Narren Tanz ist des Narren Verteidigung   –  english & german
Der Tanz der Erde – Willkommen zu Hause – Der “Syrische Tanz”
Die wahre Bewegung der Erde und ihrer Achse – Wisssenschaftliche Entdeckung – Text + Video  –  Deutsch
Current Official (cosmological & planetary) Science is utmost NONSENSE
Die derzeitige offizielle (kosmologische und planetarische) Wissenschaft ist absolut unsinnig und nicht korrekt – english & german
The End – The Beginning – of the Time after Time – TJUKURPA – The DREAMTIME
Das Ende – der Anfang – der Zeit nach der Zeit – TJUKURPA – Die TRAUMZEIT  –  english & german
THE BLUEPRINT for WORLD PEACE – PEACE OF PHILIPPI – Die Blaupause für Weltfrieden – Der Friede von Philippi
Die Blaupause für Weltfrieden  –  Text + Video  –  english & german
Breakthrough into Freedom & WELCOME TO FREEDOM
Einbruch in die Freiheit  –  Text + Video  –  english & german
What is Law, what are Rights and what is Justice – Letters into freedom -Was ist Recht , Was ist Gesetz , Was ist Gerechtigkeit
Was ist Recht – Was ist Gesetz – Was ist Gerechtigkeit ……. Video english & german
The Flower of Phnom Penh
Poem english
Engel´s Obacht
Gedicht deutsch
Duc Rudolph de Bigagnots – El Caballero de Las Conchas – Duke of Snails & Slugs – Graf von Schnecken
Video deutsch – Philosophisches  –  “Graf Rudolph von Schnecken’
The Dance of Earth – Welcome Home – The “Syrian Dance” – The True Motion of Earth and its Axis
Scientific Discovery-Paper + video – english  –  The True Motion of Earth and its Axis
Der Tanz der Erde – Willkommen zu Hause – Der “Syrische Tanz”- Die Wahre Bewegung der Erde und ihrer Achse
Wisssenschaftliche Entdeckung + Video  –  Deutsch  –  Die wahre Bewegung der Erde und ihrer Achse

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