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Bridge to and back from STALINGRAD; over the River Bug, Southern Ukraine, sometimes in the 40’s !
SKR-Bridge-System – Sattler-Krupp-Reichsbahn/Rheinmetal -System
My Grandfather’s invention – Prof. Dr.Dr.h.c.Prof. Dipl.-Ing.Konrad Sattler
Grandpa !

Liebe Freunde, Dear Friends,

For those who are interested in REAL German History (the last 75 years) – prof, William Toel is doing a lot of Great for bringing in truth and clarity what actually is the Heart of The Famous German Question/Problem.


He is an American who dedicated his life to undo the immense injustices that have been intentionally done to the Germans before and – that s his main focus – AFTER 1945 !!!

When and how the Allies got together to meticulously analyse the german history and culture and find out what always made them such a successful, healthy and creative and loving and caring culture …… only to come up with the most sinister, evil, contrary to ALL international laws, conventions and norms of mutual beneficial relations, and wicked plans to completely EMASCULATE, CASTRATE, CUT THEM OFF FROM THEIR heritage and ancesteral lines and not only put them into servitude forever but , indeed, to ANNIHILATE and ROOT-OUT the culture and even it’s memory for once and all !!!

What a crime against MANKIND !

Bet you all heard the word “BLETCHLEY PARK ” ???!!!!!!!
So, no more questions, right ?


The “perfect” continuation of this bastard Churchill’s marching order:
“We are not fighting the German Army/Wehrmacht; we are not fighting the Nazis and we are not even fighting against Adolf Hitler  –  what we are fighting against is the SPIRIT of SCHILLER !” (Friedrich Schiller, German poet, writer, philosoph and Freedom-figure)

You’ve heard the saying: “The most potent weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed !”

anyway, the TIDE IS TURNING , NOW – can YOU feel it ???????????

And it s heartwarming , to see a man like him is standing up for your people and is helping them/us to re-grow a spine.
Such MEN have a special place in heaven reserved for them , trust me !

Hugs and Best wishes, stay focussed , yours truly,

one-hour-videotalk in english with german subtitles (Prof.William Toel):
Deutschland befreit sich, Neue Weltordnung scheitert – Prof. William Toel im Gespräch (Germany is freeing herself- NWO is dissolving and crumbling!)

Youtube-channel William Toel (ENGLISH language with german subtitles):

Die sieben Ungerechtigkeiten – William & Lisa Toel [HÖRBUCH Deutsch] – AUDIO-BOOK “The Seven Injustices against Germany and the Germans”

ENDLICH ENTHÜLLT – Die sieben Ungerechtigkeiten gegen Deutschland (Neues Buch) – 2 minutes

Prof. William Toel – Es geht los!  –   2 minutes

UNSER NEUES BUCH – Wichtige Informationen

EIN AUFRUF – Die verlorenen Worte der Deutschen

Follow the official Telegram channel:

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