FREEDOM & RELIGIOUS FREEDOM – The Magic Bullet of November 22nd 2021- Make Austria Free Again


The Magic Bullet of November 22nd 2021

“What you people still fail to understand is that freedom doesn’t mean “without any rules” but on the contrary:

Freedom is THE Rule !
The ultimate Rule.

The ONE Rule from which ALL other Rules are and have been derived – big and small; worldly and “other-wordly”, material and non-material (Btw, who could ever clearly show and demonstrate where the one begins and the other ends? I, for One, havn’t met or heard of anybody yet , who has mastered that challenge; just a whole lot of “Self-declared Gurus and Prophets” Big-mouthing around !)

FREEDOM is A Rule – THE Rule !

Now, then what exactly is freedom ?

Well, you all heard the saying :
“Freedom is not the right to do whatever you want – but is the right to NOT do what you do NOT want to do/seems appropriate/can’t agree with/for you is deemed WRONG or FALSE or EVIL or UNTRUE or against The Rule (Freedom – and NOT only your/my freedom but sure, the Freedom of ALL other “participants involved, who have been granted this same right/freedom/authority/claim/heritage/destiny/etc.”).

You see, Freedom is a Double-Edged Sword !

And, it ‘s PERFECTLY ok and right and wonderful that it is like this; there is perfect balanced cosmic sense in this .

And the sharpness of the blades are each DEPENDING on each other, so to speak.
You’ll stop honoring the freedom of others , it’s just a question of “when” you’ll lose access to your own (to-every-healthy-and-honourable-Man-immanent) freedom.

Freedom and responsibility are intrinsically linked with each other (Ever heard the word ‘Karma’ ???) – that’s why I (and many others ) said:

Freedom is a RULE !

….it’s NOT the wet dream of an immature, self-entangled, mentally masturbating, hopelessly lost third-class false prophet; No, that’s NOT what freedom is.

Truth is:

Freedom is a Challenge – THE challenge and it takes the greatest integrity and courage and dignity to face freedom – and thus face your TRUE Self ….and thus face THE TRUE ……. LIFE ITSELF !

So, now while we are at it, let’s be clear with this socalled “Religious freedom”, too:

If the above is true and valid, then it is also true and correct and valid, that “Religious Freedom” does NOT mean that you can manifest/exercise/actively perform OUTSIDE of your head ( what you do and believe within your head and home is your business; we are not talking about that , but only what you BRING OUT into the REAL world based on your religious belief) whatever crazy or phantastic things and deeds you want – NO !

It means that I (you and every other) am free and have the right to be NOT bothered the least bit by ANY other form of religion and religious belief WHATSOEVER , that is NOT coming from me, myself, my Inner core and descision and authority – it’s already BORN-IN, so absolutely NO NEED to violently infringe and try to force-feed any FOREIGN “god” into me or anybody else for that matter.

YOU are ALL free and have the frickin right to be left alone with ALL this Bullshit !!!

And, just for the record:
I do NOT consent , comply, agree or accept any of the current official and institutionalised religions and cults and/or their messengers – PERIOD !

So, now when I raise my head and look out into the world; well, I see the exact opposite of that is done to me (and all others, if they have eyes to see !) for all my life from birth to still now at age 47.

My religious freedom , to be left alone with all your half-truths, lies and sinister fairy-tales that ALL of you try to sell as truths (Can’t you see the irony of it , when you all are contradicting each other a billion times, cause each of your gods is different and you all are fighting tooth and nails to convince each other of the superiority of your gods…..oh, how hilarious and frankly a very sad and sarcastic irony of fate.) is constantly violated on all levels of life:
media, science, judicial system, religious indoctrinations, many many WARS becaus of this stupidity, the constant “Hunger Games” on this planet and lot’s more.

If you can follow the logic and validity of my words then you will now clearly see that the violation of the religious freedom is indeed the basis for all other violations against freedom – my freedom, your freedom, each one’s freedom.
The individual freedom as well as the freedom of the community/society/state/people/etc. because – Hello, WAKE UP – the community is BUILT OUT OF HEALTHY and FREE and SOUVEREIGN LIVING INDIVIDUAL Human Beings ( Man & Woman …… plus kids).

There is not one without the other – PERIOD.

It’s not rocket-science – not at all.

It’s the most basic and fundamental logic and Cosmic Law.

So, we can say:

Religious Freedom IS Freedom …..or , if you prefer:
Freedom IS Religious Freedom – the right to be left alone with all the outside, pseudo-wise infringements from EVERYBODY and EVERY outside God because the whole frickin’ world knows, that WE ALL HAVE OUR OWN INDIVIDUAL CONNECTION TO LIFE ITSELF/the source/what many would call god/The Pure Essence/The All That Is/etc. – PERIOD !

It’s NOT rocket-science, my friends !

What it takes, is KEENNESS, SINCERITY, Honor , Dignity and WILL/Intent/Purpose ….that’s what it takes; the rest is easy !”

Hugs and kisses, my friends,
Heads up, yours truly,

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