Key 1 – Stefan von Ratz(e)burg – The True Heir of The Domanium/Sovereignty Rights/Hoheitsrechte of The King of Prussia

Key 1 – Touchè !

Stefan von Ratz(e)burg

10 minute-video; slides in German language: Q.e.d. !

Der Schattenhofstaat LÜDENSCHEID- The Shadow Court of Lüdenscheid

Was geschah mit den Hoheitsrechten des Königs von Preussen :

What happened to the Sovereignty Rights of the King of Prussia

  • bis zum Tod Wilhelm I. (Until the death of Wilhelm I.)
  • nach seinem Tod (After his death)
  • nach 1945 (After 1945)

Und was das mit America und dem Act of 1871 (22.february 1871) zu tun hat !

And what that has to do with the Act of 1871 (22.february 1871) in the U.S.A. Yes, this fraud is intimately connected to what happened to you, Americans and the fraud that Lincoln pulled on the American people !

Die “Maschine” , die die Hochfinanz mittels Bismarck aus den

dem Deutschen Reich
und den Lüneburgischen Sonderrechten

gebaut hatte, konnte als Babylon System weiterlaufen.

The machine built by the “International High Finance” via Bismarck out of the

the German Reich
and the Special Sovereignty Rights of Lüneburg,

could now run as the Babylon System.

And a lot more !

Read it, translate it and get the huge implications for – Yes – today’s world !

Check it out; or haven’t you all cried out loud for decades now for The Truth ?

Here you have The Truth !

Can you handle The Truth, my friend ?
That’s the real question !

Greetings, yours truly,

PS: Oh and while we are at it:

You will see in the next few days and the coming weeks in December The Russians will now enter the “Ring of Discussing International Law & The Correctness of ‘Continuance of Standing and of International Law Treaties’ and recent events and history” and they will officially question the lawful standing and correctness of what happened – primarily but not limited – 30 years ago when the so-called Sowjet Union collapsed and the “former Sowjet Republics” became kind of independent.

Yes, it’s in the making for quite some time now and everything is indeed indicating that this is happening right now – in December .

Mark my words – and No:

It’s not about re-building the Sowjet Union – it’s about clearing the – intentional and unintentional – mistakes and faults of the past.

Does that mean , that Putin and his Russia is the proverbial Saint ?

Well, probably not – but, hey, tell me:

Who of You is ?

Yes, there is something rotten in Denmark, my friends – and not (only) in Denmark per se – but almost all over the globe in so many countries/nations/lawful-sovereign standing of the people(s) of the earth.

So, let’s change this !

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