Writing A New Narrative – Confessions of The Russian Hacker- Schroedinger’s King – The Stephana-Virus-Karma-Variant

Writing A New Narrative – That’s what I do for 7 years !

Do you understand now , why I am stressing and insisting for 7 years now on the importance of the Narrative – the story-line – the storytelling as The Most Powerful Tool in your hands ; but as most of you are still fully asleep this tool is sadly in the hands of the Slave-master.

You all called and still call me crazy for showing you exactly how you all are still controlled through the narrative of your life and reality – it’s not your story – you all are just a copy and you don’t even know it and have the guts to face this truth.

What a sad, spiritually crippled mankindyou are : Living a narrative that is not only stupid, self-contradictory, evil and murdering, ugly and full of lies but even more :

Not even your own narrative.
What a pity shame all you are !

I couldn’t imagine a greater shame and failure in my life !

That’s why I insisted to show you that all your religions and your messengers are nothing but Gatekeepers – wittingly or unwittingly – installed as blueprints for your own controlled, supervised and heavily trimmed growth and independence.

For the dummies among you :
The Religions are the Champions League of Storytelling in case you idiot haven’t got that until now.

But you idiots still call me the idiot and go back to your dumb slave-religions where there is no role of acting, being free and being free and self-determined Life for you and your own self – always just servant, slave, number two, always limited and never allowed to grow beyond the “teacher” .

Always only an object for others – never the real subject for yourself.

No, not in your bloody hateful , evil religions with your gods where all of you idiots still haven’t understood that they are invented as group-entities by races that you idiots have no clue about – but like any good idiot-slave in a Cargo-cult you behave the same and pray to rubbish and glitter of a failed other civilization to come and deliver you from evil and blindness and stupidity.

And hate and kill the brothers who come to you and try to warn you – same old same old for millennia.

You haven’t learned a single lesson in tens of thousands of years.

You are book-idolising-slavery-loving-spiritually-crippled Losers !

You see, nobody out there is offering a narrative of a future that is indeed worthwhile living.

Or in other words:
None of the current civilizations here are in fact offering something great and a sacred and free way forward for mankind :
Not the western civilization in it s current sad and dis-integer form, not the Chinese model of civilization , not the Muslim way, not the Indian way and not the Russian Orthodox-christian way either.

You are all just using what you proudly call your traditions because it’s the most powerful narrative in your hands to control the people – not to free them and sure enough not because there is truth within or you yourself believe in any of this lofty and sinister falsified fairy-tales.

No, you all are opportunists when it comes to religion ; all of you – Period.

You believe what you believe not because you ever sat down and asked yourself if you agree with all of the implications and the truth within that stories – No , Never did you do this.
You believe what you believe because it is the easiest way for you and the way you yourself think you can profit the most from, cause it s familiar and so you know how to handle it and how to act accordingly to impress others with your goodness and correctness, you loser.

Well, anyway, that’s over now here on Earth – I made sure that this ridiculous kindergarten is over now for once and all by showing you some actual truth about the Living Reality; showing you the true motion of earth and its axis , annihilating all your false physics and cosmology and thus collapse all of your false religion-narratives !

Bang – Done – Period – Q.e.d.

Confessions of The Russian Hacker – Schroedinger’s King

Seven years of hard work – but eventually The Empire of Chaos, Lies, Death and Deception is dead; yes, the body is still twitching a little here and there – but it is already dead !

Or do you really think – as Dimitry Orlov, the author of the article http://thesaker.is/russias-greatest-weapon-is-not-a-weapon/ seemingly does – that this tidal wave change has come by itself ?

Really ?
Well, Nope !

Someone has given birth to the Intention behind all of this – and No, it wasn’t any Russian at all.

And I told Them even long in advance that I’m going to make The Brutus-Move on Them (the current western failed civilization model and its leading protagonists) -Quote:

Innsbruck, 16th of march 2015 — ‘The Ides of March

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen

Especially at the Russian embassies in Germany and Austria; sent to the whole world – Everybody, All movers & shakers; the evil-ones and the pure-heart-ones for the last 6 years.


Check mate, dear Caesar ! Russia offers Germany a Peace-treaty

Two brotherly peoples make peace – for the benefit and joy of the whole world.

This peace is called Peace of Philippi because in memory of Marcus Iunius Brutus, who is said to have
died in the year 42 BC in the battle of Philippi and before had been the only one ( You too,Brutus,my son ?) who did stand up against Caesar out of a pure heart – and not for the own benefit but for the benefit and freedom for all mankind !

We are doing something very similar – except we are not killing but making real,true peace; and through that will stop war for once and all.

I guess ,you all are familiar with these Grand-Chessboard-Analogies – The Heartland-theory and all these geopolitical implications….Mackinder/Brzezinski/Kissinger/etc.- STRATFOR (Strategic Forecasting Inc.) George Friedman etc. – have you heard his speech,recently ?

Any more questions ?

Ok, let’s play Chess:

If Russia and Germany are playing together,that just can mean one thing :
Check mate for the Empire – The Octopus – the Cancer of Mankind- the Cabal !

So, let’s get this done : here is the solution for our current human geopolitical dilemma.’

For full text follow link !

THE BLUEPRINT for WORLD PEACE – PEACE OF PHILIPPI – Die Blaupause für Weltfrieden – Der Friede von Philippi

PS: And no; I haven’t done this for the Russians or anybody else other than Mankind as a whole, Earth, Life Itself and Yes, myself as well – for, however tiny and small, I am a part of The Whole – The Whole Living Thing, too.

Life & Life Itself is not only his-story but also My (and Your) story, too !

Gotcha – The Stephan-Virus

Oh, I almost forgot: There is one thing I haven’t told you yet for I thought it not to be of too much importance. But , well, surprisingly it is very important for you ; especially my dear Intelligence Agents who are surveilling me for the last more than 6 years and my dear Agents of the self-proclaimed world-ruling elite-imbeciles.

See, the thing is I am fully well aware that I have shared fundamental secrets of the mechanics of energy, matter and consciousness and much wisdom of the wheel-works of the cosmos, Life Itself and our, the human , consciousness and energetic bodies and what one can actually do with it, if free will and Mastery of Intent is applied in an integer and appropriate way.

Yes, in short, for those with eyes to see, I taught you a Masterclass in Applied Magics !

Yeah, although my real aim was and is to spread wisdom and enlightenment to mankind in order for us all to achieve and live freedom, world-peace and a sacred relationship with Life Itself; it was very clear to me that the first ones to catch up on the information I was spreading for 7 years now, would be the elite-suckers who are always on the hunt for new and more powerful and especially magical weapons.

Well, what they obviously don’t understand and what I didn’t bother to tell them is that the kind of magic weaponry I use and showed them is Spiritual Weaponry , meaning that what activates and fires it up is You, yourself – more precisely your intent and , let’s call it, the purity and integrity of your intent- and not just some spiritual weapon but I’m talking the Champion’s League of Cosmic Weaponry.

Yeah, you see, I didn’t talk about that , because for me it’s no issue – unless in self-defense – to use it as a weapon to violate the sovereignty of another man by force.

Well, you should know that, if you use a spiritual tool with an “unhealthy” intention, it’s not that it doesn’t work .
It does work – but it doesn’t work as per you intended but it will seek you as The Target and all invested energy/will/emotion/pain/infringement/force is multiplied and redirected to your very own heart and being !

Now, you want me to be honest with you, you imbecile, incompetent and obnoxious self-proclaimed world-ruling elite:

You, idiots, fell for it !
Hahahaha !

Hook, line and sinker – hahhaha – well, now, it’s too late: Now, you have infected yourself already far beyond the point of total contamination and the point of no return – and for the whole world to see and witness – the Emperor is naked.

You idiots couldn’t resist the shiny-shiny-bling-bling magic power that you thought you are so smart to steal and imitate and try to perform with for your own selfish, evil goals.

What a stupid little idiot you Illuminati are !

Really, like the monkey idiot in the monkey-trap which just works because the monkey is too dumb too realize that it is his hand (his greed) alone that got him trapped.

That’s you – my dear elite/cabal.Oh, and no amount of opening the hand will help you anymore now; as I said: It s too late now for you – you are infected now, beyond healing – infected with the Karma-Variant.

The Stephana-Virus-Karma-Variant !

PS: Did you know that Tianjin means The Ford to Heaven ? Interesting, isn’t it ?

I wonder who would want to “set fire to the passage to heaven” . And a very historical place as well; indeed !

Go, ask any Chinese about Tianjin and about it’s importance for China and then recognise the look in their faces – how they are starring at you for a short moment with a look , as if thousands of generations of Chinese would look through his eyes and intensively focus on you.

Yep, that’s Tianjin !
Hugs and Respect to the Chinese People – most of them are probably wonderful people.

Can you imagine how this is for me ?

To me you are all like flat-earthers !

Imagine, you are living on Earth with 7,5 billion people who still believe the Earth is flat !

That’s how it feels for me; being the Man who has brought you the Secret of Planet Earth and The True Motion of Earth and its Axis !
Telling all of you for over 6 years in more than 250.000 mails to all so-called Movers and Shakers around the world; from governments to well-known public figures, from NASA and ESA to Sadhguru and The Vatican; from The Knights of Malta to thousands upon thousands of universities; thousands of media and alt.media, entire parliaments, military and secret Intel Agencies – But Nothing !

To this day, still no one of YOU 7,5 billion flat-earther-flat-brainers has the guts and cojones to publicly admit that you, too, have been a victim of deceit and ignorance and – and this is the really ugly and sad part – still don’t have the integrity and wisdom to do the only thing that will get you out of your self-inflicted ignorance and blindness and thus confusion – and thus freedom and world-peace could reign on this beautiful Earth:

Admit to it and integrate this truth !

It’s that easy ; the moment you do that , you are Free !

And when I use the word free, I mean Free !

Not, as in free to follow me or any shit like that but free to follow Yourself and Your path with and through Life Itself !

That’s what freedom is:
You have freed – Yes, there is work on Your Self involved – your own most Inner Core of your Self and The Life Itself within you and thus have freed your inborn, immanent sacred and magic and Life-giving abilities, energies, realms and Inner Knowing.

You have freed something within You – that’s why we say: You are Free.

Or in other words :
You have freed yourself from something ; from all that which is not you and not Life Itself and not truth.

You’ve done that , we call you free – you haven’t done that , we can’t call you free – obvious, isn’t it ?

So, the choice is still yours and yours only, my dear sweet little 7,5 billion Flat-Earthers – to me you are all like flat-earthers – You can stop this open-air-mental-asylum that this world has descended into right now – not tomorrow but right now; the choice is Yours !

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