I am an Original , an Ab-Original – Still better to be the most miserable Original than being the greatest copy of somebody else !

My Grandpa – Konrad Sattler

The solution to this riddle of Life, Universe and Everything Else is not the choice between going with god or going with the devil – the solution is to step out of that narrative entirely !

You create it – the content/figures/entities of the narrative – by believing in it – you are feeding it your energy, via your fear, your belief in its existence and you are lending it credibility via your concern and your taking it for real – while it is not real !

It s a Fiction !

So, I don’t say that it “doesn’t exist”- it does exist – but it is Not real – it is a fiction !

Do you understand this ?
Do you understand and know the difference between something that is not real and not true and Not existing and something that is not real and not true but existing ?

There are “things” that do exist but are Not real and true – they are harmless !

And sure there are “things” that do exist , are real and are true; as well as all other possible permutations of Existing-Real-True.

But if you believe in them and react to them as if they are real and true you yourself are making them real – You are creating it with your energy and Life Force !

So , imho, better to make sure, that one is creating one’s own narrative and Life and not being a copy of the narrative of someone else.

“Still better to be the most miserable Original than being the greatest copy of somebody else !”

Yours truly,

Me – Stefan Satter – The Grandson – in German grandson is “Enkel” which comes from the old German meaning “The little Grandfather”, So, Yes, I am an Original – but nonetheless, I am proud to be the grandson of my Grandfather – a man of utmost Integrity, Honor and Dignity – not to mention his genius. Go ask anybody in the whole wide world who knew him and who had the honor of being his student, friend, co-worker, post-doctorate-scientist, colleague, family, employer or whatever else; I promise you will not find a single soul on this planet who has only a single negative word to say about him. Everywhere you will hear the same story:

They will tell you what a great, humble and extraordinary man he was, how they learned from him, how he was a guiding example, not only in engineering but even more in ethics, integrity and morals; what they are grateful to him because many, many shining careers were build on the foundational teachings he gave them – and on and on and on.

The name of my Grandfather is a key that unlocks the hearts and minds of everybody who knew him.

I can show you letters of students in Berlin around 1960 when the Berlin Wall was built, who begged him to stay as principal at the Technical University when he decided to go back to his home town Graz/Austria where he was offered the same position at the Kepler University, where he got his great federal merit cross of the State and similar such things. The entire class of students of this year signed this letters and that although he was known to be a very tough and hard teacher.

I can show you letters of The Head of The (in-)famous Krupp-family of that time , where he begged my Grandpa on his knees, offered bribes and houses to my grandpa’s wife (Grandma), doubled and tripled the offered salary and a lot more incentives only to get him back after the war to work again for them (Krupp) – but my Grandpa decided that he was needed by his fellow countrymen more in the position of a brilliant teacher and the principal professor at the Technical University in Berlin to re-build our war-torn nation.

The patents that my Grandpa gave away for free to mankind made these Krupp-suckers billions !

That was my Grandfather – and I am made out of the same “sacred material” – A’ho !

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