Pontifex Maximus – The Great Bridge-Builder

Dear Friends,

Let me tell you something funny – as kind of a teaser for what is coming soon – The Final; because until now it was only the Prelude – Frankly , I’ve just gotten warmed up:

If you look at All Religions you will find that the task for the disciple is always to try to emulate and copy and follow the messenger of that respective religion.
As almost everybody is – in the eyes of the religious authorities – always bad, evil , not sufficient, not good and altruistic enough; not ever as good as the messenger, the religions always talk down to the adepts and in a subtle way are giving them the feeling and convince them that they are not good enough and compared to the messenger are nothing worth mentioning.

Just objects and no subjects themselves – just objects for the use of the messenger and the respective authorized religious authorities.

In one word: A failure !

But – and here comes the kicker which shows the real true face behind this nonsense:

If there comes someone; let’s say you for example and you would go beyond the messenger in your experience, knowing, wisdom and deeds and spiritual achievements – guess what happens ?

Right, again you will be pronounced evil and even more so than if you’d just be a “not that good and hard trying adept”.
You will not only be hated but you will be pronounced Evil, The Devil, The Anti-Messenger, stupid, egoistic and egocentric and even worse you will not only be avoided by friends, family, buddies and society at large but in case you really dare to insist , you will be taken care of – taken care of in a violent way !

One can only lose in this “game” !

You see, whatever you do – you will be called wrong:
Either you are not good enough for the messenger or – if you really take on the challenge and go beyond and find out The Truth for yourself – you will be called even worse names and again you are wrong and did it not correct.

You see, it’s a game one can only lose !

I, for One – as All Man of Integrity and Wisdom – do not play games that are 100% impossible by definition to win. 
Not because winning is that important for me but because I see and clearly recognize that it is a fraud – a game that you can only lose is a sinister and evil trap by some assholes of the lowest value !

Like , you know it from the court-system – cause it’s rigged !
You, XXXX, understand this and would never play such a game; which I do endorse and agree with, my dear.

What you just fail to see, is that there is an even greater fraud – the Religions with their Gods – that is the actual blueprint for all the other frauds you and Neil and many others are trying to solve and undo.

Well, you all will never be successful if you don’t dare to face the real basic underlying problem, trust me – Never !

Same same with the religions – they all (At least the last approx. 15.000 years!) come from what is called “The Law of One” – coming from Thot (The Atlanter) and which is the basis for all current religions.
The core element so to speak : The Union (Yoga translated from Sanskrit), The Oneness, The God, The Creator, The Bliss, The “I-am-You-and-You-are-Me-BS”, The “There-is-nothing-except-the-creator”.

That’s why for all the religious adepts the Highest goal is to dissolve, to vanish, to merge with this god again and give up all individuality !

You  see, to not be !
Well, that’s what is called Death, my friends !

Btw. that’s why I shared my friend, Theresa Talea’s work with you for how many times ?
She (and her mother) has worked on that better than anybody else ever did on Earth !

Yes – that is the dirty secret behind all the current religions:
They managed to make your greatest wish to not be !

It is the same “pleasure” as taking Heroin.

Heroin is the Off-Switch !
It’s absolutely simply and primitive in it’s mechanism – compared with far more complex and challenging and worthwhile Entheogenic experiences – absolutely simple – it’s just strong !

It’s indeed like a switch – Off – you do not feel your “I” anymore, not your body, not your thoughts, not your feelings, not your “soul”, no nothing – just emptiness – complete emptiness !

Just for the record : No , I wouldn’t recommend Heroin as a good choice to experience this – No, please, not at all !
One is literally killing one’s body/whole being to get to this short and always becoming shorter moment of feeling this relief; so the price is ridiculously high and after a very short time, you are burnt out and the way back is almost impossible for most – so, No, not really an option.

Like I told you: I was stupid enough with 19 years of age to engage in this Russian Roulette for nearly 1,5 years and had to fight back hard to get back on track – that’s why I know these things.

That is the solace people are searching for in god – nothing else !

They are searching for bondage not freedom !
They are searching for a Mommy-Replacement-God and not for ways of becoming themselves a being that has opened the secrets of Life Itself within themselves.

Anyways, this is just a teaser for The Real Finale Grande coming soon. 

Not a single stone will be left upon another. In metaphorical terms, of course – I’m not “killing” physically – I’m “killing” spiritually/mentally/magically.

You thought that me teaching mankind about the True Motion of Earth and its Axis and thus giving mankind a true cosmology for the first time is all I’m about to do and deliver ?


Really ?

Hahahahahahah !
As I’ve said : That was nothing but the Prelude – I’m just getting warmed up !

More to come ! Resolving the whole petty, ridiculous Drama of Religion !

Hugs and Greets, my friends , hope you are doing great;

Yours truly,

Innsbruck, Austria – My City

Part 2 – A few Clarifications to questions asked by friends/people who have some difficulties in “Sense-Extracting-Reading”

I am not playing the role of your teacher or preacher – never said so and never wanted to !

I never said “it – the cosmos/universe was created out of nothing” – again, for the umpteenth time, you are projecting into my words and falsely interpret this. Like you, too; I hate it to be confronted with arguments and accusations about things I never said or claimed.

This is truly bad style, my dear – you can do better !

The truth is : There is No Beginning !

Or how could something be infinite (eternal) other than like this, my dear ?

All of you are talking about being eternal (eternal soul) , meaning you are thinking of going on for an infinite future – but that is just “one part of infinity”.

True infinity is stretching in both direction : The future and the past; isn’t that absolutely obvious and self-explanatory ?

Even a believer like you should be able to grasp this truth !

So, if there is no beginning – then , please tell me, how is it possible that you all claim to know this divine force so well, which you call Creator, because you define it as the one who created all of this ?

You understand: What I am deeply criticizing with all the god-messengers is that what they say about god/creator/Source of All is simply not true and grossly false !

I never said and reduced the question of god – as almost all of you are doing – to a “Yes or No” question.

Does “He” exist or not !

That is the most ridiculous question one could probably ever ask.

The question is not “If” but “What” is “It”, stupid !

To me that mindset is probably the lowest level of intelligence, spirituality and consciousness ever possible !

That’s my whole point : That in itself is the evil falsehood !

Sure, there is “something” worth to be called The Most High – but the attributes, values, characteristics, laws, rules, intentions, ways of doing things, etc. are completely different than told by all current religions – that’s my point – but you are not able and willing to even grasp the question that I’m asking; let alone answering and dealing with that question.

You see, what you don’t understand, because of your either-or/black-or-white kind of thinking, that either there is creator or not (Not -> like in “just materialistic, pure chance and chaos like the stupid materialists say !”) – but the truth is:

It’s neither of both of these concepts.

And again, as I told you many times :
There is no single Jesus/Joshua/Yahshua – that figure is a mash-up of several guys and entities with lots of diverging agendas – most not well-meaning or sacred at all.

That fact alone speaks volumes about you do not really know what you are claiming.

Anyways, it’s boring to argue against things you complain about claims, which I never said !

This is ridiculous baby-like style, my friend.

None of your arguments below are dealing with me and my words but are just banal repititions of common arguments in public of stupid people – not my arguments at all.

You see, so many things you say are simply not true :

Like your hundreds of (reincarnated) lives here on earth – well, Bullshit, no one lived hundreds of lives here on earth (It’s in fact a very limited maximum number; and even that is not the original, natural sacred order as it was intended !) – you are agreeing with all the Tibetan Lamas, Indian teachings and all the New-Age half-true BS.

You are simply not keen enough and never learnt to distinguish between Real and False hallucinations – real and fake dreams – true or false visions, which – I do admit, is one of the most difficult tasks a human can engage in.

As a believer, you never dared to face this challenge.

Anyways, I really don’t feel the need to bother you, if you feel you know it all – as I said:

I just informed you what is coming right now – and which will left no stone on Earth untouched; you can do and react to it however you want; what’s my business with that ?

What the hell do I care what you believe ?
Nothing at all !

I’ve got a job to do – and I’m doing this job, regardless of any of the insanity that is going on right now here on Earth.
And regardless what any believer says or feels threatened by my words.

When I’m done – The Reign of Lie on this planet will be over for once and all – A’ho !

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