Religious Hypocrites

Dear Friends,

You know what is funny:

The entire Mankind is talking about Religions, Holy Books, Messengers, Jesus, Mohammed, Shiva, Enlightenment, Chakras, Energy (And a whole lot of New-Age-BS mixed in !); prophecies, “Holy Timelines”, Plasma Projection of thought ( In fact it’s Intent – but why bother to tell them; they won’t listen anyway in their blindness and their belief of already knowing shit), God’s plan (as if they all just came from a hang-out and a few drinks with The Creator himself), Great Awakening, The Solar Flash and the Crossing of the Galaxy’s Equator (While not having even understood the actual basic Motion of Earth and its Axis for many, many millennia – until I came along and clued them in !) ….. and a lot more Esoteric Chatto Chatto which they obviously have not the slightest clue what they are talking about but are only parroting stories they’ve heard from their favorite False-Prophet-Pseudo-Guru.

But when I come along – as I do and did publicly for over 7 years – and talk about Honor, Truth, Integrity, Authenticity, Dignity, Sovereignty, the Danger and Disease of Lies, Fairness, Modesty, Freedom for All, World Peace, Cooperation, Being a True Brother to The Others, Reputability, Mercy, Love, Friendship and The Actual Fellowship of MAN – well, guess what happens !?

Laughter, Silence, Embarrassment, Silly Giggle, Name-Calling, Exclusion from society & friends, Calling me naiv, stupid and worse, Ignorance, Excuses and an over-all ridiculous attempt again to refer back to the Blueprints of their respective Religions and a claim of “how much they follow their respective Messenger”.

Do you see the irony here ?

Are you able to recognize the psychological self-delusion that is at work here ?

It’s similar to what has happened with your/our State structures :
There are words/titles/positions/definitions that are very nice sounding but when you look closely, the word is not what it once was and meant anymore – it’s hollowed out, Empty – Worthless !

And when people are waking up after 150 years to that fraud – which is a good thing in itself – it just shows that the Values that these people claimed to live by have been stolen under their noses and they didn’t even recognize , so much “actual truth” is in their values !

Yes, Hypocrites is the word you are searching for !

Same with the religious talk:

They all have long forgotten that it is not about any Messenger or rule or dogma or label or denomination or membership of any group/religion but that all this religions/spiritual practices / traditions are simply the outward form and residue of an Internal Longing, a Process and the application of and living by certain values – the Values I described above !

But they haven’t recognized it.

It’s like in this sweet story of a beggar going from door to door and asking for food because he is hungry and has nothing and everyone is turning him off and is closing the door and chasing him away but – well, you know how the story ends – it turns out that this beggar was God himself just wanting to take a look how things are going on Earth.

They All failed !

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