Going From Binary Perception To Trinary Perception – Merging The Two Rings Of Power

Going From Binary Perception To Trinary Perception

Binary Perception ->

Sees Reality and everything in terms of ‘The Known’ and ‘The Unknown’.

There are plenty of examples of this kind of frame of perception in our history and today’s world:

Black-White, Life-Death, Good-Evil, Male-Female, Shiva-Shakti, Sacred-Profane, Ying-Yang, TONAL-NAGUAL, Physical-Nonphysical, Me-The Other, Known-Unknown, Catholic vs Protestant vs Orthodox vs Another Orthodox vs Sunni Islam vs Shia Islam vs Alevits vs Kurdish Alevits vs Jews vs Orthodox Jews vs Zionists vs so-called Paganism vs Idolatry vs Nihilism vs Atheism, ‘The All That Is’-‘The All Which Is Not’ and so on and so on (See SCHISMO-GENESIS !), etc.

While this view and perception has of course it’s merits, benefits and advantages, the simple truth is:

That is NOT the actual Truth about The Living Reality !

It’s just a stepping stone, so to speak.


Sees everything and Reality in terms of ‘The Known’, ‘The Unknown’ and ‘The UNKNOWABLE/UNPERCEIVABLE’.

That’s the actual Truth about how this Living Reality is organising it’s BIOS-Operating-System of Perception.

To give you an idea about the scales and dimensions we are talking here:

The Known -> approx. 1%

The Unknown -> approx. 10%

The Unknowable -> approx. 89%

Now, here comes the Real-World Kicker:

The entity that you – respectively your current official religions – are calling ‘God’ is sitting and trying to get a hold on to the Gateway/Border between The Known and The Unknown !

This entity is NOT The Unknown, not at all, but tries to install itself as Gatekeeper between The Known – a mere 1% of The All That Is – and the wider Space of The Unknown – a mere 9% more of The All That Is.

So, to say it bluntly:

This so-called ‘God’ is operating on a basis of Knowledge of All That IS which is as great as approx. 1,38048058215 % !

Think about it !

Merging The Two Rings of Power

There are Two Rings – Two Rings of Force.

YOU are made of TWO Rings of Power. Man (and Woman, too, for sure) is made of Two Rings – The Two Rings of Power.

It’s also called The “Two Attentions” – The “First Attention” and the so-called “Second Attention”.

When one has mastered the First Attention as well as the Second Attention the merging of The Two Rings of Power/The Two Attentions is taking place:

Will and Intent have become ONE now:

Two Rings are merging and thus a Third Ring is born – The Third Attention .

Translate that to:

Riding through Life Itself on The Wings of Infinity –

A’HO !

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