Journey To Jerusalem

That’s what you in English language are calling ‘Musical Chairs’ (This children’s game where always one chair is missing and when the music stops one kid is left without a chair and GONE!); in German you say very poetically – literally translated – ‘Journey To Jerusalem’.
Well, that’s what came to my mind when I heard more and more confirmations that indeed the so-called Pope Francis (Probably in his role as Pontifex Maximus; but you never really know with these con artists !) and his Holy See & Friends UNLIMITED Inc. is calling ‘all accounts and riches held by any of his dependent people and/or entities’ to come home to do a little ‘re-shuffling’- meaning to the IOR (Institute for the Works of Religion) aka The Vatican Bank !

Well, isn’t that just another kind of Journey To Jerusalem – Musical Chairs – simply on a much larger scale ?

Much, much larger, for sure, but nevertheless:; and please correct me, if I’m wrong here, is it not just another round of a pathetic and silly children’s game ?

Albeit a Game with disastrous and tragic and murderous consequences !

Now, you see me a little surprised because I thought that I had made it abundantly clear – over the course of the last 7 years – that THERE IS THE LAW – The Law of Life Itself and that enslaving and devouring another man’s/entity’s Life, Soul and Being is AGAINST THE LAW – most fundamentally against All Law of Life & Life Itself.

Well, maybe it would be good to remind you – you all – that The Law of Life & Life Itself is, shall and will be applied to EVERY Being here on Earth with no whatsoever difference be made by cast, creed, position, religion, nationality, riches, gender, ‘race’, political affiliation or anything else – NONE AT ALL !

If One is violating (Has violated without regret and without taking responsibility and offering amendments) that Law, One shall Not pass !

Just saying.

Sincerely Yours,
Rex Sacrorum – Stefan, The Saddler – Abu Axis Mundi – The Father of The Earth-Axis

PS: Btw : All these ‘Chairs’ and ‘Seats’ and ‘Thrones’ and whatnot; that is all for DEAD GODS/ENTITIES.
A ‘Living God’ is LIVING and thus You wanna ride it and thus You need a SADDLE and not a stupid chair – Chairs and Seats are for amateurs (You heard that saying about not riding Dead Horses, right?); The Saddle is The Real Thing, my friends.

I’m THE SADDLER, I know a thing or two about Saddles.


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