Patriotism – What Is It Really ?

Patriots are people who love their country and it’s people, it is said.
Well, that sounds fair enough to be called “a good and respectable idea/worldview”, right ?

But; is that REALLY so ?
A patriot is a man (or woman) who will chose in any given situation the well-being and greater good of HIS/HER people, so it is implied and insinuated that a patriot is a good-hearted man because he/she thinks and cares beyond his/her own needs and well-being and is caring about the lives and well-being of the “others” as well – the others of HIS/HER country/people/nation/tribe/ethnos

And that is precisely the problem !

It is a half-baked idea for half-baked and immature people who think they are doing something great while in fact they are only pursuing egoistic and selfish goals – sadly; to let me say this -sadly !

A patriot is NOT (purely) acting out of love for the people at large but out of fear of the “others”, the “foreigners”, the “heretics”.
When you and your deeds are motivated by love, inclusiveness ( NOT that FAKE kind of ‘tolerance and multi-gender-insanity-cancel culture-hardcore-ridiculous-BS like it’s happening right now in this /our ‘Bloody LYING so-called Western-Value-Community’ ! SIC ! What a Fucked-Up-Term of pathetic and- YES – disgusting Nothingness), empathy, integrity, righteousness and honor & truth, you will simply care about ALL MANKIND (And if one’s heart is big enough even beyond mankind …) and it is impossible for a TRUE MAN (And Woman, for sure) OF INTEGRITY to support people or your nation when they are doing false and evil deeds to other peoples/nations.


In the end you patriots are ALWAYS siding with your fellow people and your own armies/nations/governments – EVEN WHEN THEY ARE DOING WRONG AND EVIL DEEDS and you know it – you still go with them and do not dare to stand up for what is right !

Like that , how can you imbeciles think that this world will ever change for the better ?

But you idiots have the audacity to even dare to claim that your patriotism is even authorized and protected by “GOD” !

Sure, you do that because deep within your hearts you know that you are lousy, egoistic, diabolic and selfish assholes who’s only interest is in dominating. pillaging and controlling the others (nations/peoples/states).

In our days America, American Patriots ( YES; to be precise : US Inc. serfs and agents and entities and US Corp. and what not Papacy and CROWN- endorsed FICTIONS and pretending to be the Puppet-masters !) are the most blatant example of this:
Although they have stolen a whole continent and murdered approx. 300 million American Natives some Americans still claim that “America was given to us by god and god’s plan is to make America into the shining beacon on the Hill and a guiding light for all mankind !”

That is patriotism (The downsize ! We would never dare to say that it is wrong or belittle to love one’s own heritage/people/nation/culture and such – sure, that’s a beautiful and welcomed thing to do !) par excellence !

That is Orwell at his best: Being the greatest Killer and Murderer and the greatest egoistic and selfish loser of ALL Nations and having the blood of so many peoples smeared all over their bodies but still claiming to be the most holy of the holiest !

What a fucking bunch of hypocritical jerks – to put it nicely !!!

A patriot calls himself essentially “good” for caring for his own people – and almost ALL nations/cultures have gone to great length to create a supporting myth, a history (even falsifying it if necessary), a fitting cult and a twisted, ridiculous religious framework and narrative – but what he actually does is NOT “good” because he is downgrading, devaluing, ignoring and looking down on the GREATER TRUTH, the other nations/people/cultures/religions, and simply try to cheat the others at every possible turn – whenever he chooses to support his fellow people and NOT go by judging a given situation according to TRUTH, INTEGRITY and RIGHTEOUSNESS.

Although, for sure, all patriots are claiming ( LYING !) that they do care about the other nations and the other people, that clearly is NOT the case if one bothers to take only a superficial look at the REAL world.

I’m not giving examples here because everybody who needs an example for this most self-evident truth isn’t worth my time.

What I am telling you is WHY you, patriots, are acting like this:

It is your patriotism that isn’t an act of love, generosity and giving and caring but instead it is born out of fear; it is born out of your confused motivation of identification with something greater than you to fill this VOID of meaning and comprehension in your life – that meaninglessness of your whole existence.

Your patriotism is – as almost everything else you do in your life – a nice looking. society-accepted shell/camouflage to hide your EGOISM, your SELFISHNESS, your FEAR, your NON-UNDERSTANING of reality, your feeling of loneliness and being thrown into a cold and heartless world that you do neither understand nor know how to cope with.

Btw. that is exactly the same situation as with all your religions and that’s why patriotism and institutionalised religion always go hand in hand and when you look into history the religions have always been on the forefront of any murderous, imperialistic, conquering and enslaving system.

Because that is the TRUE NATURE OF RELIGION !

I am not talking about spirituality which is a completely different ball-game than religion.
Religion is dogma while spirituality is seeking. Religion makes you into a carbon copy whereas spirituality makes you into a LIVING ORIGINAL – an AB-ORIGINAL (From/Out of the Origin !).

The religious mind is always trying to understand what others have said and understood before them ; the messengers, the “idols”, the “gurus”, the “better-ones”, the GATEKEEPER whereas the spiritual mind is always seeking to find that which NOBODY has ever found and understood before – That which the gurus/messengers/idols did NOT understand:

You idiots want to understand what Einstein understood whereas I wanted to understand what Einstein did NOT understand !
You idiots want to understand what “Da Jesus” understood whereas I wanted to find that what the Jesus did NOT understand !
You always want to understand that which Shiva knew, whereas I’ve always been interested in that which Shiva did not see and know !

You always want to understand what your idol/guru/messenger knew whereas I always wanted to find out that which these PSEUDO-MESSENGERS did not understand.

And that is the reason why I – and NOBODY of YOU – have found the missing key to this Living Reality here – The True Motion of Earth and its Axis and with it THE KEY to a TRUE COSMOLOGY of this Living Reality.

And trust me: You, ridiculous, silly, pathetic patriots, YOU will go down on your knees and will learn your lesson – like it or not – YES, YOU WILL SWALLOW – You will swallow THE TRUTH – A’HO !

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