The Lie – The Cardinal of All The Sins

Think of it this way :
All the so-called sins , they all need one particular sin as kind of a prerequisite. This is like the Cardinal Sin of all, for without that one the other sins wouldn’t be committed.

That’s the Lie ! (And Deception)

Without the option of lying, either to oneself or others, the other sins wouldn’t work out !

At least 99% of it which is fairly a great percentage.

So, let’s get rid of The Cultural Acceptance of Lying of us,the current mankind and we’ll see unbelievable changes – for the better – sweeping around the Earth in no time !

And just in case you don’t know this for yourself already :

The lie is like an infection , it works it’s way both ways , outside And inside. We always tend to think that we are able to control the distortion of reality/ the lie, meaning we will be able to keep track of where we lied to others and where not and we will keep the record straight within us.

Well, you see me laughing because that is a proven hypocrisy – the moment you lie to the outside/other , that infection is there within you and if not taken care properly , yes, it’ll behave like cancer!

You/we all know the rest of the story !

But the good thing is: now, we know where the responsibility and healing lies and thus are enabled to work out our way.

Let’s do it !

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