The End – The Beginning – Of The Time After Time

Whether you are aware of it or not, there is a purpose in and for mankind’s existence in this cosmos.

From the days of mankind’s conception we have been on a quest for answering a certain question:

Is Existence/Cosmos/Life/Time/God cyclical or not ?

We always knew, that the answer is 42 – programming-Unicode for : ‘As you wish’- but we have never been able to formulate the correct question of Life,Universe and Everything else.

So, the question is, if Existence/Life/Time/God is cyclical or not and to answer this you have to differentiate between cyclical in a quantitative or qualitative way ?!

In a quantitative sense it is indeed cyclical whereas in a qualitative sense it is not !

That’s all the fuss about it !

Oh and btw. this is the only way out of this unnatural and distorted Wheel-of-Reinkarnations-mechanism currently; at least until now, here on Earth !

So, now we are able to understand , why the answer is 42 -> ‘As you wish’ :

It is Your choice to perceive and live life/cosmos/existence/god/time as a quanta, a thing ,in a quantitative way or as a quality, a fragrance, a Living Song in its own full and complete authority & sovereignty & aliveness.

Your answer depends on your choice, on the point of view (and action) you are taking, what kind of identification you live:

Do you identify everything and thus yourself too as quanta, a thing, a certain measured amount of numbers, sizes, duration and things or do you identify everything and thus yourself too in an immeasurable qualitative,living and all-inclusive way ?

I have decided myself long ago and live according to it:

I’m Not a thing, I am a quality, I am Life Itself !

What about you ?

The Carrier of The Ring

And in case I haven’t made myself absolutely clear for the last 7 years:
I do not say, post and claim any of what I say because it would be my dream to be “better” or “the best” or “dominate/control anybody” or “be the greatest hero” or any of such ridiculous Bullshit.

I do and post what I did and do because it is:

1.) The Truth
2.) Nobody else – obviously and provable – has that knowledge; probably never had that knowledge here on earth.
3.) This knowledge will bring World-Peace and Freedom for All because it will allow you, my dear mankind, to openly and publicly start to question everything else by breaking the spell within all of Your very minds which has been cast upon all of you via the false impression that you all believe you know already so much about Reality – which simple isn’t true.
And I mean questioning everything; which is a good, sacred and absolutely needed thing to do in this world of lies and falsehood.

4.) And most importantly I do this because my only wish is to give You that knowledge – and get it off of my shoulders !
See, I do not do all this because I dream of profiting from that for myself, my ego and my pride but on the contrary I want to get rid of it.

I am carrying that damned responsibility for 7 long years now and all I want is to find people who are worthwhile, integer, honorable, trustworthy, responsible and wise enough to understand and taking on that responsibility for the entire mankind.

Think of the “Carrier of The Ring” and what that power and responsibility is doing to a single man – I have carried that Ring of Truth for a freaking seven long years, ALL ALONE (!) – and you might understand that all I want is that you, my dear mankind, are taking that ring off of my shoulders – it starts crushing me because that knowledge/wisdom/responsibility is not there to be carried by one man alone for a long period of time.

But until now, none of you almost 8 billion people stood up and took on that shared responsibility for mankind that we all share together.

Again: I’m not sharing all this because I would want to be ‘the new star on the firmament’ but because it is the only possible way for mankind to have a future at all (not to mention a worthwhile future) and it was Me who found that secret, so I took on the responsibility – not because I wanted to but because I felt it to be Karma and thus my duty to do so in the name of all mankind.

I just wanna get rid of it – for seven long years I am begging you, mankind, to come and help me and carry that secret together.

But You haven’t come …….. not yet ……..

I want to give it to You (Free and with no strings attached !) – the greatest secret and wisdom on this Earth ever !

Where are you ?
All of you – where are you ?

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