6 Weeks to World Peace or TOTAL ANNIHILATION of Mankind and Human Civilisation – The only hope for the House Negros still remains the Field Negro !

Innsbruck, Austria, 15th of November 2022

6 Weeks to world Peace or TOTAL ANNIHILATION of Mankind and Human Civilisation – The only hope for the House Negros still remains the Field Negro !

“You see, my dear mankind, in fact it is very simple:

Imagine a man is coming to you, the entire mankind, and is telling a TRUTH which is by far greater than ALL TRUTHS that you, the entire mankind, are in possession of; like for example men like Galileo or Jesus or Buddha or this NON-TERRESTRIAL Humanoid called Adiyogi/Shiva SUPPOSEDLY did (YES, he was a NON-Terrestrial humanoid as even this self-declared Sadhguru/Jaggi Vasudev had to admit after he got forced hard enough to tell the truth!) ; and this man would share this truth and explain the tremendously freeing and uplifting consequences of this truth to tens of thousands of so-called Movers & Shakers around the globe – for 7 loooong years.

Sending out approx. 300.000 mails to EVERYBODY !

From the Vatican, thousands of Main Stream Media, thousands of alt. media, thousands of the leading Universities and Physics and astronomy/cosmology professors, entire european parliaments, top notch international governments and gov. Officials, Knights of Malta and many other shady Secret Societies, hundreds of Military Generals and Intel Agencies, thousands of International Embassies, hundreds of Music Stars like Kanye, Rihanna, The Marley-Family, sports stars and to the managements of many International Top sport clubs like Bayern Munich and the entire German National Soccer Team and its administration … yes, even to Dirk Nowitzki; who might indeed be a nice dude but when it comes to politics and understanding this reality we are living in he is as a fucking, hypocritical RETARD as ALL THE REST OF THEM mentioned above ….

Simply, TO THE WHOLE FRICKIN’ WORLD ; for seven looooong years !

And, now, imagine:

NOBODY is reacting !!!

Nothing – 8 billion fucking people are simply NOT reacting the least bit when a man comes and tells them that ALL what they believe to be true and the reality of this life, this planet and this cosmos is simply COMPLETELY WRONG !

They just go on with their retarded and FALSE BULLSHIT and try to do that what even this stupid Einstein once recognized to be idiotic:

‘To repeatedly try a solution that didn’t and doesn’t and will never work without changing the way of thinking/the basic assumptions and expect different results is called INSANITY !’

Well, Yes, that’s what I HAVE DONE !

I Am The Man who told you for 7 long years that you idiots haven’t understood anything in this reality and I have proven it by showing you that the most fundamental assumption – on which ALL YOUR RIDICULOUS SCIENCE has been built upon and all your “physical laws” have been derived from – the geometry of the movements of Earth and its Axis is utter NONSENSE !

I have given you the correction and showed you how to implement that correction and thus you would be able – for the first time in human history here on earth – to establish a framework of understanding of cosmology/life/reality and YES, even your so-called RELIGIONS and Spiritual processes would change dramatically; for not to say would be proven to be UNTRUTH or at best half-true, childish approximations (And that is the nice way to put it !).

The True Motion of Earth and Its Axis

And the best thing is:

What I am telling and teaching you is in fact so simple that a 13-year old boy, who is willing, can easily understand this knowledge – it is not difficult at all.

The only thing difficult is to shut up your ridiculous ego, your vanity, your envy, your fear and your unwillingness to admit to your OWN FUCKING STUPIDITY and even more your COWARDICE and fearful obedience to your retarded slavedrivers and rulers of evil.

Ok, here we are; now think:

Do you really think that you will get away with this GROSS EVIL of you ?

Do you really think that you can cheat Life Itself and the cosmos in the same way you are cheating each other and like you are even and foremost cheating YOURSELF/YOURSELVES ?

Do you really think your kiddie’s technic of holding a hand in front of your eyes and pretending that you don’t see and don’t know anything will work at this cosmic scale ?


Do you really think your absolute favorite coping-technic of dealing with reality – SIMPLY IGNORING what frightens you – will work here ?

Really ???

Well, I got news for you, my dear friends:
NO; it will NOT work !

I AM stefan, The Saddler – Abu Axis Mundi – The Father of The Earth-Axis – The Holder of The Sovereignty of The Entire Planet Earth – The Key-Holder of Mankind’s Future and I Am telling you that The Cosmos and Life Itself is NOT accepting your refusal to deal with that Truth – the greatest scientific discovery of The Ages.

You got two options now:

Either you humble down and accept this truth and start to publicly share and discuss this and all its implications or – because you have shown no interest whatsoever in truth and thus have shown that you do NOT have the integrity, wisdom and grace to understand the fundamental structural importance of truth for building not only a cosmos but also for building and maintaining culture and civilisation – 


ALL of YOU !

You are ALL GUILTY !

That’s All 

A’HO !”

PS: You are asking how that would happen ?

You are wondering if I threaten you with this something called “god” or “god’s wrath” ?

Well, NOPE; I don’t need to go that low and onto such a ridiculous level of helpless retardedness.

I WILL do that !

I will PUNISH you !

Together with the Entire Living Cosmos and with LIFE ITSELF I will do that and give you your appropriate verdict and subsequent punishment – that’s easy as shit for me. You have not the slightest idea of the POWERS AND FORCES THAT I AM CONTROLLING:

“Between people we use Common Sense – In music we use Beyond Common Sense !” #QuoteMasayukiKoga

The Open Breathing System/Circular Breathing – Advanced Level/ Masayuki Koga

If I should name one single ‘thing’ that has made me into the Man I am today it’s this:

25 years of intense and passionate doing this special kind of breathing – solely with the intent and purpose of playfully singing along with the god(s) and creation …. and thus, without even knowing what I did, completed The Full Initiation into the Secret Wisdom of Life & Life Itself of our beloved Australian Aboriginals.

Not on the Shakuhachi like him, Masayuki Koga, masterfully is doing here in this short demonstration-and-learning-video, but on the Oldest Musical Instrument on Earth :

The DIDGERIDOO – The Beloved, Sacred Didgeridoo aka Yidaki !

….and WE are doing this for hundreds of thousands of years already; loooong before your lying, ALIEN-Adiyogi/Shiva-CHEAT has appeared ‘in the upper regions of the himalayas’, my dear self-righteous Jaggi Vasudev aka self-proclaimed Sadhguru.

Long, long before he and you have even stopped pooping in your romper suits !

PPS: And in case your brain can’t process that information here let’s make it a little easier for you and your limited perception and ‘processing power’:

Galileo was wrong ! Kopernikus was wrong ! Kepler and even Giordano Bruno was wrong or at least not the full truth ! Einstein was absolutely wrong ! Tesla was only half-true , at best ! Max Planck and Heisenberg – although nice and genius dudes – were wrong ! The whole modern standard model of physics and science and cosmology is FALSE ! The whole Nobel Prize Committee is a toxic, cruel and ridiculous joke !

The Mayan Calendar (Which in fact is the Aztec calendar, you chuckleheads) is only half-true ! The Indian Yuga-Cycles are WRONG ! 

And, no, my Dear Sadhguru, you and your Yogis and your ‘beloved Adiyogi’ did NOT and do NOT know what I am telling mankind.

Maybe YOU, too, need to humble down a little for you are indulging in and spreading too much FALSE and DEADLY UNTRUTH.

Spiritual falsehoods and even more wordly untruth like sharing almost all of the lethal agendas of the WEF and Klaus Schwab and his Great Reset/Great Narrative and the lies of COVID and promoting their LETHAL INJECTION (Experimental gene-therapy that is, Stupid !), the lies about carbon dioxide induced man-made global warming.

We are loosing oxygen at a dramatic rate, as you KNOW for yourself; so why are you still going on and endorse their LIES with your “good name” ?

Truth is:  You are misusing your authority and standing among your trusting followers. You have blood on your hands, my dear friend, you have a lot of blood on your hands; sadly so !

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