The Fission-Fungus – The Root-Cause for All Division On Earth

I know that almost NOBODY of you 8 billion people will understand this but I will speak it out loud anyway:

The evil, lies, falsehood and enslavement on this earth (and beyond) is NOT happening in spite of all the “good” religions and spiritual processes but on the contrary it is happening BECAUSE of it !

These religions and the respective so-called “god(s)” are in fact the root-cause and the very Seed of Evil !

The “Fission Fungus” so to speak !

The root of the division and separation within mankind which in itself is the root-cause for All Evil.

Don’t you remember this so-called Jesus-Dude and his own words:

‘I Am the Fission-Fungus – I will separate the wheat from the chaff !’ ???

I guess at least some of you have understood by now that to perform their evil and deception ‘they’ always are obliged to tell you – in whatever veiled and distorted form – the truth, in order to avoid Karma hitting them (At least they believe that they will get away with it like this – but it’s NOT true and they won’t get away with it !)

That’s what is happening here.

That’s exactly why they have styled the narrative like this and let ‘him’ say such words.

Now, obviously almost all of you thought that it is a good thing to separate the wheat from the chaff because for sure, you ALL are thinking that you are the ‘wheat’ aka ‘the good ones’ – but you are NOT.

In fact what you are doing by following that script is that YOU ARE PROMOTING THIS SEPARATION AND FISSION OF MANKIND but think you are doing something great and peaceful.

It’s the age-old problem of:

‘If your god is different from my god, then it is only a matter of time and a powerful enough position that YOU WILL WANT TO KILL ME !’

And ALL the religions are the very promoters and perpetrators of this ROOT-EVIL.

Now, I guarantee you:

You will either suck that truth up or you will not only annihilate mankind and human civilisation completely – including yourself – but even worse , you will be held 100% accountable for these evil deeds – for an eternity.

It’s called KARMA, stupid !

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