Blood Spilling

How To Handle Your – Mankind’s – Crimes & Evil Deeds That Can Not Be Repaid And Made Undone.

From today on there will be no mercy for You, Dear Mankind, anymore:

From today on, every further day you do not stand up, spread The Truth and actively stop The Lie, The War and The Fraud against The People of the Earth you will be punished with The Full Force of what you would call ‘The Wrath of God’ !

From today on we have updated and opened The Book Of Law and we’ve simplified all the codes and regulations to make it very simple and understandable for You imbeciles:

You are spilling the blood of Others – Your blood will be spilled !
You are denying Life to Others – Your blood will be spilled !
You are stealing from The Others and thus make it impossible for them to live a decent Life – Your blood will be spilled !
You are lying to others and thus you are leading them into confusion, suffering, death and despair – Your blood will be spilled !
You are being silent and not advocating to stop your governments (Pseudo-governments) and rulers to do evil – Your blood will be spilled !
Your military and your military alliances are bringing murder and death to the world for just selfish and evil reasons while you are staying silent – Your blood will be spilled !

So, I guess, you will get the gist of it:

With every passing day now that you are not actively and strongly using to stop the mayhem and insanity that this world and mankind has become, You, Mankind, will be severely punished now – with no mercy whatsoever anymore.

In case you still can’t see it: You have been granted extras, bonuses, exception, forgiveness, ‘second chances’, salvation in an almost infinite number and way.


So, from now on The Force is dancing in another tune – and you will either follow that tune of Life Itself or Your blood will be spilled and you will be annihilated; as you all had no problem whatsoever to witness the spilling of the blood and the annihilation of all the other innocent victims in the hundreds of millions without even blinking an eye not to mention taking on the responsibility for it.

You’ve got to make a choice, now:
You are either with Life Itself or you are against it; and thus you will be annihilated !

Think about it – but do it quickly, you are running out of time !

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