Declaration of Bankruptcy of Truth & Law of this current Mankind and Civilization

Declaration of Bankruptcy of Truth & Law of this current Mankind and Civilization

I Would Have Needed Help !
Now, I have touched the ground of The Abyss – Rock Bottom – The End.
Empty, no more power, no more will, no more motivation – now Life has become meaningless, absolutely meaningless.

You see, a man can only bear pain, rejection and frustration up to a certain degreee and I am running on the “reserve” for years already – but now there is no more willingness and power left to go on.

It seems that I have reached the end of my way.
But still Nobody is caring, helping or at least realizing.

Imagine, you are doing and knowing all that what you know, with all your secrets and plans and serious possibilities to free mankind and right the wrongs in this world, but not a single man or woman would have ever cared or listened or helped you – not a single one would have ever come and helped and stood next to you.

You see, what you are dealing with is complicated, tough and difficult enough even with (at least a small number of ) friends and helping hands – but imagine how you’d feel if not a single one ever had bothered to listen and help you.

Well, that is exactly how I am feeling for 7 years now !
Alone – all alone !

You see, I know pain and I have no problem accepting that there is drama and suffering in life.
I know how it feels to be at the absolute bottom; and also how to overcome it – been there, done that.
As a 20 year old, I overcame my heroin addiction and started all over again – with 30 years of age I got knocked down by the Babylon System again (No, not heroin again – that’s over for 27 years – PERIOD!) – and I got up again; 10 years ago I got knocked out again more brutal than ever before – but still I got up again and I even went on to invest my time, energy and compassion for Mankind, Peace and Freedom.

I don’t want to talk about my Peace-and-Freedom-Letters that I’ve sent to the whole world for 7 years anymore. I just did that; ok – others are doing good things as well, so it’s a gift to our common mankind; no problem.
And sure, one could criticize me for my rough and tough way of talking and insulting and slandering so many things and people who are considered to be so-called “valuable members of society” and all of that; sure :

Guilty as hell !

But well, to say it straight: Making World-Peace, Freedom and a paradigm change isn’t exactly a kiddie’s picknick nor is it a beauty contest or a dog-and pony-show – in fact what is going on in this world right now is war !

You know that. You know that we are fighting The War of Mankind and when I look at my writings under that pretext, then frankly, I think that I did pretty good in my letters to force things to move – without any violence at all !

Just with words and the Magic Bullet of my Discovery of The True Motion of Earth and its Axis.

Compare that to all the previous revolutions and their violence and bloodletting and you will find that I indeed have done pretty great !

No violence, no war, not even a classic revolution but only Words of Truth !

I have declared, proved and rendered all the false claims of the cabal-elites and their system as Null & Void because I have shown that the basic fundamentals of their claims – scientific, cosmological, historical, religious and thus their claims of sovereignty, law and rules – are all false.

But nobody helped me !

Neither me personally, nor helped me with my discovery to spread and share with mankind and thus breaking The Spell and open their minds and force the beginning of a Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

How could you expect me to do it all alone ?

Why is the whole world cheering for altruism but if a man is doing great altruistic deeds and is willing to share it with society no one is willing of helping and acknowledging that ?
How can you all go on raising your children and telling them that they should become good people and should care for the whole of mankind, if You and all mankind are not able to acknowledge people who are actually doing this ?
What does it say about mankind, if the man who comes and explains things that not even Kepler, Galileo, Einstein, Tesla and others knew but mankind is ignoring and even worse making fun, threats and are bullying this man ?

Don’t you think, if mankind is acting like that on a general basis that very soon nobody would ever give a shit about the common good anymore and the development of mankind will further go south and very soon there will be no value, altruism, heroism and caring for others left in mankind but only greed, egoism and selfishness.

Don’t you think, that it will have tremendously bad consequences for mankind as a whole if they fail to recognize and honor the people who – despite their own suffering and disadvantages – are not only giving their everything for the group/tribe/mankind/the whole but are even lucky and gifted enough to find the actual problem and the solution to untie this deadly knot ?

I mean, how can we go on raising children and tell them to become great men and women, be humble and become a giving part to society and mankind when on the other hand we; the whole mankind, constantly fails to honor exactly such people when they step up and raise their voices, saying and sharing truths that no one else knows ?

You see, that is a death-sentence for a shared community because on the long run, nobody will ever give a damned shit about the group anymore and everybody will only work for their own selfish interests.

Just look at the world and tell me, that you do not see that it is almost 99% of all the cases that not the good ones but the greedy and cheating ones are being rewarded in our current civilizations.

Well, can you see that this will inevitably spell disaster for mankind ?

So, let me ask you: Imagine it was you – imagine you have made a discovery that could change everything for the better – it’s True – it’s Reality; you only need to share it and let people recognize the truth and thus a process of enlightening, freedom and peace would easily follow – and you did that for 7 long years. You made sure that every institution and every important Mover and Shaker and thousands of universities got the Memo.


Imagine !

Nobody can and ever has proven you wrong – because it’s impossible, for it is correct – but only silence !

Imagine, how You would feel !

And then you take a look across the internet and the world and you see millions upon millions of idiots spreading their half-baked nonsense and trying to sell it as truth and wisdom and sucking up money for their falsehoods and their fear- and hope-porn; and you know, you could tell it all to them and show them what is false and where and why they made mistakes in their thinking – But nobody cares !

You see, you too made the example of the “Emperor’s New Clothes” but you got to understand:
Here on this Earth and in our reality and situation right now the actual “child” who says the emperor is naked, THAT IS ME , not you !

Now, imagine you would be that and you pushed that button and told mankind that it is all false and a fraud but people go on pretending they haven’t heard anything and go on with their stupid, selfish and idiotic nonsensical lives.

Now, how would You feel ?

How would you get up every morning fully well knowing that this is just another day of falsehood and lies and mankind going even deeper into the Abyss ?
And what do you think would your motivation be like ?
What sense would it ever make for you to start another project in your life – any project – when you have this experience that whatever you will find and create mankind will anyway not allow you to share it (and apply it for the well-being of All) and get your well-deserved respect for it ?

What sense does it make then to go on living ?
What use is there joining any of the millions of conversations of people who try to figure out the reality of this cosmos and life – when you have already figured it all out, even put it into nice writings and shared it with everyone on earth but got only hate, ridicule and stupid arrogance in return ?

Or in other words:
If you, mankind, have proven to me that in this current human society truth has no value at all anymore – why bother to go on living anymore ?
If the game is rigged to such an extent – that it has become impossible for me (or anybody of you for that matter) to ever have only a chance of fairness, justice and respect and appreciation for what I genuinely did for mankind, then why and how should I go on living ?

And again:
Yes, one can critizice me for a lot of things, no problem. No one has to love or even like me or endorse every word i say; not at all.

But I wonder: Just because someone doesn’t like me or is pissed off by my style or feels insulted because I don’t like their gods or messengers – does that give someone the right to reject The Truth that I am telling – telling and sharing for the benefit of the entire mankind ?

You see, if your house is burning and I come and stop the fire and save your house but i’m doing it all the time cursing, swearing and screaming in a foul language – well, what’s the problem ?

Haven’t I saved you and your house ?

And that is the same situation with all of you mankind:
Your house is on fire – completely and I brought the Waters of Truth; but all you are doing is focusing on the things that are not “nice or polite or not so humble” with me and you all forget to see and recognize and respect that I have given you the waters to stop the fire – The Truth to wipe out the Falsehood (or at least publicly start the process of it) !

There simply is no fairness in our current human civilization and you all know that – and it’s done to almost all of mankind as well.

But when a Man – Me – comes and publicly challenges this fairness-problem (The Heart of mankind’s problem) and asked to reinstall this missing fairness and justice once again in the heart of human cultures and civilizations – and he even has the intelligence, means and cleverness to do so – You are all silent and nobody is stepping up and is standing next to The Man !

You see, I had the guts to go this way without any security, without any money or other material property; lost almost all friends and family; lost my job, lost my band, endangered my very safety and options in society but I went on and followed the path until the very end for I thought :

“If I do the right thing and gonna make it and achieve to solve the riddle and do it in service to Mankind and Life Itself – then Life Itself or what you would call ‘god’ and the people will catch me in the end before I will fall and will take care about me.”

So, I didn’t bother about myself and my own safety and my own material survival.

Well, against all odds – I did make it – yes, it is like a miracle that I made that discovery of The True Motion of Earth and its Axis

But then the one thing happened that I thought never to be possible:

You – All of You – failed ! All of You are The Problem !

You are not willing and not able to recognize what I did !
The one thing I never thought to be a problem turns out to be the biggest problem :
You – All of You, Mankind, who are too blind and scared and unwilling to question yourself and your worldviews, beliefs and false cosmological and religious/spiritual paradigms.

Anyways, here we are now – The End of The Road – the End of My Path !

I’m not crying, I’m not swearing or cursing anymore, I’m not even angry anymore – I’m just done and deeply sad and disappointed by all of you, mankind.

You still didn’t help me !
You’ve failed Me and even worse you failed Life Itself !

So be it, if you, mankind, don’t want me, ok, then I can leave now – no need to stay any longer and you can try to solve your problems for yourself, if you think you are all so super-smart and know it all.

Sure, I wish you Good Luck for achieving Peace and Freedom here on Earth but frankly, I highly doubt it for without Truth as a foundational stone there can never be Peace and Freedom – and You all showed that Truth has actually No value for you at all; sadly so !

To say it absolutely clear:
If you, Mankind, don’t help me NOW – I won’t be around much longer anymore – the pain is too much, sorry, I can’t bear it anymore.

And when you eventually will find out that all I ever said was the Truth and nothing but the Truth and you will put my discovery in your new science books; well, don’t forget to mention:

“And the Man who brought you this Greatest of All Scientific Discoveries died of a Broken Heart for he couldn’t bear the rejection by his fellow mankind and the going down the drain of mankind any longer !”

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