Going From Binary Perception To Trinary Perception


Sees Reality and everything in terms of ‘The Known’ and ‘The Unknown’.

There are plenty of examples of this kind of frame of perception in our history and today’s world:

Black-White, Life-Death, Good-Evil, Male-Female, Shiva-Shakti, Sacred-Profane, Ying-Yang, TONAL-NAGUAL, Physical-Nonphysical, Me-The Other, Known-Unknown, Catholic vs Protestant vs Orthodox vs Another Orthodox vs Sunni Islam vs Shia Islam vs Alevits vs Kurdish Alevits vs Jews vs Orthodox Jews vs Zionists vs so-called Paganism vs Idolatry vs Nihilism vs Atheism, ‘The All That Is’-‘The All Which Is Not’ and so on and so on (See SCHISMO-GENESIS !), etc.

While this view and perception has of course it’s merits, benefits and advantages, the simple truth is:

That is not the actual Truth about The Living Reality !

It’s just a stepping stone, so to speak.


Sees everything and Reality in terms of ‘The Known’, ‘The Unknown’ and ‘The Unknowable/Unperceivable’.

That’s the actual Truth about how this Living Reality is organising it’s BIOS-Operating-System of Perception.

To give you an idea about the scales and dimensions we are talking here:

The Known -> approx. 1%

The Unknown -> approx. 10%

The Unknowable -> approx. 89%

Now, here comes the Real-World Kicker:

The entity that you – respectively your current official religions – are calling ‘God’ is sitting and trying to get a hold on to the Gateway/Border between The Known and The Unknown !

This entity is not The Unknown, not at all, but tries to install itself as Gatekeeper between The Known – a mere 1% of The All That Is/The Pure Essence – and the wider Space of The Unknown – a mere 9% more of The All That Is.

So, to say it bluntly:

This so-called ‘god’ is operating on a basis of knowledge of All That Is which is as great as approx. 1,38048058215 % !

Think about it !

Coat of Arms of My Family – The Sattler Family

Merging The Two Rings of Power

There are Two Rings – Two Rings of Force.

You are made of two Rings of Power. Man (and Woman, too, for sure) is made of Two Rings – The Two Rings of Power.

It’s also called The “Two Attentions” – The “First Attention” and the so-called “Second Attention”.

When one has mastered the First Attention as well as the Second Attention the merging of The Two Rings of Power/The Two Attentions is taking place:

Will and Intent have become ONE now:

Two Rings are merging and thus a Third Ring is born – The Third Attention .

Translate that to:

Riding through Life Itself on The Wings of Infinity –

A’HO !

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