How do you recognize the one who is fulfilling The Prophecy of Mankind ?

He is the only one who can truly say:

“All these prophecies are false – not fully, absolutely and entirely correct !”

Because he is the only one for whom this is really true: for him these prophecies are false because he knows it was him and not the prophecy for he did it himself – but for the others the prophecies are fulfilled.

It was his free choice and intention and exactly that was what The Force was actually waiting for, because The Force/Life Itself is longing to do Teamwork with us human beings and not using us forcefully for it’s whatever pseudo-well-meaning agendas.

That’s not the way Life Itself is and operates; your evil, stupid self-proclaimed rulers think and are like this but not The Force !

You can say , the destruction of the prophecy is the fulfillment of this prophecy !

It’s a little like the question:

When everybody is laughing ,who is the only one crying ?

It’s the Jester/Fool himself, for out of his own tears & suffering he has created the ability to make the others laugh and joyful.

Just see:

Masters penetrate – and know who is bluffing !

Oh, and some of you are wondering, whether I do claim to be the Christ/Messiah/seeker/one/’new-holy-whatsoever-shit’ or maybe the Anti-Christ and all that story behind.

Hm; well, in a way, I am both, that’s the clue. But in real, actual Reality, I am absolutely None of them and have and do Not want to have anything to do with these so-called Entity-Groups (!)

I am – as I always said – stefan, the guy with The Earth-Axis giving you the ‘role’ of :

TasUrInChi – The Storyteller.

Not more , not less !

Yes, it’s true: I played with these characters in my story as well, but not to truly be one of them characters but to dissolve & collapse that stupid and primitive kind of dualistic storytelling and the myriad derivatives of this narrative !

Remember: I’m a storyteller and I can’t stand poor storytelling !

Sorry, I’m too much in love with Life Itself and Mankind, to allow it to happen that a story, as primitive and crude, non-groovy, sad & ridiculous and without any wisdom & real ‘divine/sacred’ sweetness, sense, meaning and purpose as this ridiculous kiddie’s fear-and-hope-porn is running the fate of Mankind & Earth & and more !

Sorry, not on my watch !

The right wing and the left wing belong to the same bird !
The go(o)d cop and the bad cop !
The right hand and the left hand of The Demiurg !

Both sides always need each other for their own justification and existence to be; thus they are trapped in this vicious cycle !

I am not – and I am not connected to neither of these Dudes. My loyalty is to Mankind, Earth and most of all to Life Itself !

The Theist and the A-Theist are sitting in the same boat, they both believe something that they do not know !

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