Structureless Steering of Complex, Living, Non-Linear Super-Systems

Structureless Steering of Complex, Living, Non-Linear Super-Systems – The True Art of Integer & Honest Leadership

That’s the task and challenge that none of you has truly dared to face; not to mention has mastered – None !

I have given you the gift of The Sovereignty of the Entire Planet Earth.

This is The Last Offer You get – accept it and there will be immediate World-Peace and Freedom for All Mankind !
You got 72 hours to Publicly declare World-Peace, Full Sovereignty of All Peoples and People and Nations, announce The New Cosmological Paradigm including my discovery and thus announce a Truth and Reconciliation Commission for a worldwide, public reviewing and rewriting of All Science (And History ! And thus Religion as well !) – 90% of All Science (And History ! And thus Religion as well !) are lies !

I’ll give you The Earth-Axis and it’s Living Secret, The Scepter & The Globus Cruciger and You do everything You can and which is in your power to work for Freedom, Truth, World-Peace and Sovereignty of Mankind, The Peoples and The people in honest Good Faith !

Deal ?

PS: Oh and just for the record: You’ve had enough, in fact more than enough, time !

7 years – Seven long years I’ve told and shared it all with you. Many World-Leaders, governments, hundreds of international embassies, thousands of the leading Universities, entire parliaments, all major media, all of the well-known alt. media, authors, truthers, activists and public figures, NASA, ESA, The East, The West, different branches and generals in person of the military, Intelligence Agencies, religious organisations up to the very Papacy and Vatican, Knights of Malta and more of these shady, secret organisations and a lot more. In short, the entire Mankind !

You see, you got to understand: I have given you the gift of The Sovereignty of the Entire Planet Earth – that’s the entire place of which YOUR home-country is a part of and I have made sure, that The Sovereignty of The Entire “Living Thing” is secured and claimed as a Free Home for Mankind and thus enabling the sovereignty of Your country/people/nation, too.

But what are you doing for me ? And to my country/people/nation ?

I and my people are still not allowed and encouraged and accepted as a sovereign nation and sovereign, free people !

How dare You ?

I have given you a future !

The Future ! The Future for the entire Mankind – and you can not even stand up for me, that I am begging for nothing else but to stop the unjust and unfair enslavement, brainwashing and pillaging of my Nation/People/Country for more than 7 years !

Which by the way would easily enable World-Peace with it; in case any of you clowns would be really interested in it !

Is that who you are, mankind ?

Really ?

Is that what you mean when you talk about your honor, dignity, integrity, fairness, peace, friendship, cooperation, honesty and values ?

What a disgusting and obnoxious shame !

You see, the truth is this:

If you do not grant me my and my people’s Full Sovereignty and start publicly to re-install it and take a strong and honest stand for it immediately – within the next 72 hours – you will lose All Rights, Claims and All Lawful Standing for yourself and your nation and your people and your countries; All Nations, All Countries and All People(s) – Period !

Justice is a Double-Edged Sword !

If you can not respect and honor The One Man – Abu Axis Mundi – and his people who has given You, Mankind, a future by leading you out of your stupidity, blindness and abyss, then you do not deserve to be part of Life Itself anymore.

It’s that simple, because you have proven that you will never value and adhere to The Cosmic Laws and thus you are not only worthless in the eyes of Life Itself but in fact a toxic and disgusting disease and infection to all other Life in The Cosmos that must be completely eradicated with all its roots and seeds; right ?

The Choice is Yours !

You see; you’ve heard of a man called Kurt Goedel ?

He has proven something which is called “Goedel’s Incompleteness Theorem” that basically says and proven that we can not exclude the possibility that all our scientific assumptions and theorems are false and Reality is in actual fact completely different !

And he proved it mathematically and scientifically.

The word ‘Fiction’ comes to mind again.

So, let’s remember that the judicial definition of Fiction includes facts/truths like: ” A Fiction, by definition can Not be proven to be false; because by definition a fiction has Nothing to do with reality/truth!”

Understand the implications – and let that sink in !

So, one can not disprove a fiction but one can step out of the fiction entirely and find and see a Greater Truth so that the fiction – aka The Lie/ The Falsehood – is paling away in comparison to the Greater Truth which offers infinitely more and deeper ways of understanding, realizing and interacting with that Greater Truth/ Greater Reality.

Simply put, the fiction has become a useless tool in explaining reality.

Now, back to Goedel and why I have called myself jokingly ‘Goedel’s Little-Big Brother’.

What he did mathematically-scientifically, I did the same – no less scientifically – in practical terms; pragmatic, tangible, undeniable, in your face so to speak; for a 10 year old boy to understand, proven to be correct by Nature Itself and beautifully contradicting-paradigms-conciliating with my discovery of The True Motion of Earth and Its Axis.

So, the essence and consequence is this – and I try to say this in the most polite and respectful way possible:

Your basic and most fundamental assumptions of how you think/believe this Reality-Life-Cosmos-Nature works are False, Incomplete and at best Half-True – Fundamentally False – Period !

All of them !

That includes your sciences, your religions, your pretended “secret teachings”, your kabbalistic half-truth-nonsense, your prophecies and prophets, your holy books and, Yes for sure, all of your Time-Keeping and Calendars.

Obvious, when you haven’t grasp the fundamental Geometry in Motion of your Planetary System (aka the mechanics and mechanism of “The Clockwork”), is it not ?

Or how could someone ‘correctly read the time on a watch if he doesn’t understand the mechanism of the watch in it’s entirety’ ?

Same thing here:
How could anyone claim to understand the working methods and forces of the Cosmos and Planetary Systems and The Life within these systems, if he/she has made the first mistake already at the very beginning even Before any calculation occurred, namely in his/her Observation of Reality ?

Btw: Calendars were never meant to be instruments for ‘time-keeping’ but have always been used primarily as tools for navigation !

You see, my discovery doesn’t say that you – the scientists – are not good in calculating or with your measurements or your technics or such, No, not at all.

What I say is :

You have made a mistake before all the calculating, the model-making, the framing and forming of theories, theorems and equations. These things you scientists are great at and I never would want to criticize you in that.

The failure is at the very beginning – in the observation and the translation from the observation in Reality/Nature into a mathematical-geometrical model.

Like in school we had these so-called ‘Text-Aufgaben’ (‘Text-Calculations’), meaning there was a short story told and the “difficulty” was to “read” that story and being able to translate it into a simple mathematical task. (Example: “John has birthday; he invited 12 friends; Nicola has diabetes and can’t eat sugar or cake. How many pieces can every child get, if …..yadda yadda yadda ….”)

Now, back to the Earth Axis and its geometrical motion:
You, Mankind, have just failed to fully grasp the basic and fundamental way of the kind of Geometrical Dance-Patterns of Earth. And on top of that false observation and assumption you and all science have indeed acted ‘correctly’ and your calculations and math is correct; but it all stands on top of a False Assumption of the entire model.

So, it can Never produce/deliver Truth !
Trapped within a Fiction !

You ever heard the saying about ‘building on sand’ or even ‘building on a rotten and false cornerstone’ ??!!!

And no matter what amount of calculating, adding more rules and specifications and whatnot – it will always be false and it will Never yield and carry you beyond a certain limitation in Truth and actual Understanding of Reality.

Now, there is one thing you could try and do and that is to say :

“What the fuck, I don’t care ! Who the fuck cares about the damned Earth-Axis and all this Stefan-Bullshit about the True Geometry of The motion of Earth and its Axis ?
Nobody gives a flying fart about that – in fact many people even still believe the Earth is flat in earnest; these poor souls – and we have so many more hardcore problems here on Earth, so why the hell would I care about this Axis-nonsense ?”

Well, in doing so, you have given proof that you haven’t understood the slightest bit of what the Destiny of The Human Race is all about !
You have clearly shown your contempt and non-understanding of the utmost important structural value of truth and what makes truth in fact the basis of our existence.

By doing so, you would have made the Karmic Decision that you are prohibited to ever use words like : Truth, Reality, Open-Mindedness, Honor, Justice, Integrity, Dignity, yes even words like ‘good’ and ‘bad’, ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ are words You are no longer allowed to use, because You have publicly shown your contempt for truth and your failure to realize the Sacred Foundation that Truth is giving and performing in this Sacred Creation of Life Itself.

Or in simple terms : Your Word and Your Honor and Your Name wouldn’t be worth a Flying Fart anymore !

You have disqualified Yourself !

You know, as All Seers and Realised Beings will tell you, The Cosmic Justice of Life Itself works very simple, like this:

Life Itself ( what you might call god) is giving you everything and is allowing and unlocking every door for you – but in case you do not capture and integrate all these gifts and truths but instead prefer to stick with proven lies, you yourself are starting the process of being excluded more and more from truth and Life Itself – by your own choice – and eventually you will miserably wither away in fear, decay, self-destruction, confusion, complete separation, death and annihilation.

By Your Own Choice !

Ok, now You have to make a choice:

You – and Mankind in it’s entirety – can not say any longer that you haven’t been informed; you have been informed a hundred times and all your important institutions and leaders as well.

There is no way around that decision for You:
Either you stick with The Lie or you – publicly – stay with Truth !

Make Your choice – but make it soon, because you don’t have a hell of a lot of time anymore – and no decision is considered to be a decision, too; the worst decision btw.

Oh and please do not think, that it is me, who is deciding about the time-frames here or about what you should or should not do or have or have not to do. It’s not me you are opposing or violating or going against here and frankly, I personally, couldn’t care less what you all believe or don’t believe.

It’s Life Itself, The Cosmos, The Great and Sacred Spirit of Nature or if you prefer (in your terminology): God or the Creator that You are going against – so, in case you decide to stay that little, defiant and sullen child; Good luck with that one !

I never said, that “I will come and punish you”.

I don’t deal in violence ! I never did and I won’t start now ! This is just too crude and low for me and even more: It’s not necessary at all; Spiritual-Cosmic Justice doesn’t work on such primitive levels.

If you ignore Truth and Reality for too long – especially after you have been informed and given warning many, many times – This Truth and Reality will trash you merciless and will rather sooner than later eradicate and annihilate you – permanently – from The Cosmos and Life Itself.

You see, I come in Friendship; for 7 years – in fact All my Life – I’ve been coming in Friendship and all I’m striving for is Friendship and Cooperation among Mankind.

But you have to understand that it is very difficult to stay that course , if The System, You and Mankind and The-Powers-That-Should-Have-Never-Ruled is not equally trying to cooperate and live in friendship and peace and freedom and sovereignty with me.

Yesterday (February 2022), my Non-Sovereign country Austria via it’s shameless and dishonest puppet-politicians and government has approved a so-called Mandatory Vaccine !

Fascism anyone ?

Anybody of you guys ever heard of something called the “Nürnberger Prozesse” (Nürnberg Trials and Code) ?!?

Geeeeez !

You’ve got to understand that You – All of you who have endorsed that False, Lying narrative of a ‘dangerous man-eating virus’ – have crossed a line here:

I do not even want and need to talk about any medical or scientific issues here – and we all know that it is a big fat lie – the issue here is of a complete different and far more serious matter:


That’s the question we are all dealing with; and the short answer is :

It Is Me !

And all of you who are advocating and forcing certain pretended ‘health measures’ upon me are violating my sovereign contract with Life Itself- call it ‘god’, if you still haven’t understood my words and need the truth 100% clear !

Translate that to: You are doing Evil/Sin to me – and that will not be accepted – Period !

As I said many times: I come in Friendship and as a Friend – but if You treat me as a slave and are forcefully trying to take full ownership of me and my body and my complete Living Being, you are – by Cosmic Law – doing wrong and evil and declaring yourself to be an enemy !

An enemy to Life Itself and the Entire Living Cosmos !

And in case , anyone dares to come up and say only a single peep about “Oh, this guy is so stupid and is talking shit ….!” – well, let me remind you who you are talking to:

I Am The Father of The Earth Axis – Abu Axis Mundi, The Man who has shown Mankind for the first time in their history the truth about their basic position in The Cosmos via the discovery of The True Motion of Earth and its Axis (The Geometry in Motion) and thus have given you, mankind, a paradigm-changing, fantastic and completely new and higher-dimensional scientific-cosmological paradigm.

See -> The Secret of Planet Earth – The True Motion of Earth and its Axis

So, if I were you, I wouldn’t want to play the Game of who of us is the genius and who of us is the idiot !

I, for One, do not like to play that game – I think it’s a silly and childish game; but that doesn’t mean that I can not play The Game better than anybody else, if someone is threatening my very life and freedom !

As, I said: I’m coming as a Friend – I don’t want to fight. I want friendship but it is difficult to live in peace, freedom and sweet sovereignty if there are forces, entities and people who constantly try to rape, violate, infringe, enslave, manipulate, lie, force, steal, massively over-tax and threaten me and the rest of mankind.

That’s all – thank you for your attention and your highly valued consideration; the clock is ticking – You got 72 hours left –

A’HO !

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