The Judge

This is my last attempt in explaining to you what You still don’t understand and why your solutions to peace and freedom will and can never work !

What you obviously do not understand is that this fight for peace and freedom of and for mankind can only be won if the solution is for All of Mankind !

Meaning you/we have to give a real solution for All of Mankind or it will never work !

Why is that so ?

It is because our opponent (the cabal/the evil elite/the Non-terrestrial entities who are even above and beyond the Earth’ ruling elites who are fighting already for millions of years to take over the control of Earth and the infiltration of mankind) are masters in that game called : “Divide & Conquer”.

That means as long as there is only the slightest, tiny little fight and quarrel among us humans (Nations/Religions/Peoples/Countries) it is for 100% sure that they will use this and masterfully put their agendas and means into that discrepancy and will masterfully exploit that internal fight for their own benefit – as they have done for hundreds of millennia already; without us, mankind, fools being ever the wiser and falling for it again and again and again.

Following that it is clear – at least for a clear-thinking mind like me who is not that kind of imbecile as most of my 8 billion-infantile-and-coward-fellow-mankind – that what we need is a way of uniting the whole of Mankind !

Uniting – but without infringing on their/our individuality, sovereignty and self-determination.

Now, please, tell me :
Do you see anybody here in this current world who is able to do this ?
Uniting All of Mankind ?
Do you see anybody who is not biased and is not trying to put his ‘tribe’/nation/religion/fellow people at least a tiny little bit ‘first’ , ‘above the others’ and ‘better of’ than the others ?

Well, to make this short:
No, there is nobody – nobody except me, The Father of The Earth-Axis- The Saddler who can do this and who already has provided a/The solution.

And I’ve done that free of charge and free of any strings attached !

The rest of you has offered and done – at least partly – great deeds, great solutions and intel and has shown great courage and strength to fight for the people – but you are all still biased and are not offering a solution to really unite mankind on a 100% fair and equalizing basis.

No, not even you, ‘The Real Americans’, a bunch of highest-level criminals who have stolen an entire continent in cohorts with this ridiculous Papacy and Crown and then after they have murdered hundreds of millions of natives and got the prize (the land with everything in it) thought it to be a clever and honorable idea to go against their own Co-Mafia-Master, because now they wanna have it all for themselves !

Btw. this is the typical mafia behavior:
Group A and group B are forming a Mafia together against innocent victim C – rob and kill victim C and then when it’s done they start to turn onto each other because that is the evil and retarded mindset of such mafia people – always !

I really don’t know what’s so hard to see and understand about that:
Almost everything you, the Americans, claim to own and inherited is fucking stolen or derived from stolen goods & land !

Anyways, I do NOT claim that ‘The Americans’ and their patriotism are worse than the other people(s) who mostly act according to that same principal – they have only been more successive in doing so in the recent past; that’s all; most others would behave in the same way if they had the chance and power to do so. And, yes, it is also true that even ‘The Americans’ have been cheated on an even higher level, too; like the rest of the world and the peoples.

Oh, and the same goes for the so-called St. Germain and D’Avila- and other so-called ‘Family-Trusts’: Where the hack do you think that gold/riches is coming from and how the hell do you think they have ‘gained’ control of such wealth, if not pressed and stolen from the people of the earth ?

The same is true for your so-called Dragon-Families or is it not ?!

So, again, if we really wanna do it right for the first time here on Earth in millions of years, we got to learn to actually apply truth, fairness, justice and real equal rights for achieving true peace & freedom.

And therefor we need something that has the power of unifying and uniting mankind for real.

And The Only One who can do that is me and my discovery of The True Motion of Earth and its Axis which is forcing You All to admit that You All do not know jackshit; neither about this cosmic reality nor about what you Cosmic Beggars are calling ‘god’.


And the window of opportunity for you to capture on that solution is now rapidly closing – you have only a few days left to make up your mind and start publicly sharing this Mankind-freeing solution or mankind is going down the drain and the process of annihilation of mankind from this cosmos – permanently and for ever – will be set in motion.

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