Circular Breathing & The Open Breathing System

“Between people we use Common Sense – In music we use Beyond Common Sense !” #QuoteMasayukiKoga

The Open Breathing System/Circular Breathing – Advanced Level/ Masayuki Koga

PS: If I should name one single ‘thing’ that has made me into the Man I am today it’s this:

25 years of intense and passionate doing this special kind of breathing – solely with the intent and purpose of playfully singing along with the god(s) and creation …. and thus, without even knowing what I did, completed The Full Initiation into the Secret Wisdom of Life & Life Itself of our beloved Australian Aboriginals.

Not on the Shakuhachi like him, Masayuki Koga, masterfully is doing here in this short demonstration-and-learning-video, but on the Oldest Musical Instrument on Earth :


The Beloved, Sacred Didgeridoo aka Yidaki !

The Physics of the Didgeridoo and the Scalar Waves !

I’m writing this to make a suggestion for a maybe interesting, physical experiment.

I want to try – by playing the Didgeridoo; no touching;  just via frequencies – to ‘bring mass/weight’ onto your measurement instruments/scale.

As I said, I am playing passionately for over 20 years and have become not too bad at it.

The Didgeridoo – an Australian ‘flute’, that belongs, similar to the trumpet, to the so-called –  in German – Polster-Pfeiffen-Instrumente. Like trumpet, organ, bagpipe, etc.; which has something to do with the way the sounds are produced.

In short, it’s about Standing Waves.

Different from for example flutes, there is no possibility for the air to disappear. That’s why you can play chromatic scales/dissonante tones as well. So you have to learn to let the air/sound-wave flow along the geometry of the wave-structure through your Didgeridoo/tube.

Very often i have to think about ” The Camel going through the needle-eye” !

It’s like riding the overtones through it and beyond. As you become more and more “one” with this wooden tube – it is as if your breath/singing/sound is perfectly unlocking a secret ‘safe-lock’ – not only within yourself but within the Didgeridoo as well.

Many times i liked to imagine, how the air/molecules move because so many scalar waves are turning the air plasmatic, where then there are movements/sounds/rhythms/multi-voices/speeds(sic!)/synchronicities simultaneously possible, which are almost  unimaginable !

It sounds and feels so “alive” that since playing the Didgeridoo, the story of ” The Trumpets of Jericho” have gotten a total different meaning to me.

Think also about what Nicola Tesla did, when he let the skyscrapers in New York and elsewhere dance via scalar waves!

The art of playing Didgeridoo is a little like balancing. That’s why i always say: Search the middle of the middle of the middle of the middle …. and so on !

Deep inside the middle/center there is/comes into existence an equilibrium and then quite magically,  just by itself, the next overtone will materialize out of itself, and than the next and so forth and so on.

And after a while you feel like “being blown”. No effort needed anymore – like IT is flowing through you – very smooth but at the same time mighty and strong – and funny – like your lungs are dancing.

There is a medical saying: The alveolar gas-exchange happens with the Respiratory-phase – meaning the gas (oxygen vs carbon-dioxide) exchanges while Exhaling. Deep inside the lungs/alveols there are some kind of valves which are ‘shutting’ while inhaling – i guess, it’s for protection purpose for the “inside”- and opening up while Exhaling.

So the Exhaling is the important part of breathing !

Same with the Didgeridoo: Inhaling – Circular Breathing/Open Breathing System – seems difficult but your body is doing it by itself; just stop thinking about how. The breathing out is what is the true Art.
And through circular breathing you can keep this ‘inside’ open for a long period of time. One hour or longer, no problem – effortless. And it is vibrating/oscillating itself higher and higher – like a feedback-loop into a feedback-loop into a feedback loop …..

I guess, that’s the way Free-Energy-Generators should work:

Implosion and not explosion !  Thank You, Mr Viktor Schauberger !

In Aboriginal-mythology there are a lot of myths about the life-giving and healing properties of the Didgeridoo/Yidaki. They are even bringing people back to life – even Creation itself has been “brought back onto the right track” by blowing the Didgeridoo .

That’s my favorite Aboriginal Myth about how the Creation-Twin-Sisters got saved.

December 2022 is The COMPLETION of the 7-year-cycle !


(Which is the highest law; in fact it’s THE Law. Everything else, like so-called Law of The Land/Soil/Living people, Law of The Sea/Maritime/Commerce/person, Law of The Air/Ecclesiastical/Death, are fictitious approximations and more or less distorted – and let me add maliciously intended – human and non-human inventions !)

7 years is the time period one is granted after having been informed publicly about one’s own falsehood and gross misbehavior and gross violation of truth to understand, accept, repent and perform the necessary changes in behavior and legal/lawful conduct.

After that period is over and one is still sticking with the – now proven – falsehood and LIE one is being held 100% accountable and one is to bear the FULL CONSEQUENCES of one’s own misbehavior and obedience and acquiescence to THE LIE !

It’s called KARMA !

Just saying.

The choice is YOURS – and yours alone !

Yours truly,


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