The Flower Of Phnom Penh

The Flower of Phnom Penh

I was longtime dreaming, to be able and willing
To get life’s greatest gift, of dreams fulfilling.
And when I look at you; try to see your being,
It seems that dream came true- feels like “Future Seeing”.
Coz’ from within your eyes;why ? I do not know;
It’s raining diamonds – and diamonds; in a row !


Under the Blue Moon, you once said to me,
You’re my King of the Hill and so shall it be!
Forever and longer – this beautiful we.
Our love makes us stronger; the whole world should see
That we’re in love with each other – while paying no fee !

You say’ the waters keep coming as a streaming flow;
Painting emotion – in a painful glow,
Complete utter darkness, deep down the hole –
Be strong while remember – for not hurt your soul;
Forgive when you find out: Who’s the one ,who did go ?
If we’ll meet again ? I really don’t know !

The stages were huge, as was the show;
The secrets inside, just you and me know.
To see all these men, who were calling you name
Of a female dog – Can you imagine the pain ?
Being alone with no word and nobody to blame –
Would have killed with the sword – to get rid of that shame !

So for once and all – to state my case
While I stand tall with my heart in a blaze –
Remember we’re smiling ? Listening to “Rat Race” ?!
The love’s always stronger and in the right place,
It’s made for the healing – of the whole Human Race.

Now i think of this man, and his own pace,
For 2000 years,long hair and God’s Ace –
Washing her feet – now I’ve tears in my face
If you miss – you will find me, in the starry sky’s gaze !


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