My UN-Speech

My UN-Speech

Here is the very simple solution for mankind’s legal & lawful & spiritual disaster :
Let’s stop declaring us/ourselves and each other literally and legally-binding as Dead Persons and thus stop treating ourselves and each other as dead things – persons – inanimate dead and unconscious slave-beings !

Lost at High Seas – died the Civilian Death/German: Der Bürgerliche Tod !

It’s that simple ; we just have to do it !

You obviously do not get it, that all my – and the same applies to all human beings (Men & Women) – claims are not coming from any piece of paper, any contract made by people centuries ago.

Any contract I haven’t done and agreed to by myself (or based on deception and fraud!) is Null and Void; but contracts are coming from Life Itself – and that Life Itself (What most are misleadingly calling god) is Now – Present – Here !

No need to go back millennia and quote that what somebody else thought about what somebody else thinks about someone else believes about that thing called Living Reality/god.

Well, that is childish: You (and everybody else) don’t know shit about a dead man’s perspective; but that’s all you are doing :

Quoting what the forefathers thought, quoting what so-called Jesus thought , quoting what the Romans thought , quoting what the Phoenicians thought and so on.

But that’s not the way Life and Living Law works.

You see, you are interested in power vs I am interested in Authority ! Real, Actual, Living Authority !

You know the difference ?
Power is always granted by someone/an entity and thus can always be taken away again for it’s not genuine – whereas authority is coming from within the living,conscious being and is granted by Life Itself.

You want to organize a world/society/system under the power and rule of what you to be believe the word of god; whereas I want to create a human society of Free, Conscious, Self-Ruling living beings, who can/should/will and are allowed to experience/communicate and interact with The Force for themselves – without any intermediary :

No Pope, no Jesus, no Mother Marry, no Buddha, no Muhammed and no Shiva as well –

Free, Sovereign, Self-determined !

Oh and let me give you the solution that you are searching now for many years in one sentence:

Go and change the UN-Charter and with it all the constitutions around the world, add just one sentence:
The Civilian Death (German: Bürgerliche Tod), the legal/lawful status of Lost at High Seas doesn’t exist, doesn’t apply, doesn’t take place and never has and never will – including all the consequences !

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