Not All Who Wander Are Lost

Nothing will ever change like this – that is the sad truth !

All the people just talk and are blaming the other side – but in reality they are all the same !
Trust me, if you would clean out all “evil elite people” and then fill the positions with all those so-called truthers, awakened, light warriors, enlightened and whatnot – it would take maximum a year or two – and you would see the exact same thing and egoistic evil again – because they are all Not awakened or enlightened or any of that shit at all.

They are just talking and trying to sell themselves of as the wise guys (although they might not know it for themselves and might think they are doing great) when in fact they know jack shit about the true mechanisms of Life Itself.

And they are all talking the same old false Esoteric-New-Age nonsense without having had any real experience for themselves.
It’s all just stories that they all heard a million times and which are thousands of years old and they never bothered to verify/falsify them and after a while they start hallucinating and are no longer able to distinguish between what they actually know as fact and experience and what is just mental masturbation.

That is the sad truth.

And that is the reason why they are not able to listen to actual new information, because they all believe they know already.

You see, it’s like a glass which is already full; you can’t fill in anything new because it’s already full – full with lies and BS.
Just look at all the daily videos and posts where million upon million people are explaining “What’s really going on “.

It’s hilarious and it would be very funny; if it wouldn’t be so lethal and seriously tragic.

They all pretend to “know it all”, they know about the apocalypse, they know the plans of god, they know the real meaning of the bible, they know the Jesus personally, they are master magicians, they know all of their hundreds of incarnations, they know who are the evil ones and why and what false gods they are praying to and all that nonsense !

It’s just parroting and unconsciously inventing more chapters of the fairy-tale-story and more follow-up episodes of the same old same old religious-esoteric-new-age BS.

It just begs the question, if there are so many millions of oh-so-holy people who “have daily conversations with god”, then why does the world and mankind look as fucked-up as it does ?

Ah yeah, right, they all say and their plan and option is always: “If everybody would know what i know and would act and understand as much and as holy and divine as I do, then everything would be good within two days !”

Well, the truth is that they themselves don’t understand the wheelwork of this world and reality and the wheelwork of power but even if they would, let me ask you: Would that be Freedom, if we all have to be and copy all the knowledge and actions of the one truther/whistleblower/messenger XXX ?

And is that not exactly how the so-called evil elites are thinking and behaving as well ?

Like: ” I/we know it all better than everybody else, so that gives me/us the right to talk down to you ordinary/common people and to ignore the rights and sovereignty of the masses ?”

Because, right, “They know it all ” !?

Never mind that if you look closely enough they are all contradicting each other heavily and so they themselves already have proven many million times that what they say can not be truth; otherwise they must be able to agree on the essence – which is never the case – but hey, who cares, right ?

But if you tell them a truth that goes against their false truth – they gonna hate you, block you, can’t and don’t answer, attack you on a personal level and whatnot. Just so, that they don’t have to ever question themselves and their own positions and find out that maybe they themselves are neither within truth nor are very fair, honest and are not willing to apply integrity and modesty and skepticism onto themselves.

In short : Most people are Not The Good ones !

Just try it out and challenge them and see how they are reacting, if you are not willing to go with their half truths, not willing to be their follower, not accepting their guru-position, not giving them any money, rejecting their god & messenger but question their “truths” and hide your own credibility so they think you are a nobody: They all will treat you as bad and as worthless as the elites themselves are doing to the people as long as they think that nobody is watching.

The good age-old problem of :”If your god is different from my god – it is only a matter of time and a powerful enough position that you will want to kill me !”

You see, these elites are assholes and evil and whatnot – no question; but what I say is that most people would do exactly the same; they just don’t have the courage and means to do so on a grand scale.

So, that’s why you see husbands beating their wives, bullies beating and stealing from other kids, women getting raped in the millions every day, people steal, cheat, lie, manipulate and all that shit – and throughout all social classes, cultures, civilizations and religions.

It’s sad – but it’s the truth !

In short : The people are still falling for the religious evil, namely that it says that there is a god out there somewhere in “The Heavens” when in fact it’s here on Earth and right within oneself.

But with that truth you can not build a following and you can not profit from that and you can not establish yourself as “The Better One” and their leader which is the actual subconscious wish of 99,9999999% of the people : They themselves want and are doing all to be The Better One !
That’s why nobody wants to hear the actual truth, cause that would really free people and thus you can not capitalize on them anymore. You see, all those freedom fighters and light warriors do not really want to see mankind free – but what they are dreaming of and jerking off on is “To be the hero to free the people” !

They all love The Role – but they are not doing the hard work. Because they can’t – they don’t have the standing for it – they don’t have The Intelligence and The Balls to do it !

You understand that fundamental difference ?

It’s one thing to actually do and work for giving/showing people their independence & sovereignty and a completely different one to just want to carry the label, “I am the good one and I am the hero and savior of all !”

And people are still too stupid, egoistic, mentally retarded and spiritually infantile and weak and coward to face that fact and go through that door – the only gateway to actual freedom.

Because then they would have to change their own life-styles and how and what they think of themselves.

Like what you all say about the useless politicians as well : If you oust them they would have to actually do some real work and would have to stop suckling the money out of the poor and confused public.

There are simply too many suckers among mankind – in all social classes. Suckers who do not contribute anything of value but are only interested in sucking up the cream from the work of others – in all social classes !

You see, this religious god is a mind trick: It’s not your belief/faith that makes you a good person but your deeds do – but they all think when they claim they are followers of this or that messenger and spiritual tradition it makes them a good man/woman. Nope, it’s just a mind trick to cheat oneself – it’s called “Substitution”: People are unconsciously substituting a fictitious mind-movie for the actual real experience and seeking because it’s “safer” and less challenging.

Yep, exactly like in the digital world: Just press “restore” or “new game” or “upgrade” or “download” and invent a new fictitious reality; only that The Real World doesn’t work like that.

And they are all falling for it: No matter if with the Jesus, the Shiva, the Astro-theology, the New Age, the Great Solar Flare, the imaginary ‘Pole Flip’, the Jehova or Mohammed and whatnot – you see, it’s all always somewhere else – everywhere but never here and now – and that exactly is the cheat !

Let me ask you:
If from tomorrow on not a single man on earth would be able and allowed to earn only a single dollar in the name of “The Magic Secret of Life Itself/God/Enlightenment” anymore; just hypothetically – don’t you think that at least 99% of these pseudo-gurus/priests/energy teachers/reincarnation-therapists and whatnot would turn to other business-ventures and do you think this world would be a better or worse place ?

Think hard, my friend – as hard as you can; just take all the time you need !

Now, let me explain to you why the notion of so many people – that religion is needed for a culture and a civilization to thrive and as moral and spiritual guidance – is false.

You see, when people claim that without religion and stories of god people would live a brutal and primitive and beastly life that clearly shows that these people do not even believe in their own religion !

Because believing that means that they are full-blown Materialists !


They think something external is needed to make the ethics, moral and respect for others flourish because this materialistic nature/cosmos and the beings within is ‘only matter’. Same as our idiotic current official sciences that are still clinging and claiming that utter nonsense that consciousness is a consequence and an attribute of matter. Fact is: It’s the other way around.

That’s what they say; without saying it !

If they would know and understand that this Cosmos in itself is a Living Cosmos and that consciousness is the basis and root-cause for this physical cosmos and all the beings within – it would be 100% self-evident and self-explanatory that we, mankind, are beings of spirit and consciousness, too and no religion would be needed to “tame the beast” because there is no beast at all – there is only You and The All That Is/The Pure Essence/Life Itself !

Et voilà, that opens all the doors within the Cosmos and the spiritual world and everybody can go “there” and no messenger is ever needed.

So, the very belief that religion is needed is the proof of how weak and petty and confused the faith of those people who believe such nonsense actually is.

What do you think what kind of dead-beat loser that Force of Creation is that it would create a Cosmos and beings which needed You – or me or any other self-declared guru – to guide the people to their fulfillment in life ?

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