The Verdict

The Judge

What you/we obviously do not understand is that this fight for peace and freedom of and for mankind can only be won if the solution is for All of Mankind !

Meaning you/we have to give a real solution for All of Mankind or it will never work !

Why is that so ?

It is because our opponent (the cabal/the evil elite/the Non-terrestrial entities who are even above and beyond the Earth’ ruling elites who are fighting already for millions of years to take over the control of Earth and the infiltration of mankind) are masters in that game called: “Divide & Conquer”.

That means as long as there is only the slightest, tiny little fight and quarrel among us humans (Nations/Religions/Peoples/Countries) it is for 100% sure that they will use this and masterfully put their agendas and means into that discrepancy and will masterfully exploit that internal fight for their own benefit – as they have done for hundreds of millennia already; without us, mankind, fools being ever the wiser and falling for it again and again and again.

Following that it is clear – at least for a clear-thinking mind – that what we need is a way of uniting the whole of Mankind !

Uniting – but without infringing on their/our individuality, sovereignty and self-determination.

Now, please, tell me :
Do you see anybody here in this current world who is able to do this ?
Uniting All of Mankind ?

Do you see anybody who is not biased and is not trying to put his ‘tribe’/nation/religion/fellow people at least a tiny little bit ‘first’ , ‘above the others’ and ‘better of’ than the others ?

Well, to make this short:
No, there is nobody – nobody except me, Stefan, The Guy with The Earth-Axis – who can do this and who already has provided a/The solution.

And I’ve done that free of charge and free of any strings attached !

The rest of you has offered and done – at least partly – great deeds, great solutions and intel and has shown great courage and strength to fight for the people – but you are all still biased and are not offering a solution to really unite mankind on a 100% fair and equalizing basis.

So, again, if we really wanna do it right for the first time here on Earth in millions of years, we got to learn to actually apply truth, fairness, justice and real equal rights for achieving true peace & freedom.

And therefor we need something that has the power of unifying and uniting mankind for real.

And The Only One who can do that is me and my discovery of The True Motion of Earth and its Axis which is forcing The Seal of Lies and the included ‘Spells’ to break open.

That is the only way, is it not ?!

The Verdict

Performing The Global Public Duty !

From today on you/we all will be held mercilessly accountable.

You see, your/our fundamental mistake and failure in this current reality is that you/we are twisting reality up-side-down:

You decided to believe in god and are saying, ‘God is Truth’ whereas the reality is the opposite, ‘Truth is God/The Most High’ !

But you are not interested in Truth as The Most High because you already think and believe that you know the truth aka god; but that is – as you yourself are calling it – a belief and nothing else.

Your belief is absolutely worthless.

It’s just stories and traditions that you have been indoctrinated with by your ancestors. Sure, they might have done it in ‘good faith’ but nevertheless it is not truth but only a belief.

The thing is, you don’t dare to question your own traditions and you did not make any actual experience for yourself.

How could you, if you are pretending to know already before ever having looked into reality without a prejudice and a belief ?

You see, it’s like this:

How could you fill in something into a vessel when that vessel is already full with something else ?

Everything that you are putting into that vessel will get mixed and tainted by the substance/idea that is already within that vessel.

So, the fundamental spiritual problem with all of you is that you never dared to completely empty out yourself of all the half-truths and BS that society and tradition has put into you.

And why is that so ?

Well, the answer is simple:

Because when you start doing this it is a very dreadful experience to just entertain the thought and possibility that everything your society has ever taught you is false – a frickin’ dreadful experience, as everyone who ever experienced that for real will tell you.

Because that would mean that all conclusions, all rules, all heroes, all values and everything that you are using as guidance in Life has been tainted and is wrong:

From money(-creation), to science, history, cosmology, hierarchy in society and much more; all is up-side-down.

It means that all the people who are celebrated as ‘The Good Ones’ are not the good ones and that you are living in a reality here on earth where always the wrong people are getting the power, authority, credibility, support and encouragement; and with a little bit of imagination you can see for yourself that this can only lead into the deepest abyss of evil and death and decay !

And now look at this world :

Is that not exactly what is happening ?

Medical science doesn’t heal but is creating more disease !

Banks don’t provide real money !

Political leaders don’t work for the greater good of the people !

The food-industry is not providing healthy food but is largely poisoning people !

The Agro-businesses are not creating healthy soil & land but are draining the land, so that the microbiological content of soil is now below 1% on a worldwide level !

The rivers are drying out and desertification is eating up huge patches of land !

The so-called ecological/environmental movement is not solving a single problem but is creating far more additional problems via their half-backed fake solutions !

The so-called energy (green technology) measures are not helping to solve energy problems and providing energy to society but on the contrary are making it more expensive, more scarce and by far more disruptive for the environment !

The priesthood and the religions are not leading people to freedom and enlightenment but they are the ones who are literally penetrating our children in the millions and thus are creating more suffering and the next generation of crippled and deranged members of society !

The Greatest Peace Prizes are given to the Greatest murderers !

The greatest scientific prizes and budgets are given to ridiculous sophisticated charlatans !

The greatest credibility, voice and attention in our societies is given to actors/pretenders/ball-game-idiots/below-average-musicians who are pussy-raping and crime-glamorizing !

And I – and many of you yourself – could go on ranting like this for hours, days and weeks !

But the ‘funny’ thing is: If I talk to you, 8 billions, on a one-to-one basis, you all will say that it is the others and you, you are part of the ‘Good Ones’ because you, you are a believer of god !

Can you see the sad and paradox irony here ?

It’s always ‘The Others’ – but imagine I talk to all 8 billions and everybody is saying : It’s the others …..well, then let me ask you :

Who are The Others, if not you yourself ?

And here we come now full circle:

As I said in the beginning; the mistake is that you start with an assumption, make this assumption into a belief and then a dogma and are now watching everything through that falsifying dogma – your belief in a god that you don’t know, never met and just have been indoctrinated with for nefarious purposes.

It is this vicious cycle that is the root-cause of all evil here on earth:

‘I believe in god – god is good – and thus, because I belief in god and am thus a part of him – I Am per definition The Good One !’

Dang !

Trapped !

And no chance to ever get out of that ‘Perpetuum Mobile of Evil’.

And all this just because you are not able to say this very simple sentence:

“I Do Not Know !”

You (falsely) think that ‘I do not know’ is a bad thing whereas in fact ‘I do Not know !’ is the Greatest thing of all.

I do not know is the door-opener – The Key to Life Itself , to the entire Cosmos and to The Most High !

I do not know is the Needle-Eye, the absolutely necessary stepping stone to The Most High – to Life Itself – to The All That Is/The Pure Essence.

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