The Lie – Cardinal of Sins

The Lie – The Cardinal of All Sins

Think of it this way :
All the so-called sins , they all need one particular sin as kind of a prerequisite. This is like the Cardinal Sin of all, for without that one the other sins wouldn’t be committed.

That’s the Lie ! (And Deception)

Without the option of lying, either to oneself or others, the other sins wouldn’t work out !

At least 99% of it which is fairly a great percentage.

So, let’s get rid of The Cultural Acceptance of Lying of us,the current mankind and we’ll see unbelievable changes – for the better – sweeping around the Earth in no time !

And just in case you don’t know this for yourself already :

The lie is like an infection, it works it’s way both ways, outside And inside. We always tend to think that we are able to control the distortion of reality/ the lie, meaning we will be able to keep track of where we lied to others and where not and we will keep the record straight within us.

Well, you see me laughing because that is a proven hypocrisy – the moment you lie to the outside/other , that infection is there within you and if not taken care properly , yes, it’ll behave like cancer!

You/we all know the rest of the story !

But the good thing is: now, we know where the responsibility and healing lies and thus are enabled to work out our way.

Let’s do it !


The only one true and (sadly) missing Commandment.

For the record: The term “Lie” includes actions like deception, omission, half-truth, false framing, undisclosed clauses, etc.; for sure !

That’s All – It’s that easy !

And, No, the 9th commandment (In Luther’s terms it’s the 8th commandment) about bearing false witness to your fellow man doesn’t say this !

You simply should Not lie – Never – Never Ever, not about others and not to others and not even to yourself – that’s in fact where all the evil always starts.

The rest of the 10 commandments is either Bullshit and Falsehood or (the sensible ones) already included in the task to Not Lie !

Nobody would steal and rape, kill and plunder and deceive and secretly start wars or go after the wife of another man – if he/she would adhere to the rule of not lying, right ?

It’s obvious ; is it not ?

No war ever started with one party declaring: ” We are power-hungry and so now we come and take away what is yours !”

No, never – it’s always under the pretext of a false flag event, a lie, a distortion of reality, a false narrative, claims and media propaganda and such. Always it is “needed” to twist reality in such a way that the evil criminal liar can blame all the guilt on the other one – the (more or less) innocent victim – Always !

Similarly, no man ever goes to another man and says: ” I gonna fuck your wife or steal your house or deceive you via this contract or sub-prime-mortgage or gonna murder this or that guy or any other evil action !”

Sure, because then the crime wouldn’t really work out – it is only working in combination with the lie.

Nope – it simple works like that – the criminal and evil one always includes the lie into his crimes – without that lie (in a civilization where everybody adheres to the law/taboo of not lying) nobody would dare to commit these evils – because it is clear that the law, the public opinion and thus the entire force of mankind would stand against the evil, criminal liar and they wouldn’t dare to commit the evil deed.

At least 99% of it – which is fairly a great number for a start, is it not ?

Now, we partly have some kind of laws that will punish you for lying – But only in very specific cases and not on a general basis !

So, if you lie in court and they catch you, you will be punished; although mostly the punishment is ridiculous compared to the damage done by it and all of the rest of the life in society they all can lie without any consequences.

Just look at all the media and politicians and scientific studies and public relations, mega corporations and Intelligence agencies reports and NGO reports of the like of “The White Helmets” and their Own False Flag activities, the ridiculously FALSE climate models (carbon dioxide human induced global warming which is wrong on so many levels !) on purpose and so much more:

All without legal & lawful consequences – but with tremendous, dire and evil consequences for the People, Earth and Mankind and Society at large.

In fact the lie has eaten itself to such deep levels into our societies that we have reached a point where the Judicial System and Courts and Attorneys and Judges are Liars themselves !

Yes – I say it :
Our civilization is ‘Rechtsbankrott’ – Legal/Lawful bankruptcy or Bankruptcy of Law !

The sad but logical consequence of many centuries of tolerated lying !

Think about it !

How could one ever expect a sane and peaceful world like that – it’s impossible !

So, let’s get moving and let’s get it done – it will be fun; we just have to start it !

The Fission-Fungus

The evil, lies, falsehood and enslavement on this earth (and beyond) is not happening in spite of all the “good” religions and spiritual processes but on the contrary it is happening because of it !

These religions and the respective ruling ‘spiritual-oligarchic’ entities, the so-called “god(s)”, are in fact the root-cause and the very Seed of Evil !

The “Fission Fungus” so to speak !
The root of the division and separation within mankind which in itself is the root-cause for all evil.

Don’t you remember this so-called Jesus-Dude and his own words:
‘I Am the Fission-Fungus – I will separate the wheat from the chaff !’ ?

I guess at least some of you have understood by now that to perform their evil and deception ‘they’ always are obliged to tell you – in whatever veiled and distorted form – the truth, in order to avoid Karma hitting them (At least they believe that they will get away with it like this – but it’s not true and they won’t get away with it !)

That’s what is happening here.
That’s exactly why they have styled the narrative like this and let ‘him’ say such words.

Now, obviously almost all of you thought that it is a good thing to separate the wheat from the chaff because for sure, you all are thinking that you are the ‘wheat’ aka ‘the good ones’ – but you are not.
In fact what you are doing by following that script is that you are promoting this separation and division of mankind but think you are doing something great and peaceful.

It’s the age-old problem of:
‘If your god is different from my god, then it is only a matter of time and a powerful enough position that you will want to kill me !’

And all the religions are the very promoters and perpetrators of this root-evil – sadly so.

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