The Magic Trick To Enslave The People

Caveat to the Natives – Don’t freely enslave your People – Again !

So, Person/Entity/State/Organisation/Vatican A is going to Person B and says something along the lines of :

‘I/We give you Full Sovereignty and Freedom and God-given Rights and Independence and Ownership and Rule of Yourself and Full Free Reign and give you full ownership of your Land and Soil and Resources and whatnot kind of beautiful and freedom-enhancing Yadda Yadda Yadda and we can make a huge Ceremony and Treaty and write it all down in some nice and fancy documents and certificates and records with all the nice and fancy Bla Bla and all the “High Level” signatures and Coat of Arms and Emblems and whatnot !

Isn’t that wonderful ?

We now have recognized that we should have done that all long before and right from the start but now we have come to our senses and have wised up and now we are finally behaving “good” and we are doing what is right and give you all the Independence rights that you deserve as “Children of God” !

Isn’t that nice from us? Do you see, now we are finally “good people” and we do the right thing and give you all these rights !

Do you accept ?

So, please then come along and sign here on the bottom of the treaty !’

Now, The Person B (The “American Natives” in the case above mentioned) thinks:
‘Oh, great finally they have come to their senses and now they have finally recognized us as “equal in rights” and eventually they are now doing the right thing.

Where do I have to sign to finally seal this agreement/treaty and then all will be good !’

So, The Person B (The Chiefs) are signing and celebrating …….


Well, what has really happened ?

They again haven’t understood the “fine-print” of the treaty.
Or to say it precisely: Don’t look for any hidden actual fine and small print or secret clause in the treaty on this paper but understand:

The Fine-Print in this treaty is that person B has accepted – before any negotiation and writing down of the actual terms of the treaty – that Person A is in the position to give/grant you any such rights/independence/sovereignty in the first place !

You see, if you are accepting person A or me or any other person or entity to be in that higher and more powerful and Higher-Authority-Position to grant you any such rights, you will have accepted that he is in the position to have rights over you.

And thus you – without recognizing and realizing it at all – you accepted that this person/entity is as well in the higher position to withdraw (or change or diminish or twist or rewrite) these rights , too when it fits and pleases him !

Rights is nothing that anybody – not any human and not any Non-Human entity can give you !

One has to realize that one already has all the rights needed to pursue a free , independent and sovereign Life and then live and perform according to that Basic Fact of Life Itself !

Rights – same as freedom, same as pissing, same as marrying, same as making love, same as eating – is Nothing one can give or do for you.

In German we say : Freedom is a “Hol-Schuld” – meaning an “Obligation one has to perform for Oneself” !

And now here comes the Real-World-Kicker:

That’s the position the Vatican/Holy See/Papacy/Roman Curia has quietly and fraudulently and criminally and sinfully assumed in full knowledge of the Bad Faith and Gross Breach of Trust and The Evil and immense suffering of such Cosmic Unlawful deeds !


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