The Peace of Philippi – Blueprint For World Peace

Friends – Romans – Citizens

Russia offers Germany a Peace-Treaty -Two brotherly peoples make peace – for the benefit and joy of the whole world.

Here is the solution for our current human geopolitical dilemma.

STEP 1 :
Russia offers Germany – in accordance with their international partners – a peace treaty; Germany & The German People accept full of gratitude and brotherly ambitions.

So we will make peace – after 70 years (Sic!)- including all the very important legal (geo-)political, cultural and economical consequences.

The whole world will witness the Grace, Integrity and Wisdom of the Russian Soul, Heart and Mind.

That peace – and freedom – will enable World-Peace; and that’s it already !

The rest will be easy, like Domino, almost going smooth by itself.

Step 2 :

All of a sudden 80 million Germans will become aware of still being an occupied country:

No peace-treaty, no freedom, no sovereign country. Same-same but different in many countries around the globe !
That Awakening can’t be stopped any more.

STEP 3 :

Now it has to be discussed : What is Germany ? Is it BRD (Federal Republic of Germany) ? Is it Germany ? Or is it still some -kind of undeclared -leftover of the 3. Reich ?

Or is it only a Company registered under Admiralty Law ?

And what are the legal/lawful differences of these constructs ?
These questions Have to be answered, because you can’t make a peace-treaty without exactly knowing about the true legal/lawful status of the signatories.

Grundgesetz ? Constitution ? Allied contracts ? Chancellor-file ?

We will review the history of the whole 20th century – but very Important : We do not want to repeat , blame any guilt or even try start it all over again; No, definitely not !

What we want is to dis-entangle our own history for real healing will be possible – Everybody – for we will be able to finally close and heal these wounds.

STEP 4 :
France and others will start to ponder following the Russian example, because they as well might be totally fed up with that “Hyper-inflation-and-war-exporting Indispensable Empire”.

Consequences for the EU – European Union ?

STEP 5 :
Now the whole NATO-idea will come into question – what is it still good for at all ?
When Germany and Russia ( and maybe then soon other Eurasian/European/Asian/etc./Nations) will make peace – what use for an aggressive, bullying, deceiving, warmongering entity like NATO ?

So ,soon many brotherly Peoples all over the world will start to encourage this idea, because they as well want to live in peace, freedom and friendship – as Equals among Equals – Friends !

All allied troops are immediately leaving Germany.
No 30 Billions each year of our money – for being imprisoned/enslaved and pay for it by ourselves ?

No Longer !

NATO – Operations GLADIO plan A, plan B, plan C ?

Terrorizing the own population ?

No Longer !

Disclosure !

STEP 6 :
The so-called Ukraine conflict will be brought to an immediate stop !
The filthy web of lies, deception, mafia, warmonger, orchestrated terrorism and shameful media-campaign will be dis-entangled and dried out financially,politically and legally.
All really interested parties will start with coming up with solutions and direct help for rebuilding the country, infrastructure and Faith/Culture – in a true altruistic way !

Re-evaluating of our world history :

How did we come to WW1 , and how to WW2 ?

Rheinwiesen – Millions of Germans died After The War ?!

20 million dead Russians !

What was going on in Breton Woods with “Assistant Secretary of the treasury” – Co-worker there , the Boss behind the official head – Henry Dexter White changing/betraying the contract at Midnight from “Gold” to “Gold Or Dollar” and through that opened the door for a lot of grieve,crime and suffering ?

Finding and discussing cultural similarities like the Russian “Weden” with Indian “Vedic Scriptures”; in language between Russian language and “Old High German”.

Where did these concepts of Communism and National Socialism came from,who’s interest was it, who did finance/nurture these movements,etc.

Who benefited ?
Cui Bono ?

STEP 8 :
World finance system ! AIIB is gaining speed – Chinese SWIFT-system in the making..
What do we do with the IMF, World Bank ?

I guess there is no use for them in a peaceful world – at least not the way they are still behaving with their ridiculous ‘Washington Consensus’ – Done with it !

What a cruel and evil, ridiculous joke they are/were !

Which brings us to the UN – hm, is their any use – any good – in keeping this fraudulent, crooked institution in it’s current shape ?

So we will discuss openly about money – what is money,what should it be like in a fair world and how can we ensure a ‘system of money-creation’ which truly serves the people’s interest; and not some bankers and elitist friends!

Do we have a Money-system or a Credit-system ? Or a useless bastard out of both ?
What about central-banks ? Rating agencies ?

Interest and compounded interest ? BIS ? (Bank of International Settlement)
SDR (special drawing rights ) ?

Peace-treaty for Korea !

The whole Korean and especially Japanese history will be reviewed !
Not to judge or blame on the Japanese – no, like i said before : for healing our historical wounds.
Yamashita’s Gold – The Golden Lilly – Black Eagle Trust – nearly all of the post-war Japanese political history is corrupted by forces never talked about in the media.

War-deeds of Japan throughout the first part of the 20th century !

Up to 3/11 – Fukushima/Tsunami – and 9/11 – Project Hammer !

Btw: where is all the gold, precious metals, gems and jewelry ?

There is approximately 100 times the amount of gold on this planet than we ALL have ever been told; stored in the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Paraguay, Switzerland, etc.

STEP 10:
We will go back to review our language:
What is Democracy, a Republic, a State, a Constitution, a Treaty, what is Law and where does it originate from ?

Citizen, person, human, humanity, mankind, Man & Woman .

What is a Rule; what means God ; what is Spirituality and what are Morals and Ethics ?

In short we will revitalize and rejuvenate and inspire our common human community anew.

STEP 11:
What is Law and where did it originate from ?

Where do all the strings of Law (-enforcement) come together ?
Yes, we will finally need to openly discuss our institutionalized Religions – most important : the Catholic Church and even more The Roman Catholic Church (Two different entities !) !

What is the meaning of the Holy See ? the Vatican ? And why are they the ‘Holders of Law’ ?

Or at least they still believe they are.

How and why are they connected to the “Temple Bars” (Inner temple and the 3 other temples), in the City of London; to which (different branches) every lawyer, advocate and barrister is sworn in in this world ?

Codex iuris canonici – are we still ruled by these archaic traditions ?

STEP 12:
International Consequences- for now we deconstructed the whole false, fictitious system of so-called ” western values” ( Orwell-talk for western Law/UCC/Admiralty Law).

It was all about conquering – that’s over now !

Clearing the “need for spreading our values”- there will be no more so-called NATO-/UN-peace-missions !
At least not with tanks, bombs, lies, terror-corporations, mercenary-armies for the’dirty work’,etc.
As soon as we start with this multi-polar equality between states/countries/nations – country after country, nation after nation will join us on this way to freedom for everybody – for the benefit of us All.

And there are a lot of places to clean up the violence & injustice : Sudan,Congo,West-Papua,many central american countries,Brazil should be helped; North-Korea and possibly Re-unification them; Zimbabwe has suffered enough.

You can go on write that list on your own.

Peace and Freedom, Self-Empowerment, Sovereignty for all the Slavic/Balkan states.

Yes, you have suffered a lot as well – let us heal together and help each other, this time as real and true brothers and sisters .

STEP 13:
Now ,that we stopped wasting time/energy/resources for fighting,there will be “near endless energy” for new projects to be implemented:

A new age of technological/scientific cooperation and invention will take place.
“Free” Energy,new propulsion systems,maybe finding Anti-gravity,Sonic healing methods, frequency-healing, true understanding of what is Health, what is Life, what is Consciousness, what is Energy !

There is still so much more to explore, here on earth and surely beyond and within !

And sure enough : If there is humanity living freely and happily, we will, no doubt, start to take care our nature once again – the whole fauna and flora.
It’s just a natural thing for a Free,self-empowered member of the human family to take care, pride and love in all the surrounding creation.

A completely new/old kind of spiritual Living will emerge – individually as well as collectively.

It’s all here already – a lot genius scientists are coming forward with sensational new developments to share with the whole of humanity.

It’s fantastic what happens right now in scientific communities, just fantastic !

STEP 14:
Renewed friendship with our beloved English/British and American friends – we all know now, that we,the ordinary people, have always been used in this “Divide and Conquer-strategy” to battle each other for the benefit of a crew of very few- yes, now that we understood this, we can simply walk away from being slaves any longer.

It’s that simple,especially when we do it together !

So, like I said in the beginning :

The first step is all important – the rest will follow just by itself,we just have to safely ride it home.

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