The Prophecy of Mankind

How do you recognize the one who is fulfilling The Prophecy of Mankind ?

He is the only one who can truly say:

“All these prophecies are false – not fully, absolutely and entirely correct !”

Because he is the only one for whom this is really true: for him these prophecies are false because he knows it was him and not the prophecy for he did it himself – but for the others the prophecies are fulfilled.

It was his free choice and intention and exactly that was what The Force was actually waiting for, because The Force/Life Itself is longing to do Teamwork with us human beings and not using us forcefully for it’s whatever pseudo-well-meaning agendas.

That’s not the way Life Itself is and operates; your evil, stupid self-proclaimed rulers think and are like this but not The Force !

You can say , the destruction of the prophecy is the fulfillment of this prophecy !

It’s a little like the question:

When everybody is laughing ,who is the only one crying ?

It’s the Jester/Fool himself, for out of his own tears & suffering he has created the ability to make the others laugh and joyful.

Just see: Masters penetrate – and know who is bluffing !

Oh, and some of you might wonder, whether I do claim to be the Christ/Messiah/One/’new-holy-whatsoever’ or maybe the Anti-Christ and all that story behind.

I am absolutely None of them and have and do Not want to have anything to do with these so-called Entity-Groups (!)

Yes, it’s true: I played with these characters in my story as well, but not to truly be one of them characters but to dissolve & collapse that stupid and primitive kind of dualistic storytelling and the myriad derivatives of this narrative !

Remember: I’m a storyteller and I can’t stand poor storytelling !

Sorry, I’m too much in love with Life Itself and Mankind, to allow it to happen that a story, as primitive and crude, non-groovy, sad & ridiculous and without any wisdom & real ‘divine/sacred’ sweetness, sense, meaning and purpose as this ridiculous kiddie’s fear-and-hope-porn is running the fate of Mankind & Earth & and more !

Sorry, not on my watch !

The right wing and the left wing belong to the same bird !
The go(o)d cop and the bad cop !
The right hand and the left hand of The Demiurg !

Both sides always need each other for their own justification and existence to be; thus they are trapped in this vicious cycle !

I am not – and I am not connected to neither of these Dudes. My loyalty is to Mankind, Earth and most of all to Life Itself !

The Theist and the A-Theist are sitting in the same boat, they both believe something that they do not know !

Seeking & Knowing vs Believing & Pretending

The one thing nearly all of you have done wrong and still are doing wrong when it comes to Religion – especially the Book-religions – Spirituality, Cosmology, Creation, Philosophical Meaning of Life & Death, Ethics & Morality , etc. is that you have it the wrong (opposite) way around:

You start with a belief and then try to search for what you believe in in this so-called Living Reality – but instead Life Itself works the other way around :

You First realize and face the fact that you do Not know a thing for sure about The Living Reality and then feel the longing to know and to seek for this Living Reality and explore its deepest dimensions to the fullest for yourself.

And then – for sure – you can explore and look into whatever books, traditions, technics, konwledge, teachings, secret teachings, etc. and see for yourself, if there are helpful additional hints about Reality and your further way of proceeding through Life or nor, if you like.

Do you see the difference ?

The first one makes you see everywhere only your belief and thus is Fiction and will lead to Insanity and slavery, while the other one makes you explore everything and will lead you further and further towards the essence of Life Itself, wisdom, integrity and thus Freedom, Liberation or whatever word you like to use for this Forward-Projecting-Life-Force-Intention !

You see, the hard-knocking truth is :

It makes absolutely No difference, if you believe in a god or not as long as you do not have the appropriate tools activated within yourself ,develop and fine-tune them and then actually bring them to use to try everything to verify/falsify/experience that belief !

You just believe something which you have heard – but it has no truth within you as long as you have not experienced that actual truth within yourself.
You see, even a truth that is indeed a truth is useless for someone who can’t verify/falsify/experience it for him- or herself, do you get this thought ?

It’s worthless; and many have already speculated that maybe not only useless but in fact counter-productive to Life Itself !

Not the people/holders of a belief but the belief is worthless !

We are talking ideas/truths & facts and are not in the business of trying to insult/slander/harm or talk down to people !

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