What Is Evil ?

So, what Actually Is Evil ?

You see, almost all of you still think of evil in a far too romantic and mystic way. Although you are all great at quoting Hannah Arendt and her slogan, ‘The Banality of Evil’, it pretty much looks like you haven’t actually understood the true meaning of that saying.
Yes, it is banal; trite, trivial, platitudinous, hackneyed ….banal to the absolute maximum.

You see, what you might have understood and might have learned to recognize and decipher by now is the effects of evil and the external mechanics and ways and consequences of evil and evil deeds.

But not the most important issue about it: The Why !

Why is there evil ? Why and how is it been born and emanating (not only) in humans and in this world ? How are the inner (psychological-spiritual) mechanics of evil and of becoming evil actually working ? What is the deciding factor and the root cause in ‘the very beginning of this chain of cause and effect’ that is ensuring that someone is choosing the evil deed over the honorable deed ?
Because evil is always a choice – although very, very often an unconscious choice ! But don’t forget: No choice, no decision or an unconscious choice is a decision as well – the worst decision btw.!

Well, the short and simple – albeit almost unbelievable for you – answer is:

Belief is the root-cause for all evil !

And please pay close attention to my words: I’m saying belief and not something silly like ‘false belief’. There are no false or correct believes; belief in itself is what is false, disastrous and fatal to go by and to make it the basis of one’s actions and decisions – aka ‘The Cornerstone’ !
Because after a while living with a certain belief inevitably you will eventually start confusing and mixing up your belief with facts & truth; it’s inevitable !

It is because when you go with a belief you can’t but invest (your time, energy, life, deeds, emotions) into that belief and then after a while – ever heard the term ‘Sunken-Cost-Fallacy’ ? Yes, it’s like the gambler’s mentality: you lose, and double the jackpot, lose again and double, lose and double, lose again and double; and so on – you can’t help but declare what once you called a belief to be a truth – it’s inevitable because of the Laws of Consciousness that at one point you yourself are forcing yourself to take that step; although like most of the things you, modern man, are doing you are doing this unconsciously, too.

Yes, it has a lot to do with the pain of shame !

Well, and that is the point where evil is born: You are taking a belief – or should I better say a Fiction, a Lie, a Fairy Tale, a Metaphor, a Description, a Symbol – for The Real Thing ! (And you start living with the surrogate and you start forgetting about the actual real thing with every time you are re-enforcing the belief and take it for the ‘real thing’ instead more and more until you forget that once you started with a belief and not with the knowing of truth !)

Like I’m saying for 8 years now publicly: You are all confusing cause and effect; constantly and on all scales, from the tiniest to the cosmic and largest infinite dimensions. From the most mundane and ordinary to the most sacred, you are always confusing the actual ‘Real Thing’ with the surrogate.
You take the symbol for the real thing and the real act. You take the ‘word’ for the ‘it’; that’s btw the reason why you all are still swallowing all that legalese crap and these ‘Paper-Laws of Falsehood,Death & Decay’ that mankind is using today in almost the entire world and in all jurisdictions (!) and which was maliciously (re-)invented by the Vatican/Holy See/Jesuits/Roman Curiae.

You turn a belief, a fiction, a falsehood into a/the Truth !

That’s what we call in essence lying, right ?!
To call something truth which is not truth – a lie !

That is the essence and the birth of evil – indeed very, very banal – in fact banal to the maximum, is it not ?!

And sure, I could write a whole scientific study and hundreds upon hundreds of pages about that and explain it in hundred different ways and give you examples in which you would recognize yourself and whatnot. But, frankly, I do not like to treat you as little babies – because You are Not – and so I say, these words here are more than enough for you to get kick-started and in case you have good will, courage, wisdom, intent and a strong beating heart to explore the rest and the fine details for yourself.

In case you don’t have good will there wouldn’t be enough words in the whole cosmos to get you going anyways; so as always:

The Choice Is Yours – It’s Your Life, Your Time and Your Karma – I, myself, have cleared my Karma a longtime ago !

How about You ?

Yes, what is Ascension ? And what is a SAC –  Stellar Activation Cycle ?   

You see, that is The very essence of all the problems we, mankind, currently have here on earth.

You, mankind, all of you do not understand the essence of Life, Life Itself, Religion & Spirituality, the evolution of the cosmos/creation and Our, mankind’s, role in that process and sure enough not what is the so-called source of all this Life and Living cosmos what you like to call god: You don’t know jack shit about that “god” !

And thus – when you don’t understand the very essence of Everything – you do not understand everything else for all other processes are derivatives of this essence: history, organised religion, geopolitics/politics, War-mongering-games, human evolution, scientific progress (Or shall I better say non-progress ?!), psychology and mass-psychology, health, the so-called occult forces, simply nothing !

You see, all of you think like this:
Oh, the evil are the Freemasons or the Zionists or the Brits or the European Nobility….no it’s the Queen (now King Chuckie) or the Crown – no The Crown Corporation or the Vatican or the Jesuits or the Knight Templars …oh no it’s the Americans or the Jews or the Muslim Brotherhood or the baby-eating satan-worshippers….no it’s the NAZIs, no it’s the Khazarian Mafia or the Davos Globalists….. no it’s the Communists or the Roman Curiae or the Democrats or the Atheists or the Bio-Security-Surveillance-State ….and on and on it goes ….

Fact is, that’s all wrong !

The very essence – meaning your religions (All of them book-religions and all of the ‘Illuminati-ones’, too) – are wrong !

Again, you are confusing cause and effect !

The understanding of all your religions/spiritualities/cosmologies is false (that is the root cause !) and thus it is just logical that it follows that all your efforts to create a truth-rooted and healthy and fair and just and free and peaceful world can and will never yield any true significant positive result (the effect).

Yes, all of the ones mentioned above are part of and entangled into that web of lies and evil, sure but they are not the very essential root-cause but they are the symptoms of the actual problem/falsehood; and that is that you haven’t understood the very basics of what your religions are pretending to deliver truth about.

Now, what exactly are the essential questions of all religions and spirituality ?

What is Birth, Life and Death and according to what laws are these two realms interconnected ?
What is the true origin of mankind and of this cosmos/creation as a whole  ?
Is there a common destiny for mankind in it’s entirety and if so what is it ?

What is I ?What is You ?And what is We ?
What is the very essence and ‘quality’ of The All That Is/The Pure Essence ?
What is the very essence and ‘quality’ of The All That Which Is Not ?
How is the one single part/the individual connected and interacting/communicating to and with The Whole ?
What is Freedom and what is Absolute Freedom (in case such a thing exists) ?

And for sure:

What is Ascension ?

And what is a Stellar Activation Cycle – SAC ?

The Big Ugly Secret

The Big Ugly Secret of current mankind, its culture(s), civilization(s) and state of consciousness actually is this:

“Religion and their institutions, leaders, profiteurs, messengers, idols, gurus, narratives, power, its coercive and controlling mechanisms and matrices, god(s) and the entities truly in charge thereof always benefit from war, death and decay – death and decay of the general public/the people(s), their state of consciousness/mind and society/community as a whole.” #StefanQuote

Yes, you can shame people to smitherness and even into insanity; in fact one can even shame people to death !

And one can even do that with ‘The Emperor’ and his boot-licking adepts – no problem; no problem at all.

That’s The Shaman’s Way !

Just speak the full and brutal truth and it will create a kind of trauma which can be either used wisely to heal or ……

Well, as I said: Yes, you can very much shame somebody to death – and probably even worse.

In that sense, Truth is the ultimate weapon; especially in the hands of a Seer; a man who is able to perceive (and handle) the so-called Assembly Point (The Assembly Point is the spot within the energetic configuration of a man (or woman) where one’s Perception is tied/fixed to the being).

Anyways, I , for one, very much prefer to interact, use and experience these kind of traumas of truth with a healing intent, in awe, joy and wonder and amazement, for exploring and sharing and cooperation purposes than to use it as The Sword & Whip of Shaming.

But, well, you know that old saying, right:

‘Sometimes a Man got to do what a Man got to do.’ (Or a Woman for that matter !)

It’s not always in our hands wether ‘the other side’ wants to live in war or peace with us and wether the circumstances allow us to show only our sweetest and nicest sides – sadly so; sadly so.

Anyway, as a Shaman, a Warrior, a Sorcerer, a Seer you take it as it comes; without a blinking and you go straight for aiming at the center of the truth of the matter – The Assembly Point !

Just like The Bison in the storm; not away from it but straight ahead at the center of the storm.

Be like The Bison, my friends, be like The Bison !

Non Habemus Papam

I guess, by now many of you will already have heard the penny dropping.

Yes, as it was ‘foretold’, so to speak; there won’t be any Pope anymore; that kind of sinister nonsense is over, for once and all.

Yeah, they can already start to dismount ‘the sacred chimney’ – it won’t be needed anymore – Done !

Liquidation is the word of the momentum – Liquidation, baby !

Doesn’t that sound ‘sexy’ and refreshing and rejuvenating ?

The whole ugly mess: Papacy, Roman Curiae, Holy See, Vatican, Catholic Church, Roman Catholic Church, Patriarch of Jerusalem, Vaticanbank (IOR), Jesuits, Opus Dei, Knights of Malta, Swiss Guards, etc. …. + the many ‘hidden external hands attached’; the whole lot of it – down the drain of liquidation.

Or should I better say: Transmutation ?! Or even better: Transsubstantiation !

But probably not that kind of transmutation – Transsubstantiation – they have been babbling about all their lives; very probably not.

So, ‘Half of THE CHAIR’ is already unseated – I guess, it’s because Rex Sacrorum got a little bit pissed off by all this ridiculous psychotic & autistic evil kindergarten and started harrumphing and growling, so ………. !

From Austria with Love, yours truly,


We are Cosmic Gardeners – Embodiment of Life Itself

We are Homo Spiritus CosmoLogicus Vitalis @AxisMundi

And Keepers and Guardians of The Flame(s) of Life Itself !

If you want the garden – Earth and beyond and within – to bloom, you have to take care the physical & material, mental & emotional, legal & lawful and spiritual health and well-being of the gardener – us, the human being, mankind, The Blooming Inside !

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