The Matrix Of Life Itself – Part I: The Blueprint For Peace And Liberation Of Earth, Mankind And The Galaxy

Part I: The Blueprint For Peace And Liberation Of Earth, Mankind And The Galaxy

We are Cosmic Gardeners – Embodiment of Life Itself
We are Homo Spiritus CosmoLogicus Vitalis @AxisMundi

And Keepers and Guardians of The Flame(s) of Life Itself !

If you want the garden – Earth and beyond and within – to bloom, you have to take care the physical & material, mental & emotional, legal & lawful and spiritual health and well-being of the gardener – us, the human being, mankind, The Blooming Inside !

Welcome To Freedom

I’m calling my people – Mankind

We are Indigenous (Born-In) – Ab-Originals (From the Beginning/Origin) – in short: Man (And Woman !) and together we are forming the Movement of Becoming and Freeing of Life Itself, which is standing up against all Positive Law !

(Positive Law means : Everything is forbidden – except it is explicitly allowed by Law. – That’s the wrong way around !
It’s about the “Geometry of Law”: Positive Law is inverted “Negativistic Law”: The one says; ‘All is forbidden except it is allowed explicitly’, the other says ‘Everything is allowed , except it is explicitly forbidden ‘ ! The one works with DOGMAS the other one with TABOOS . One is healthy law and one is toxic law ! One is Law of Life and One is Law of Death !)

We’ve pulled out the trunk in our eyes and with the flame of benevolence,insight and determination
made a torch of wisdom out of it, which shall shine for the benefit and well-being of all truly willing participants in that – our – Living Dream.

We are Warriors !
We are Knowledge-Seekers, Shamans, Magicians, Sorcerers !

We are Seers and Seeress – and our intention was born and has grown out of the depth of Inner Silence and Integrity.

Led by the Purity and The Force itself we have been granted to See – to see, that we all have been already connected and interwoven in this eternal, free, living dream that we share all the ‘time’.

One can now accept this invitation to Life Itself full of joy – or can go on trying to defy for an eternity,just to find out in the end,that one will not have been living at all, not have been coming home as Stardust but Space-dust – meaning not at all – complete failure!

Meaning never ever has been truly alive,never has been a True Being !

Not just forgotten and eradicated from the whole cosmos; No – but thrown by Life Itself into the
Never-Has-Been – completely useless in the eyes of Life Itself !

We are the last ones of a generation of men and women ,who collectively have been entrusted to be the Heart and the Guardians of our people(s) – and Earth.

Brothers and Sisters

It is the hour of Dignity – the hour “To Be”.
It is the hour to observe carefully – to observe Ourself/Ourselves.
Without shame and without fear.
It is the hour of fighting.

Open your heart,warrior and female warrior

Prepare your feet,given to you
Open your eyes and your ears, be alert and attentive,
Become now our word.

Now,you are not only you anymore,now you are We !

Go now ! Go through the countries of the Others,
Go and speak –
Take now our face.
Take now our voice.
Go with our sight and vision.
Make yourself to become our ears,for listening to the Others.

You won’t be only you anymore, now you are We.

Come down from the mountains and search for the color of the earth in this world.

You won’t be only you anymore, now you are We.

The Blueprint For World Peace – The Peace Of Philippi

Friends – Romans – Citizens

Russia offers Germany a Peace-Treaty -Two brotherly peoples make peace – for the benefit and joy of the whole world.

Here is the solution for our current human geopolitical dilemma.

STEP 1 :
Russia offers Germany – in accordance with their international partners – a peace treaty; Germany & The German People accept full of gratitude and brotherly ambitions.

So we will make peace – after 70 years (Sic!)- including all the very important legal (geo-)political, cultural and economical consequences.

The whole world will witness the Grace, Integrity and Wisdom of the Russian Soul, Heart and Mind.

That peace – and freedom – will enable World-Peace; and that’s it already !

The rest will be easy, like Domino, almost going smooth by itself.

Step 2 :

All of a sudden 80 million Germans will become aware of still being an occupied country:

No peace-treaty, no freedom, no sovereign country. Same-same but different in many countries around the globe !
That Awakening can’t be stopped any more.

STEP 3 :

Now it has to be discussed : What is Germany ? Is it BRD (Federal Republic of Germany) ? Is it Germany ? Or is it still some -kind of undeclared -leftover of the 3. Reich ?

Or is it only a Company registered under Admiralty Law ?

And what are the legal/lawful differences of these constructs ?
These questions Have to be answered, because you can’t make a peace-treaty without exactly knowing about the true legal/lawful status of the signatories.

Grundgesetz ? Constitution ? Allied contracts ? Chancellor-file ?

We will review the history of the whole 20th century – but very Important : We do not want to repeat , blame any guilt or even try start it all over again; No, definitely not !

What we want is to dis-entangle our own history for real healing will be possible – Everybody – for we will be able to finally close and heal these wounds.

STEP 4 :
France and others will start to ponder following the Russian example, because they as well might be totally fed up with that “Hyper-inflation-and-war-exporting Indispensable Empire”.

Consequences for the EU – European Union ?

STEP 5 :
Now the whole NATO-idea will come into question – what is it still good for at all ?
When Germany and Russia ( and maybe then soon other Eurasian/European/Asian/etc./Nations) will make peace – what use for an aggressive, bullying, deceiving, warmongering entity like NATO ?

So ,soon many brotherly Peoples all over the world will start to encourage this idea, because they as well want to live in peace, freedom and friendship – as Equals among Equals – Friends !

All allied troops are immediately leaving Germany.
No 30 Billions each year of our money – for being imprisoned/enslaved and pay for it by ourselves ?

No Longer !

NATO – Stay-Behind-Operations GLADIO plan A, plan B, plan C ?

Terrorizing the own population ?

No Longer !

Disclosure !

STEP 6 :
The so-called Ukraine conflict will be brought to an immediate stop !
The filthy web of lies, deception, mafia, warmonger, orchestrated terrorism and shameful media-campaign will be dis-entangled and dried out financially,politically and legally.
All really interested parties will start with coming up with solutions and direct help for rebuilding the country, infrastructure and Faith/Culture – in a true altruistic way !

Re-evaluating of our world history :

How did we come to WW1 , and how to WW2 ?

Rheinwiesen – Millions of Germans died After The War ?!

20 million dead Russians !

What was going on in Breton Woods with “Assistant Secretary of the treasury” – Co-worker there , the Boss behind the official head – Henry Dexter White changing/betraying the contract at Midnight from “Gold” to “Gold Or Dollar” and through that opened the door for a lot of grieve,crime and suffering ?

Finding and discussing cultural similarities like the Russian “Weden” with Indian “Vedic Scriptures”; in language between Russian language and “Old High German”.

Where did these concepts of Communism and National Socialism came from,who’s interest was it, who did finance/nurture these movements,etc.

Who benefited ?
Cui Bono ?

STEP 8 :
World finance system ! AIIB is gaining speed – Chinese SWIFT-system in the making..
What do we do with the IMF, World Bank ?

I guess there is no use for them in a peaceful world – at least not the way they are still behaving with their ridiculous ‘Washington Consensus’ – Done with it !

What a cruel and evil, ridiculous joke they are/were !

Which brings us to the UN – hm, is their any use – any good – in keeping this fraudulent, crooked institution in it’s current shape ?

So we will discuss openly about money – what is money,what should it be like in a fair world and how can we ensure a ‘system of money-creation’ which truly serves the people’s interest; and not some bankers and elitist friends!

Do we have a Money-system or a Credit-system ? Or a useless bastard out of both ?
What about central-banks ? Rating agencies ?

Interest and compounded interest ? BIS ? (Bank of International Settlement)
SDR (special drawing rights ) ?

Peace-treaty for Korea !

The whole Korean and especially Japanese history will be reviewed !
Not to judge or blame on the Japanese – no, like i said before : for healing our historical wounds.
Yamashita’s Gold – The Golden Lilly – Black Eagle Trust – nearly all of the post-war Japanese political history is corrupted by forces never talked about in the media.

War-deeds of Japan throughout the first part of the 20th century !

Up to 3/11 – Fukushima/Tsunami – and 9/11 – Project Hammer !

Btw: where is all the gold, precious metals, gems and jewelry ?

There is approximately 100 times the amount of gold on this planet than we ALL have ever been told; stored in the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Paraguay, Switzerland, etc.

STEP 10:
We will go back to review our language:
What is Democracy, a Republic, a State, a Constitution, a Treaty, what is Law and where does it originate from ?

Citizen, person, human, humanity, mankind, Man & Woman .

What is a Rule; what means God ; what is Spirituality and what are Morals and Ethics ?

In short we will revitalize and rejuvenate and inspire our common human community anew.

STEP 11:
What is Law and where did it originate from ?

Where do all the strings of Law (-enforcement) come together ?
Yes, we will finally need to openly discuss our institutionalized Religions – most important : the Catholic Church and even more The Roman Catholic Church (Two different entities !) !

What is the meaning of the Holy See ? the Vatican ? And why are they the ‘Holders of Law’ ?

Or at least they still believe they are.

How and why are they connected to the “Temple Bars” (Inner temple and the 3 other temples), in the City of London; to which (different branches) every lawyer, advocate and barrister is sworn in in this world ?

Codex iuris canonici – are we still ruled by these archaic traditions ?

STEP 12:
International Consequences- for now we deconstructed the whole false, fictitious system of so-called ” western values” ( Orwell-talk for western Law/UCC/Admiralty Law).

It was all about conquering – that’s over now !

Clearing the “need for spreading our values”- there will be no more so-called NATO-/UN-peace-missions !
At least not with tanks, bombs, lies, terror-corporations, mercenary-armies for the’dirty work’,etc.
As soon as we start with this multi-polar equality between states/countries/nations – country after country, nation after nation will join us on this way to freedom for everybody – for the benefit of us All.

And there are a lot of places to clean up the violence & injustice : Sudan,Congo,West-Papua,many central american countries,Brazil should be helped; North-Korea and possibly Re-unification them; Zimbabwe has suffered enough.

You can go on write that list on your own.

Peace and Freedom, Self-Empowerment, Sovereignty for all the Slavic/Balkan states.

Yes, you have suffered a lot as well – let us heal together and help each other, this time as real and true brothers and sisters .

STEP 13:
Now ,that we stopped wasting time/energy/resources for fighting,there will be “near endless energy” for new projects to be implemented:

A new age of technological/scientific cooperation and invention will take place.
“Free” Energy,new propulsion systems,maybe finding Anti-gravity,Sonic healing methods, frequency-healing, true understanding of what is Health, what is Life, what is Consciousness, what is Energy !

There is still so much more to explore, here on earth and surely beyond and within !

And sure enough : If there is humanity living freely and happily, we will, no doubt, start to take care our nature once again – the whole fauna and flora.
It’s just a natural thing for a Free,self-empowered member of the human family to take care, pride and love in all the surrounding creation.

A completely new/old kind of spiritual Living will emerge – individually as well as collectively.

It’s all here already – a lot genius scientists are coming forward with sensational new developments to share with the whole of humanity.

It’s fantastic what happens right now in scientific communities, just fantastic !

STEP 14:
Renewed friendship with our beloved English/British and American friends – we all know now, that we,the ordinary people, have always been used in this “Divide and Conquer-strategy” to battle each other for the benefit of a crew of very few- yes, now that we understood this, we can simply walk away from being slaves any longer.

It’s that simple,especially when we do it together !

So, like I said in the beginning :

The first step is all important – the rest will follow just by itself,we just have to safely ride it home.

My UN-Speech

Here is the very simple solution for mankind’s legal & lawful & spiritual disaster :
Let’s stop declaring us/ourselves and each other literally and legally-binding as Dead Persons and thus stop treating ourselves and each other as dead things – persons – inanimate dead and unconscious slave-beings !

Lost at High Seas – died the Civilian Death/German: Der Bürgerliche Tod !

It’s that simple ; we just have to do it !

You obviously do not get it, that all my – and the same applies to all human beings (Men & Women) – claims are not coming from any piece of paper, any contract made by people centuries ago.

Any contract I haven’t done and agreed to by myself (or based on deception and fraud!) is Null and Void; but contracts are coming from Life Itself – and that Life Itself (What most are misleadingly calling god) is Now – Present – Here !

No need to go back millennia and quote that what somebody else thought about what somebody else thinks about someone else believes about that thing called Living Reality/god.

Well, that is childish: You (and everybody else) don’t know shit about a dead man’s perspective; but that’s all you are doing :

Quoting what the forefathers thought, quoting what so-called Jesus thought , quoting what the Romans thought , quoting what the Phoenicians thought and so on.

But that’s not the way Life and Living Law works.

You see, you are interested in power vs I am interested in Authority ! Real, Actual, Living Authority !

You know the difference ?
Power is always granted by someone/an entity and thus can always be taken away again for it’s not genuine – whereas authority is coming from within the living,conscious being and is granted by Life Itself.

You want to organize a world/society/system under the power and rule of what you to be believe the word of god; whereas I want to create a human society of Free, Conscious, Self-Ruling living beings, who can/should/will and are allowed to experience/communicate and interact with The Force for themselves – without any intermediary :

No Pope, no Jesus, no Mother Marry, no Buddha, no Muhammed and no Shiva as well –

Free, Sovereign, Self-determined !

Oh and let me give you the solution that you are searching now for many years in one sentence:

Go and change the UN-Charter and with it all the constitutions around the world, add just one sentence:
The Civilian Death (German: Bürgerliche Tod), the legal/lawful status of Lost at High Seas doesn’t exist, doesn’t apply, doesn’t take place and never has and never will – including all the consequences !

The End – The Beginning Of The Time After Time

Whether you are aware of it or not, there is a purpose in and for mankind’s existence in this cosmos.

From the days of mankind’s conception we have been on a quest for answering a certain question:

Is Existence/Cosmos/Life/Time/God cyclical or not ?

We always knew, that the answer is 42 – programming-Unicode for : ‘As you wish’- but we have never been able to formulate the correct question of Life,Universe and Everything else.

So, the question is, if Existence/Life/Time/God is cyclical or not and to answer this you have to differentiate between cyclical in a quantitative or qualitative way ?!

In a quantitative sense it is indeed cyclical whereas in a qualitative sense it is not !

That’s all the fuss about it !

Oh and btw. this is the only way out of this unnatural and distorted Wheel-of-Reinkarnations-mechanism currently; at least until now, here on Earth !

So, now we are able to understand , why the answer is 42 -> ‘As you wish’ :

It is Your choice to perceive and live life/cosmos/existence/god/time as a quanta, a thing ,in a quantitative way or as a quality, a fragrance, a Living Song in its own full and complete authority & sovereignty & aliveness.

Your answer depends on your choice, on the point of view (and action) you are taking, what kind of identification you live:

Do you identify everything and thus yourself too as quanta, a thing, a certain measured amount of numbers, sizes, duration and things or do you identify everything and thus yourself too in an immeasurable qualitative,living and all-inclusive way ?

I have decided myself long ago and live according to it:

I’m Not a thing, I am a quality, I am Life Itself !

What about you ?

Going From Binary Perception To Trinary Perception


Sees Reality and everything in terms of ‘The Known’ and ‘The Unknown’.

There are plenty of examples of this kind of frame of perception in our history and today’s world:

Black-White, Life-Death, Good-Evil, Male-Female, Shiva-Shakti, Sacred-Profane, Ying-Yang, TONAL-NAGUAL, Physical-Nonphysical, Me-The Other, Known-Unknown, Catholic vs Protestant vs Orthodox vs Another Orthodox vs Sunni Islam vs Shia Islam vs Alevits vs Kurdish Alevits vs Jews vs Orthodox Jews vs Zionists vs so-called Paganism vs Idolatry vs Nihilism vs Atheism, ‘The All That Is’-‘The All Which Is Not’ and so on and so on (See SCHISMO-GENESIS !), etc.

While this view and perception has of course it’s merits, benefits and advantages, the simple truth is:

That is not the actual Truth about The Living Reality !

It’s just a stepping stone, so to speak.


Sees everything and Reality in terms of ‘The Known’, ‘The Unknown’ and ‘The Unknowable/Unperceivable’.

That’s the actual Truth about how this Living Reality is organising it’s BIOS-Operating-System of Perception.

To give you an idea about the scales and dimensions we are talking here:

The Known -> approx. 1%

The Unknown -> approx. 10%

The Unknowable -> approx. 89%

Now, here comes the Real-World Kicker:

The entity that you – respectively your current official religions – are calling ‘God’ is sitting and trying to get a hold on to the Gateway/Border between The Known and The Unknown !

This entity is not The Unknown, not at all, but tries to install itself as Gatekeeper between The Known – a mere 1% of The All That Is/The Pure Essence – and the wider Space of The Unknown – a mere 9% more of The All That Is.

So, to say it bluntly:

This so-called ‘god’ is operating on a basis of knowledge of All That Is which is as great as approx. 1,38048058215 % !

Think about it !

There’s an elephant in the room. Its name is religion !

All religion is based upon one assumption, namely that there is a The Beginning. This ‘The Beginning’ is then claimed by the respective entity/oligarchic entities and thus all that which has been derived from that The Beginning is owned, possessed, controlled and ruled by the forces controlling that religious narrative and its entities.

But truth is: There is NO The Beginning, as well as there is NO The End. Which makes it obvious and clear that the entity claiming to have created All & Everything via an act of creation all alone from within itself – IS A LIAR !

Now, it would be really funny if it wasn’t so sad and tragic to see the entire Divine-Stockholm-Syndromed Mankind freely succumb to that lie for millennia over millennia without getting any wiser and exactly by doing so are forfeiting, waving and losing their sovereignty, destiny, freedom, consciousness and entire inheritance in that Living Cosmos.

Makes me truly sad !

The Responsibility Of & For Creation – Errors In The Most Fundamental Maxim Of Law

In Asia they say once you’ve saved somebody’s life you are responsible for him/her for your entire life !

When I first had to deal with that kind of attitude it seemed kind of strange to me – as a European – that only because you helped somebody once that you should be responsible for them for your entire life. Well, for sure, I do understand the kind of logic behind that thought pattern, that if it was you via helping/saving someone’s life to make sure that his/her life went on (unharmed) it was kind of you who gave this person a ‘second chance to go on living’ and thus it was you who ‘created’ that new chance and thus it is you who is responsible for the further proceeding of this life.

Well, both sides who argue whether for or against the correctness and validity of this ‘maxim’ have some justification on their side but like so very often, to me it seems that the truth is neither fully with one side of the argument but somewhere in the middle between these both points of view.

Well, in a way it is similar to one of the most fundamental Maxims of Law (at least in Western Law/Christian-Judeo-based Law/ Ecclesiastical Law):

He who created something is ultimately responsible for this creation and its deeds !

According to this maxim btw, the same ‘Architects of Western Law’/Papacy are claiming (at least officially; what they really believe is up for guessing) that the creation was the deed of The Creator and thus the creator is responsible and owns the entire creation and all beings and things and staff within this creation.

Well, to me, that’s clearly and absolutely baloney and useless pseudo-enlightened nonsense.

Truth is:
You are responsible for the way of introducing your creation (or discovery) – correct; but you are not responsible for all eternity for what happens and comes out of your creation/discovery.

If you’d be responsible for it for all time and for an eternity there wouldn’t and couldn’t be Free Will – which is the greatest gift of Life Itself to its creation, us, and that’s what it is all about in life !

Oh and in case you don’t know the reason why there must be Free Will: Imagine the source of creation – what you like to call the creator – is meeting with a fully realized being who is 100% conscious and aware of his own absolute, essential nature and this creator would not respect the Free Will of this being then what actually is taking place is that this ‘Creator’ is going AGAINST HIMSELF !
And that in turn would create a ‘Divine Syntax Error – God 404’ which would immediately result in self-annihilation of this creator.

You couldn’t build and create and base a Living Cosmos on such a maxim as mentioned above.
The only thing one could try to do and achieve with such a strategy – and that’s what they have done and why they have styled our (western/ecclesiastical) law like this – is to try to falsely and criminally and evil-spiritedly and sinfully steal and claim authority & ownership over this creation.

As I have repeatedly told you over the last 7 years: The ones that you call god (and their messengers) and to who you pray to and who have brought you all your current religions are lousy, ridiculous, mean and laughingly low-developed (group-)entities who have usurped us, mankind, and this beautiful planet Earth and are trying to steal our own position and destiny by trying to take over our species, Mankind; from the inside and from the outside, ever heard the term


You don’t think that this concept is something that some dumb ‘American Robber Barons’ or some ridiculous ‘Khazarians’ or some stiff-lipped Tories have come up with, do you ?
Hahahahahahhahhahaha – yeah, right, exactly: The Lousy Illuminati ……hahahahahahhahah ……….
Yeah, sure, those guys who can’t even piss a hole into the snow, sure, they have developed that concept of Spiritual Full Spectrum Dominance – hahahhahahahhaha.

Sarcasm off – Nah, none of these Bloody Greenhorns have only 1% of the capacity needed to develop such a complex (and evil) scheme; they are only good for copying far, far more ancient processes; and that only in an amateurish and non-comprehending way.

Loser – they are just Loser – complete and utter Loser !

Anyways, why am I telling you all of this ?
See, after you understood now what I was telling you above you might be able to finally understand why I am making such a fuss about my discovery of The True Motion of Earth and its Axis for 7 years now.

What you have failed to understand and to see is that I am responsible for this discovery and for what happens with it – not for an eternity and for all that follows but for the way I am introducing it.
And allow me to remind you: None of you has publicly said a word !
For over 7 years – Not a single peep from you ! You are as much a total failure as the rest of the 8 billion mankind – sorry to say this: But you are a complete and utter failure, too !

That is why I am speaking with such an authority – an authority that currently nobody else on earth has !
It is not because ‘I am better’ or more special or more blessed by Life Itself or pre-chosen or any of such nonsense – no, but it is because I actually have something/some truth (to offer) which is stronger than not only any of your truths but stronger and of higher value than all of your truths together !
And it is me who ‘created’/refined/crafted that truth; and nobody else.

How about that for a start ?!

And, you see, I live with that truth/knowledge/wisdom for over 7 years and trust me, I ‘rendered thousands of visions within my mind and spirit’ and I have seen what glorious kind of paradigm change this discovery will bring to Earth and Mankind and how it will easily bring about peace, freedom, health, prosperity and spiritual realisation and enlightenment in no time.

Now, you have to understand this: It is my responsibility to ensure that this wisdom is brought to mankind in the appropriate and free way. And as much as I am responsible for doing so I am also responsible for it if not doing it successfully !

Do you understand that ? And do you understand the implications ? Do you see and understand that in case I were not successfully in delivering that discovery in a healthy and peace- and freedom-harnessing way that it will be on me and my Karma to deal with the fact that ‘I had the chance to deliver mankind from out of the Abyss & The Heart of Darkness into The Heart of Life Itself and I would have messed it up’ ?!

And, no matter, how only little you might know me; I guess, it’s clear to even you that I would never and will not tolerate and allow me (or anybody or anything) and my actions leading me down that kind of path.

Ok, now we are coming full circle, so let’s make this quick. I guess by now you should be able to grasp that for me, there is no more choice; I’ve made my choice already.

I will succeed and I will deliver Mankind To Freedom & Liberation – A’HO!

I wish you Wise Choices and Good Luck, sincerely,

What Actually Is Evil ?

You see, almost all of you still think of evil in a far too romantic and mystic way. Although you are all great at quoting Hannah Arendt and her slogan, ‘The Banality of Evil’, it pretty much looks like you haven’t actually understood the true meaning of that saying.
Yes, it is banal; trite, trivial, platitudinous, hackneyed ….banal to the absolute maximum.

You see, what you might have understood and might have learned to recognize and decipher by now is the effects of evil and the external mechanics and ways and consequences of evil and evil deeds.

But not the most important issue about it: The Why !

Why is there evil ? Why and how is it been born and emanating (not only) in humans and in this world ? How are the inner (psychological-spiritual) mechanics of evil and of becoming evil actually working ? What is the deciding factor and the root cause in ‘the very beginning of this chain of cause and effect’ that is ensuring that someone is choosing the evil deed over the honorable deed ?
Because evil is always a choice – although very, very often an unconscious choice ! But don’t forget: No choice, no decision or an unconscious choice is a decision as well – the worst decision btw.!

Well, the short and simple – albeit almost unbelievable for you – answer is:

Belief is the root-cause for all evil !

And please pay close attention to my words: I’m saying belief and not something silly like ‘false belief’. There are no false or correct believes; belief in itself is what is false, disastrous and fatal to go by and to make it the basis of one’s actions and decisions – aka ‘The Cornerstone’ !
Because after a while living with a certain belief inevitably you will eventually start confusing and mixing up your belief with facts & truth; it’s inevitable !

It is because when you go with a belief you can’t but invest (your time, energy, life, deeds, emotions) into that belief and then after a while – ever heard the term ‘Sunken-Cost-Fallacy’ ? Yes, it’s like the gambler’s mentality: you lose, and double the jackpot, lose again and double, lose and double, lose again and double; and so on – you can’t help but declare what once you called a belief to be a truth – it’s inevitable because of the Laws of Consciousness that at one point you yourself are forcing yourself to take that step; although like most of the things you, modern man, are doing you are doing this unconsciously, too.

Yes, it has a lot to do with the pain of shame !

Well, and that is the point where evil is born: You are taking a belief – or should I better say a Fiction, a Lie, a Fairy Tale, a Metaphor, a Description, a Symbol – for The Real Thing ! (And you start living with the surrogate and you start forgetting about the actual real thing with every time you are re-enforcing the belief and take it for the ‘real thing’ instead more and more until you forget that once you started with a belief and not with the knowing of truth !)

Like I’m saying for 8 years now publicly: You are all confusing cause and effect; constantly and on all scales, from the tiniest to the cosmic and largest infinite dimensions. From the most mundane and ordinary to the most sacred, you are always confusing the actual ‘Real Thing’ with the surrogate.
You take the symbol for the real thing and the real act. You take the ‘word’ for the ‘it’; that’s btw the reason why you all are still swallowing all that legalese crap and these ‘Paper-Laws of Falsehood,Death & Decay’ that mankind is using today in almost the entire world and in all jurisdictions (!) and which was maliciously (re-)invented by the Vatican/Holy See/Jesuits/Roman Curiae.

You turn a belief, a fiction, a falsehood into a/the Truth !

That’s what we call in essence lying, right ?!
To call something truth which is not truth – a lie !

That is the essence and the birth of evil – indeed very, very banal – in fact banal to the maximum, is it not ?!

And sure, I could write a whole scientific study and hundreds upon hundreds of pages about that and explain it in hundred different ways and give you examples in which you would recognize yourself and whatnot. But, frankly, I do not like to treat you as little babies – because You are Not – and so I say, these words here are more than enough for you to get kick-started and in case you have good will, courage, wisdom, intent and a strong beating heart to explore the rest and the fine details for yourself.

In case you don’t have good will there wouldn’t be enough words in the whole cosmos to get you going anyways; so as always:

The Choice Is Yours – It’s Your Life, Your Time and Your Karma – I, myself, have cleared my Karma a longtime ago !

How about You ?

What Is Ascension ? What Is A SAC – Stellar Activation Cycle ?

You see, that is The very essence of all the problems we, mankind, currently have here on earth.

You, mankind, all of you do not understand the essence of Life, Life Itself, Religion & Spirituality, the evolution of the cosmos/creation and Our, mankind’s, role in that process and sure enough not what is the so-called source of all this Life and Living cosmos what you like to call god: You don’t know jack shit about that “god” !

And thus – when you don’t understand the very essence of Everything – you do not understand everything else for all other processes are derivatives of this essence: history, organised religion, geopolitics/politics, War-mongering-games, human evolution, scientific progress (Or shall I better say non-progress ?!), psychology and mass-psychology, health, the so-called occult forces, simply nothing !

You see, all of you think like this:
Oh, the evil are the Freemasons or the Zionists or the Brits or the European Nobility….no it’s the Queen (now King Chuckie) or the Crown – no The Crown Corporation or the Vatican or the Jesuits or the Knight Templars …oh no it’s the Americans or the Jews or the Muslim Brotherhood or the baby-eating satan-worshippers….no it’s the NAZIs, no it’s the Khazarian Mafia or the Davos Globalists….. no it’s the Communists or the Roman Curiae or the Democrats or the Atheists or the Bio-Security-Surveillance-State ….and on and on it goes ….

Fact is, that’s all wrong !

The very essence – meaning your religions (All of them book-religions and all of the ‘Illuminati-ones’, too) – are wrong !

Again, you are confusing cause and effect !

The understanding of all your religions/spiritualities/cosmologies is false (that is the root cause !) and thus it is just logical that it follows that all your efforts to create a truth-rooted and healthy and fair and just and free and peaceful world can and will never yield any true significant positive result (the effect).

Yes, all of the ones mentioned above are part of and entangled into that web of lies and evil, sure but they are not the very essential root-cause but they are the symptoms of the actual problem/falsehood; and that is that you haven’t understood the very basics of what your religions are pretending to deliver truth about.

Now, what exactly are the essential questions of all religions and spirituality ?

What is Birth, Life and Death and according to what laws are these two realms interconnected ?
What is the true origin of mankind and of this cosmos/creation as a whole ?
Is there a common destiny for mankind in it’s entirety and if so what is it ?
What is I ?What is You ?And what is We ?
What is the very essence and ‘quality’ of The All That Is/The Pure Essence ?
What is the very essence and ‘quality’ of The All That Which Is Not ?
How is the one single part/the individual connected and interacting/communicating to and with The Whole ?
What is Freedom and what is Absolute Freedom (in case such a thing exists) ?

And for sure:

What is Ascension ?

And what is a Stellar Activation Cycle – SAC ?

The Big Ugly Secret

The Big Ugly Secret of current mankind, its culture(s), civilization(s) and state of consciousness actually is this:

“Religion and their institutions, leaders, profiteurs, messengers, idols, gurus, narratives, power, its coercive and controlling mechanisms and matrices, god(s) and the entities truly in charge thereof always benefit from war, death and decay – death and decay of the general public/the people(s), their state of consciousness/mind and society/community as a whole.” #StefanQuote

Yes, you can shame people to smitherness and even into insanity; in fact one can even shame people to death !

And one can even do that with ‘The Emperor’ and his boot-licking adepts – no problem; no problem at all.

That’s The Shaman’s Way !

Just speak the full and brutal truth and it will create a kind of trauma which can be either used wisely to heal or ……

Well, as I said: Yes, you can very much shame somebody to death – and probably even worse.

In that sense, Truth is the ultimate weapon; especially in the hands of a Seer; a man who is able to perceive (and handle) the so-called Assembly Point (The Assembly Point is the spot within the energetic configuration of a man (or woman) where one’s Perception is tied/fixed to the being).

Anyways, I , for one, very much prefer to interact, use and experience these kind of traumas of truth with a healing intent, in awe, joy and wonder and amazement, for exploring and sharing and cooperation purposes than to use it as The Sword & Whip of Shaming.

But, well, you know that old saying, right:

‘Sometimes a Man got to do what a Man got to do.’ (Or a Woman for that matter !)

It’s not always in our hands whether ‘the other side’ wants to live in war or peace with us and whether the circumstances allow us to show only our sweetest and nicest sides – sadly so; sadly so.

Anyway, as a Shaman, a Warrior, a Sorcerer, a Seer you take it as it comes; without a blinking and you go straight for aiming at the center of the truth of the matter – The Assembly Point !

Just like The Bison in the storm; not away from it but straight ahead at the center of the storm.

Be like The Bison, my friends, be like The Bison !

Non Habemus Papam

I guess, by now many of you will already have heard the penny dropping.
Yes, as it was ‘foretold’, so to speak; there won’t be any Pope anymore; that kind of sinister nonsense is over, for once and all.

Yeah, they can already start to dismount ‘the sacred chimney’ – it won’t be needed anymore – Done !

Liquidation is the word of the momentum – Liquidation, baby !

Doesn’t that sound ‘sexy’ and refreshing and rejuvenating ?

The whole ugly mess: Papacy, Roman Curiae, Holy See, Vatican, Catholic Church, Roman Catholic Church, Patriarch of Jerusalem, Vaticanbank (IOR), Jesuits, Opus Dei, Knights of Malta, Swiss Guards, etc. …. + the many ‘hidden external hands attached’; the whole lot of it – down the drain of liquidation.

Or should I better say: Transmutation ?! Or even better: Transsubstantiation !
But probably not that kind of transmutation – Transsubstantiation – they have been babbling about all their lives; very probably not.

So, ‘Half of THE CHAIR’ is already unseated – I guess, it’s because Rex Sacrorum got a little bit pissed off by all this ridiculous psychotic & autistic evil kindergarten and started harrumphing and growling, so ………. !

“No” – The Strongest Word And The Most Profound “Yes” That Is

Dear Fellow Mankind

Now, what is the strongest word in all our language(s) ?

Remember, it’s even asked in Your bible, something along the lines:

‘….and you shall just say one word, this one word and you (your soul & being & body & spirit) shall be absolutely free and unbound !’

Well, this word is not any name of whatsoever messenger/entity/demon/god or whatnot; it’s not any spell or mantra nor any ‘Abra Kadabra’ or ‘ Simsallabim – Sesame open up!’ or something like that.

No !

‘No’ – this is the word.

It’s that simple and straight forward.

Because ‘No’ is the strongest ‘Yes’ one can give; that’s the seemingly paradox secret here.

Without the possibility of ‘No’, no meaningful ‘Yes’ could ever exist. And vice versa, for sure; without the option of a conscious ‘Yes’ one couldn’t know what ‘No’ is.

Or in other words:
What is the commonality between ‘Yes’ and ‘No’?

Both are the clearest possible expressions of Intent/Intention/Purpose !

And, in a certain sense ‘No’ is even stronger because its ‘Yes’ is comprising The All That Is.

Right? When you say ‘No’ to something specific that means you are saying ‘Yes’ – at least potentially – to all that which is not this special ‘No’; meaning to All the rest – all the cosmos and infinity and …….simply to All (by whatever name and description you call it).

Anyways, ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ are Not a Duality but a Polarity, which is a significant difference.
Polarities do not need to ‘wage ideological wars against each other’ which is the huge and wonderful and existentially significant difference compared to a duality.

“Tell the people there’s an invisible guy up there in heaven who runs everything and they all will believe you. Tell them that the paint is still wet and they all have to touch it !” #QuoteGeorgeCarlin

Devil -> daimos (greek) -> diabolo -> diabolic -> ‘seperating’ -> the ‘separating’ -> the ‘splitting’ -> ‘the one who’s provoking separation/splitting/division/segregation’ …. and it’s NOT a ‘The One’ but it is a GROUP ENTITY !

“The true name of the so-called Devil (The ‘One’ who is spreading separation and division) is God-Jahwe-Jehova-Allah !” #StefanQuote

The Lie – The Cardinal Of All Sins

Think of it this way :
All the so-called sins , they all need one particular sin as kind of a prerequisite. This is like the Cardinal Sin of all, for without that one the other sins wouldn’t be committed.

That’s the Lie ! (And Deception)

Without the option of lying, either to oneself or others, the other sins wouldn’t work out !

At least 99% of it which is fairly a great percentage.

So, let’s get rid of The Cultural Acceptance of Lying of us,the current mankind and we’ll see unbelievable changes – for the better – sweeping around the Earth in no time !

And just in case you don’t know this for yourself already :

The lie is like an infection, it works it’s way both ways, outside And inside. We always tend to think that we are able to control the distortion of reality/ the lie, meaning we will be able to keep track of where we lied to others and where not and we will keep the record straight within us.

Well, you see me laughing because that is a proven hypocrisy – the moment you lie to the outside/other , that infection is there within you and if not taken care properly , yes, it’ll behave like cancer!

You/we all know the rest of the story !

But the good thing is: now, we know where the responsibility and healing lies and thus are enabled to work out our way.

Let’s do it !


The only one true and (sadly) missing Commandment.

For the record: The term “Lie” includes actions like deception, omission, half-truth, false framing, undisclosed clauses, etc.; for sure !

That’s All – It’s that easy !

And, No, the 9th commandment (In Luther’s terms it’s the 8th commandment) about bearing false witness to your fellow man doesn’t say this !

You simply should Not lie – Never – Never Ever, not about others and not to others and not even to yourself – that’s in fact where all the evil always starts.

The rest of the 10 commandments is either Bullshit and Falsehood or (the sensible ones) already included in the task to Not Lie !

Nobody would steal and rape, kill and plunder and deceive and secretly start wars or go after the wife of another man – if he/she would adhere to the rule of not lying, right ?

It’s obvious ; is it not ?

No war ever started with one party declaring: ” We are power-hungry and so now we come and take away what is yours !”

No, never – it’s always under the pretext of a false flag event, a lie, a distortion of reality, a false narrative, claims and media propaganda and such. Always it is “needed” to twist reality in such a way that the evil criminal liar can blame all the guilt on the other one – the (more or less) innocent victim – Always !

Similarly, no man ever goes to another man and says: ” I gonna fuck your wife or steal your house or deceive you via this contract or sub-prime-mortgage or gonna murder this or that guy or any other evil action !”

Sure, because then the crime wouldn’t really work out – it is only working in combination with the lie.

Nope – it simple works like that – the criminal and evil one always includes the lie into his crimes – without that lie (in a civilization where everybody adheres to the law/taboo of not lying) nobody would dare to commit these evils – because it is clear that the law, the public opinion and thus the entire force of mankind would stand against the evil, criminal liar and they wouldn’t dare to commit the evil deed.

At least 99% of it – which is fairly a great number for a start, is it not ?

Now, we partly have some kind of laws that will punish you for lying – But only in very specific cases and not on a general basis !

So, if you lie in court and they catch you, you will be punished; although mostly the punishment is ridiculous compared to the damage done by it and all of the rest of the life in society they all can lie without any consequences.

Just look at all the media and politicians and scientific studies and public relations, mega corporations and Intelligence agencies reports and NGO reports of the like of “The White Helmets” and their Own False Flag activities, the ridiculously FALSE climate models (carbon dioxide human induced global warming which is wrong on so many levels !) on purpose and so much more:

All without legal & lawful consequences – but with tremendous, dire and evil consequences for the People, Earth and Mankind and Society at large.

In fact the lie has eaten itself to such deep levels into our societies that we have reached a point where the Judicial System and Courts and Attorneys and Judges are Liars themselves !

Yes – I say it :
Our civilization is ‘Rechtsbankrott’ – Legal/Lawful bankruptcy or Bankruptcy of Law !

The sad but logical consequence of many centuries of tolerated lying !

Think about it !

How could one ever expect a sane and peaceful world like that – it’s impossible !

So, let’s get moving and let’s get it done – it will be fun; we just have to start it !

The Fission-Fungus

The evil, lies, falsehood and enslavement on this earth (and beyond) is not happening in spite of all the “good” religions and spiritual processes but on the contrary it is happening because of it !

These religions and the respective ruling ‘spiritual-oligarchic’ entities, the so-called “god(s)”, are in fact the root-cause and the very Seed of Evil !

The “Fission Fungus” so to speak !
The root of the division and separation within mankind which in itself is the root-cause for all evil.

Don’t you remember this so-called Jesus-Dude and his own words:
‘I Am the Fission-Fungus – I will separate the wheat from the chaff !’ ?

I guess at least some of you have understood by now that to perform their evil and deception ‘they’ always are obliged to tell you – in whatever veiled and distorted form – the truth, in order to avoid Karma hitting them (At least they believe that they will get away with it like this – but it’s not true and they won’t get away with it !)

That’s what is happening here.
That’s exactly why they have styled the narrative like this and let ‘him’ say such words.

Now, obviously almost all of you thought that it is a good thing to separate the wheat from the chaff because for sure, you all are thinking that you are the ‘wheat’ aka ‘the good ones’ – but you are not.
In fact what you are doing by following that script is that you are promoting this separation and division of mankind but think you are doing something great and peaceful.

It’s the age-old problem of:
‘If your god is different from my god, then it is only a matter of time and a powerful enough position that you will want to kill me !’

And all the religions are the very promoters and perpetrators of this root-evil – sadly so.

Merging The Two Rings of Power

There are Two Rings – Two Rings of Force.

You are made of two Rings of Power. Man (and Woman, too, for sure) is made of Two Rings – The Two Rings of Power.

It’s also called The “Two Attentions” – The “First Attention” and the so-called “Second Attention”.

When one has mastered the First Attention as well as the Second Attention the merging of The Two Rings of Power/The Two Attentions is taking place:

Will and Intent have become ONE now:

Two Rings are merging and thus a Third Ring is born – The Third Attention .

Translate that to:

Riding through Life Itself on The Wings of Infinity –

A’HO !

The Magic Trick To Enslave The People

Caveat to the Natives – Don’t freely enslave your People – Again !

So, Person/Entity/State/Organisation/Vatican A is going to Person B and says something along the lines of :

‘I/We give you Full Sovereignty and Freedom and God-given Rights and Independence and Ownership and Rule of Yourself and Full Free Reign and give you full ownership of your Land and Soil and Resources and whatnot kind of beautiful and freedom-enhancing Yadda Yadda Yadda and we can make a huge Ceremony and Treaty and write it all down in some nice and fancy documents and certificates and records with all the nice and fancy Bla Bla and all the “High Level” signatures and Coat of Arms and Emblems and whatnot !

Isn’t that wonderful ?

We now have recognized that we should have done that all long before and right from the start but now we have come to our senses and have wised up and now we are finally behaving “good” and we are doing what is right and give you all the Independence rights that you deserve as “Children of God” !

Isn’t that nice from us? Do you see, now we are finally “good people” and we do the right thing and give you all these rights !

Do you accept ?

So, please then come along and sign here on the bottom of the treaty !’

Now, The Person B (The “American Natives” in the case above mentioned) thinks:
‘Oh, great finally they have come to their senses and now they have finally recognized us as “equal in rights” and eventually they are now doing the right thing.

Where do I have to sign to finally seal this agreement/treaty and then all will be good !’

So, The Person B ( The Chiefs) are signing and celebrating …….


Well, what has really happened ?

They again haven’t understood the “fine-print” of the treaty.
Or to say it precisely: Don’t look for any hidden actual fine and small print or secret clause in the treaty on this paper but understand:

The Fine-Print in this treaty is that person B has accepted – before any negotiation and writing down of the actual terms of the treaty – that Person A is in the position to give/grant you any such rights/independence/sovereignty in the first place !

You see, if you are accepting person A or me or any other person or entity to be in that higher and more powerful and Higher-Authority-Position to grant you any such rights, you will have accepted that he is in the position to have rights over you.

And thus you – without recognizing and realizing it at all – you accepted that this person/entity is as well in the higher position to withdraw (or change or diminish or twist or rewrite) these rights , too when it fits and pleases him !

Rights is nothing that anybody – not any human and not any Non-Human entity can give you !

One has to realize that one already has all the rights needed to pursue a free , independent and sovereign Life and then live and perform according to that Basic Fact of Life Itself !

Rights – same as freedom, same as pissing, same as marrying, same as making love, same as eating – is Nothing one can give or do for you.

In German we say : Freedom is a “Hol-Schuld” – meaning an “Obligation one has to perform for Oneself” !

And now here comes the Real-World-Kicker:

That’s the position the Vatican has quietly and fraudulently and criminally and sinfully assumed in full knowledge of the Bad Faith and Gross Breach of Trust and The Evil and immense suffering of such Cosmic Unlawful deeds !

The Prophecy Of Mankind

How do you recognize the one who is fulfilling The Prophecy of Mankind ?

He is the only one who can truly say:

“All these prophecies are false – not fully, absolutely and entirely correct !”

Because he is the only one for whom this is really true: for him these prophecies are false because he knows it was him and not the prophecy for he did it himself – but for the others the prophecies are fulfilled.

It was his free choice and intention and exactly that was what The Force was actually waiting for, because The Force/Life Itself is longing to do Teamwork with us human beings and not using us forcefully for it’s whatever pseudo-well-meaning agendas.

That’s not the way Life Itself is and operates; your evil, stupid self-proclaimed rulers think and are like this but not The Force !

You can say , the destruction of the prophecy is the fulfillment of this prophecy !

It’s a little like the question:

When everybody is laughing ,who is the only one crying ?

It’s the Jester/Fool himself, for out of his own tears & suffering he has created the ability to make the others laugh and joyful.

Masters Penetrate And Know Who Is Bluffing !

Oh, and some of you might wonder, whether I do claim to be the Christ/Messiah/One/’new-holy-whatsoever’ or maybe the Anti-Christ and all that story behind.

I am absolutely None of them and have and do Not want to have anything to do with these so-called Entity-Groups (!)

Yes, it’s true: I played with these characters in my story as well, but not to truly be one of them characters but to dissolve & collapse that stupid and primitive kind of dualistic storytelling and the myriad derivatives of this narrative !

Remember: I’m a storyteller and I can’t stand poor storytelling !

Sorry, I’m too much in love with Life Itself and Mankind, to allow it to happen that a story, as primitive and crude, non-groovy, sad & ridiculous and without any wisdom & real ‘divine/sacred’ sweetness, sense, meaning and purpose as this ridiculous kiddie’s fear-and-hope-porn is running the fate of Mankind & Earth & and more !

Sorry, not on my watch !

The right wing and the left wing belong to the same bird !
The go(o)d cop and the bad cop !
The right hand and the left hand of The Demiurg !

Both sides always need each other for their own justification and existence to be; thus they are trapped in this vicious cycle !

I am not – and I am not connected to neither of these Dudes. My loyalty is to Mankind, Earth and most of all to Life Itself !

The Theist and the A-Theist are sitting in the same boat, they both believe something that they do not know !

Seeking & Knowing vs Believing & Pretending

The one thing nearly all of you have done wrong and still are doing wrong when it comes to Religion – especially the Book-religions – Spirituality, Cosmology, Creation, Philosophical Meaning of Life & Death, Ethics & Morality , etc. is that you have it the wrong (opposite) way around:

You start with a belief and then try to search for what you believe in in this so-called Living Reality – but instead Life Itself works the other way around :

You First realize and face the fact that you do Not know a thing for sure about The Living Reality and then feel the longing to know and to seek for this Living Reality and explore its deepest dimensions to the fullest for yourself.

And then – for sure – you can explore and look into whatever books, traditions, technics, konwledge, teachings, secret teachings, etc. and see for yourself, if there are helpful additional hints about Reality and your further way of proceeding through Life or nor, if you like.

Do you see the difference ?

The first one makes you see everywhere only your belief and thus is Fiction and will lead to Insanity and slavery, while the other one makes you explore everything and will lead you further and further towards the essence of Life Itself, wisdom, integrity and thus Freedom, Liberation or whatever word you like to use for this Forward-Projecting-Life-Force-Intention !

You see, the hard-knocking truth is :

It makes absolutely No difference, if you believe in a god or not as long as you do not have the appropriate tools activated within yourself ,develop and fine-tune them and then actually bring them to use to try everything to verify/falsify/experience that belief !

You just believe something which you have heard – but it has no truth within you as long as you have not experienced that actual truth within yourself.
You see, even a truth that is indeed a truth is useless for someone who can’t verify/falsify/experience it for him- or herself, do you get this thought ?

It’s worthless; and many have already speculated that maybe not only useless but in fact counter-productive to Life Itself !

Not the people/holders of a belief but the belief is worthless !

We are talking ideas/truths & facts and are not in the business of trying to insult/slander/harm or talk down to people !

Patriotism – What Is It Really

Patriots are people who love their country and it’s people, it is said.
Well, that sounds fair enough to be called ‘a good and respectable idea/worldview’, right ?

But; is that really so ?

A patriot is a man (or woman) who will chose in any given situation the well-being and greater good of his/her people, so it is implied and insinuated that a patriot is a good-hearted man because he/she thinks and cares beyond his/her own needs and well-being and is caring about the lives and well-being of the others as well – the others of his/her country/people/nation/tribe/ethnos that is.

And that is precisely the problem !

It is a half-baked idea for half-baked and immature people who think they are doing something great while in fact they are only pursuing egoistic and selfish goals – sadly; to let me say this – very sadly so !

A patriot is not (purely) acting out of love for the people at large but out of fear of the ‘others’, the ‘foreigners’, the ‘heretics’.

When you and your deeds are motivated by love, inclusiveness ( Not that fake kind of ‘tolerance and multi-gender-insanity-cancel culture-hardcore-ridiculous-BS’ that is happening right now in this/our bloody, lying so-called Western-Value-Community ! SIC ! What a Fucked-Up-Term of pathetic and – yes – disgusting Nothingness), empathy, integrity, righteousness and honor & truth, you will simply care about All Mankind (And if one’s heart is big enough even beyond mankind …) and it is impossible for a True Man of Integrity (And Woman, for sure) to support people or your nation when they are doing false and evil deeds to other peoples/nations.

But I have never seen any of you patriots to step up and take a strong stand against your own Nation/People/State/Country when they have committed evil and crimes – never !

In the end you patriots are always siding with your fellow people and your own armies/nations/governments. Even when they are doing wrong and evil deeds and you know it – you still go with them and do not dare to stand up for what is right !

Like that, how can you expect that this world will ever change for the better ?

But you have the audacity to even dare to claim that your patriotism is even authorized and protected by ‘god’ !

Sure, you do that because deep within your hearts you know that you are frightened, egoistic, confused and selfish little kids who’s only interest is in dominating, pillaging and controlling the others (nations/people(s)/states). Although most of you are to coward to do it consciously so you do it unconsciously – pretending to not know and not be aware of the full consequences of your own behavior.

A patriot calls himself essentially ‘good’ for caring for his own people – and almost all nations/cultures have gone to a great length to create a supporting myth, a history (even falsifying it if necessary), a fitting cult and a twisted, ridiculous religious framework and narrative – but what he actually does is not good and great because he is downgrading, devaluing, ignoring and looking down on the greater truth, the other nations/people/cultures/religions, and simply try to cheat the others at every possible turn – whenever he chooses to support his fellow people and not go by judging a given situation according to Truth, Integrity and Righteousness.

Although, for sure, all patriots are claiming ( Lying that is !) that they do care about the other nations and the other people, that clearly is not the case if one bothers to take only a superficial look at the real world.

I’m not giving examples here because for a clear-thinking observer that is self-evident – for a long time already.

What I am telling you is ‘why’ you, patriots, are acting like this:

It is your patriotism that isn’t an act of love, generosity and giving and caring but instead it is born out of fear; it is born out of your confused motivation of identification with something greater than you to fill this void of meaning and comprehension in your life – that meaninglessness of your whole existence.

Your patriotism is – as almost everything else you do in your life – a nice looking, society-accepted shell/camouflage to hide your egoism, your selfishness, your fear, your non-understanding of reality, your feeling of loneliness and being thrown into a cold and heartless world that you do neither understand nor know how to cope with.

Btw. that is exactly the same situation as with all your religions and that’s why patriotism and institutionalised religion always go hand in hand and when you look into history the religions have always been on the forefront of any murderous, imperialistic, conquering and enslaving system.

Because that is the true nature of religion !

I am not talking about spirituality which is a completely different ball-game than religion.
Religion is dogma while spirituality is seeking. Religion makes you into a carbon copy whereas spirituality makes you into a Living Original – an Ab-Original (From/Out of the Origin !).

The religious mind is always trying to understand what others have said and understood before them ; the messengers, the “idols”, the “gurus”, the “better-ones”, the gatekeeper whereas the spiritual mind is always seeking to find that which nobody has ever found and understood before – That which the gurus/messengers/idols did not understand.

You want to understand what Einstein understood whereas I wanted to understand what Einstein did not understand !
You want to understand what “Da Jesus” understood whereas I wanted to find that what the Jesus did not understand !
You always want to understand that which Shiva knew, whereas I’ve always been interested in that which Shiva did not see and know !

You always want to understand what your idol/guru/messenger knew whereas I always wanted to find out that which these so-called/pseudo messengers did not understand.

And that is the reason why I have found the missing key to this Living Reality here – The True Motion of Earth and its Axis and with it The Key to a True Cosmology of this Living Reality.

Bankruptcy Of Truth & Law

It seems that I have reached the end of my – this – way.

Imagine, you are doing and knowing all that what you know, with all your secrets and plans and serious possibilities to free mankind and right the wrongs in this world, but not a single man or woman would have ever cared or listened or helped and stood next to you.

You see, what you are dealing with is complicated, tough and difficult enough even with (at least a small number of ) friends and helping hands – but imagine how you’d feel if not a single one ever had bothered to listen and help you.

Well, and that for 8 long years !
All alone !

And yeah, sure, to say it straight: Making World-Peace, Freedom and a paradigm change isn’t exactly a kiddie’s picknick nor is it a beauty contest or a dog-and pony-show – in fact what is going on in this world right now is war !

You know that.

You know that we are fighting The War of Mankind and when I look at my writings under that pretext, then frankly, I think that I did pretty good in my letters to force things to move – without any violence or such at all !

Just with Words of Truth and the Magic Bullet of my Discovery of The True Motion of Earth and its Axis.

I have declared, proven and rendered all the false claims of the cabal-elites and the ‘entities above’ and their system as Null & Void because I have shown that the basic fundamentals of their claims about The Living Reality – scientific, cosmological, historical, religious and thus their claims of sovereignty, law and rules – are all false.

But nobody stood up !

How could you expect me to do it all alone ?

Why is the whole world cheering for altruism but if a man is doing great altruistic deeds and is willing to share it with society no one is willing of helping and acknowledging that ?
How can you all go on raising your children and telling them that they should become good people and should care for the whole of mankind, if You and all mankind are not able to acknowledge people who are actually doing this ?
What does it say about mankind, if the man who comes and explains things that not even Kepler, Galileo, Einstein, Tesla and others knew but mankind is ignoring and even worse making fun, threats and are bullying this man ?

Don’t you think, if mankind is acting like that on a general basis that very soon nobody would ever give a shit about the common good anymore and the development of mankind will further go south and very soon there will be no value, altruism, heroism and caring for others left in mankind but only greed, egoism and selfishness.

Don’t you think, that it will have tremendously bad consequences for mankind as a whole if they fail to recognize and honor the people who – despite their own suffering and disadvantages – are not only giving their everything for the group/tribe/mankind/the whole but are even lucky and gifted enough to find the actual problem and the solution to untie this deadly knot ?

I mean, how can we go on raising children and tell them to become great men and women, be humble and become a giving part to society and mankind when on the other hand we; the whole mankind, constantly fail to honor exactly such people when they step up and raise their voices, saying and sharing truths that no one else knows ?

You see, that is a death-sentence for a shared community because on the long run, nobody will ever give a damned shit about the group anymore and everybody will only work for their own selfish interests.

Just look at the world and tell me, that you do not see that it is almost 99% of all the cases that not the good ones but the greedy and cheating ones are being rewarded in our current civilizations.

Well, can you see that this will inevitably spell disaster for mankind ?

So, let me ask you: Imagine it was you – imagine you have made a discovery that could change everything for the better – it’s True – it’s Reality; you only need to share it and let people recognize the truth and thus a process of enlightening, freedom and peace would easily follow – and you did that for 7 long years. You made sure that every institution and every important Mover and Shaker and thousands of universities got the Memo.

But nothing happens !

Imagine !

Nobody can and ever has proven you wrong – because it’s impossible, for it is correct – but only silence !

Imagine, how You would feel !

And then you take a look across the internet, the media and the world and you see millions upon millions of idiots spreading their half-baked nonsense and trying to sell it as truth and wisdom and sucking up money for their falsehoods and their hope-and-fear-porn !

How would you get up every morning fully well knowing that this is just another day of falsehood and lies and mankind going even deeper into the Abyss ?
And what do you think would your motivation be like ?
What sense would it ever make for you to start another project in your life – any project – when you have this experience that whatever you will find and create mankind will anyway not allow you to share it (and apply it for the well-being of All) and get your well-deserved respect for it ?

What sense does it make then to go on living ?
What use is there joining any of the millions of conversations of people who try to figure out the reality of this cosmos and life – when you have already figured it all out, even put it into nice writings and shared it with everyone on earth but got only hate, ridicule and stupid arrogance in return ?

Or in other words:
If the game is rigged to such an extent – that it has become impossible for me (or anybody of you, too for that matter) to ever have only the slightest even theoretical chance of fairness, justice and respect and appreciation for what I genuinely did for mankind, then why and how should I go on living ?

Well, you see, against all odds – I did make it ! Yes, it is like a miracle.

But then I realized the one thing that I thought never to be possible:

You – All of You – failed ! You, mankind, are the problem !

You are not willing and not able to recognize the truth for what it is !

The one thing I never thought to be a problem turns out to be the biggest problem :
You – All of You, Mankind, who are too blind and scared and unwilling to question yourself and your worldviews, beliefs and false cosmological and religious/spiritual paradigms.

Anyways, here we are now – The End of The Road – the End of My – This – Path !

The Carrier Of The Ring – Not All Who Wander Are Lost

Nothing will ever change like this – that is the sad truth !

All the people just talk and are blaming the other side – but in reality they are all the same !
Trust me, if you would clean out all “evil elite people” and then fill the positions with all those so-called truthers, awakened, light warriors, enlightened and whatnot – it would take maximum a year or two – and you would see the exact same thing and egoistic evil again – because they are all Not awakened or enlightened or any of that shit at all.

They are just talking and trying to sell themselves of as the wise guys (although they might not know it for themselves and might think they are doing great) when in fact they know jack shit about the true mechanisms of Life Itself.

And they are all talking the same old false Esoteric-New-Age nonsense without having had any real experience for themselves.
It’s all just stories that they all heard a million times and which are thousands of years old and they never bothered to verify/falsify them and after a while they start hallucinating and are no longer able to distinguish between what they actually know as fact and experience and what is just mental masturbation.

That is the sad truth.

And that is the reason why they are not able to listen to actual new information, because they all believe they know already.

You see, it’s like a glass which is already full; you can’t fill in anything new because it’s already full – full with lies and BS.
Just look at all the daily videos and posts where million upon million people are explaining “What’s really going on “.

It’s hilarious and it would be very funny; if it wouldn’t be so lethal and seriously tragic.

They all pretend to “know it all”, they know about the apocalypse, they know the plans of god, they know the real meaning of the bible, they know the Jesus personally, they are master magicians, they know all of their hundreds of incarnations, they know who are the evil ones and why and what false gods they are praying to and all that nonsense !

It’s just parroting and unconsciously inventing more chapters of the fairy-tale-story and more follow-up episodes of the same old same old religious-esoteric-new-age BS.

It just begs the question, if there are so many millions of oh-so-holy people who “have daily conversations with god”, then why does the world and mankind look as fucked-up as it does ?

Ah yeah, right, they all say and their plan and option is always: “If everybody would know what i know and would act and understand as much and as holy and divine as I do, then everything would be good within two days !”

Well, the truth is that they themselves don’t understand the wheelwork of this world and reality and the wheelwork of power but even if they would, let me ask you: Would that be Freedom, if we all have to be and copy all the knowledge and actions of the one truther/whistleblower/messenger XXX ?

And is that not exactly how the so-called evil elites are thinking and behaving as well ?

Like: ” I/we know it all better than everybody else, so that gives me/us the right to talk down to you ordinary/common people and to ignore the rights and sovereignty of the masses ?”

Because, right, “They know it all ” !?

Never mind that if you look closely enough they are all contradicting each other heavily and so they themselves already have proven many million times that what they say can not be truth; otherwise they must be able to agree on the essence – which is never the case – but hey, who cares, right ?

But if you tell them a truth that goes against their false truth – they gonna hate you, block you, can’t and don’t answer, attack you on a personal level and whatnot. Just so, that they don’t have to ever question themselves and their own positions and find out that maybe they themselves are neither within truth nor are very fair, honest and are not willing to apply integrity and modesty and skepticism onto themselves.

In short : Most people are Not The Good ones !

Just try it out and challenge them and see how they are reacting, if you are not willing to go with their half truths, not willing to be their follower, not accepting their guru-position, not giving them any money, rejecting their god & messenger but question their “truths” and hide your own credibility so they think you are a nobody: They all will treat you as bad and as worthless as the elites themselves are doing to the people as long as they think that nobody is watching.

The good age-old problem of :”If your god is different from my god – it is only a matter of time and a powerful enough position that you will want to kill me !”

You see, these elites are assholes and evil and whatnot – no question; but what I say is that most people would do exactly the same; they just don’t have the courage and means to do so on a grand scale.

So, that’s why you see husbands beating their wives, bullies beating and stealing from other kids, women getting raped in the millions every day, people steal, cheat, lie, manipulate and all that shit – and throughout all social classes, cultures, civilizations and religions.

It’s sad – but it’s the truth !

In short : The people are still falling for the religious evil, namely that it says that there is a god out there somewhere in “The Heavens” when in fact it’s here on Earth and right within oneself.

But with that truth you can not build a following and you can not profit from that and you can not establish yourself as “The Better One” and their leader which is the actual subconscious wish of 99,9999999% of the people : They themselves want and are doing all to be The Better One !
That’s why nobody wants to hear the actual truth, cause that would really free people and thus you can not capitalize on them anymore. You see, all those freedom fighters and light warriors do not really want to see mankind free – but what they are dreaming of and jerking off on is “To be the hero to free the people” !

They all love The Role – but they are not doing the hard work. Because they can’t – they don’t have the standing for it – they don’t have The Intelligence and The Balls to do it !

You understand that fundamental difference ?

It’s one thing to actually do and work for giving/showing people their independence & sovereignty and a completely different one to just want to carry the label, “I am the good one and I am the hero and savior of all !”

And people are still too stupid, egoistic, mentally retarded and spiritually infantile and weak and coward to face that fact and go through that door – the only gateway to actual freedom.

Because then they would have to change their own life-styles and how and what they think of themselves.

Like what you all say about the useless politicians as well : If you oust them they would have to actually do some real work and would have to stop suckling the money out of the poor and confused public.

There are simply too many suckers among mankind – in all social classes. Suckers who do not contribute anything of value but are only interested in sucking up the cream from the work of others – in all social classes !

You see, this religious god is a mind trick: It’s not your belief/faith that makes you a good person but your deeds do – but they all think when they claim they are followers of this or that messenger and spiritual tradition it makes them a good man/woman. Nope, it’s just a mind trick to cheat oneself – it’s called “Substitution”: People are unconsciously substituting a fictitious mind-movie for the actual real experience and seeking because it’s “safer” and less challenging.

Yep, exactly like in the digital world: Just press “restore” or “new game” or “upgrade” or “download” and invent a new fictitious reality; only that The Real World doesn’t work like that.

And they are all falling for it: No matter if with the Jesus, the Shiva, the Astro-theology, the New Age, the Great Solar Flare, the imaginary ‘Pole Flip’, the Jehova or Mohammed and whatnot – you see, it’s all always somewhere else – everywhere but never here and now – and that exactly is the cheat !

Let me ask you:
If from tomorrow on not a single man on earth would be able and allowed to earn only a single dollar in the name of “The Magic Secret of Life Itself/God/Enlightenment” anymore; just hypothetically – don’t you think that at least 99% of these pseudo-gurus/priests/energy teachers/reincarnation-therapists and whatnot would turn to other business-ventures and do you think this world would be a better or worse place ?

Think hard, my friend – as hard as you can; just take all the time you need !

Now, let me explain to you why the notion of so many people – that religion is needed for a culture and a civilization to thrive and as moral and spiritual guidance – is false.

You see, when people claim that without religion and stories of god people would live a brutal and primitive and beastly life that clearly shows that these people do not even believe in their own religion !

Because believing that means that they are full-blown Materialists !


They think something external is needed to make the ethics, moral and respect for others flourish because this materialistic nature/cosmos and the beings within is ‘only matter’. Same as our idiotic current official sciences that are still clinging and claiming that utter nonsense that consciousness is a consequence and an attribute of matter. Fact is: It’s the other way around.

That’s what they say; without saying it !

If they would know and understand that this Cosmos in itself is a Living Cosmos and that consciousness is the basis and root-cause for this physical cosmos and all the beings within – it would be 100% self-evident and self-explanatory that we, mankind, are beings of spirit and consciousness, too and no religion would be needed to “tame the beast” because there is no beast at all – there is only You and The All That Is/The Pure Essence/Life Itself !

Et voilà, that opens all the doors within the Cosmos and the spiritual world and everybody can go “there” and no messenger is ever needed.

So, the very belief that religion is needed is the proof of how weak and petty and confused the faith of those people who believe such nonsense actually is.

What do you think what kind of dead-beat loser that Force of Creation is that it would create a Cosmos and beings which needed You – or me or any other self-declared guru – to guide the people to their fulfillment in life ?

Releasing The Shackles Of Restraint

I have restrained myself for over 7 years. That is over now !

I have restrained my energies very hardcore for the last more than 7 years; since I started to publicly share my discovery of The True Motion of Earth and its Axis with you, mankind.

That means that contrary to what most of you would assume I was not ‘exalted and energetically close to explosion’ all these years but I allowed myself to merely use a meager 5 % of my personal energies !

I didn’t play The Didgeridoo for 7 years (After doing so passionately for 20 years.) and did not do any other shamanic-tantric-warrior-magician performances or acts or rituals; nor any ceremonies or entheogenic processes because – after what happened while making and experiencing this discovery things energetically changed dramatically !

I wanted to respect you, mankind, to the fullest and give you that discovery in Silence & Stillness and as undisturbed and unbiased as possible; meaning without any energetic interference from me and my personality, my perception, my ego, etc. and thus I paused for 7 years in doing any serious energy-work and any serious energetic Deeds As Sorcerer & Seer.

You might not know or understand that but let me clue you in:

When I am playing on my Didgeridoo – and I mean that literally – I Am Right Within The Earth-Axis & I Am Broadcasting Over And Within The Entire Earth and surely far beyond into the Galaxy and Infinity !

If I want, I can touch and open Everything !

Yes, exactly, that’s what the ‘Agencies’ are dreaming to achieve with their ridiculous tools (Peter Thiel’s and Alex Karp’s Palantir (This sad fool – I wrote to him (Alex) years ago, clued him in, shared my discovery and tried to get him over onto ‘the side of the light’ so to say; but to no avail….) and all these other military intelligence contractors) and what they are dreaming off:

The Sonic Screwdriver !

That’s how they call one of their programs – hahhahhahhahhah !

What a bunch of amateurs they are.

I Am The Sonic Screwdriver !

Anyways, why I’m telling you all of this:

This restraint is over now !

I’ve given you 7 years to catch up – now I am doing what all of you are doing for all your lives already (Using your full force to achieve your, very often pretty petty, goals without any restraint or consideration for ‘the others’):

Now, I Am going to use my own Full Force !

Now, I’m going to Play The Didgeridoo again – Now I am going to shoot Arrows of Intent again – Now, I’m Open-Breathing again – Now, I’m Dancing again – Now, I’m Singing again – Now, I Am Roaring again – And, now, I gonna Fire up Perception again – Now, I go Hunting again !

Blasphemy – Really ?

Fun Fact:
Here in Austria we actually still have indeed the Law that Blasphemy – whatever and whoever defines what that is – is a punishable delict/’crime’; al least for those who fall (freely succumb) under the jurisdiction of the so-called Austrian State which is not a sovereign state at all like almost all other states currently on Earth but corporations in the business of providing governmental services working on behalf and for the benefit of The Holy See and the Papacy and acting in the jurisdiction of The Sea (Maritime/commerce & Admirality) and the Jurisdiction of The Air (Ecclesiastical) and not in The Proper Jurisdiction of The Soil & Land as it is meant for Living Men & Women.

So, no more questions here, right ?! It all makes ‘total sense’ now, how they have rigged the whole system !

Ever heard the expression of the freaking unholy marriage of ‘Father State’ and ‘Mother Church’ ?

Yes, believe it or not, that is what they are pretending to be for all of you, my friends: they fucking legally & pseudo-lawfully declared you dead, lost, infantile, not lawfully competent and thus taken under tutelage, guardianship and robbed you off of all your rights and sovereignty and your ‘estates’ are administered by their system ….. to enrich themselves.

Anyway, as far as I know, that law hasn’t been applied for many, many decades or even over a century.

Even these lost souls have realized that it is not the year 1600 anymore:
Trust me, they can’t pull off a ‘Giordano Bruno’ anymore – not with me in the year 2023.

Not with me: Abu Axis Mundi – The Father of The Earth-Axis who has brought mankind the nonpareil discovery of ‘The True Motion of Earth and its Axis’.

Blood Spilling

How To Handle Your/Our – Mankind’s – Crimes & Evil Deeds That Can Not Be Repaid And Made Undone.

Well, maybe You prefer it like this:

From today on there will be no mercy for You/Us, Dear Mankind, anymore:

From today on, every further day you/we do not stand up, spread The Truth and actively stop The Lie, The War and The Fraud against The People of the Earth you will be punished with The Full Force of what you would call ‘The Wrath of God’ !

From today on we have updated and opened The Book Of Law and we’ve simplified all the codes and regulations to make it very simple and understandable for You:

You are spilling the blood of Others – Your blood will be spilled !
You are denying Life to Others – Your blood will be spilled !
You are stealing from The Others and thus make it impossible for them to live a decent Life – Your blood will be spilled !
You are lying to others and thus you are leading them into confusion, suffering, death and despair – Your blood will be spilled !
You are being silent and not advocating to stop your governments (Pseudo-governments) and rulers to do evil – Your blood will be spilled !
Your military and your military alliances are bringing murder and death to the world for just selfish and evil reasons while you are staying silent – Your blood will be spilled !

So, I guess, you will get the gist of it:

With every passing day now that you/we are not actively and strongly using to stop the mayhem and insanity that this world and mankind has become, You/We, Mankind, will be severely punished now – with no mercy whatsoever anymore.

In case you still can’t see it: You have been granted extras, bonuses, exception, forgiveness, ‘second chances’, salvation in an almost infinite number and way.

That’s over !

So, from now on The Force is dancing in another tune – and you will either follow that tune of Life Itself or Your blood will be spilled and you will be annihilated; as you all had no problem whatsoever to witness the spilling of the blood and the annihilation of all the other innocent victims in the hundreds of millions without even blinking an eye not to mention taking on the responsibility for it.

You’ve got to make a choice, now:
You are either with Life Itself or you are against it !

Well, now; do You prefer it like this ?

To Hell With The Lukewarm

The Center-Middle of Society and The Edges of Society

Who is truly responsible and to blame for this current Techno-Fascist-Bio-Security-Orwellian-Lying-Slave-and-War-System we are living under worldwide ?

See, it is never, it was never and it will never be the so-called middle (and social middle-class) of society, the moderates, the averaged masses who are bringing change, new paradigms, new ideas, discoveries and inventions and resistance to tyranny into the world.

These things by definition come from the people at the edges of society – always !

But what all of you patriots, truthers and self-proclaimed awakened and Light Warriors are doing is to go with the exact opposite:

The first thing, everybody is doing when publicly speaking to engage people in meaningful change is always to ensure the people – and probably even more the enemies/the Slave-System – of how middle, how mediocre and “normal” and average you and your movement is.

Because they all seem to be coward and yes, indeed, mediocre to the maximum !

In other words boring, uninspired, not creative, not self-conscious, no individual, not thinking for yourself !

All of you are doing this; all your movements; simply 99,99% percent of all of who you are calling yourself ‘The Alternatives’.

You see, it’s almost as if those people and organisers are even more afraid of the people of the “mythical edges of society” than the suppressing elites themselves ?!

See, the truth is this :
Nobody is “average” here, not one is “normal”, no one is “middle class” (in sozio-spiritual terms), no one is more or less genuine to a nation/society or a culture, no one has more or less rights to speak his or her truth, no one has more or less rights to be heard, no one is “better” or more or less valuable to the whole.

But that is what all of you are doing, when making it the first and foremost message of your movement to the world and to the powerful that you want them to give you some tiny, little and meaningless improvements.

This is absolutely wrong, coward and the death-nail for the integrity, honor and entitlement and authority of your ideas and movements and the leaders therein.

You see, you not only prove that you have no clue about history and about how social developments and progress is really done but even more and more damaging, it shows that you yourself consider yourself to be “normal”, an average man/woman, nothing individual and nothing special with not a thing, not an idea, not a iota of being special, being “different than the masses”, not a single spectacular idea, ability or vision.

Just another copy of a man; just another wheel in the machine, just another slave who is begging the Slave-Driver to please don’t be so hard – suggesting to him that maybe “he will not rape and kill us everyday but maybe only on days with an odd number”.

That is the mentality that I see in all of your protest movements and all your patriot movements and all your political movements:

All your proposals are not even scratching the surface of the actual massive problems that we have all around the globe – in all countries/cultures/nations/peoples.

Yeah, and the people – they do exist very much so – who are truly speaking something different, who are truly willing to dig deep into the cognitive dissonance of our societies/cultures, who are truly coming up with new and better ideas and are far closer to truth those people are always being shunned, sidelined, laughed at, asked to tone down or leave, asked to follow the new rules of the movement and are simply drowned in the bullshit of all that damned mediocrity !

The truth is :
You people fear the people from the edges of society because they remind you of that deep hidden feeling within yourself that you know yourself that you are a coward and that you never went and stood for your dreams, that you are actually a happy slave who doesn’t want to break free. All you want is a more comfortable slavery and maybe an even higher position in that slave system so that you yourself could enjoy bossing others around a little.

And that in turn makes it impossible that you ever stand tall and ask the very question that would bring down tyranny within seconds:

“Who the fuck, gave you Mr and Mrs Elite-Asshole-Slavedriver ever the right and authority to think that you are better equipped than all the rest of mankind to dominate, rule, use for your own benefit and oppress the world and the people as a whole ?”

But that would be “too radical” for you; for all of you and by doing so , you are – without explicitly and consciously saying it – agreeing with the basic assumptions of the slavemaster that mankind and the people are too dangerous in their stupidity and unconscious mediocrity and so they must be ruled over.

You, the silent majority, are not ‘The Good Guys’; Nope, not you.

In fact you are on the contrary the ones who enabled this shit-show of a lying and warmongering slave system through your acquiescence, your acceptance of “this was always like that/ no one can ever change this”, your mediocre degree of satisfaction in life, your fear and need for safety and insurances for all kinds of things that will never happen and are grossly exaggerated, your mediocre ideas of what life can be and of Life Itself and it’s meaning.

Well, I could go on for hours but I think you got the gist of it.

Let me just add this:
If you are not starting to include the outsiders and the people from the edges of society and from the edges of the spectrum of ideas then you are doomed. You and your mediocrity will not and never change anything for the better.

The Judge

What you/we obviously do not understand is that this fight for peace and freedom of and for mankind can only be won if the solution is for All of Mankind !

Meaning you/we have to give a real solution for All of Mankind or it will never work !

Why is that so ?

It is because our opponent (the cabal/the evil elite/the Non-terrestrial entities who are even above and beyond the Earth’ ruling elites who are fighting already for millions of years to take over the control of Earth and the infiltration of mankind) are masters in that game called: “Divide & Conquer”.

That means as long as there is only the slightest, tiny little fight and quarrel among us humans (Nations/Religions/Peoples/Countries) it is for 100% sure that they will use this and masterfully put their agendas and means into that discrepancy and will masterfully exploit that internal fight for their own benefit – as they have done for hundreds of millennia already; without us, mankind, fools being ever the wiser and falling for it again and again and again.

Following that it is clear – at least for a clear-thinking mind – that what we need is a way of uniting the whole of Mankind !

Uniting – but without infringing on their/our individuality, sovereignty and self-determination.

Now, please, tell me :
Do you see anybody here in this current world who is able to do this ?
Uniting All of Mankind ?

Do you see anybody who is not biased and is not trying to put his ‘tribe’/nation/religion/fellow people at least a tiny little bit ‘first’ , ‘above the others’ and ‘better of’ than the others ?

Well, to make this short:
No, there is nobody – nobody except me, Stefan, The Guy with The Earth-Axis – who can do this and who already has provided a/The solution.

And I’ve done that free of charge and free of any strings attached !

The rest of you has offered and done – at least partly – great deeds, great solutions and intel and has shown great courage and strength to fight for the people – but you are all still biased and are not offering a solution to really unite mankind on a 100% fair and equalizing basis.

So, again, if we really wanna do it right for the first time here on Earth in millions of years, we got to learn to actually apply truth, fairness, justice and real equal rights for achieving true peace & freedom.

And therefor we need something that has the power of unifying and uniting mankind for real.

And The Only One who can do that is me and my discovery of The True Motion of Earth and its Axis which is forcing The Seal of Lies and the included ‘Spells’ to break open.

That is the only way, is it not ?!

The Verdict

Performing The Global Public Duty !

From today on you/we all will be held mercilessly accountable.

You see, your/our fundamental mistake and failure in this current reality is that you/we are twisting reality up-side-down:

You decided to believe in god and are saying, ‘God is Truth’ whereas the reality is the opposite, ‘Truth is God/The Most High’ !

But you are not interested in Truth as The Most High because you already think and believe that you know the truth aka god; but that is – as you yourself are calling it – a belief and nothing else.

Your belief is absolutely worthless.

It’s just stories and traditions that you have been indoctrinated with by your ancestors. Sure, they might have done it in ‘good faith’ but nevertheless it is not truth but only a belief.

The thing is, you don’t dare to question your own traditions and you did not make any actual experience for yourself.

How could you, if you are pretending to know already before ever having looked into reality without a prejudice and a belief ?

You see, it’s like this:

How could you fill in something into a vessel when that vessel is already full with something else ?

Everything that you are putting into that vessel will get mixed and tainted by the substance/idea that is already within that vessel.

So, the fundamental spiritual problem with all of you is that you never dared to completely empty out yourself of all the half-truths and BS that society and tradition has put into you.

And why is that so ?

Well, the answer is simple:

Because when you start doing this it is a very dreadful experience to just entertain the thought and possibility that everything your society has ever taught you is false – a frickin’ dreadful experience, as everyone who ever experienced that for real will tell you.

Because that would mean that all conclusions, all rules, all heroes, all values and everything that you are using as guidance in Life has been tainted and is wrong:

From money(-creation), to science, history, cosmology, hierarchy in society and much more; all is up-side-down.

It means that all the people who are celebrated as ‘The Good Ones’ are not the good ones and that you are living in a reality here on earth where always the wrong people are getting the power, authority, credibility, support and encouragement; and with a little bit of imagination you can see for yourself that this can only lead into the deepest abyss of evil and death and decay !

And now look at this world :

Is that not exactly what is happening ?

Medical science doesn’t heal but is creating more disease !

Banks don’t provide real money !

Political leaders don’t work for the greater good of the people !

The food-industry is not providing healthy food but is largely poisoning people !

The Agro-businesses are not creating healthy soil & land but are draining the land, so that the microbiological content of soil is now below 1% on a worldwide level !

The rivers are drying out and desertification is eating up huge patches of land !

The so-called ecological/environmental movement is NOT solving a single problem but is creating far more additional problems via their half-backed fake solutions !

The so-called energy (green technology) measures are not helping to solve energy problems and providing energy to society but on the contrary are making it more expensive, more scarce and by far more disruptive for the environment !

The priesthood and the religions are not leading people to freedom and enlightenment but they are the ones who are literally penetrating our children in the millions and thus are creating more suffering and the next generation of crippled and deranged members of society !

The Greatest Peace Prizes are given to the Greatest murderers !

The greatest scientific prizes and budgets are given to ridiculous sophisticated charlatans !

The greatest credibility, voice and attention in our societies is given to actors/pretenders/ball-game-idiots/below-average-musicians who are pussy-raping and crime-glamorizing !

And I – and many of you yourself – could go on ranting like this for hours, days and weeks !

But the ‘funny’ thing is: If I talk to you, 8 billions, on a one-to-one basis, you all will say that it is the others and you, you are part of the ‘Good Ones’ because you, you are a believer of god !

Can you see the sad and paradox irony here ?

It’s always ‘The Others’ – but imagine I talk to all 8 billions and everybody is saying : It’s the others …..well, then let me ask you :

Who are The Others, if not you yourself ?

And here we come now full circle:

As I said in the beginning; the mistake is that you start with an assumption, make this assumption into a belief and then a dogma and are now watching everything through that falsifying dogma – your belief in a god that you don’t know, never met and just have been indoctrinated with for nefarious purposes.

It is this vicious cycle that is the root-cause of all evil here on earth:

‘I believe in god – god is good – and thus, because I belief in god and am thus a part of him – I Am per definition The Good One !’

Dang !

Trapped !

And no chance to ever get out of that ‘Perpetuum Mobile of Evil’.

And all this just because you are not able to say this very simple sentence:

“I Do Not Know !”

You (falsely) think that ‘I do not know’ is a bad thing whereas in fact ‘I do Not know !’ is the Greatest thing of all.

I do not know is the door-opener – The Key to Life Itself , to the entire Cosmos and to The Most High !

I do not know is the Needle-Eye, the absolutely necessary stepping stone to The Most High – to Life Itself – to The All That Is/The Pure Essence.

From Austria with Love, yours truly,

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