Axis Mundi & The Movement of Mankind

“The easiest, fastest and best way to enlightenment & liberation is to learn to make The Gods laugh; even and especially the unhinged and not-so-really-well-meaning-ones !” #SchroedingersKingQuotes

Blueprint Of Paradigm Change

So, now, what is it exactly that makes a Paradigm Change into a Paradigm Change ?
What is it that makes it categorically different from other, even huge and dramatic, Epochal Changes ?

You see, the defining momentum of a Paradigm Change is this:
Other than with other changes it is not possible to simply add that new knowledge/wisdom/truth/revelation to the current body of knowledge of a culture/civilization/epoch and then go on with ‘business as usual’ but the momentum of a Paradigm Change requires & forces The People (in its entirety) to question and un-/re- build the current body of knowledge (paradigm) which is accepted as truth & reality by the current civilization.

And not just a fraction or a part of it but the whole body of so-called knowledge is shaken to its very core and is being fundamentally questioned and required to being re-built.

You see, by now it should have become obvious that You (We; if you prefer.), my Dear Mankind, haven’t really understood The One Key Attribute of Life & Life Itself:


And namely the fact that Freedom is not the opposite of Law and Order and Rules but Freedom is in fact a Rule/Law – The Rule/Law !
The One and Only Law !

Freedom is The Law of which all other Rules & Laws have been derived of and the problems we have in this world are simply that we, the entire mankind, have forgotten that most basic and fundamental fact and Law of Life & Life Itself.
All the Laws we have created over tens of millennia and more were merely invented for making Freedom possible and to let the process of life flow smoothly because one could argue that mankind and the individual people are not 100% conscious 24/7/365 and so these Rules/Laws are helpful to enable freedom as best as possible.

So far so good.
But the mistake we have made as a civilization is that we forgot and lost the aim/goal/intention and thus we failed to write and curtail our Laws in such a way that it would eventually lead to less and less Laws/Rules needed and not more !

For the intention was and still is to head for a culture/civilization where everybody is naturally fully conscious and aware so that the concept of freedom/liberation/mukthi is fully realized and thus no (or almost no) more Laws are needed because a conscious, moral and ethical and truthful way to conduct life is fully internalised and practiced 24/7.

So, in practical terms, I do not advocate for demolishing all Laws now – No, not at all.
What I am advocating for is to learn to write our Laws in such a way that the use and conduct of a people/culture/civilization of and under these Laws will eventually lead to the need of less and less laws and one very key element toward this aim is that we learn to move back from a kind of ‘Laws of Dogmas’ to a kind of ‘Laws of Taboos’.

The concept of Taboos is very much in harmony with the concept of The Law of Freedom and thus with Life & Life Itself whereas Dogmas simply are not.
Dogmas are lethal poison to a culture/nation/people/civilization !

… or in other words …

The Living Man stands before any Constitution and not after/behind/under any Constitution !

Not the law is sacred but the will and the integer intent to create, honor and abide by the law is sacred !

That means that the most important and fundamental aspect of law and of what makes a certain system and its laws work, is located completely outside of the realm of law.

Only the intent, integrity and the will to understand each other and to cooperate and honor agreements is it that makes any system & set of rules aka laws into a beneficial and smoothly working process and thus is of primary importance.

That’s btw the crucial point of our, mankind’s, problem here on earth right now:
The problem we are dealing with is not that it would be so complex and difficult to find the right rules/laws and to do the right things for mankind in order to achieve Peace & Freedom for all but the problem is that there are forces/people/entities who are simply not willing !
Simply not willing to grant The Others the same basic sovereign rights to a free life, destiny and existence as they themselves are enjoying.

The quality/content of the laws is important, too but only of secondary importance because when it is clear that Man stands before the constitution/law – meaning the living man is the sovereign and not the law is sovereign; the law is derived of the sovereignty of man and not the other way around – then it is obvious that the quality/content of laws can be easily changed and adjusted to the needs and wishes of the free sovereign people, right ?

That’s what sovereignty means, right ?

Now, let me invite all of You:

Welcome To Freedom !

We are Indigenous (Born-in), Ab-Originals (From the origin) or in short: Man and Woman and together we are forming the Movement of becoming and freeing of Life Itself; which is standing up against all Positive Law !

Positive Law means: Everything is forbidden except it is explicitly allowed by Law. That’s the wrong way around !
It’s about the Geometry of Law: Positive Law is inverted Negativistic Law.
The one says, ‘All is forbidden except it is allowed explicitly’, while the other says, ‘Everything is allowed, except it is explicitly forbidden‘ !
The one works with dogmas the other one with taboos. One is toxic law and one is healthy law !
One is Law of Death and one is Law of Life !

We’ve pulled out the trunk in our eyes and with the flame of benevolence, insight and determination made a torch of wisdom out of it, which shall shine for the benefit and well-being of all truly willing participants in that – our – living dream.

We are warriors !
We are knowledge-seekers, shamans, magicians, sorcerers !

We are seers and seeress – and our intention was born and has grown out of the depth of inner silence & stillness and integrity.

Led by the purity and the force itself we have been granted to see. To see, that we all have been already connected and interwoven in this eternal, free, living dream that we share all the time.

One can now accept this invitation to Life Itself full of joy – or can go on trying to defy for an eternity, just to find out in the end, that one will not have been living at all, not have been coming home as stardust but spacedust – meaning not at all – complete failure !

Meaning never ever has been truly alive, never has been a true being !

Not just forgotten and eradicated from the whole cosmos. No; but thrown by Life Itself into the Never-Has-Been. Completely useless in the eyes of Life Itself !

We are the last ones of a generation of men and women who collectively have been entrusted to be the heart and the guardians of our people(s) – and earth.

Brothers and sisters !

It is the hour of dignity, the hour to be.
It is the hour to observe carefully – to observe ourself/ourselves.
Without shame and without fear.
It is the hour of fighting.

Open your heart, warrior and female warrior

Prepare your feet, given to you
Open your eyes and your ears, be alert and attentive.
Become now our word.

Now, you are not only you anymore, now you are we !

Go now ! Go through the countries of the others.
Go and speak !
Take now our face.
Take now our voice.
Go with our sight and vision.
Make yourself to become our ears for listening to the others.

You won’t be only you anymore. Now you are we.

Come down from the mountains and search for the color of the earth in this world.

You won’t be only you anymore. Now you are we.

The Simple Truth & Essence of All Spiritual Process

It’s just this:
One day you realize that you do not know anything for sure and you look around and you see that man – all men and women – are cheating themselves.

Mentally, emotionally, cognitively, spiritually/religiously; yes, even our very sense organs are deceiving and cheating us.
Just think of the eyes of a new-born baby and how the first days the baby sees everything up-side-down and after a short while the brain has started to automatically re-calculate and render the picture that is projected into the mind in an inverted/negative<->positive manner so as to correct the (via the sense organ/the eye) incoming picture and turn it around again to better being able to cope with the surrounding.

We are all each cheating ourselves and each one is cheating his own self.
Or is it our self that is cheating us ?!

Well, that exactly is it what one has to find out and the way to do this is by starting to stalk one’s own self !

You stalk yourself like a hunter is stalking his prey – your own self – and eventually you gonna hunt it down and catch it.

Meaning realizing your own self and thus becoming your own self; fully & completely.

Now, there is nothing left within you that can cheat you.
And because there is no cheating-energy left within you and your self, as a consequence, now, nobody can cheat you anymore.

That is a kind of resonance-thing:
All the things, people, energies, mental and emotional interactions that are potentially influencing us need a certain energetic and frequency-wise opposite analogy and equivalent within the targeted human being otherwise there can be no resonance aka communication and interaction and influence.
So, if there is no cheating-energy – in other words no lie – within you anymore, there is nothing that is going into resonance with the lie/cheat; and might it even be in a very low sub-conscious level.

You can’t be lied to anymore !

Being confronted now with lies and cheats feels almost like a physical sensation and thus it is very simple to reject it and denounce the infection of the lie.

This is what is called The Art of Stalking.

Now, what you can do in a wakeful state as The Art of Stalking one can as well do while sleeping; this is the inverted process and the complementary art and process:

The Art of Dreaming.

But that’s another story for another day …

And what does eternal mean ? And how does it relate to man ?

And is there such a state of beingness ? And would it be achievable for man ? And if so, does it mean that it is an option ?
As death is an option, too !
One you maybe can hold for an eternity without ever using that option.
Never the less an option to have, even without ever using it, is a more and additional degree of freedom which in itself can be both: Good or not so good – it all depends whether one can handle freedom or not.
An option that has to be realized; maybe even again and again and again.

Or does it mean that it is a guaranteed, all-inclusive-pre-paid-nothing-to-do-on-your-part-ticket to the land of milk and honey where crispy fried chickens with the most delicious garam masalas and pickles and trumpet-blowing angels and millions of truly devoted virgins are flying through the rosy sky ?

I wonder; I truly wonder !

And you know what I was always wondering about, too:
Let’s say there is a certain kind of eternal & eternity where whatever kind of eternal beings are in a state of eternal beingness; but, think about it:
What the heck are those kind of beings doing the whole day … for an eternity ?!?
Man, I really wonder !

I mean, you gotta do something, right ?
I mean you would have all the time in the world, right ?

So, you gotta do something !
Definitely !

What would You do ?

Maybe open up the very much needed broader perspective of The Living Reality and the actual history and past of earth and mankind ?

Without a deeper and clearer understanding of our own – mankind’s – past it will be impossible for us to steer a course for a future in peace, freedom, enlightenment, spiritual realization, joy, health, prosperity and harmony among us and with the cosmos at large.

Without the knowledge – and wisdom – of our past there won’t be a sovereign mankind.
Neither sovereign within mankind nor a healthy sovereign relationship as a whole towards the rest of the living cosmos.

We, mankind, have to make a serious decision whether we wanna run in circles forever, haunted and forced by the inertia of our not-understood past to wither away to space-dust or break the cycle & spell of ignorance for once and all.

The choice is yours !

I’ve already made my choice long ago – I say:

We are Cosmic Gardeners – Embodiment of Life Itself.
We are Homo Spiritus CosmoLogicus Vitalis @AxisMundi.

And Keepers and Guardians of The Flame of Life Itself !

If you want the garden – Earth and beyond and within – to bloom, you have to take care the physical & material, mental & emotional, legal & lawful and spiritual health and well-being of the gardener – us, the human being, mankind, The Blooming Inside !

And what is Ascension ? What is a SAC – Stellar Activation Cycle ?

Now, what exactly are the essential questions of all religions and spirituality ?

What is birth, life and death and according to what laws are these two realms interconnected ?
What is the true origin of mankind and of this cosmos/creation as a whole ?
Is there a common destiny for mankind in it’s entirety and if so what is it ?
What is I ? What is You ? And what is We ?
And what is Not-I ? Not-You ? Not-We ?
What is the very essence and quality of The All That Is/The Pure Essence ?
What is the very essence and quality of The All That Which Is Not ?
How is the one single part/the individual connected and interacting/communicating to and with The Whole ?
What is freedom and what is absolute freedom (in case such a thing exists) ?

And for sure:

What is Ascension ?

And what is a Stellar Activation Cycle – SAC ?

And what is …

The End – The Beginning Of The Time After Time ?!

Whether you are aware of it or not, there is a purpose in and for mankind’s existence in this cosmos.

From the days of mankind’s conception we have been on a quest for answering a certain question:

Is existence/cosmos/life/time/god cyclical or not ?

We always knew, that the answer is 42 – programming-unicode for: ‘As you wish’- but we have never been able to formulate the correct question of life, universe and everything else.

So, the question is, whether existence/life/time/god is cyclical or not and to answer this you have to differentiate between cyclical in a quantitative or qualitative way ?!

In a quantitative sense it is indeed cyclical whereas in a qualitative sense it is not.

That’s all the fuss about it.

Oh and btw. this is the only way out of this current unnatural and distorted wheel-of-reinkarnations-mechanism currently here on earth !

So, now we are able to understand why the answer is 42 -> ‘As you wish’:

It is Your choice to perceive and live life/cosmos/existence/god/time as a quanta, a thing, in a quantitative way or as a quality, a fragrance, a living song in its own full and complete authority & sovereignty & aliveness.

Your answer depends on your choice, on the point of view and action you are taking; what kind of identification you live:

Do you identify everything and thus yourself too as quanta, a thing, a certain measured amount of numbers, sizes, duration and things or do you identify everything and thus yourself too in an immeasurable qualitative,living and all-inclusive way ?

I have decided myself long ago and live according to it:

I’m not a thing. I am a quality. I am Life Itself !

What about you ?

Maybe, we should try out different paths; what do you think ? How about this:

Going From Binary Perception To Trinary Perception

Binary Perception

Sees reality and everything in terms of The Known and The Unknown.

There are plenty of examples of this kind of frame of perception in our history and today’s world:

Black-White, Life-Death, Good-Evil, Male-Female, Shiva-Shakti, Sacred-Profane, Ying-Yang, TONAL-NAGUAL, Physical-Nonphysical, Me-The Other, Known-Unknown, Catholic vs Protestant vs Orthodox vs Another Orthodox vs Sunni Islam vs Shia Islam vs Alevits vs Kurdish Alevits vs Jews vs Orthodox Jews vs Zionists vs so-called Paganism vs Idolatry vs Nihilism vs Atheism, The All That Is vs The All Which Is Not and so on and so on (See Schismo Genesis !)

While this view and perception has of course it’s merits, benefits and advantages, the simple truth is:

That is not the actual truth about The Living Reality !

It’s just a stepping stone, so to speak.

Trinary Perception

Sees everything and reality in terms of The Known, The Unknown and The Unknowable/Unperceivable.

That’s the actual truth about how this living reality is organising it’s BIOS-operating-system of perception.

To give you an idea about the scales and dimensions we are talking here:

The Known -> approx. 1%

The Unknown -> approx. 10%

The Unknowable -> approx. 89%

Now, here comes the Real-World Kicker:

The entity that you are calling god is sitting and trying to get a hold on to the gateway/boundary between The Known and The Unknown !

This entity is not The Unknown, not at all, but tries to install itself as gatekeeper between The Known – a mere 1% of The All That Is/The Pure Essence – and the wider space of The Unknown – a mere 9% more of The All That Is.

So, to say it bluntly:

This so-called god is operating on a basis of knowledge of All That Is which is as great as approx. 1,38048058215 % !

Think about it !

Or in other words …

The Merging The Two Rings of Power

There are two rings of force.

Man is made of two rings – The Two Rings of Power.

It’s also called the two attentions. The first attention and the second attention.

When one has mastered the first attention as well as the second attention the merging of The Two Rings of Power/The Two Attentions is taking place:

Will and intent have become one now:

Two rings are merging and thus a Third Ring is born: The Third Attention.

Translate that to:

Riding through Life Itself on the wings of infinity – and thus meeting:

The Responsibility Of & For Creation – Errors In The Most Fundamental Maxim Of Law

In Asia they say once you’ve saved somebody’s life you are responsible for him/her for your entire life !

When I first had to deal with that kind of attitude it seemed kind of strange to me – as a European – that only because you helped somebody once that you should be responsible for them for your entire life.
Well, for sure, I do understand the kind of logic behind that thought pattern, that if it was you via helping/saving someone’s life to make sure that his/her life went on unharmed it was kind of you who gave this person a second chance to go on living and thus it was you who kind of created that new chance and thus it is you who is responsible for the further proceeding of this life.

Well, both sides who argue whether for or against the correctness and validity of this maxim have some justification on their side but like so very often, to me it seems that the truth is neither fully with one side of the argument but somewhere in the middle between these both points of view.

Well, in a way it is similar to one of the most fundamental maxims of law;at least in Western Law/Christian-Judeo-based Law/ Ecclesiastical Law:

He who created something is ultimately responsible for this creation and its deeds !

According to this maxim btw, the same architects of Western Law/Papacy are claiming that the creation was the deed of the creator and thus the creator is responsible and owns the entire creation and all beings and things and staff within this creation.

Well, to me, that’s pseudo-enlightened nonsense.

Truth is:
You are responsible for the way of introducing your creation (or discovery) – correct; but you are not responsible for all eternity for what happens and comes out of your creation/discovery.

If you’d be responsible for it for all time and for an eternity there wouldn’t and couldn’t be free will/free choice – which is the greatest gift of Life Itself to its creation, us, and that’s what it is all about in life !

Oh and in case you don’t know the reason why there must be free will: Imagine the source of creation – what you like to call the creator – is meeting with a fully realized being who is 100% conscious and aware of his own absolute, essential nature and this creator would not respect the Free Will of this being then what actually is taking place is that this creator is going against himself !
And that in turn would create a Divine Syntax Error – God 404 – which would immediately result in self-annihilation of this creator.

You couldn’t build and create and base a Living Cosmos on such a maxim as mentioned above.
The only thing one could try to do and achieve with such a strategy – and that’s what they have done and why they have styled our (western/ecclesiastical) law like this – is to try to falsely and criminally and evil-spiritedly and sinfully steal and claim authority & ownership over this creation.

See ?


The Peace Of Philippi @ The Ides of March 2015

Friends – Romans – Citizens

Russia offers Germany a Peace-Treaty -Two brotherly peoples make peace – for the benefit and joy of the whole world.

Here is the solution for our current human geopolitical dilemma.

STEP 1 :
Russia offers Germany – in accordance with their international partners – a peace treaty; Germany & The German People accept full of gratitude and brotherly ambitions.

So we will make peace – after 75 years – including all the very important legal/lawful, (geo-)political, cultural and economical consequences.

The whole world will witness the grace, integrity, honor and wisdom of the Russian soul, heart and mind.

That peace and freedom will enable world peace; and that’s it already !

The rest will be easy, like Domino, almost going smooth by itself.

Step 2 :

All of a sudden 80 million Germans will become aware of still being an occupied country:

No peace-treaty, no freedom, no sovereign country. Same-same but different in many countries around the globe !
That awakening can’t be stopped any more.

STEP 3 :

Now it has to be discussed: What is Germany ? Is it BRD (FRG -> Federal Republic of Germany) ? Is it Germany ? Or is it still some kind of undeclared leftover of the 3. Reich ?
Or an even older Reich/Empire ?!? Which would ean that it is/was part of this Municipal-Emperial-World-Governing-System, right ?

Or is it only a company registered under Admiralty Law ?

And what are the legal/lawful differences of these constructs ?
These questions Have to be answered, because you can’t make a peace-treaty without exactly knowing about the true legal/lawful status of the signatories.

Grundgesetz ? Constitution ? Allied contracts ? Chancellor-file ?

We will review the history of the whole 20th century – but very Important: We do not want to repeat, blame any guilt or even try start it all over again.
No, definitely not !

What we want is to dis-entangle our own history for real healing will be possible for everybody for we will be able to finally close and heal these wounds.

STEP 4 :
France and others will start to ponder following the Russian example, because they as well might be totally fed up with that hyper-inflation-and-war-exporting Indispensable Empire.

Consequences for the EU – European Union ?

STEP 5 :
Now the whole NATO-idea will come into question – what is it still good for at all ?
When Germany and Russia (and maybe then soon other Eurasian/European/Asian/etc./Nations) will make peace – what use for an aggressive, bullying, deceiving, warmongering entity like NATO ?

So, soon many brotherly peoples all over the world will start to encourage this idea, because they as well want to live in peace, freedom and friendship – as equals among equals – friends !

All allied troops are immediately leaving Germany.
No 30 billions each year of our money – for being imprisoned/enslaved and pay for it by ourselves ?

No longer !

NATO–Stay-Behind-Operation GLADIO plan A, plan B, plan C ?

Terrorizing the own population ?

No longer !

Disclosure !

STEP 6 :
The so-called Ukraine conflict will be brought to an immediate stop !
The filthy web of lies, deception, mafia, warmonger, orchestrated terrorism and shameful media-campaign will be disentangled and dried out financially, politically and legally/lawfully.
All really interested parties will start with coming up with solutions and direct help for rebuilding the country, infrastructure and faith/culture – in a true altruistic way !

Re-evaluating of our world history :

How did we come to WW1 , and how to WW2 ?

Rheinwiesen – Millions of Germans died after the war ?!

20 million dead Russians !

What was going on in Breton Woods with Assistant Secretary of The Treasury, co-worker there, the true boss behind the official head, Henry Dexter White, changing/betraying the contract at Midnight from “Gold” to “Gold Or Dollar” and through that opened the door for a lot of grieve, crime and suffering ?

Finding and discussing cultural similarities like the Russian Weden with Indian Vedic Scriptures; in language between Russian language and Old High German.

Where did these concepts of communism and so-called national socialism came from. Who’s interest was it, who did finance/nurture these movements, etc.

Who benefited ?
Cui bono ?

STEP 8 :
World finance system ! AIIB is gaining speed – Chinese SWIFT-system in the making.
What do we do with the IMF, World Bank ?

I guess there is no use for them in a peaceful world – at least not the way they are still behaving with their ridiculous ‘Washington Consensus’.
Done with it !

What a cruel and evil, ridiculous joke they are/were !

Which brings us to the UN. Hm, is their any use – any good – in keeping this fraudulent, crooked institution in it’s current shape ?

So we will discuss openly about money.
What is money, what should it be like in a fair world and how can we ensure a system of money-creation which truly serves the people’s interest; and not some bankers and elite friends !

Do we have a money-system or a credit-system ? Or a useless bastard out of both ?
What about central-banks ? Rating agencies ?

Interest and compounded interest ? BIS ? (Bank of International Settlement)
SDR (special drawing rights ) ?

Peace-treaty for Korea !

The whole Korean and especially Japanese history will be reviewed !
Not to judge or blame on the Japanese.
No, like i said before: for healing our historical wounds.
Yamashita’s Gold – The Golden Lilly – Black Eagle Trust – nearly all of the post-war Japanese political history is corrupted by forces never talked about in the media.

War deeds of Japan throughout the first part of the 20th century nd earlier!

Up to 3/11 – Fukushima/Tsunami – and 9/11 – Project Hammer !

Btw: Where is all the gold, precious metals, gems and jewelry ?

There is approximately 100 times the amount of gold on this planet than we ALL have ever been told; stored in the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Paraguay, Switzerland, etc.

STEP 10:
We will go back to review our language:
What is democracy, a republic, a state, a constitution, a treaty, what is law and where does it originate from ?

Citizen, person, human, humanity, mankind, man & woman.

What is a rule; what do we mean when we say god ?
What is spirituality and what are morals and ethics and a conscience ?

In short we will revitalize and rejuvenate and inspire our common human community anew.

STEP 11:
What is law and where did it originate from ?

Where do all the strings of law (-enforcement) come together ?
Yes, we will finally need to openly discuss our institutionalized religions; most importantly the Catholic Church and even more The Roman Catholic Church which are two different entities ! !

What is the meaning of the Holy See ? The Vatican ? And why are they the holders of law; the franchise owner, so to speak ?

Or at least they still believe they are.

How and why are they connected to the Temple Bars (Inner temple and the 3 other Temples), in the City of London; to which (different branches) every lawyer, advocate and barrister is sworn in in this world ?

Codex Iuris Canonici – are we still ruled by these archaic traditions ?

STEP 12:
International consequences- for now we deconstructed the whole false, fictitious system of so-called western values aka Orwell-talk for Western Law/UCC/Admiralty Law !

It was all about conquering – that’s over now !

Clearing the need for spreading our values there will be no more so-called NATO-/UN-peace-missions !
At least not with tanks, bombs, lies, terror-corporations, mercenary-armies for the dirty work,etc.
As soon as we start with this multi-polar equality between states/countries/nations – country after country, nation after nation will join us on this way to freedom for everybody – for the benefit of us all.

And there are a lot of places to clean up the violence & injustice : Sudan, Congo, West-Papua, many Central American countries, Brazil should be helped,
North-Korea and possibly a reunification of the two Koreas (It’s their decision !), Zimbabwe has suffered enough.

You can go on write that list on your own.

Peace and Freedom, Self-Empowerment, Sovereignty for all the Slavic/Balkan states.

Yes, you have suffered a lot as well – let us heal together and help each other. This time as real and true brothers and sisters.

STEP 13:
Now, that we’ve stopped wasting time/energy/resources for fighting, there will be near endless energy, time and ressources for new projects to be implemented:

A new age of technological/scientific cooperation and invention will take place.
Free energy, new propulsion systems, maybe finding anti-gravity, sonic healing methods, frequency-healing, true understanding of what is Health, what is Life, what is Consciousness, what is Energy !

There is still so much more to explore, here on earth and surely beyond and within !

And sure enough: If there is humanity living freely and happily, we will, no doubt, start to take care our nature once again – the whole fauna and flora.
It’s just a natural thing for a free, self-empowered member of the human family to take care, pride and love in all the surrounding creation.

A completely new/old kind of spiritual living will emerge – individually as well as collectively.

It’s all here already – a lot genius scientists are coming forward with sensational new developments to share with the whole of mankind.

It’s fantastic what happens right now in scientific communities, just fantastic !

STEP 14:
Renewed friendship with our beloved English/British and American friends – we all know now, that we, the ordinary people, have always been used in this Divide and Conquer-strategy to battle each other for the benefit of a crew of very few.
Yes, now that we understand this, we can simply walk away from being slaves any longer.

It’s that simple, especially when we do it together !

So, like I said in the beginning:

The first step is all important – the rest will follow just by itself, we just have to safely ride it home.

So, let’s take this to The United (Sovereign) Nations:

My UN-Speech

Here is the very simple solution for mankind’s legal & lawful & spiritual disaster :
Let’s stop declaring us/ourselves and each other literally and legally-binding as dead persons and thus stop treating ourselves and each other as dead things – persons – inanimate dead and unconscious slave-beings !

Lost at High Seas – died the Civilian Death/German: Der Bürgerliche Tod !
And no ‘intestate dead baby estates’ aka Dead Baby Scam either !

It’s that simple; we just have to do it !

You obviously do not get it, that all my – and the same applies to all men & women – claims are not coming from any piece of paper, any contract made by people centuries ago.

Any contract I haven’t done and agreed to by myself (or based on deception and fraud!) is null and void; but contracts are coming from Life Itself – and that Life Itself (What most are misleadingly calling god) is Now – Present – Here !

No need to go back millennia and quote that what somebody else thought about what somebody else thinks about someone else believes about that thing called Living Reality/god.

Well, that is childish: You (and everybody else) don’t know shit about a dead man’s perspective; but that’s all you are doing :

Quoting what the forefathers thought, quoting what so-called Jesus thought, quoting what the Romans thought, quoting what the Phoenicians thought and so on.

But that’s not the way Life, Life Itself & Living Law works.

You see, you are interested in power versus I am interested in authority !

Real, actual, living authority !

You know the difference ?
Power is always granted by someone/an entity/group/institution and thus can always be taken away again for it’s not genuine – whereas authority is coming from within the living, conscious being and is granted by Life Itself.

You want to organize a world/society/system under the power and rule of what you believe to be the word of god whereas I want to create a human society of free, conscious, self-ruling living beings, who can/should/will and are allowed to experience/communicate and interact with The Force for themselves; without any intermediary:

No Pope, no Jesus, no Mother Marry, no Buddha, no Muhammed and no Shiva as well.

Free, sovereign, self-determined !

Oh and let me give you the solution that you are searching now for many years in one sentence:

Go and change the UN-Charter and with it all the constitutions around the world; add just one sentence:
The Civilian Death (German: Bürgerliche Tod), the legal/lawful status of Lost at The High Seas doesn’t exist, doesn’t apply, doesn’t take place and never has and never will – including all the consequences !

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