Letters Into Freedom

AXIS MUNDI  –  The Crowned Saddler

The Secret of Planet Earth – The True Motion of Earth and its Axis

For the German/Deutsche version , see link in the post or here in the Index below “Der Tanz der Erde”)

THE SWEET LETTERS – Aiming For The Future

Psilocybin Mushrooms – Los Ninos

Religious Hypocrites

Pontifex Maximus – The Great Bridge-Builder

The Key of and to The Legend of Mankind: Neil Keenan ! A Man like no other – Let Us listen to his words

Not the fact and knowledge of my discovery – The True motion of Earth and its Axis – is the Healing in itself – It’s just the tool, the means to deliver the Healing !

The Gordian Knot of World History: Germany – Stefan von Ratzeburg – Der Gordische Knoten der Weltgeschichte: Deutschland – The New Aurea Bulla of Release of August 7th 2021

Key No 2 – What is a Leader ? This is a Leader – Theresa Talea , who has already Scotched the Final Coup (Attempt) of the Infamous New World Order

I am an Original , an Ab-Original – Still better to be the most miserable Original than being the greatest copy of somebody else !

Writing A New Narrative – Confessions of The Russian Hacker- Schroedinger’s King – The Stephana-Virus-Karma-Variant

Key 1 – Stefan von Ratz(e)burg – The True Heir of The Domanium/Sovereignty Rights/Hoheitsrechte of The King of Prussia

The West, a Mockery of Freedom – Don’t touch my Friend, Thierry Meyssan, ever again – Touche Pas Mon Pote

Freedom & Religious Freedom – The Magic Bullet of November 22nd 2021- Make Austria Free Again

Bridge to and back from Stalingrad; over the River Bug, Southern Ukraine – SKR-Bridge-System – Sattler-Krupp-Reichsbahn/Rheinmetall -System – My Grandfather’s Invention – Prof. Dr.Dr.h.c.Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Konrad Sattler

World Peace, Freedom and Enlightenment is not the problem at all; that’s easy as shit! – You and Your lack of Sincerity, Keenness, Courage and Honesty is The Only Actual Problem here on Earth, my dear Friends and Mankind – Period !

Inauguration, Auguration and Ab-Juration

The Final Coup (Attempt) Of The Infamous New World Order

Religious/Spiritual Vanity – The Ugliest, Deadliest, most Evil and most Worthless

The Chain of Command of The Didgeridoo

The Man Who Fucked Up Project Looking Glass and Terminated All of the Corresponding Agendas of the Men & Entities behind It

What Vax-Adept-Disciples and Book-Religion-Believers have in common and what it says about the Distrust in and Non-Effectiveness of their proclaimed Magic

Search For God Like Fish For Water

The Legacy of Wilhelm I. of Prussia/Preussen (Germany) – Das Erbe Wilhelm’s I.

Story of a Muslim, Christian and a Buddhist arguing over who’s God/Religion is best

Beautiful story of the Man who died and then met his beloved Dog again and what happened to them

THE DARK LETTERS – Doing The Dirty Work

All in English & German!

The Revelation – Die Offenbarung

The Curse & Revenge And Cure, Love, Forgiveness and Healing – of The Sorcerers, Shamans and Witches

Even Kepler, Kopernikus, Galileo and the rest missed this Crucial piece of the cosmological puzzle

Truth is not a medicine – It’s a Killer – Wahrheit ist keine Medizin – Wahrheit ist ein Killer

The Father of The Axis Mundi (Earth’ Axis) – Homo Spiritus CosmoLogicus Vitalis

G-Zeus Krysthos 007

Laicism, A necessary reminder – Laizismus, Eine notwendige Erinnerung

The Hammer of Truth – Der Hammer der Wahrheit

Beautiful story of a disciple asking his Master – Geschichte des Schülers, der seinen Meister fragt

The Rebuilding of The True Temple of Life Itself & The Hammer of The Intergalactic Didgeridoo

Now, I’ve Annihilated The Jesus, The God and The Bible – Jetzt habe ich Den Jesus, Den Gott und Die Bibel vernichtet

The Evil, No Support, Just You & the Universe – Das Böse, Keine Unterstützung, Nur Du & das Universum

Let´s talk about Shame & Heroin & The Shadow – Reden wir über Scham & Heroin & Den Schatten

Imagine there’s a war but nobody would go – Stellen Sie sich vor, es gibt Krieg – aber niemand würde hingehen

The Joke – A phenomenal ability of our Consciousness – Der Witz – Eine der grössten Geistesleistungen des Menschen

Tango de la muerte – L’Homme et l’Amour – Gott liebt auch Dich – Flug über den Wolken – Engel`s Obacht – Zyklus

Sailing under false flag or The Come-back – The Flower of Phnom Penh

El Sapo – The Frog – January 20th 2009 – A Tale of Two Inaugurations – The Actual Deliverer of The 5th World

I Am Corona – Decoding The Mystery about Santa Corona – Santa Stephana

A Few Words About Death

The Final Curtain – Apocalypse – The Last Lesson is learning to recognize a False Prophet

Let me tell you why Space Force now

The Essence of ALL the Great Fraud – Grand Delusion – Great Awakening of Mankind – Realisation

We – Mankind – Are a Peace Project !

The Dharma – The Way – The Dao – The Essence of each and every Religion and Spiritual Process

The innocent and ecstatic laughter of Children

My UN-Speech; 11th of September 2019 – How Dare You !

The Black Swan – The Grey Swan – The Rainbow (Meta-) Swan – Anti-Mandelbrot Swan

Aboriginal Myth of The Two Creation Sisters – Aboriginal Mythos der Schöpfungs-Zwillings-Schwestern


All in English and German !

Memo Inter-Galactico

Post Scriptum – Letters into Freedom feat. Memo for Mankind – “Yes, The Truth has a Tongue”

Epilog – Letters Into Freedom

Homo Spiritus CosmoLogicus Vitalis @AxisMundi

The Jester’s Dance is The Jester’s Defence – Des Narren Tanz ist des Narren Verteidigung

Der Tanz der Erde – Willkommen zu Hause – Der “Syrische Tanz”
Current Official Cosmological & Planetary Science is utmost Nonsense

The End – The Beginning – of the Time after Time – Tjukurpa – The Dreamtime

The Blueprint For World-Peace – Peace Of Philippi – Die Blaupause für Weltfrieden – Der Friede von Philippi

Breakthrough Into Freedom & Welcome To Freedom

What is Law, what are Rights and what is Justice – Letters into freedom -Was ist Recht , Was ist Gesetz , Was ist Gerechtigkeit

The Flower of Phnom Penh
Engel´s Obacht
Duc Rudolph de Bigagnots – El Caballero de Las Conchas – Duke of Snails & Slugs – Graf von Schnecken

The Secret & Dance of Earth – The True Motion of Earth and its Axis

Der Tanz und das Geheimnis der Erde – Die Wahre Bewegung der Erde und ihrer Achse


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